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  1. ah yes, the date rape drug i am somewhat indifferent on the addition of this to lotc in its present state, although i do think that it's better unreversible than reversible. if somehow some form of ability were to be made in the future allowing detection of chemical 'traces', similar to how this is indeed done in real life, i do think that it would be good for something like this to display a symptom that is unique to every individual, mild in character, but the shot should go undetected otherwise. perhaps the symptom should be associated with the general 'emotion' garnered f
  2. favourite TV show of all time what are your thoughts on me what type of alt-rock is your favourite, love me a bit of arctic monkeys
  3. that was never my intention, and I'm not trying to dissuade your promotion of positivity here, and I don't see how I'm coming down on anyone using Picrew, and I made it clear as a recommendation to buy art at least once, as in my personal experience, it's gratifying to do. i mentioned that when I was younger I was incapable of getting art, and it was for that very reason - lack of income. there are, however, ways to save money, of course, so the income is irrelevant, simply if you want to get art, you can save for it, it will simply mean it may take more time to be able to commission the art.
  4. personal recommendation: if you want art of your character that badly that you have to go off and make something unique [like a picrew] instead of finding a decent but not one hundred percent accurate, find the means to get an art piece. i remember many years ago when i was younger i was incapable of buying art and used to use older sites much similar to what picrew serves for these days. as long as you don't make it a spending habit and restrict yourself to one or a few pieces that'll satisfy you, and you're smart with your money hopefully [most lotcers are not], it's much more worth it than
  5. all jokes aside i am glad to see joel story admin @SquakHawk if you had become the admin i would question your sanity meanwhile joel is already a healthy level of insane for taking this burden in the first place
  6. how many ******* fire evocation apps and housemagery apps have to go up before i shoot myself

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      I'll give two more people a Fire evo app just to spite you


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    Been there for you since day one man, sad to see you go but now comes the gratifying feeling that you've been freed of these shackles of being a Staff Member, much less a Staff Admin. PM me any time you want to talk about life or anything. You know I'm probably just as busy as you are, but go achieve what you've set out to achieve, and I know you'll achieve it man.
  8. I've already stated in my comment that the action was unprofessional, but the comment of this being Anti-Semitic makes little to no sense. Joker, as well as Trench, as well as myself, are all Semitic, as an example. Trenchist is Israeli, Joker is of Palestinian descent, and I am of Kurdish descent [these are all examples]. Joker explained in his own post he's anti Zionist, and that has absolutely nothing to do with being anti-Semitic, nor does that have anything to do with what he even did, it's just part of the backstory to provide further context for his actions. Your comment about his actio
  9. pretty disgusting, but here's my true opinion joker i myself am an arab kurd and am a Semite so i think i have the right to say that whilst our peoples are harmed by war and strife, we can't do anything on a lord of the craft forum to better these situations and it's not our place to do something altogether childish which doesn't do anything to better the situations, only worsens your own situation when you think about the fact that you've inevitably trivialised the Palestinian suffering by banning a guy from the wiki because of his involvement in the israeli defence forces, and wh
  10. we're playing rust again this summer and you're not going to be able to do anything to stop it this time alright
  11. MC Name: Mordhaund Current Tier: B Desired Tier: A Reason to be Moved: i have an army of personal Arabian terrorists linked to the remnants of ISIS that remain within my home country awaiting orders to strike down any one opponent who so chooses to battle me in PVP. all of my opponents have not lived to tell the tales of my pixel punishment.
  12. It's appalling that the mods overseeing this situation both allowed this to slide and PEX-abused to favour one side over another - and they've coddled their large, biased playerbases to such an extent that they either tunnel-vision with regards to this chaotic spaghetti mess of extreme powergaming and magic abuse, and let it slide by because they don't notice it out of sheer incompetence, or don't know the first thing about Magic and can't use their common sense to think - "Hey, should I really be TPing these people?" To top this off, Mods have been extremely formal with me about
  13. that is the cleanest ******* forum post i have ever seen touche
  14. Genesis 38:8-10 - "Then Judah said to Onan, "Lie with your brother's wife and fulfill your duty to her as a brother-in-law to produce offspring for your brother." But Onan knew that the offspring would not be his; so whenever he lay with his brother's wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from producing offspring for his brother. What he did was wicked in the LORD's sight; so he put him to death also."

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      Umbasa brother

  15. When are you releasing The Bible 2? First book was a banger.
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