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  1. back in my day we actually fought instead of hiding/boat and flippers beating people who dont actually pvp is video worthy now?
  2. "Praise be to King Aurelius, and the Crown of Renatus." Signed, Mariusz, Margrave of Styria.
  3. Dewper WAS actually ddos'd because of Ioannis. It wasn't a joke or a vague threat he literally got him ddos'd LOL
  4. you guys are alright, don't come to urguan tomorrow

  5. Minecraft Name (s): Charlemagne Blacklist Reason: Condition of being unbanned How has your blacklist helped you improve your overall/villain RP?: not sure Are you aware receiving another blacklist after this one, will be more severe? Yea Why should you be un-blacklisted?' I was told I could appeal it on the 11th.
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