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  1. bro i remember you playing my mother on axios when i was a noob and it's crazy to think that somehow it's like 4 years later
  2. A not-so-archaic figure mutters something about "Wheels" and the "Old dark"
  3. glad we can finally unwind after the long and strenuous inferi eventline
  4. ik what it'll be but tell me anyway
  5. i am joanofarc and this is my favorite profile on lotc

    1. Hephaestus


      I am Hephaestus and this is my favorite profile on lotc

  6. Franz wonders how Nicholas Killigrew developed ESP.
  7. Franz wakes up from his afternoon nap in the courtyard of Novellen Palace only to find the city destroyed and distraught citizens fleeing through the gate. "Damn kids," he mutters, returning to his bench and falling asleep again.
  8. SURNAME: Ostrovich FIRST NAME: Fyodor ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: 8 Silver Jubilee Fountain DATE OF BIRTH: 1775 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Holy Orenian Empire? Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)? No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((posted for Bvrzvm))
  9. "Another solid pair of candidates. Both have impressed me in their service towards our great Empire." Franz Sarkozy remarks to Jonah Stahl-Elendil, reading the missive aloud to him over breakfast. "Two fine young lads to have in the Commons."
  10. THE JOSEPHITE PARTY The General Election for the 21st Imperial Diet, 1795 “For The Dignity Of All” Continuing the legacy of progress. In 1715, Emperor Joseph Marna decreed the Nenzing proclamation, where he criticized the many exploitations in the Pertinaxi regime. He described a society where all could enjoy the rights and liberties that were held by the few, these rights secured by the fundamental Rights of Man, protections that are inalienable and divinely inspired. It is that inspires and unites us in purpose to do what is right. Although Joseph Marna has since long perished, the ideals set forth by him still emanate today within the legacy of the Josephite Union. The Josephite Union has long been on the forefront on the prospect of civil service, optimizing the service of governance to its goal: to reach and benefit all citizens from a national to regional scale. To the Orenian people, we tell you this: we are in an era of unprecedented progress, and an era of enlightenment. Should we be fearful of progress? Never! We must ourselves take charge of this push of enlightenment. Why should we ourselves be afraid of progress, when we ourselves are the vehicle of the future? We should not foster animosity of our collective progress, but rather propagate a benevolent society that collectively works together for our shared prosperity. Through such a movement, we can and will grow as a united nation. People of Oren, we have but yet tasted the potential we can reach through such ideals. Today, we stand on the forefront of what we can achieve, our endeavors leading us to heightening our knowledge and education of the world around us. The service of our nation is service to God, and devoting ourselves to the people is equitable to building our own character. This itself is what the Holy Scrolls teaches us, to produce more than what we consume, and to give more than what we take. Our vision aligns with the aspiration of the businessman, the worker, and the farmer. We align with the protection and promotion of our individual liberty. SEPARATING FACT FROM FICTION In such a political climate, it becomes necessary to separate what truly is fact, and what truly is not. The Josephites are steadfast in their commitment towards the people, as elected representatives. Out of the 11 sessions in the 20th Imperial Diet that the Josephites attended in full, current Members of the Opposition have only attended roughly half of the sessions. It becomes necessary then, to question their true commitment towards our electorate. If a person, regardless of cabinet or not, wants to run for elective office, they too must be accountable to the people. Ministerial governance will be held accountable to the people through this manner, through confidence and confirmation. Such is the role of the House of Commons to provide confidence in the Cabinet, should you support these candidates, this is the government that is promised to you. A VISION OF SERVICE With the privilege of a majority in the Diet from their constituents, the Josephite Union went right to work for the Orenian people. Through legislative sessions, the first stages of the Marnan Economic Initiative have helped grow businesses within Oren. Consumer Protections and incentivization of innovation have been legislated through the Josephite’s Intellectual Property Act, amongst others. However, the goals of the initiative have yet to be finished. The Josephite Union believes in a moderate system of free enterprise, and these individuals with such ideals have begun the work to further our shared growth. We, as Josephites, value these economic freedoms to grow and accumulate wealth, as they allow Orenians of all backgrounds to improve our collective standard of living through market engagement and job creation. We shall work with cities to secure fair housing opportunities for our Imperial citizens. We have seen the evolution and expansion of public service that is representative of our ever growing nation. Through our contract with our sovereign and Their government, these institutions exist to preserve and defend our will. They are our check and stability upon the reach of government, and the defenders of the rights of man. Thus, begs the question: how will we optimize our institutions of Imperial Civil Service? The Josephite ministry is notable for a bureaucracy of new faces, a ministry based on meritocracy. The vision for the Imperial Civil Services lies in this essential truth, a vision to streamline those interested in government into recruitment of several ministries based on their aspirations. The vision is to allow for anyone to join the service of governance, in all levels of government, open to all who show interest in service of our beautiful state. THE JOSEPHITES OF TODAY In this election, we are joined both by candidates and constituents of old and new, a testament to the everlasting legacy of evolution our party serves towards the people. Such people are veterans of bureaucracy, businessmen, and most importantly, public servants. Such itself provides a diverse set of views to ensure efficiency in the Imperial Diet. The Tickets: I) Franz Nikolai Sarkozy, Dimitri Orlov, Fyodor Ostrovich II) George C. Galbraith, Vivaca Rutledge, Giada Orlov III) George Kovachev, Gino Falcone, Dresden de Wees IV) Leana d'Emyth, Henrik Larson, Olivier Halcourt
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