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  1. dude stop making fun of ppl minecraft is serious 😕
  2. A burned husk of a man smiles proudly upon reading the resignation. As his stiff fingers slowly fold the letter back up, the aged, tired knight closes his eyes and lays his head back against his pillow. “Rest well, cousin. You have done our family a great service.”
  3. Young Franz Nikolai watches Edyth rant in the corner of her office as she goes on for hours about Godric, Fatherism, and Morsgrad. “Uh, miss, can you please get to writing that contract now?” he continuously asks her, only to be drowned out by the woman’s impassioned venting each time.
  4. have u gone to fort sam yet? if so, how was it?
  5. “Damn, she’s worse than me,” says the long-dead Vladimyr, his normally-wretched soul finding within itself pity for the young girl who had freed him from his earthly confines.
  6. Our retirement in a nutshell.

    Image result for penguins of madagascar sunbathing

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    A Final Letter Dear Father and Mother, I heard that at my birth the two of you did so grievously weep, for from the union of Atmorice and Tundrak, two ancient houses of noble and proud blood, a twisted creature had been wrought. I was brought into this world much unlike my forebears, much unlike my brother even. I was told that for days the two of you fretted over me, protecting me from the harshness that our city brings. It is nigh-impossible for a child to live in Tahu’Lareh unaided, and those that are born runts are often left to die for the burden that they bring to their family. Yet the two of you stuck by me, as defenseless as I was, and the love in your hearts brought to me a warmth that has since never left me, even as despair may numb my skin and bite at my veins. When I was young, I was convinced that this world was not for me. Although I was alive, I was far from well. While Vytrek played with the other boys and girls on the streets of the city, I sat shivering on my bed, watching them longingly from high above. I wallowed in the misery that only a crippled could possess- wasting away the days as I sat there solemnly. I cursed the both of you, I cursed Wyvurn, I cursed myself for having been condemned to a life of nothingness the moment I was born. Maybe, if things had gone differently, I would still be sitting there idly- lamenting what could be but isn’t. I’m sorry, father, that I could not be the warrior-son you so wished to have, but in more ways in one I did fight. While my hand could not lift a sword, a quill is far easier: even though I am unable to run, in the books of the library I soared, sailed, swam, and rode far more that I could even imagine. Think not that I had no childhood, for I learned that to play was to recover. I may have been the slowest, and the weakest, but from old, dusty tomes I learned of secret alcoves for us children to explore and from massive volumes on herbology I learned what herbs could cure scrapes, stomachaches, and fevers. When I was young, sitting sickly within the dark, dreary confines of my room, I questioned why the world didn’t love me the same way it loved so many others. However, when I began to accept who I was, learned that the world cannot love you until you love yourself. Father, I wept for a week when you fell ill and named me Grand Prince in your stead. I was but a child now sitting atop a throne meant for a man. You and mother were both gone, and I had no one to turn to, no one to listen to when I needed advice, no one to confide in when my troubles plagued my conscience. In your absence, though, I was able to find a steadfast and loyal group of friends and councilors to aid me. In truth, without them I would have been naught, and the living son you have today would instead be hanging from the walls of Tahu’Lareh- his own free hands his downfall. Treat them well, Father, for they are good and they are true- I could not imagine a world where I would have any others by my side. As the end of this letter draws near, I cannot help but feel the ache of my heartstrings as they twang within me. There is so much more I could say to the both of you, but I haven’t the time (nor the ink- I dearly apologize for using so much of it!) to say all that I wish to say. The ship is soon to sail, and in just a few minutes time I will be off at sea for months, years, or until the end of my life- I know not what my voyage will entail. Even now my throat clenches at the thought of departing, possibly forever, but the memories of everyone who has made me whole soothe my quaking hand and still my heavy breathing . Preserved in my mind are the people who taught me how to love, how to hope, how to live- so long as they are with me I know I shall never be alone. How lucky I am to have people that make it so difficult to say goodbye. Thank you, Aldred
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      lets see if u mean it

  9. Bella Ciao An auspicious occasion, it ought to have been. The Cathedral of Tahu’Lareh filled with citizens and visitors alike, eager to bear witness our wedding. Stood I there at the podium, my solitary self lacking beside me a dear friend and companion who was to become my wife. I knew whispers and words of affection were false, my dear, for none could so despise themselves so much as to hold an ounce of love for a cripple. But as we affirmed ourselves of our friendship, I believed that there was an ounce of… something. What it was I know not, but it suggested to me that there was a future with us, one that would bring about a better Fennic state than the one my father left behind. I shall not go so far as to suggest any sort of devotion in heart and spirit, but perhaps a semblance of fondness that would allow us to become trusting, capable friends. Woe is me for being the dreamer that I am! When I first received the notice of your witchery from Lothric Vihael, my heart did so ache at the thought that one of my truest friends and confidantes could be so cruel as to deceive me. I convinced myself that the letter was a lie, I repeated the vows I was to say over and over in my head, as to remind myself of who you were- a loyal councilor and ally. I hoped that, by confronting you, this facade could be dropped and you would laugh before suddenly disproving the missive I had been given. However, I saw how your face dropped, how your eyes betrayed your tongue, and how your assurances rang hollow in my ears. You had confirmed my fears before your witchery had even began. Though I was then a man broken in spirit and body, I still have the blood of my greater ancestors running through my veins. Even more resolute than my devotion to you was my deeper, rooted duty to my people. If it was your intent to deceive me, and overrun my city with your dark allies, then I would waste no time in thwarting your plans. Mistaken as you were to have assumed me a beaten man, even more severe to your cause was the folly that was allowing me to live! You had revealed your dark ways to me as we parted, thus allowing me the reason and the time to contact the Assembly of Xan. Though they had been outcasted years ago, for what crimes I know and care not of, I am not one to deny help when it is a true course for me to take. Even as I stood alone in the cathedral, my wrecked consciousness missing your presence even still, the paladins’ watchful eye spotted you when I could not. What a great torrent it was that you casted, I must say. Fearful was I for my guards and paladins, for even though I knew you were a practitioner of the dark arts I had not the time nor the means to determine your capabilities. While the blizzard you created sliced at those who dared step foot outside the cathedral, your accomplices were quickly apprehended and slain by my men and the paladins alike. It was a mistake to leave them alone, but I do imagine your more primal senses- the ones that you tried so desperately to hide- played your hand for you. Victory was assured when paladin and Ivae’fenn together rushed the tower you had holed yourself up in- there is no defeating men wrought from ice and hardship. I myself am no warrior, but even if I were, I doubt I would have ventured into that tower with the others. Although you betrayed me, although you shed you guise to reveal your demonic self, although you attempted to slay myself and the good inhabitants of my city, I still held a place in my heart for, if not you, the person that I knew as my friend and wife-to-be. When the ashes of your body was brought down for me to see, my knees went weak at the sight of my dear friend, Maeve Zinerith, so ingloriously carried in the arms of a common soldier. What drove you to turn against me? What loss was it that led you to become the way you were, and could I not have filled that void? I may have been able to help you- restore you to a better state- but you never allowed me that chance. And thus as I looked upon your barren ashes, I whispered a final goodbye to the woman I thought I knew. The wretchedness that overcame you sought to destroy me, my people, and the princedom I govern. No matter the pity I feel for you, I still cannot help but laugh at the corruptions that failed to achieve the domination they desired. The forces of darkness underestimated me, and they paid the price for their foolishness. You, Maeve- no, I dare not speak that name, for the creature that attacked us on that fateful night was not the Maeve I knew- believed that magic was your token to victory, that through the use of the foul sorcery that plagues our world you could achieve power. In truth, as horrific as your powers were, every man, woman, and child that stood in that cathedral had faced worse. The Fennic people have seen genocide and turmoil, war and famine, we are a people who are no strangers to enemies both inside and outside our walls. The paladins themselves have fought beasts and wizards I know not about, but the legends and songs in their name speak of greater conquests than the ones they faced that day. I hope that your demise will prove a lesson to all of the petty evils which seek to trifle with that which is just and pure. So long as those who are good stand together in the face of darkness, you and your kind will never know the taste of victory. I henceforth implore every conspirator of the wicked to leave the life which they have chosen, to forget the powers which they falsely believe will bring them satisfaction. There is no joy in embarking on a path which only seeks to destroy and consume, for one cannot love when all they know is pain, and one cannot live when all they know is death. It is much to my sorrow that you, my dearest Maeve, my treasured friend and betrothed, proved this to me. It will forever haunt me to know that when I looked into your eyes for the very last time, I saw a hunger in them- one that was, and would forever be, unsated. I have had the last laugh. Farewell, poisoned love, Aldred
  10. https://imgur.com/a/RSMK6gr
  11. ah yes. people who try to expose disgusting individuals who prey on other members on the server are just doing it for the rep or are trying to incite a mob. nobody does it because it’s been shown that the admins will never handle these things when they’re reported privately, nobody does it because they genuinely care about the server and all of the young people on it, nobody does it because they believe it is the morally right thing to do, we all just do it because we’re inherently selfish individuals who just seek to gain internet glory. im happy to know you all hold the members of this community in such a high regard
  12. A Response to The Sohaer’s Call to Arms To Sohaer Dimaethor Visaj, I know the way which the wind blows. Though you believe your call for aid is, in a purely legal and diplomatic sense, justified and obligatory, I fear I must hereby renege on the pact, which you first broke, and deny your request for support. Our people know quite well from the centuries of warfare and bitter rivalry that have marred our minds and beings. Our alliance, forged in the face of Llyrian expansion just a decade ago, was not one of mutual love, trust, or goodwill, but one of convenience and necessity. I have no doubt that, upon the expiration of our pact, our uneasy truce would soon dissolve into the incessant conflict and strife that we have known- just as it is the way for bear and wolf to do battle, so too is it in the nature of our people to fight bitterly against each other. If I were to break my alliance with the people of Irrinor, and pledge myself to your cause, what would come of me and my people after the war? Despite our prior support for the Marnan cause in the War of the Two Emperors, the same cause that the Lord Protector Adrian Sarkozic fought valiantly for, it seems that the humans regard us not as friends and allies, but as an obstacle in the way of their expansion. Oren’s appetite for conquest has never been sated, and I have no reason to believe that this war will change this, so what does that make us but another prize to be sought after by the human imperialists? When I look at this upcoming conflict I see neither justice nor barbarism, only the culmination of recent events and deeply-rooted ideals that predate us. We all knew that this day was to come, but for over a decade we blindly pretended that it would not be so. Hiding behind insincere smiles and false handshakes, we managed to convince ourselves that all was well and that we would prevent a tragedy such as the War of the Two Emperors from ever occurring again. Though I was a fool for believing peace could be maintained, I would be worse tenfold were I to betray not only myself but my people as well. The people of Irrinor have supported us unequivocally, unfailingly, and with a genuine desire to secure mutual wellbeing between our people. Haelun’or has only sought our demise- showed ever so clearly by provoking this conflict. Indeed, the first blow of this war was not struck by Prince Lyemar, but by the incessant ambition of the mali’thill. Do not for a moment deny your intentions, for your actions within the past few elven weeks show your true colors: I – The government of Haelun’or, in a moment of their typical vanity and pride, denounced both Irrinor and Fenn as sexual deviants. To further this low mockery, we were sent a crate of beets in order to ‘fix’ our problems. Do allies typically insult each other so willingly and easily? II – The government of Haelun’or entered an alliance with the humans of Oren, a vainglorious people known to meddle in elven affairs. What could necessitate this except for the prospect of war on the horizon? History has shown, time and time again, that the Silver State is often used as a means for the human imperialists to exert their influence in the elven world. III – The government of Haelun’or sent demands to the people of Irrinor without consulting the Princedom of Fenn. As we are allies of both states, it is only sensible that briefing us of the coming matter would be imperative. Had the mali’thill cared to handle the situation with even an ounce of tact perhaps war on this scale could have been averted. This is not a war of righteousness, as you claim it is, but rather one of extermination. It is clear that the end result for those that oppose you and your Orenian overlords is utter destruction and genocide. We will not stand by idly while our true friends are being massacred by your hands, nor will we be complicit in the slaughter that you shall perpetuate. For better or worse, we shall defend Irrinor in victory or defeat- I can not imagine a world in which it would be otherwise. Throughout their life, every individual encounters many different paths. Each one holds a future that we can never see, only hope to predict. Today, I choose the final path I have left- the one that leads to the end. What that end is I know not, but I pray that I will do myself and my people right until my last dying breath. HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Aelthos of the Tundrak Bloodline, third of his name, Grand Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn, Patriarch of the Tundrak Bloodline, Protector of the Idhren’tirn, Hesin’fin, Commander of the Citadel of Acael, Protector of Tahu’lareh, the chosen of Wyrvun Aldred of the Tundrak Bloodline, first of his name, Crown Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’Fenn
  13. Declaration of Regency, 1735 It is with great sorrow and a heavy heart that I, Crown Prince Aldred Tundrak of the Grand Princedom of Fenn, announce the illness and incapability of my father, Grand Prince Aelthos Tundrak. Seeing as he does not possess the physical and mental strength to rule, it is required that a regent take the Grand Prince’s position until he is deemed fit to return to ruling. As his son and heir, I, Crown Prince Aldred Tundrak, have been invested with the same powers that my father possesses so that I may rule in his stead until he is able to return to full capacity. May Wvyrun guide us all through these troubled times. HIS SERENE HIGHNESS, Aldred of the Tundrak Bloodline, first of his name, Crown Prince of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’fenn, Regent of the Princedom of Fenn and Mali’fenn
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