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  1. Forum Name (Link the profile): click here Minecraft IGN(s): nopartyboys Reason for ban (If a specific reason was stated, otherwise ‘reached 10’): Repeated pugsy after warning Why should you be unbanned?: I should be unbanned cause took so much time before the in game ban, took already 1 year and I'm really sorry for what I did in past and I promise that I will not do this again and it's Christmas so all we should be good, a great day hope for you. If you were banned due to an accumulation of warning points, what procedures will you take in the future to prevent this happening? (N/A if other): N/A
  2. DAY-DAY

    [✗] tw1nk3y Ban Appeal

    Can somebody respond on this ban appeal?
  3. Minecraft Name (s): tw1nk3y Ban Reason: Repeated pugsy after warning Individuals Involved: Not necessary Event Details: I dont remember very good cause was 3 months ago. Why should you be unbanned?: I should get unban on 12/01/2017 and I forgot to do a Ban Appeal. Additional Screenshots/Videos: Not necessary.