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  3. Great guy, mature, fits the job. Don't be so inactive! +1
  4. Hi. Just giving my two cents whilst it's 3am in Sardinia, forgive me for any fuckups. This makes me shake my head. We've seen this sort of thing happen over and over again regarding one topic of paramount importance to the Community: the fact that though many have been banned for discord related things and directly due to discord, the administration team remains in denial. Do what is right for the your playerbase, your people. Do your job, and step up. You're probably not going to read this anyway, but justice should always trump ignorance. Anyway, I'm back to bed.
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  6. "24,000 minae for the Lamentation."
  7. "19k for the Lamentation, also still in items."
  8. Another bidder proclaimed his wishes - "17,000's worth in items for the Lamentation." (Username's Arthayance.)
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    The Cerulean Watch is Recruiting!

    Your Full Name: Azazel Race: Dark Elf Age: N/A Place of Residence: Too many places to count. ((OOC)) Username: Arthayance Timezone: British. Discord: You've got this!
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    LotC Patch 6.2a: SkeletonKey

    good......... don't let others break into chests please
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    IC information: Name: Orion Race: Mali. Nation: N/A Age: N/A Experience: Veteran, highly trained spearman and cavalryman.  OOC information: IGN: Arthayance Timezone: British. Discord: You have this.
  12. Definitely deserves it. +1
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    A Torch Is Passed

    "Green doesn't suit you very well."
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    A Torch Is Passed

    Vandameer thought upon his old role, and his cousin. Perhaps they were the only two who had ever attempted much in the role. He then sighed - no longer did people have the sense to understand when to leave something dead. "Another failure shall join the ranks of others, yes. The curse is reborn anew upon another new victim - fresh blood."
  15. Username Arthayance (Inquisitioners) Discord sam. #4673 Timezone GMT - currently British Summer Time for me. What group/playerbase are you most involved with? I am most involved with the playerbases of Sutica and the Dominion of Malin, and my character is most involved with the Shade Coven and other rogue spooky stuff. Staff History N/A, at least on this server. I have applied for LT twice - both have been denied, one due to cleansing and the other due to me not using the correct application format. Most frequently in the past, I have been a member of lore teams on other servers. I wish to hopefully apply for the Lore Team once more in the future - I feel that, ensure that my roleplay is of the highest quality and I have plenty of ideas and inspiration, I should apply for the Event Team. Ban History These are the Bans I can recall off of the top of my head, from most recently to least recent. Most Recent - banned a few weeks ago for a week or two for a mistake due to roleplaying the destruction of a phylactery. Ban was brought down a few days because I was understanding and calm regarding my mistake. Banned before that for posting a link to an explicit google document in LOOC despite the two people involved in the document both finding it funny and alright and saying that it was alright for me to post it. Was told that I would be banned for one day, but another member of staff upped the ban to something like 2 weeks despite what had happened. Banned long before that for a situation with a Player Ban Report where essentially everyone except for a few individuals was banned from the server for being involved in a player's ban report that became a flame war over time. I had posted once or twice my civil opinion of the player and had mentioned that I had provided sufficient evidence for the person who had posted the Ban Report and was told that I was banned because of 'uncivilised behaviour' - this is the same reason others were banned, but my ban was lowered due to the fact that even the staff members that banned me agreed that I was perfectly civil and had done nothing to infringe upon the rules. Blacklist History: N/A What do you want to join the Event Team? I see interest in being an Actor, I have good roleplay skills and English skills and I have a fair amount of spare time. I have inspiration from people such as Xarkly (Conor) and Smawton to become a member of the Event Team and I want to get more involved in things that I consider very interesting, events being some of my favourite things to be included in, whether as a person conducting the event or being a person affected as a victim of the event. Why should we accept you onto the Team? I believe that you should accept me on to the team for my reliability, my ability to roleplay and my english skills (despite the fact that English is not my native tongue), as well as my ability to write lore and be a writer and make (in my opinion) good, well-kept events that can be worked together on. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: Things that progress and have quite a nice storyline to them and have a lot of elusive magic involved. I am a storyteller and a storymaker, thus why I want to make this sort of High Fantasy stuff that progresses very well. What makes a good event? The event should be circled around a plotline that has many branches that players may choose, depending upon their decision making and other factors such as the amount of people present at an event, et cetera, to shape the event around a well-crafted plotline. Everyone should pitch in an event, they should all be involved. The decisions should be left to the player and the Event Team Actor/actors should not try to shape the event more than required in terms of the plotline. The Event should have something to hide - something for those involved in it to be curious and look forward to, some sort of information that the player has to find out. As you go along, more questions are answered but in turn more questions appear in their place, so to speak. The event should always cause some sort of character development - the event should be significant and have an effect and leave something within all of the participants, whether that's new emotion, new emotion, new skill or a drastic change. All of this adds to the fun of the event. Finally, everyone has to be able to accept criticism. Without criticism, we cannot mend our mistakes and learn to grow stronger. A muscle must tear to grow larger, so to speak. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: 1: The south is a weapon. For those who have a strong will and a sharp mind, the knowledge that the South is a gaping maw of desolation comes naturally. The insurmountable, uncountable threats that lie there are a threat to all. The very ground upon which mankind treads within the coldest lands may choose to arise and lay destruction to all life that crawls restlessly within the lands, but does not. The incredible impediment that is the barricade of icicles lays at the end of all vision of the southernmost lands, a wall of blades, unreachable, unclimbable, unconquered. A charismatic traveller with a sharp mind thought to himself one morning - what lays beyond the fear and desolation, the eternal winter? It was time to find out the truth, and thus his words spread far over many leagues to many lands, reaching the ears of all that did not shun society - it was music to their ears, sweet honey. A quest. Notes for 1: This is your simple, typical quest idea, you'd think - however, the innocent purpose to the quest would suddenly be overshadowed by the fears and threats that lie within the south. The players make their choices, and many shall leave or die as it goes along. Many plot-twists would be involved, and only the true sin that could kill you properly, avarice, drives those who remain - a prize at the end of the quest, a reward, is what they think awaits. The main characters involved in the quest themselves would become a conduit for character development as they develop themselves, their alignments would change, the core that is their personality and conscience would transform, both due to their surroundings and inner conflict. This, therefore, would allow for the other members of such an event to develop on a personal character basis. This sort of event would involve many characters played by Event Team Actors (myself and others) introduced over time, affecting the thoughts of those on the quest - at first, they would be trusting to those who came along with them, but sooner or later they would begin to have extreme inner conflicts, leading them to become confined, selfish, untrusting and greedy. It is a race of time to see who converts first, and the last of them shall be the ones who truly see the end of the event, of the quest. 2: The night is dark, and the air is filled with phantoms. The remains of Curon stand strong and tall, the remnants of a forgotten nation, beseeched to forfeit in the past, and yet stood strong and stubborn, her arms wide. The blood of the defenders was as if another day of downfall upon the meadows of the land - in the past, many would have uttered the bygone phrases - blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne. Now, once more, blood soaked the land, and from the land arose creatures of malice, life born anew in the ashes of a failed, deceased nation. The weeping wails of the widows of the men that had once reigned strong within those lands were soon replaced by cold, harsh barks of laughter and the distinct sound of death that accompanied the overwhelming stench that now enshrouded the land. Those who ventured past Curon would find themselves reeled in, taken - but by who, it is not known. Unlikely comrades are made of those left behind in the 'accidents', the danger of the land confining them to the hunting ground that was the despairing vitality that laid within the marshes, pools of the lifeblood of those slain soaking the restless ghouls and ghosts that wrathfully ravaged the land, seeking to devour even in death. Who knows what is to come of those who find themselves in the tenacious grip of the Marsh. Notes for 2: This is an archaic, mystical event that would involve a few people (Event Team Actors) playing Merchants and other likely individuals who would be transporting others straight into where they wouldn't want to go - the Marshes. Whether an accident or intentional, the players find themselves trapped in the area and slowly become more and more used to the hot climate. Their bodies begin to thirst, and thus they more and more feel the compulsion to drink - but the only thing they can drink is blood. Similar to 1, it is a race of time to see who succumbs to the temptations of sin and gluttony. Those who do succumb shall find themselves corrupted, just as the creatures borne of the blood of the soldiers of Curon defiling the ground combined with many other reasons are so defiled. Those who do not shall find that they will be able to leave - though they shall be scathed and essentially put on a mental level akin to trauma, leaving them weak, and yet surviving. There are plenty of opportunities for players to shape the event, right from the beginning - this includes even trying to convince others that perhaps the trip they will be taking is not safe. This will heavily affect how the characters played by Event Team Actors and likely how other characters think of them - all of the characters, both as a group and on an individual basis, shall be put to the test and rewarded sufficiently for their efforts, depending on their character decisions. 3: A true path of inner conflict, characters find themselves receiving an elusive, black book. It seems to shine within the grip of whoever holds it, providing a sufficient amount of dread to the person mentally if held for a moderate amount of time. As well as this, those who were not dark practitioners who looked at the front page of the book would find it was as if they had been staring at the sun for too long, for dark symbols laid engraved into the very foundation of the book. Upon opening the book, the character would find themselves presented with an engraved number upon the first page, and many pages detailing a dark path which, once the end of the final stave of the short gospel is reached, offers the character this path. It details the joining of an elusive organisation, one that is comprised completely of dark individuals, powerful individuals, teachers - masters. All it required would be a simple signature. The character would find that, over the next few hours, they were not the only ones who had received the Gospel across nations, governments and monarchs were conducting a crusade to ensure that all of these so called 'heretical' books were to be burned and completely destroyed. The character must decide in the heat of the moment what they are to do with the book, and in this mistakes are sure to be made. Would they form their own grey area, in which they would seek to remain neutral and find out more information about this organisation, would they jump into the chasm of darkness by signing the book, or would they join the inquisition upon them? This is a true test of personality and conscience.