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  1. “I...suppose it’s an appropriate time to meet our neighbors...Even if we have to wear masks..” Erasto would comment, folding the missive up neatly and placing it in a drawer
  2. ((glad to see the return of these clans, haven’t really met any Jusima’s but I’ve RPED with people of the other clans and they have a p good culture))
  3. Here’s the link to our open discord if you guys want it https://discord.gg/xyQZaqv 

    1. Demotheus


      Who does “our” refer to? A nation? A guild? A group of magic users? A gaggle of shitposting trolls? WHERE’S THE CONTEXT, MAN!??!?!?!??!

    2. princeliest


      @DemotheusHaha, given context I’m sure no one would know because it’s new but it’s for Seyam

  4. princeliest


    ((This has been voided due to issues regarding the charter))
  5. princeliest


  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l80yCNsyLiM

     why are they coming for us so hard though

  7. “I do hope this tones their arrogance down a few notches.” Erasto commented
  8. It has been 45 long summers since the fall of the Southeron state of Méllé, meaning that it has been 45 long winters that the various tribes have been displaced and continued to falter. The culture has not been completely lost, though it has been shifted, altered, and renovated or has gone extinct. The Khonmahkites had gone extinct. During the conquest of the September Prince, they were convinced that they - as mortals - could fend him off from their homes with no help. They were executed in a swift moment without any escapees. The Zailu Tribe had migrated to the new land with the other descendants, their foresight allowing them to assess the situation well. Once they reached this new land, they ventured to the Korvassa and have lived in exclusion since then, allowing several of their members to simply die off. They were leaderless, meaning that they lacked any sense of direction and simply struggled to survive – almost like they were stuck in a hell where the only thing holding them there was a valid reason to exit. The Okarachi Tribe had broken up, finding residence in many of the newly formed nations of Arcas, doing nothing of note - they simply survived as regular Farfolk citizens would. The Mengesha fared the best of the former Méllé tribes, as their leadership remained intact after the fall of Méllé.Led by the inheritor of the Tejju, Melesse Alem Zewedu. After the journey to Arcas, the Mengesha wandered the new continent without a permanent home for some time, before settling in the mountainous regions of the Korvassa. They held true to their cultural roots and traditions, largely keeping to themselves, though changed by their time as an itinerant group. The sons and daughters of these great Southeron warriors, miners, farmers, and leaders have found home elsewhere. Some elders still live, telling the stories of their tribes - and the Mélléan descendants do listen. However, like the human lifespan, these interests are short-lived. Mélléan descended houses have formed, influenced from the other great houses of humanity. A few staple houses being Sulmaehr, a house descendant from the Zailu Tribe and Tejju, a house descendant from the Mengesha Tribe. They built great families that, although drifted from their old tribal cultures, grant them life through old traditions, stories, and values. Since the announcement of Valgarai’s return in 1736, the leaders and elders of these great Mélléan houses have longed to return to the desert where it was announced that he still lives. Many did not believe the stories were true - “Even if he had survived, he would be too old to even move.” they stated, “If he is alive, it simply means we’ve been abandoned.” they exclaimed - however, these doubts did not stop them from going. There they did not meet Valgarai however. They met a man that greatly resembled him - though the way he spoke was accentless and the way he presented himself was with too much tolerance - he was different, definently not the leader they had once known, and he looked much too young to be the great Rakshasa, though he had a daughter whom appeared to be in her late teens. He called himself Erasto, and he spoke boldly to every venturing Farfolk that arrived - speaking of a nation greater than Méllé, of things concerning Thyran leadership, and he kept speaking until he was eventually captured by the Thyran guards for such blasphemous and threatening remarks. As he was captured, his only worry was that the Farfolk’s who had come to see Valgarai would not leave within the next month - that he had an unheard of promise to them that he wanted to keep. Curiosity kills the cat several times, but rarely does it kill a Southeron - so they waited; but time does not.
  9. Helves kill aura on 30000 radius please turn down the server cannot sustain

  10. If you’re gonna make a cultural lore post you should at least get input from that cultures actual player base.

    1. Ankan


      What post are you talking about? 

    2. princeliest


      @Ankanthis was meant to be shade so you have to figure that out for yourself xddd

      @AnkanKidding, but recently I had some lore for the Southeron archived and some of it deleted and had to argue for that lore and culture to be unarchived and had to repost some because someone else had wrote new lore on it, but none of us or the old Southerons such as Ford were ever asked our opinions or input on it – you know, things no one cares about.

  11. “Threatening their.....independence?” Valgarai would chuckle at the propoganda
  12. Skskskskskks who’s gonna tell her?

  13. Yes of course! You can role play as any skin so long as it fits your character and is realistic!!
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