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  1. Rythel would nod, recalling this event “It was great to see the bloodline get together. Although I have not been around for the last years, it is nice to see that we are getting stronger. From this point on, we can be sure that everything goes for the best” he smiles at his remark “We should do these more often.”
  2. Ayakashii

    The Huntsmen

    Application Roleplay Name: Rythel Sylric Race: Snow Elf Age: 122 Desired role: Contractor and/or (if possible) Hunter Reason for enlistment: Rythel has experience in weapon-crafting, blacksmithing, and engineering and wishes to put his skills to use for the betterment of the Descendants and also sees this as a good opportunity to develop his craft. Finally, he would also like to join the fight against the dangers of the world to protect his kin and bring honour to his nation. OOC Username: Ayakashii Discord Tag (Example#3333): Eski#7291 Timezone: UTC+8
  3. Steward Application [OOC] Username: Ayakashii Discord: Eski#7291 Timezone: UTC+8 [RP] Name: Rythel Sylric Gender: Male Race/subrace/culture: Mali’fenn Place of residence: Sylric Manor Prior relevant experience: Having had critical positions in numerous organizations and guilds, Rythel has experience in organizing (housing, quartermastering...) and leading newcomers. Furthermore, he enjoys welcoming people into the Princedom and wishes to gain more responsabilities. Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn, and to the Grand Prince?: Without a doubt
  4. Application [Ooc] Username: Darkfox4 Activity Rating (1-10): 5 Skype: Discord: Darkk#7291 Do you have teamspeak? This is a necessity: No Sorry [RP] Name: Rythel Gender: Male Place of residence: Velaris Race/Sub-race/Culture: Snow Elf Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Yes
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