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  1. maxbrix

    The Lion Roars Once More

    Shurith would put a knife through the poster with a glimpse in his eye "Hes a dead man walking"
  2. maxbrix

    The Lion Roars Once More

    Numa II would put a knife through the poster with a glimpse in her eye "Hes a dead man walking"
  3. maxbrix

    TJB_Minecraft WT Application #2

    +1 Experienced rp'er
  4. maxbrix

    [✓] Ban appeal

    Minecraft Name (s): (Include any alts) maxbrix, iLovePotatoes_1 Ban Reason: (State the reason listed when you try to log on) Hacked Client Individuals Involved: (Include anyone who was a witness, or directly involved in the situation) I don't really know i accidently put it up on the orc discord and deleted it again some people saw it Event Details: (Explain what happened and why you did what you did) I used hacks to see where people were so it would be easier to find rp, Why should you be unbanned?: (Why should we unban you?) I apologize for using a hacked client i promise i won't do it again and i know that i shouldn't use it i'm going to uninstall it now. All i want to do is just rp with the server and have as much fun as i can that's why i did what i did so it would be easier to find people. I should also be unbanned from the server because i would like to improve all my RP aspects so i get better in every way and have been told that i’m bad at RP on the server i'll be sure not to do it again and as said I really do apologize and i am truly, truly sorry for what i have done and i feel ashamed that i have done such a thing as this. Additional Screenshots/Videos: (Link, if applicable)