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  1. Robert Francis is informed of the news of his betrothal to the same woman he brazenly called "The Wench of Cathalon" among many other choice insults. As he exits the Augustine Palace after practicing swordplay with his cousin Helena, the young lad is immediately swarmed by reporters from every news publication across Almaris, asking him to answer for his controversial statements.
  2. Tell me, O Lord, by what sin did I commit to warrant such a plight? Afflicted has my conscious been by you, a toll most merciful for my grave sins, but why must you still punish my earthly form? To be wed to the same woman you so tell me to revile- such a fate confounds me! Dutiful am I to you, to country, to family, yet even the most stalwart of soldiers may question the command of an officer, if not challenging the legitimacy of such an order, then aiming to discover the reason for it being issued in the first place so they make remain confident in the decisions made by their superior. It is
  3. i bet u would love to see me in a dress @Lionbileti
  4. “We met as equals, my dear Irene, but now you have become the type of person, the type of public servant, I so aspire to be. You have served your people well, and for it you ought to be proud,” Franz remarks of his wife as he reads over her memoir, the admiration in his voice evident.
  5. "A great man of our time! How I cannot wait for us to meet again someday, old friend," Franz remarks somewhat solemnly. Yet still he smiles, proud of the many achievements of George Galbraith, and thankful that he could serve beside, and befriend, such a man.
  6. Very well-made. Quite a cool cat indeed
  7. "I guess you were okay... for a snow elf..." Franz says, mailing Anna a bag of half-baked cookies that he and his youngest son, neither of them talented in matters of cooking, made. ((im not crying ur crying
  8. Sarkozy votes AYE on the confirmation of Elisa Reiss.
  9. "That's a lot of people," says Franz, looking over the assembly of soldiers.
  10. im just an old man so idk anything but there's a reason an overwhelming majority of the server voted in favor for 1.8 pvp back when there was a poll (yes i realize it wasnt supposed to be made)
  11. "God shines favorably on you, brother. So blessed is a union with the line of Pompourelia. So I see, bestowed upon you, a great crop of heirs, to be inured for a life of glory," Robert says to his brother as they dine together for breakfast.
  12. Prince Robert peers through the windows of the Monfort House every time he walks down Baker Street. Scouting out a couch to steal for the night of the soiree, Robert devises a plan to avoid social contact with people while still appearing present for the sake of the Crestfall pride.
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