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  1. Hey guys what’s up 

    1. Inferno_Ougi


      i thought you died wtf

  2. I support this, good job honestly Ralph. I’m glad there are still people who are interested in this lore despite the bad image I assisted in creating for it. You can and are doing it much more justice and I would love to roleplay under your new lore. +1 from me.
  3. “Wi ain’t ever invited ti clot....” Kalfu mentions with slight dissapointment
  4. Happy Thanksgiving 😌😌

  5. So much things going on yikes 

  6. Oh wait, I think I've already played this storyline.....

  7. Band practice from 9AM to 7PM tmrw YIKE-

  8. People actually think im a man?LOL

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    2. rukio


      God is a woman?

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Gender is a spook

    4. Suxals


      There are not women in the internet.

  9. “Cause life bi but a simulashin uv deat….” KALFU General Information Birth name : Valgarai Kenyatta uv Zailu Titles : Rakshasa uv Méllé, Champion of Southeron, Grand Chief of the Zailu Tribe, Scildan of Apo, Honourary Orc Age : 67 Date of Birth : 8th of Sun’s Smile, 1639 Place of Birth : Temple uv Zeal, Lakavo Status : Living Current Affiliations : Méllé Previous Affiliations : Krugmar, Ghanyah Gender : Male Race : Farfolk(Southeron) Sexuality : Heterosexual Culture : Ghanyan Languages : Caeole, Blah, Common Aroma : Smoke Alignment : True Neutral Appearance Height : 6’2” Weight : 180 lbs Form : Mesomorph Eye Color : Fawn Brown Skin Color : Deep Ebony Hair Color : Black Hair Style : Dreadlocks Markings/Tattoos : Greyish facial tattoos, Greyish tattoos on his right arm Clothing : A pale white toga with golden ends, a golden band on his left arm, aurum rings upon his dreadlocks – he is shoeless. Skills Fire Evocation : Highest Tier, TA Telekinesis : Highest Tier, TA Beast Smithing : Professional Black Smithing : Professional Wood Working : Intermediate
  10. I want to say no, but you went so in depth...However I think that air balloons should be a better alternative.
  11.  - Southeron Lore ;^)

  12. Been on FM mod waiting list for 3 months now, starting to think this is a black list ;^(

    1. Inferno_Ougi


      haha... black... list

    2. Burnsy


      If you were to re-submit your app I will gladly handle that for you.

    3. Niqqoure


      @Burnsy__Would I need to be interviewed again?I’ve already been interviewed for the position twice.

  13. i dont like your kind



    just jk loL!

    Edited by Coloping
  14. Yall I found BEYONCE'S instagram spam page....omg

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