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  1. The Expedition

    Application- IC Name: Luthen'ia Vyllen'dor Race: Dark Elf Nation: Warhawkes Any skills?: Medic, story telling, and fighting OOC Discord: Star gazzer#9998 Timezone: Est
  2. From a crawl to a step to a march

    A young boy, who seems to be around the age of seven would walk down the streets in which he has done for many years. The young boy would play around the fair city for many hours until the sun came down, and then he would head home to the house of cold stone. He searches around the many rooms, and he would stare at the torches. On the outside he felt the warmth of the torch, but on the inside he had an odd feeling of coldness . The Young would boy would shake his head as he continues to look around his home, then he came across the dining table. He stared at the table for a few seconds before walking over to the preparation table, and grabs loaf of bread that lay'd upon it and started to take small bites from it. As he continued to eat the bread ,the boy headed up the stairs, searching in each crevice of the house before he let out a sigh. The young boy made his way out of the stone building and headed to the nearby training fields, and retrieved a wooden sword. After a few moments of staring at the wooden dummy the boy would start to give vigorous swings at it, and each swing would increase the boy's cold feeling. an hour passes and the boy continues to swing at the dummy. even though he is tired the furry is still their. They boy grew tired of this, and headed back in to the stone building. he would lay down upon his bed, and look upon the wood ceiling. He tried to fight his sleepy eyes, but the spell swiped over him like the wind.
  3. The Mages Guild

    ((MC Name: LIghters_striker )) ((RP)) Name: Luthen’ia Vyllen'dor Known Arcane Arts:None Position Desired (Student or Instructor): Student When is the best time to contact you for an interview((Discord)): EST,- star gazzer #9998
  4. Götha Trade & Co

    The young Var Burgander would look upon his parents store, and goes to buy some more wine.
  5. Creamiest's Event Team Actor application

    a great person and would a exceptional job +1
  6. The Barony of Götha - Overview

    Vashzel would give a small nod. +1
  7. LotC Location Demographic!(POLL)

    Uh i only have one thing to say "+1"
  8. Bezoar stone fungus

    i really like the concept and i think it be a good addition +1
  9. [Denied][GM] Hex

    Great guy +1
  10. The Pride Of The Stone

    Written in a new document , a young Kharajyr forms a pride. this Document is an official record of the creations of "The Pride of the Stone." Creation: The Pride Of The stone was created during the 12th of the Deep Cold in 1655, and its members have taken refuge outside the city of White Peak. Purpose: The Pride Of The Stone offers a home to those who are lost and seek purpose, but there are some attributes that the pride seeks as one: Trading-The Pride wishes to spread goods for coins around the world; they practice many trades and accept most new ones. The Pride does not care how or who you sell your wares to, just as long as you get them sold. Loyalty-The Pride sees each member as a new friend and family member, but the Pride also wants to be able to trust each of its members; thus, new members will be dutifully watched upon arrival, but shall gain more trust depending on the duration of stay and their actions within the Pride. Growth- The final characteristic of The Pride is that it seeks to help their members grow in whatever way they desire, as long as it does not go against their laws. New members are welcomed to share their hopes and wants with current members, and the current members should help them find a way to reach what they seek. Most of the time the leaders of the pride will take on this responsibility, but they do not force members to do so, as it takes self determination to achieve one's goals. Laws- The laws that Pride members must follow include both the laws of the land the Pride inhabits as well as additional Kharajyr laws in accompaniment. Current events:Na
  11. [Accepted][Pending] [WD] Elrith's World Dev APP

    this guy is kind and hard working. i think he will fit the role just fine +!
  12. [Dryad] [CA] Lighters_striker

    MC Name: Minecraft name: Lighters_striker Character's Name: Liliseril Character's Age:9 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Woodelf Transformed form: Cherry Dryad Creator's MC Name: Na Creator's RP Name: Na Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Dryad are female wood elves that have a strong connection to a tree, it is like their soul mate. they want to hug it, be with it, and sleep near it. This process is called "The Blossoming", which has two components to it, a mental one and physical. The Dryads personality is similar to when they were an elf, but they feel much more relaxed. the former elf's body starts to become more plant like, eventually looking like their tree.if the elf’s tree is a birch wood,the elf would look similar to a birch.after the "Blossoming" the dryad and tree have a connection, whatever the tree feels, the dryad feels. If the tree dies, the dryad goes through an unspeakable turmoil. if the dryad dies, the tree dies as well. Not all hope is lost for the dryad when their tree dies,because the bonded tree will drop a "Ember Seed." This seed is the size of a fist ,and weights as fist sized stone. This seed will last one year, and if not planted will decay, and will turn to dust in the wind. If planted , the tree will grow rapidly and sprout a new tree for the dryad. This can only happen once(unless during a map change). The dryad does not have to be a dryad forever, if a situation does arise the dryad can go back to their wood elf form. Their is no process or ritual to do this, the elf simply cuts the connection;Although, this may be simple its not easy, the dryad will go threw large amounts of pain physically and mentally.this is only the start of the elf's suffering, for the rest of their life they will feel periods of depression and melancholy. When the connection is cut the tree will drop an Ember Seed, and the elf can grow it to regain her connection. A perplexing case occurs when a child bonds to the tree, they are called a"Bonsai Dryad". The young wood elf usually bonds to a sapling instead of the tree, and their age depends on the growth of the bonded tree. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it:No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this creature's lore is undergoing an activity trial and that trial fails, you will no longer be able to play this creature and will be forced to either revert the character back to its normal form (if it was a transformative type) or stop playing the character entirely (if it is an entirely new creature)?:Yes Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?:Yea Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app:No
  13. Magic scrolls for sale

    [!]A Flyer would posted around atlas. reading: Magic scrolls are being sold at the dominion , each containing a unique use. The following scroll are, and their respected prices: *Scroll of lighting bolt-800 minas *Scroll of summoning amber wolf-900 minas *Scroll off fireball -800 minas https://image.prntscr.com/image/ONqDLJjiTZqIk7nrpb_enw.png ------------------------------------------------------------------ Custom Scrolls can be made, but at a higher price send a bird to Agnar (Hoster102) if interested.
  14. The Ivae'fenn

    [OOC] Username: Lighters_striker Activity Rating (1-10): 9 Skype: none Discord: Star gazer#9998 Do you have teamspeak? This is a necessity: yes [RP] Name: Lesys Gender: female Place of residence: 4 lyre street Race/Sub-race/Culture: Snow Elf Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: from now to death
  15. The Virarim: Shield of the Elves

    OOC Application Minecraft Name:Lighters_striker Discord/Skype:Star gazzer IC Application Name:Aririe Race:snow elf Age:303 Previous Martial Experience: here and their