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  1. Reimplementation of Racial Bonuses?

    NO. BYE
  2. Hip hop

  3. From the Mouth of the Dragon

    "Dragons aren't the shepherds of mankind sod off you degenerate fucks" says Arpad, humoured by the musing of giant chickens as he feasts on a chicken wing.
  4. Muh Immersion

    so if u wanna rp a peasant you need to have leather armor on u? i like the idea of this, an indication of what people are actually carrying, but i dont see this being implemented into the server rules tbh
  5. Mordskov; Conjunction of Worlds

    "Emperor Philip was not an insane mass murderer. Rather that he was sound of mind, and gave warning months ahead to the populace of Johannesburg to evacuate the city. Any who stayed behind sought out their own demise, whoever wrote this 'History' is a dreaming fool." Says Arpad.
  6. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

  7. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    "if youre going to initiate combat on someone you should do it on their terms" this mindset is what is wrong with the server On the majority of people voting for defender default, if you went up to a rich person (magic rper), and said "if you vote for X(defender default), you get to keep your money, if you vote X(pvp) I will take all your money from you, every single one will vote to keep their money, and in this case the people arguing that pvp is not a good option because some people are better than others, are many of the ones who have a heavy RP advantage through magic or their RP race. Next map without nexus pvp will be an even playing field, with top tier gear(iron armor,bow and arrows) being extremely easy to acquire, while RP will never be an even playing field as magic only appeals to a certain type of person and for many it is far easier to acquire due to the people that they hang around OOC. PvP is the superior default, and it is my strong belief that among other reasons, the lack of PvP default is what is killing the player retention rate, as well as the general server activity. I remember in Athera and early Vailor waking up and heading out to pvp fights that were going on, nearly every single day; players from the fringe would likely also remember these daily fights which very often (nearly every time) generated RP that effected the entire server. Now on the server, as an average player you might get on once a week on Saturdays for a warclaim, and that is the only pvp you will see. It will be a huge mistake of the community to disregard the benefit of PVP default, one that will see the server sink back into the shitstreak that it has been since Defenderdefault was introduced.
  8. The Doomforge Clan

    Bor quickly takes up the call, coming forward from the dark, deep caves he had made his home in since Athera.
  9. Renatus x Norland

    Jill barber - Plus bleu que tes yeux name of the song
  10. Renatus x Norland

    gf >....>
  11. Increase raid limits (for 6.0)

    bring back pvp default, remove raid rules, allow surprise warclaims the weak should fear the strong
  12. Tournament of Alban, 1639

    Minecraft Name: Charlemagne Race: Human Duel/Joust: Duel
  13. Offering Free Language Lessons to the Admin Team

    If you have the manpower and RP reasoning to seize power, then you should do it by all means. Restricting this kind of roleplay from happening is the reason the server is so ******* ****. Roleplay that makes sense shouldn't be limited by rules. We were able to enter the throne and seize power. The proper response would be to attempt to seize power back, not complain in a forum thread. On the other hand if we are arguing, even if the Coup had not been successful, Tsuyose ceded to Mog in roleplay and handed all of Oren's lands over to him rightfully.
  14. Battle of the Bloody Road

    Arpad smiles as the Norlanders finally get their gear back from the Norland Romstun war
  15. Pontifical Encyclical: Pax Dei et Treuga Dei

    Arpad gives an example of the Meek that this may protect, and that who God does not favor.