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  1. The Treaty of Tahu’Lareh, 1730 It has pleased Wyrvun to dispose the hearts of His Serenity, Ithrendas I of House Regis, Empyrion of The Concord, Suzerain of Llyria, etc. and of His Serene Highness, Aelthos of the Tundrak Bloodline, Third of his Name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn, Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, etc. to forget all past grievances and hostilities that have upset the prosperity and good fortune which the two mutually wish to restore to their respective nations, and to remedy and reestablish their fractured discourse in the name of securing perpetual peace and harmony. Having not yet met this desirable end as of the 9th of the Deep Cold, 1730, the commissioners empowered by each side have therefore drafted a proposal seeking an end to the longstanding conflicts in the hopes of reaching the same peace that seemed unattainable mere months ago. Upon review of the treaty, the respective monarchs have hereby accepted and confirmed the following articles. TREATY ARTICLES: ARTICLE I. Hostilities between the Fennic Alliance and the Concord of Llyira are to cease effective immediately. Moreover, the Llyiran-Uruguan border is to be demilitarized within a period lasting no more than one Elven Day from the ratification of this treaty. ARTICLE II. The Concord of Llyria will pay the Princedom of Fenn war reparations amounting to thirty-five thousand minae to cover the expenses incurred by the Princedom and its allies. ARTICLE III. A non-aggression pact between the Princedom of Fenn and the Concord of Llyria lasting a period of two Elven Months will be formed. This pact will forbid not only declaring war, but any and all hostile activities conducted by, or with support from, the signatories. ARTICLE IV. The Concord of Llyria will raise the minimum age of marriage for elves to fifty, in accordance with the wishes of Sohaer Dimaethor Visaj. Signed, HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Aelthos of the Tundrak Bloodline, third of his name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn, Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, Protector of the Idhren’tirn, Hesin’fin, Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the Chosen of Wyrvun, etc. Under-King Utak Ireheart Sohaer Dimaethor Visaj His Holy Serenity, Ithrendas I of House Regis, Empyrion of the Concord, Suzerain of Llyria, Protector of Omeryn, and Chi, Shield of the Wayward, Keeper of the Scions and Peaks, Member of the Irongrinder Clan, Guardian of the Primordial, Paragon of the Ohric will, etc.
  2. do u have an anime girl skin that I can use in the future
  3. “I’m bored please just FIGHT SOMEBODY!” screams Prince Aldred, his sudden outburst causing him to seize violently.
  4. The young Father Ludolf turns pale upon hearing the news, spending the next hour in prayer for the late Cardinal.
  5. “My plan is still the best,” insists Prince Aldred, playing with his toy soldiers
  6. Prince Aldred starts making a fake beard so he can pretend to be a grown adult who can go to war
  7. Name (and House if applicable): Hans de Ruyter Degree of Knighthood (Squire, Knight Errant, Knight): Knight Age: 49 Liege Lord: Emperor Alexander Date of Accolade (if possible): 1696 (ish) Chapter/Order (if applicable): Nauzica Brigade
  8. “please just fight somebody already” says the disembodied voice of kaius visaj
  9. Well, what’s your name? “Ludolf de Ruyter.” Aye. And from whence do you hail? “I’m Lord Sarkozic’s ward in Temesch, but I was born in Adria.” Alright, alright, that’s a fine place this time of season. How many years have you lived? “I’m sixteen, soon to be seventeen.” Got it. Your ethnicity, good man? I can’t make it out. “Lodenlander, so human through and through.” Mmm. I never would have expected it. Are you literate? “I can read and write well enough, for Lord Sarkozic has taught me well. However, I’m no scribe just yet.” Good, that won’t hurt you. Do you have a wife at home, or children? “None at all.” They call Sixtus the Third ‘the Lewd’ for having two bastards. Don’t be like him. Have you got anything against taking oaths? “Nope. If I did, I wouldn’t be here.” You’re all set. I’ll have this filed away to the Prelate at once. He’s a sleepy cardinal, about to hit his centennial. Give him a few days.
  10. Ludolf can’t read the treaty but cheers anyway.
  11. Nation applying for: The Despotate of Syracuse BREIF History of your Nation: The city of Syracuse has been defined by its struggle to preserve its autonomy and Greek identity despite being surrounded by unfamiliar and larger neighbors. An ancient city, on the cusp of a millennia old, Syracuse has served as a vital port linking the east, Africa, and Italy, via the Mediterranean Sea. However, its strategic location has made it a target for as long as its been around. In more ancient times, the city found allies in its Greek sister cities, often banding together with them in order to resist the imperial ambitions of the warring states around it The city fell under the firm grasp of a multitude of dictators, tyrants, and despots, but each were able to keep the city out of the hands of its neighbors. As the years grew on, the Syracuse’s distinct Greek identity would begin to fade as people from all over the Mediterranean found home within its wall. When the city was finally taken by the Franks after a long siege of three years, it fell into a state of decline. Though it was still a vital Mediterranean port city, the city’s freedom and unique identity had been all but snuffed. However, the city’s spirit of independence had not been crushed, and when the Italian states revolted against its Frankish overlords, Syracuse was quick to join the rebellion. Taking advantage of the relatively light Imperial presence in Sicily, the Syracusian armies were able to inflict a few key defeats on the Frankish forces, driving them from the island by 643. In 646, Syracuse launched an attack on the island of Sardinia, easily defeating the tiny Imperial garrison within a few months. By the time the war had ended, the city found itself independent once again, but still in the precarious situation it had been in since a thousand years ago. Leader(s): Synesius Stratioticus, Basileus of Sicily and Sardinia, Despot of Syracuse Discord: You have it
  12. Nectorist

    Conflict & War FAQ

    These are just some of my initial thoughts: War is inherently uncooperative because it’s a contest between two (or more) forces that oppose each other. Trying to get players to agree on anything is difficult enough, but even more so when it comes to things as major as wars. I understand the reasoning behind trying to make wars a part of the “greater story” of LOTC and have them become a collaborative effort, but people are too OOCly attached to their Mineman nations to ever risk suffering any sort of meaningful loss. We’ve seen, time and time again, players rule-lawyer, cheat, beg, etc, in order to avoid the consequences of their actions. Now that nations at war get to decide their own fate, I imagine we’ll see this same mentality of ‘avoiding consequences’ arise when two nations meet to plan out a war. I agree with the sentiment behind this new system, but I have concerns regarding its implementation. Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I’m reading it seems like nations have to agree to war in the first place. This means that any legitimate RP reason I could have to declare war on another nation could be completely null and void because they OOCly don’t wish to go to war. I understand that conquest is generally something seen as unfavorable on the server, but if I were to run a nation hell-bent on making everyone’s lives miserable via raiding, assassination, banditing, etc, I should be able to be gassed by other nations. Instead, this war system would allow me to say, “no thanks, I don’t want war” and continue doing what I do. On the flip side, I could have every legitimate RP reason to go to war with a nation but be blocked by the OOC barrier of the opposing side not wishing for war. Of course, as this is just an FAQ, take what I’ve said here with a grain of salt. Once the official rules come out tomorrow I might give a, hopefully more thorough and comprehensive, critique. also RIP ladders
  13. Oh, how She wept when that Thing came tumbling out of the Void. Oceans of Her sacred tears still roil in the craters of that hellish desert. From these tears were born the new ways. Where once fire had burned in the hearts of every righteous Ascended, now ethereal waters ebbed and flowed within hardened souls of crystal splendour. Every Ascended now a unique jewel whose light could be wielded against the endless legions of corrupt darkness. And yet their light was not enough. A new lens was needed to draw together the myriad glittering rays of the diamond. These souls that had become gems were destined for a greater light. To behold the light of the Soul Shard is to behold the glow of one’s own soul. That light is the light of personal truth. The light of an inner flame that can never be extinguished. It is this true beauty found in the soul that an Ascended can use to awaken further blessings of the Archaengul, listening to Her guidance by coming to understand their crystalline soul. All Ascended gain a single point to be spent on one blessing of their choice. This point is gained immediately upon becoming Ascended. Whilst the new Ascended need not specify which blessing they mean to choose in their first app, they should notify the Story Team at a later date to have their choice noted on their original application. Contemplation of one’s crystalline soul is the key to harmony with the will of Aeriel. The ideals of Her everlasting song can be found in the many faces of a Soul Shard, revealed in the light of a soul bidden to be perfectly still amidst the chaos of descendant life. By meditating on their Soul Shard beneath a moonlit sky, whose light reveals the mysteries of their being, an Ascended can peer into their innermost nature and come to a new understanding of their eternal mission. This ritual meditation can require multiple attempts before the Ascended is capable of lowering themselves into a deep enough trance to accept the wisdom of Aeriel, hearing Her song for a brief, deafening moment before they are brought back to reality, their shard now glistening a little more brightly with invigorated astra. Whilst this glow has no practical effect, it is this radiance and energy within one’s astra that demonstrates the granted blessings. Ascended who have meditated upon their Soul Shard give up a magic slot to gain another two points, which may be spent on further blessings. Certain blessings have requirements as to when they can be taken, requiring particular combinations of prerequisite blessings to already be chosen. Similarly, certain ratios of chosen blessings will grant Devotion buffs, should an Ascended choose three or six blessings in the same aspect. Ascended may repeat this ritual to give up further magic slots to gain further points, gaining two points with each magic slot used, or they may choose to give up as many slots as they wish at any point they perform the ritual. At maximum, the Ascended will have a total of seven points worth of blessings; one from having first become an Ascended, and a further six from utilizing three slots of magic. The ritual may only be performed by Ascended who have reached Tier Three. Only suitably mature crystal souls are able to be used in the focusing of lunar light, having now developed properly and formed complex structures of crystallized soul essence. Ascended who have tapped into this deeper power will find that their Soul Shard glows more brightly as a result of new energy within their astra. The more slots that an Ascended dedicates to their Ascended skills, the brighter the glow of their Tearstone Shard will be. This light is never blinding; at most, it is simply pretty to look at. Important Foreword In addition to "The Blessings of Aeriel" we would also like to propose the following changes be made to all Ascended: --- Lunar Trance: Cost 0 Astra The Ascended enters a battle trance, making themselves still and steady as they focus on their Tearstone Shard, and slowly call Astra to them from the Soulstream, allowing them to recharge their pool. --- With these new changes and additions, we will also be making Ascended take up two slots of magic as opposed to one, with the blessings making it possible to have all 5 slots of magic taken up by Ascended. Lastly, a slight adjustment to the Astra pool; after using the magic for a little while now it's become very evident that 60 is too low in longer drawn out battles. Other casters are more suitably equipped to handle longer encounters, being able to cast a reasonable number of spells. With these adjustments, we hope to equalize the difference that had been showing between Ascended and other characters. Tier 1: (Begins after creation, ends at 2-week mark) An agent’s Tearstone Shard is newly formed and can store 5(10) gallons of Astra at a time. Charges 5 Astra per Emote. Tier 2: (Begins at the 2-week mark, ends at 1 month) An agent’s Tearstone Shard can store 10 (10)gallons of Astra at a time. Charges 5 Astra per Emote. Tier 3: (Begins at 1-month mark, ends at 3 months) An agent’s Tearstone Shard can store 15(20) gallons of Astra at a time. Charges 5 Astra per Emote. Tier 4: (Begins at 3-month mark, ends at 5 months) An agent’s Tearstone Shard can store 30(50) gallons of Astra at a time. Charges 10 Astra per Emote. Tier 5: (Mastered the magic at 5 months) An agent’s Tearstone Shard can store 60(100) gallons of Astra at a time. Charges 15 Astra per Emote. Keep these changes in mind when reading the “Blessings of Aeriel”, as these additions are an integral part of their functions. To reiterate, you will only ever have 7 such of these blessings, and are further rewarded for Devotion in one specific one. You cannot get all of these. The Hymn of Aeriel The Hymn of Aeriel brings with it a need for song, making their practitioners popular amongst the taverns of the land. The more Blessings an Ascended invests in this Aspect the greater their musical sense increases. They may find themselves humming tunes, tapping their foot to a song within their head, and allows them to more easily learn and sing music. Invoke the Downpour: By praying to their Archaengul, the Ascended calls out to their guardian, protector and guide. Her endless Song answers their call, bringing with it Astra from the seas of the Soulstream. An Ascended can use their Soul Shard as an anchor through which Aeriel can gift this downpour of Astra to nearby Ascended, refilling their reserves. Crystalline Renewal: It is Aeriel’s Song that guides the souls of the dead to rest. Her siren voice calls home the lost to finally lay themselves down in Her city and peacefully drift into oblivion. Through harmonizing oneself with her Song, an Ascended can strengthen their connection to the great oceans of Astra that flow over the surface of the Soulstream, allowing them to draw more Astra into their Soul Shard per emote spent in their Lunar Trance. Divine Song: Continued practice of the Lunar Trance allows an Ascended to further control their Astra channelling powers, allowing them to overcharge their Soul Shard with a temporary, bonus astra pool. War March: (Requires Divine Song) The Ascended attunes themselves to the ancient drums of war, causing the Song that echoes within their soul to change. The Ascended may now Highlight up to 2 targets when casting their Highlight spell, and the number of available Highlight slots the Ascended has is now raised to 4. Healing Spring: (Requires Invoke the Downpour, and Divine Song) The Ascended sings a gentle tune whilst standing within a body of water, blessing those waters with a rejuvenating presence. Shattering Tune: (Requires War March, Invoke the Downpour, and Crystalline Renewal) A beautiful melody can all too quickly become a harrowing dirge. By spending Astra, the Ascended sings a terrifyingly brutal song that echoes through the souls of Highlighted individuals, causing them immense pain and a terrible feeling of loss. Devotion Enlightened Tune: Through intense vocal training, the Ascended has learned to catalyze their Highlight spell using their voice alone, allowing them to cast Highlight without summoning their Soul Shard. Gift of Giving: When you have six Blessings in this aspect, then you gain the unique ability to give astra to other Ascended through your songs. The Ascended may begin to sing; whilst singing the Ascended may choose to give 5 Astra per emote to other Ascended within 20 blocks, up to the number of free Highlight slots the Ascended has. Moonlight Brilliance This path brings with it a further grasp and understanding of the Tears of Aeriel given to the Ascended by their Matron. Offering strength from afar and giving her children the strength to carry on. Ascended that take this path sometimes gain a more religious pursuit towards Aeriel, the more Blessings invested the more they may find themselves praying to the Archaengul. Those of this Aspect also, more than other Ascended, try to strictly stick to the Covenants. Eyes of the Celestial: The Moon dispenses Her love upon all wanderers of the night, illuminating even the most terrible abysses with Her kindness and affection. Through meditating on their connection to the dim, lunar desert that hangs high above, the Ascended learns to conjure moonlight in their eyes, allowing them to see better in normal and magical darkness. You also gain the uncanny ability to see the faint shimmering glow of aura around magical items/enchantments. Astral Reservoir: Astra flows as easily through your veins as it does through your Soul Shard. Your very aura is infused with streaks of Astra, as it now forces its way into a deeper recess of your soul. With such affinity for Astra the Ascended is now capable of more efficiently and intuitively casting spells, reducing the cost of all Ascended spells by 5 Astra. Stemming the Tide: The Ascended’s continued study of the soul allows them to further fortify their own against the corrupting effects of magic, particularly honing their focus on their hampering effects of Voidal Poisoning. By giving up the journey to mastery in their Voidal magics, limiting themselves to practicing them at tier 3, an Ascended can negate the effects of Voidal Poisoning. Snap Freeze: (Requires Astral Reservoir) By focusing on the nature of astral ice, an Ascended can learn to catalyze their Crystallization spell in a new way. The Ascended may expend 15 astra to immediately freeze one limb that they are currently in contact with. This spell does not require that the Ascended have the target highlighted, they need only be in direct contact with them. Ethereal Form: (Requires Astral Reservoir, Unveiled Sight) The soul is an immaterial thing, a mote of unknowable essence that exists without any need for a physical body. Ascended who have delved deep into the study of the otherworldly can learn to temporarily give up presence within the physical world, mimicking the incorporeality of the soul. By tapping into their crystallized soul, an Ascended can temporarily turn Ethereal, allowing them to interact with spectral entities and preventing them from receiving physical harm. Flood of Astra: (Requires Ethereal Form) Due to the Ascended’s advanced relationship with astra, the body of the Ascended becomes another reservoir in which they can store astra, further increasing the amount of Astra they can hold and use for their spellcasting. Devotion: Divine Smite: If you possess three abilities from the Moonlight Radiance Aspect, then you gain the unique ability to channel Astra through your body at a faster rate. Whenever you land a blow, or cast a spell (including voidal spells and such) you can spend 10 Astra to cause the wounds caused from the effect to count as Radiant Wounds. Astral Conduit: If you possess six abilities from this branch Astra begins to flow through your body at such a capacity that you no longer need to summon a Tearstone Shard to charge Astra into it, allowing you to prep your spells in advanced, and more fluidly summon your Tearstone Shard. Celestial Prowess Ascended have known battle for a long time, those of the Celestial Prowess aspect embodies a fighting lifestyle. The more blessings invested here often make Ascended more active, hungry for battle glory and have a greater need to bring the opposition of Aeriel to justice. Aeriel’s Raignments: Ascended of old enjoyed the benefits of divine blood flowing through their veins, divine light in their muscles, divine steel in their bones. With time, a modern Ascended can learn to mimic this divine physique. Now blessed with celestial fortitude, the Ascended’s body can shroud itself in Astral Ice instinctually, protecting it from a single blow either magical or physical. Arm of the Soul Maiden: The Ascended’s body has been further transformed by the powers of their crystallized soul. The strength of one arm is increased by a half, thanks to an infusion of Aeriel’s power now flowing through the Ascended’s blood. Keen Movement: What was once rigid like ice now flows and surges like water; the Ascended’s body becomes incredibly swift, allowing them to perform feats of astonishing acrobatics and dexterity. A feint might become a precise blow with but a flick of the wrist. Ascendency: (Requires Arm of the Soul Maiden and Keen Movement) A true parallel to the divine lineage of the Ascended, granting further protection from magical harm as the Ascended continues their journey into the realms of aengulic influence. Aengulic Strength: (Requires Ascendency replaces Arm of the Soul Maiden) By spending Astra, an Ascended can temporarily invigorate their already ascendant flesh, pushing their body passed the limits imposed upon mortals. Spending Astra in this way allows an Ascended to briefly infuse their muscles with divine power, increasing their power and vigor. Celestial Aegis: (Requires Aengulic Strength, and Aerials Raignments) The divine tears of Aeriel weep for the scars lain upon the bodies of Ascended by the arcane. They rain upon these most devout servants of the Archaengul, soaking them in the loving protection of their mother, who knows too well the pain wrought upon the body by the supernatural. An Ascended may choose to spend Astra equal to three times the tier of an incoming spell to reduce the tier of that incoming spell by two tiers. Devotion: Celestial Hide: If you possess three abilities from the Celestial Prowess Aspect, then you are blessed with increased resilience. Your skin become harder to cut, more resistant to harm, your body essentially gaining the strength of hide armor. Astral Conduit: If you possess six abilities from this branch, you gain a “sixth sense” that allows you to act a little faster, especially when in combat. Focusing on an individual allows the Ascended to see small movements, twitches, and so on, that may betray when an opponent is going to act, allowing the Ascended to prepare themselves ahead of time and act accordingly. Credits: Written by: Farryn, Assassinofawsome, Infortunii. Special Thanks To: The Ascended Community, Lukatarias, and Tahmas. Formatting: BIG thanks to Infortunii ❤️ [Both Farryn and Assassin will do our best to answer any questions in regard to this lore – ALSO. Spoilers aren’t working so I apologise for the long post.]
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