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  1. [TA] [Ascended] Mariane’a Abernathy

    +1 Fantasic man
  2. Gratz at the time i am writing this you're content count is 777

  3. [Denied][GM] Suxals wants a blue tag

  4. The Black Orchid Society

    Mc name: jondead1 Rp name: Magnus Deed Gender: Male Age: Stoped counting a looong time ago Skype: jondead LOTC AND MEMES Known magics: . . . Biography (short story/link) Magnus was a adventurer who sailed the seas and trawled the lands before finding the ascended Mariane'a, he begain to work for her as a enchanter, and afther her death he found her son Angelo and joined him and called it a oath to him mother.
  5. where are you i miss you. >_<

    1. Ravondir


      sorry m'boy i've just been dealing with school stuffs

  6. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    Looks baller can't wait.
  7. House Deed

    House Deed. House Deed is a Vassal house of House Keint, the lords of Keintania. History. This is the story of much pain of the house founder Magnus, and how house Deed came to be. Magnus was a simple man in his early years with a sword in his hand and an adventurous soul, at least that was how it started for sometime he sailed from island to island taking many things with him, at the end of his adventures he found a flyer on a courland wall in Aleksandria, where with fantastic luck he found Mariane’a and worked with her for some years before her untimely demise on the hand of the Orenians, but after he looked for some old friend and allies and came across Lord Thomas Tarsington-Keint, Baron of Keintania and the rest of the free men of Courland who did not bend the knee to the ‘holy oren empire’ when it returned from the ashes of the broken world, and as time past plots revealed and old crimes was revealed, and in the chaos that insured, he joined Thomas Tarsington-Keint as a noble and a knight and owed to protect him and his family. The words of house Deed are “through pain we endure” meaning the pain of the Founder that he endured was great, and the golden rose symbolizes the Founders pureness and him being redeemed, and the black and blue stripes symbolizes the Lord he serves and the main colors of his bannor. (and his Coa’s in the corner.) Current Patriach Ser Magnus ‘The Willing’ Deed Members, Magnus Deed (jondead1) [alive] Allies Lord Thomas Tarsington-Keint (TJB_Minecraft) [alive]
  8. New Player Helpers Discord 2.0

    MC name: jondead1 What group are you from: Humans, Ascended, (soon) and Santagia. What can you do to help new players: help them with helpful info, and a vote of confidance. How much time can you set for helping new players: depends a coble of hours. How Active can you be on the New Player Discord: just @ me and i'll be there soonish depending on the day and time. (UTC1)
  9. [Your View] 6.0 COMBAT

    hmm sounds good to remove some things... but things like iron slowing you makes shence.
  10. The Consolidated Santegian Military

    "so we finalely have a list of the ranks hmm.." nods OOC: +1
  11. Fancy Costume Festival - SANTEGIA CAPITAL!

    sees a flyer "i see... this is going to be a fun Night"
  12. you did it bravo on becomeing Admin 

    1. Wrynn


      Thank you c:

  13. [ring] ring of nac`no`goth

    some necomansers gave tere souls to make it and he browned it with his soul
  14. [dark arts] Nac`no`goth

    MC Name: Character's Name: Nac`go`goth Character's Age:1200 Character's Race: undead human What magic(s) will you be learning?: necromancy Teacher's MC Name: N/A Teacher's RP Name: N/A Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: none Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: pm me Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: not magic
  15. [dark arts] [lich] Nac`no`goth

    thanks I will one sec