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  1. Niqqoure

    Who do you look up to?

    @z3m0s @Gladuos @Telosium @Violino @Krib @Corvoo - to name a few, probably the guys who have helped me the most in the server and have also answered many of my stupid questions so I appreciate them.
  2. Niqqoure


    I've played neverwinter aswell and I can honestly say that ddo knocks it out of the park in everything aside from graphics - which can honestly be overlooked. I've honestly had alot of fun roleplaying with you so of course I'll be awaiting your return friendo! I'm not too keen on playing Runescape as I lost interest in it a long time ago, but if you ever find yourself having ddo feel free to message me because that's one of the few games that can successfully make me an addict.
  3. Niqqoure


    Dungeons and Dragons Online is a pretty good MMORPG that I'm sure your computer would be able to run! I'm so sorry to hear that and hope you get better xoxo
  4. Niqqoure

    A New Rex of Krugmar - Mûrak'Gorkil

    "Ahm real real proud uv em, gud tings fuh yuh - Murak..." said an old friend at the gates of the Stargosh'Stroh
  5. Niqqoure

    On Imperial Godhood

    “It matters not that this ‘Emperor’ believes he has more power than our Pontiff, but rather do the imperialists actually believe and support such blasphemy....” commented a long lost Courlandic man
  6. "A grand missive from you, sire. I shall instill it in my memories." Said Talonii the ker upon hearing of it
  7. Niqqoure

    Kalfu's Demise

    14th of the Amber Cold, 1692 It is with confirmation that we hereby announce the death of our most honorable leader, Valgarai Kenyatta; Regally known as Kalfu – the Prime Champion of the Southeron, Grand Chief of the Zailu Tribe, first Scildan of Ethos, and first Rakshasa of Melle. It is saddening to reveal that our great leader has died of a heart condition. With this announcement, we leave the people of Melle to ponder over his abilities and decide how they wish to move on in the next reigning. It is here that we also announce his successor – As Kalfu died without any capable heirs, his younger brother Thulani Kenyatta of the Zailu Tribe is the next in line for his titles. We wish our new Rakshasa luck on his journey and hope that he surpasses the goals that his older brother had set out for our glorious Rasdom. In the words of ‘the First’: “One is born, One dies, Yet we walk.” and so we will. May he rest in prosperity with his fallen brethren, and may Melle achieve everlasting prosperity in their days to come. This regal ordinance has been vindicated on the authority of KALFU, the Lamented First, Prime Champion of the Southeron, Grand Chief of the Zailu Tribe, Scildan of Ethos, and Rakshasa of Méllé Shall he rest in prosperity
  8. Niqqoure

    The kangz pact

    This was supposed to be funny?🤔
  9. Niqqoure

    Skylez1's Lore Master Application

    Yes he's pretty good and one of the people I go to when I need assistance in topics despite him not being a LM. ;^)
  10. Niqqoure

    The Coronation of Louis II

    “Wi ain’t ever invited ti clot....” Kalfu mentions with slight dissapointment
  11. Niqqoure

    Southeron's Wiki Team Application

    Username: Southeron Forum Name: Southeron Discord Name and Tag: Southeron#6408 How do you wish to work for the wiki? I would like to write and update lore as I've been doing, but also create new wiki team account, re-populate the wiki's in terms of updated lore and people actually using them, and bring purpose back into being a wiki team member! Have you worked on the Lord of the Craft Wiki, or any wiki before? I have. Which lore are you most familiar with? I'm most familiar with Racial Lore(Human, Elves, Orcs, Kharajyr, Hou-zhi, etcetera.), Alchemy Lore, and deital and voidal magic lore. Please provide an example of a wiki page you are not satisfied with and list aspects that could be improved https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Ghouls – for a race that has greatly impacted the LOTC world, the wiki page thats made for it is quite a letdown. It just seems too brief and perfunctory to detail a playable creature that is commonly applied for on LOTC. It is a creature that was very popular amongst both new players and old, it is one of the main foundation of the ‘dark side’ of High Fantasy and I feel that it hasn’t been given the effort it should have. It could be improved by extensive information through pictures, examples, an increase of red lines, more depth in lore, strengths, detailed mechanics, purpose, how-to’s, and maybe community questions. Please provide an example of a wiki page you see as a model example and list your reasoning https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Homunculi – Although I can admit it is quite outdated, it overall is written well and includes pictures, redlines, and examples of the lore. It goes into detail of how they function and interact in the LOTC universe, creation and their physiology. This wiki page as compared to the one prior really shows that time and effort has been put into this. Please showcase your abilities with either A short writing on a subject of your choosing, or An example of an 'other' (Already completed wiki pages are a plus!) https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=The_Southeron https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Kalfu https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Chieftaincy_of_Ghanyah https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=The_Zailu_Tribe
  12. Niqqoure

    The Southeron : Volume I

    The Southeron : Volume I ”We called ourselves, the Sahiri.” Azulo was one of the many human commanders apart of Harrens tribe - and one of the few who publicly despised the adjoining of Harren and Sirai which eventually led to the banishment and excommunication of the Harrenites by the Oren Empire and Canon Church... Harrens commandment that stated that each Harrenite must wed a Mali’dun to begin a superior race descendant from the intermarriages purely disgusted Azulo, so much that he publicly disobeyed Harrens orders and fled Idunia. His tribe, the people who fled with him, are commonly credited as the Progenitors of the Southeron People and he is simply known by them as Papa Ile - he was known as Azulo the Dastard by other Harrenites, and saw them as enemies.Azulo was a skilled Commander of Harren, participating in many of their wars. He led many other Harrenites south along with him to avoid northern persecution and conflict with the loyal Harrenites - traveling to the deserts in hopes of living in peace. They were called the ‘Southern Harrenites’, but internally they named their tribe ‘Sahir’. Azulo and his tribe adapted poorly to the environment, many of them immigrated back to Fai O’Thuaid in hopes of being forgiven of their transgressions. Some who stayed with Azulo succumbed to the immense heat. They eventually learned to adjust to the biome and its harshness, his newfound tribe moving closer to water sources for heightened chances of survival. The city they formed carrying the name Nya’né. It was a beautiful oasis city surrounded with palisades. Azulo, however, was a ruthless ruler who had immense paranoia towards not only the Harrenites who threatened him and Orenners who had banished his fellow Harrenites - but paranoia to his own people. His paranoia caused him to rule with an iron fist, subjecting even his close relatives to execution. Azulo was not only paranoid but immensely power hungry - he felt that power was the only true way to keep his city under control and that he was the only one fit for ruling. Azulo used fear as a secondary tool to make his people submissive, reminding them constantly of the foreigners that threatened his small civilization. Azulo’s control lasted in the city for three entire decades before he eventually perished - he had a single daughter, but the power of Azulo and his descendants was relinquished with his death and the city eventually split into many separate groups that were inter-reliant on one another, laying the foundation for various tribes.. Although he is singularly credited as the founder of the Southeron people, it was actually his tribe of unrelated individuals who descended from the Harrenites that laid the foundation for the Sahiri’s distinct culture, traditions, and etcetera. It is undocumented what happened to Nya'ne and the broken up Sahiri tribes afterward, however, they have been thought to stayed in the area and progressed silently. The name ‘Southeron’ was not developed until end-Asulon as an abbreviation for ‘Southern Harrenites’ - although it was seen as a spiteful word to use against them. Despite this, it was a name that stuck with those that were not of their tribe or descendant from it. However, those that were, still use the name ‘Sahiri’ amongst themselves. The only tribe that claims direct descendance from Azulo is the Zailu tribe. (This is simply a request for this small amount of Southeron Lore to be made canon)
  13. Niqqoure

    Community Meeting

    Will I ever be given rights to add genuine history to the Southeron subrace?
  14. Niqqoure

    A Khonmahkite Burden

    "Eyah am necessary dat wi put all mons in responsibility fuh dem acshins - nuh mattah fi di prestige, piety, n' title uv di criminal..."
  15. Niqqoure

    A Khonmahkite Burden

    17th of the Deep Cold, 1691 As retribution for escorting a sharp-tongued outsider into the glorious Rasdom of Méllé, which has been substantiated as a treasonous and grave sin on many occasions, the Khonmakite Ras Omari has been provided terms by our most Honourable Rakshasa that entail : For threatening the safety of our grand Rasdom, Omari Khonma shall be subject to trial by boon of the Rakshasa Until the date of the trial has subsided, the mentioned foreigner by the name of ‘Solana’ shall be under the intense care of the Khonma Tribe. The foreigner, who has been known to speak the treacherous language of Qalashi amongst other crimes, shall have her punishment for these crimes and any other crimes she is to commit, carried out in companionship with Omari Khonma, the Ras of the Khonmahkites. A threat has been exchanged from the vile mouth of the Qalashi foreigner towards our Grand Ras, Melesse of the Mengesha tribe – and has been imperiled with mutilation of the mouth, her threat noted in relation to this trial. This regal ordinance has been vindicated on the authority of KALFU, the Most Honourable Champion of the Southeron, Grand Chief of the Zailu Tribe, Scildan of Ethos, and Rakshasa of Méllé (This trial is on Thursday, Nov. 29th at 6:30pm EST)