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  1. Keefy

    How’d you get your Username?

    Darklore was my original screen name, cause of a in joke with my DnD group that I leaned towards somber narratives during campaigns I DMed Turned into Old Man Darklore for a time. My previous server as well as a few steam clans, I was the oldest member. Another in joke. I just switched to Keefy cause that's my name. My baby brother couldn't pronounce Keith but said Keef. Everyone including my parents use Keefy instead. People never called me my screen name so I just changed it. I'm a Keefy.
  2. Keefy

    fix 'next page' mess

    I can back Treshure up on this, it’s been doing this since slightly before I posted the ST rewrite, I had to finagle it really weirdly to post page breaks without getting a next page. Unsure if this is a Dev issue or something.
  3. Got a moment to check over my Hou-Zi app?

  4. I see you have a Dan Avidan in your signature.

    I TOO am a Zognoid... I mean a hyoo-MAN! I mean uhhh... a Game Grumps fan.


    I’m a nerd, sorry.

  5. Keefy

    T'was the night before Krugsmas...

    ITS SKYNET ****
  6. Despite my previous comment of a gif, I’m +1 this one but with a consideration put into place. Known this kid since before puberty. Seen him and made him do work akin to Application Team work on our old server. He’s a dumbass kid. He really is, but he’s a grunt worker. If you keep him on point he does his work. If you don’t, he gargles his own spit and ruins Borderlands sessions. So +1, cause I know he can do the work, as long as he keeps his trap shut while doing it and kept busy. If he can’t manage that, then he should get yeeted off of it appropriately.
  7. Keefy

    PosidonX7's Event Team Actor application

    This is an application, not a c2a to gripe at a player. Said players previous instances of power gaming were handled, and no issues have occurred since. Furthermore, any further posts calling on more players to -1 this in any nonconstructive ways will be hidden. It’s an application, not a brawling pit folks. Keep it civil, please. -FM Team
  8. Keefy

    Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

    Well it seems you’ve read a completely different reply than what I actually said. Nor have I blown off your opinion, but this adds nor removes any of the supplemental lore you continue to mention, despite having made supplemental lore yourself at one point for druidism. More over your pointing your words at the wrong person for the lack of PK risks that are instilled within the risks here. If I could I’d make unattunement even from the husks still a PK, but a previous amendment was asked to be maintained, so it was. And I do have the time. Just like you have the time to provide inflammatory comments on the posts as well. Funny how I’m allowed to use my free time as I please, huh? You’re complaints hit the overarching issue of “I don’t like the CA cause I don’t like the idea of immortal non pk system” but you play a elf that does not die of age and you have since Asulon-era at minimum. I won’t pull your personal rp into the target here, but that alone makes your point moot to me, and instead drill in something else. Pk’s are not enforceable without ooc agreement. Not even a 300 year old human can be made to PK by the LT. Only by admin vote. When that amendment went through and noone spoke up against it, that went down the drain. So rather than focus on that, or exclaim what only benefit as for a single person, which just drills in a narrow minded viewpoint that I can’t begin to fathom, instead, try and keep a open mind, cause I didn’t close my mind to your own magic during it’s intern despite it’s issues, nor any other. That’s just pure entitlement. And if you really don’t feel like reading anything I wrote again, I’ll just summarize it for you as “Feedback noted”. Have a nice day Cam.
  9. Keefy

    Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

    Listen if you've a direct feedback for the piece in particular leave it. This isn't gripe about your opinions on the druids post, this is a rewrite post for feedback. If you can't, then don't. If you dislike it, then so be it, but shut up. If you dislike it and wish to leave constructive comments, do so. It's been top down reworked and I'm seeking ways to tailor it up. Screaming it should be removed isn't going to work cause well. I'll just rewrite it again if it's denied. So either be a productive member of the community or I'm just going to discount your response entirely and move on with my life. I've no time for a jaded vet member screaming "Back in my day" cause his personal opinion isn't being immediately validated. That's not how this works. Any further posts like this will be requested to be removed. Productive feedback only. I don't care if it's good jobs or you should fix this part cause it's stupid. Otherwise, have a nice night. Additionally I've decided to leave the flaw pointed out by Jenny, simply because if you're that liberal with your Sapling and let it get Merced, you deserve what's coming. Simple as that.
  10. Please keep your comments on point and appropriate. Any posts anyway unrelated to this point on will be hidden. Repeat offenders will incur warning posts. That is all.
  11. Keefy

    Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

    After a few days, I will go over all the feedback and make corrections as seen fit! Thank you for pointing such out.
  12. Keefy

    Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

    It’s fairly public already due to other circumstances, so have at it.