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  1. Nectorist

    [✓] [In-game Ban] NerdyFoot Appeal

    Appeal accepted.
  2. Nectorist

    A Broken Branch

    Vladimyr, the last chieftain to leave the paper unsigned, still doesn't sign because he's stuck in the middle of the woods.
  3. Nectorist


    Vladimyr Ruric sits alone in the middle of the woods, mulling over the division his family faces.
  4. Nectorist


    “I wasn’t even there,” says Haakon, who indeed wasn’t there with his boys.
  5. Nectorist

    The Reclamation of Ancient Tradition; Reclamation of Malinor

    “It world be like the helves to not even bother to speak about the dominant elven family and subrace. Of course they won’t come at us, because they’re too scared of us,” A-Tier elf Albatross Volaren says to his fellow wild elf Volarens.
  6. always missing u bro...

  7. Nectorist

    A GREAT FACADE, 1711

    Haakon looks first to the trickery employed in Helena, where it was Imperial lies, deceit, and marplotting that gained them a victory. A victory to be sure, but one that relied on deception unlikely to work again. He then looks to his recent battle at the bridge, where skill of arms, leadership, and mettle were tested in a brawl more-akin to a field of battle. Here was a timeless encounter, that of men, their weapons, and their spirit, one that was and always would be fought. Victory here was not stolen, but taken forcefully, the consequences being paid for honestly by both sides. Yet there was one glaring contrast between the two encounters that stood above all. “Me and my boys weren’t there."
  8. Nectorist

    Battle of the Bloody Bridge

    Haakon, though wounded during the encounter, breathes a sigh of both relief and exasperation. Though he had not had the chance to die by his shield-brother, Halfdan, during the battle at Ves, the encounter here served as a sort of atonement for him. “We have avenged our fallen brothers, but our struggle does not end here,” he tells his men, brandishing his bloodied sword above his head as he and his battle-hardened mercenaries cheer for their hard-fought victory. He then turns to one of the bodies at random, that of Illythia Arator, and says, “me and my boys were finally there.”
  9. Nectorist


    A still-alive Haakon, second in-command of the Seventh Sons, weeps openly upon seeing his company dissolved. “Okay boys, I now proclaim us the Seventh Sons II,” he tells the remaining mercenaries, creating a brand-new company.
  10. Nectorist

    World In Flames (RP) (The Reboot!)

    DET NORSKE KONGERIKET Post-War Blues Though on the winning side of Great War, Norway’s ‘victory’ in the conflict was more akin to survival than triumph. The Great Depression, though lacking the strong punch that characterized it in less-fortunate nations, has drawn attention to the lacking Norwegian economy and military. With the meteoric rise of the neighbouring Sweden, the future of Norway’s role in Scandinavia rests on the shoulders of King Haakon VII. Though he had previously relegated most of his extensive powers to the Storting, the situation has demanded the aged monarch to use the powers granted to him, and lead his country to a bright future. King Haakon VII A Bitterswede Outlook The rising power in not just the region, but the world, Sweden, is on the mind of every Norwegian citizen. Their involvement in Danish affairs suggests Pan-Nordic ideals that would align with the reigning nationalist party there. Though no lover of Pan-Nordicism himself, King Haakon still sees the value of having Sweden as an ally in the region. A delegation spearheaded by Crown Prince Olav seeks to meet with the Swedes to discuss the new Swedish government, the future of Scandinavia, and their investment into Denmark. A second mission is sent to Finland, led by the king’s brother Prince Gustav. The details of the mission are currently unknown. Crown Prince Olav Prince Gustav, the King’s Brother “We’ve Got To Have Money…” Though not quite woeful, the state of the Norwegian economy is less than desirable. With the powers vested to him by the Storting, King Haakon seeks to increase the government’s role in the state’s economy: Norsk Hydro is subsidized by the government to begin light metal production. King Haarkon invests the required funds to construct a magnesium carbonate plant in Herøya, an aluminum plant in Glomfjord, and an magnesium plant at Karmøy. By order of King Haakon a new ministry has been founded, the Norwegian Ministry of Energy. The new Ministry of Energy has been tasked with researching the viability of investing into hydroelectric power, wind power, offshore wind power, and wave power. King Haakon has also asserted Norway’s rights over the natural resources in its sector of the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea. He has tasked the Ministry of Energy to make preparations to begin offshore drilling in these two regions. King Haakon encourages his citizens to join the promising shipping, whaling, and manufacturing sectors of the economy. The construction of dry docks in Stavanger, Aram, and Ulstein begins. The Ulstein Group is subsidized to build ships, namely submarines, destroyers, light cruisers, and heavy cruisers, for the Norwegian Naval Forces. A glimpse at Norway’s promising shipping industry in the city of Bergen. No Vikings Here Though his emphasis has not been on the military as much as the economy, King Haakon still realizes the need to have a modern, well-trained military. Knowing that Norway will always have a want for manpower, the king’s efforts have mainly been directed at the sea, where Norway has had a history of success. Modernization of the Norwegian Navy has begun, and new ships are being constructed. Young Norwegian men are encouraged to join the navy, and the recruiters for the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy visit schools, looking for bright young men to become future officers. Although the navy has received much of the king’s attention, the army has not been neglected. King Haakon has done away with the national militia system made in 1920, instead opting for compulsory military service for a minimum of two years starting at age 18 for all men. Upon completion of their service, these men are made reserves for their respective branch of the military. Norwegian recruits conducting fall training. Summary/Actions A diplomatic mission led by Crown Prince Olav is sent to Sweden. [Sweden] A diplomatic mission led by Prince Gustav is sent to Finland. [Mod] Norsk Hydro is subsidized to begin light metal production. [Mod] The Norwegian Ministry of Energy begins research on the viability of using hydroelectric power, wind power, offshore wind power, and wave power. [Mod] King Haakon asserts Norway’s sovereign rights to resources in the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea. The Ministry of Energy is tasked with offshore drilling for oil. [Mod] The Ulstein Group is subsidized to begin ship production for the Royal Norwegian Navy. To aid them, dry docks are to be constructed in Stavanger, Alam, and Ulstein. [Mod] The army begins a massive recruitment drive, hoping to double the number of their active soldiers. [Mod] The national militia system is disbanded for compulsory military service for two years, followed by lifetime service in the reserve forces. Young men are encouraged to join the navy.
  11. Nectorist

    The Ashborn

    RP Name: Vladimyr Rosik Race: Human Age: Youthful Boi MCName: Unwishfully Discord(Include #’s): you got it
  12. Nectorist

    World In Flames (OOC) (The Reboot!)

    Discord Name; You have it Country of choice; Norway Head of State; King Haakon VII Government type; Constitutional Monarchy Suggestions/Feedback/Questions; Nope
  13. Nectorist

    The Sacred Union of Matrimony

    “It’s unfortunate that you forgot to invite my comrades and I. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to attend anyway!” chirps Haakon, donning his Seventh Sons armor.
  14. Nectorist

    Advocate Elenore for Okarir'tir

    “I’ve no personal connection to this person, but I find them to be highly qualified,” says Norlander Vladimyr Rosik.
  15. Nectorist

    Response to Archbishop

    andrei shapes into his wolf-form, drawing his katanas and bearing his fangs. “time for another assassination”