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  1. Nation applying for: The Despotate of Syracuse BREIF History of your Nation: The city of Syracuse has been defined by its struggle to preserve its autonomy and Greek identity despite being surrounded by unfamiliar and larger neighbors. An ancient city, on the cusp of a millennia old, Syracuse has served as a vital port linking the east, Africa, and Italy, via the Mediterranean Sea. However, its strategic location has made it a target for as long as its been around. In more ancient times, the city found allies in its Greek sister cities, often banding together with them in order to resist the imperial ambitions of the warring states around it The city fell under the firm grasp of a multitude of dictators, tyrants, and despots, but each were able to keep the city out of the hands of its neighbors. As the years grew on, the Syracuse’s distinct Greek identity would begin to fade as people from all over the Mediterranean found home within its wall. When the city was finally taken by the Franks after a long siege of three years, it fell into a state of decline. Though it was still a vital Mediterranean port city, the city’s freedom and unique identity had been all but snuffed. However, the city’s spirit of independence had not been crushed, and when the Italian states revolted against its Frankish overlords, Syracuse was quick to join the rebellion. Taking advantage of the relatively light Imperial presence in Sicily, the Syracusian armies were able to inflict a few key defeats on the Frankish forces, driving them from the island by 643. In 646, Syracuse launched an attack on the island of Sardinia, easily defeating the tiny Imperial garrison within a few months. By the time the war had ended, the city found itself independent once again, but still in the precarious situation it had been in since a thousand years ago. Leader(s): Synesius Stratioticus, Basileus of Sicily and Sardinia, Despot of Syracuse Discord: You have it
  2. Nectorist

    Conflict & War FAQ

    These are just some of my initial thoughts: War is inherently uncooperative because it’s a contest between two (or more) forces that oppose each other. Trying to get players to agree on anything is difficult enough, but even more so when it comes to things as major as wars. I understand the reasoning behind trying to make wars a part of the “greater story” of LOTC and have them become a collaborative effort, but people are too OOCly attached to their Mineman nations to ever risk suffering any sort of meaningful loss. We’ve seen, time and time again, players rule-lawyer, cheat, beg, etc, in order to avoid the consequences of their actions. Now that nations at war get to decide their own fate, I imagine we’ll see this same mentality of ‘avoiding consequences’ arise when two nations meet to plan out a war. I agree with the sentiment behind this new system, but I have concerns regarding its implementation. Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I’m reading it seems like nations have to agree to war in the first place. This means that any legitimate RP reason I could have to declare war on another nation could be completely null and void because they OOCly don’t wish to go to war. I understand that conquest is generally something seen as unfavorable on the server, but if I were to run a nation hell-bent on making everyone’s lives miserable via raiding, assassination, banditing, etc, I should be able to be gassed by other nations. Instead, this war system would allow me to say, “no thanks, I don’t want war” and continue doing what I do. On the flip side, I could have every legitimate RP reason to go to war with a nation but be blocked by the OOC barrier of the opposing side not wishing for war. Of course, as this is just an FAQ, take what I’ve said here with a grain of salt. Once the official rules come out tomorrow I might give a, hopefully more thorough and comprehensive, critique. also RIP ladders
  3. “Slow down there, buckaroo,” says Tuvya Joren var Ruthern
  4. Vladimyr Rosik, his hands still tainted with the blood of his former allies, staggers out of the city. It was my blade that felled Aeyn, within his own temple too. The thought of it gnawed at him, and the guilt which dragged his heart to the depths of despair was just as greedily consuming. Could there be a man as despicable as myself? Could a man slay his kin, leave his beaten friends for dead, and fail to look upon the blank, lifeless faces that he created? He was proof enough of that. Is there atonement, penance, forgiveness even, for those who have done the worst, yet cower from the consequences of their actions?
  5. Vladimyr Rosik flees Nordengrad injured yet alive, fearing that he will be implicated in Vangel’s failed plot.
  6. I can provide a firsthand account of what occurred, as I was in the VC as well. I had promised to pay Kana 1k minae as well if he was to shout his IP in Renatus, which he did. I paid him the 1k minae, but Austin did not. I did not realize that I was going to be cheated by a fellow staff member, but now that I have my emotions are a wild mix- a torrent of anger, fear, and depression that I cannot fully wrap my head around. Please make Austin pay his fair share of the minae so that I may be able to find peace with myself and learn to trust again
  7. “I hate halflings, but I hate Renatians even more,” says Andrei, who had conducted massacres against both in the past.
  8. Albatross Volaren, who had witnessed his two comrades on their triumphant rampage, claps loudly
  9. Nation: Denmark-Norway Leader (With brief description of circumstances/personality): King Christian V sits in a rather unique position. With an emerging power in Sweden to his east, and a tumultuous HRE to his south, the aging king must ensure that his successors are left with a stable kingdom- one able to fend for itself. Though he is not a warlike monarch, Christian knows that his tenuous position will demand vigilance. Heir (If any:) Prince Frederick Discord: Nectorist#7594
  10. Vladimyr Rosik returns from his vacation abroad, venturing to Nordengrad so that he may cast his vote.
  11. Ser Hans screeches upon realizing that he killed some of his own men too
  12. Nectorist


    Haakon awakens from his slumber after sensing an imbalance in the world. He dons his armor, readying himself for the next battle. “Looks like me and my boys need to be there.”
  13. By any chance, did you take my flame sword? It costed me like 5000 mina. To compare, iron is 0.6 mina about

    1. rotund_man


      goddamn dude he didn’t deserve it give him his sword back

    2. Nectorist


      I don’t recall taking your flame sword, and I would have no reason to, however I’ll go looking to see what happened to it. Send me a PM on the forums with info about your sword if you can

    3. Branden


      No actually, someone was using xray earlier. I saw because there was weird patterns. Someone is robbing places, and they are stealing stuff around people. I think this is why diamond costs 0.9 mina each. Please check the person who sells diamonds that much because thats unusual

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