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  1. pad_thai

    The Kingsmoot of 1679

    Among the seated congregation stood the young, elven lord. No longer was there a mirth in his steel eyes, and his expression was grim, for he stood alone, yet carried himself as though the burden of a hundred had been strapped upon his shoulders. His visage fixed upon the dais, the only movement from him save the gentle billowing of his wine-red robes against bronze armor. The only item to suggest his recent lordship was the simply bronze circlet beneath his braids. "As Descendant of the Sons of Sylvaen, and as Lord of my House, I here decree House Sylvaeri to recognize the reign of Lady Renn Calithil, our Heir Apparent," he speaks, voice devoid of its usual ease, yet smooth and practiced. Here his palms gather before his chest, then grasp together. "May she reign as Queen of Elvenesse, and may our crimson banners raise behind her in service, now and for all time." He sat much in the same way he stood, alone and vaguely mournful of the last few months' events.
  2. pad_thai

    To Restore Order

    A platinum-blonde haired elf in opulent ivory robes would rest at the back of the crowd, peering through his glasses. Bothered perhaps by the sunlight or his tardiness, he appeared perpetually irked. Once the speech had been delivered, he sought copies of the message, curiosity piqued at mention of a challenge. Here he departs in search of this Enchanter..
  3. pad_thai

    Get fit, get hydrated.

  4. Daily reminder thirst will soon fall

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  6. pad_thai

    Decisions Lately

    As a newer player (easily visible by my content, I've been here a few months), I was able to find some entertainment in investigating the world event through RP, actively going out and seeking clues, which in turn brought me to meet and explore plenty of people and settlements. However, this occurred only because of my innate eagerness to solve puzzles. I may not be the best, but I like doing them, I like the rewarding feeling of figuring out a problem. Not everyone enjoys that, of course. This is a roleplay server, some people I'm sure can only spare a few hours to handle a couple encounters if even that. LotC's a hobby for most people, and with school, work, real-life in general just getting involved, those folks can understandably not want to participate in a riddle for their entire day on a Minecraft server. And hey, that's fine. Some people don't have time or patience. We've been told not to do an event if we don't like it, but if most of it consists of RP that in the community's vast opinion is difficult for most players, it can be off-putting. Trying to explain the world event scenario to most players in voice chat or in RP..also takes hours to do in full. And when I do so, they just get confused too. It's disadvantageous to even older players, because it seemed so few of the people my character asked about these references could offer little more than confusion without referring back to vague encounters they do not remember. I'm sure events need time at the start to 'flesh out' and get going. Yet if most of the community still does not feel fully engaged, is it in all honesty really worth it to continue on in the same manner the world-ending event has been? I've noticed a lot of different events the past week involved with this storyline, catering to different types of players. Though if some players would rather have a map ended by some giant crabs, and I hesitate heavily at that, even though I am so engaged in the event line, I can't help but wonder.. I hope people keep giving feedback on the event line, like this and other posts. Maybe some polls such as 'event line feedback' with options of whether we liked certain parts of the event could help the event team and staff too.
  7. I have vivid memories of his Berthold character, which ran rampant through Axios with his tricks, traps, and alchemic horrors. The bounty attempts on him were a nightmare, but in the end, those affected felt satisfied with the RP which was created by him, lasting beyond the event line of those prisoners. I've also had the pleasure of RP'ing with him as Mercer, a fascinating Darkstalker which I had interesting interactions with. Very dedicated and attentive actor. Was deeply disappointed to see him ask for the ET pex on the site removed, but glad he has applied once more. +1
  8. pad_thai

    Feedback Gathering: Transfiguration

    This is directly quoted from the current clericalism lore. There were a few revision attempts which have been denied, and as such we must rely on the lore located here for the time being. Wards are marked by signs and must be recharged periodically. Even then, the wards only bar entry, and from crossing, the unholy are often able to resume casting their dark magic. A gold line without a sign indicating a ward does very little than act as a 'Stay Out' sign, and alerting to the possible presence of clerics within. I bring up clerical wards as the Ascended and Paladins cannot ward passages or entire cities. Yes the Ascended have holy braziers, but those are of a more radial effect. Wards are perfect for placing along a gate or citizens' door, since they will demand a dark magic user step across them. Even then, the undead and dark magic users can simply attempt to weaken the ward by using dark magic to funnel into it. This is why the signs indicating a ward are necessary, as a proper amount of magic will be needed to weaken the ward, and many things come into factor, such as the size of the ward and who created it. A cleric who is only Tier One in Holy Alteration simply cannot ward an entire city against four dark magic users attempting to raid said city. Even a Tier Five cleric's ward can be broken. In order to gain indepth knowledge of clerical wards, you simply have to make sure the cleric you are gaining the information from is a practicing cleric, as telling someone how a ward works is different from actually casting their deific magic. Not a disconnected cleric, not an Ascended, not a paladin. Why should it make sense that by probing the mind of one former holy mage you can ward against them all? Deities can detect a person breaking their rules, if done they can inform the people and have the other people disconnect them. The issue currently with holy magic is we have limited contact with our deities. Except for the paladins I am told, we have been receiving utter silence from Tahariae and Aeriel. Even then, these deities must be played, and if the team member behind the deity is not told of a holy magic user breaking tenets or going rogue, the deity cannot learn and therefore neither can the holy order so they may attempt to disconnect the offender. For example, if a connected cleric openly assaults an innocent Descendant of their own free will, this should be reported, as this violates their Mission and Tahariae's. The deity would ideally learn of this then contact the clerical order of the cleric so they can be disconnected. The deity would know as deific connections must borrow power from the Aengul. By directly asking Tahariae to use his Light for a cause that is not part of His Mission, you are opening yourself to the RP of possible disconnection. Characters who are abusing their deific connection must be reported one way or another. If not by other characters who have witnessed this, then by the Aengul.
  9. pad_thai

    [Denied] [Pending][Actor] ZachoSnack back agian

    His memes are Stale'ran but he knows his stuff when it comes to lore and magic.
  10. pad_thai

    [Antimagic Rewrite] Iconoclasts; Breaker of Connections

    To clarify, is this three days after the silence is no longer active?
  11. MC Name: wanderous Character's Name: Eris Storne Character's Age: 25 Character's Race: Human (Highlander) What magic(s) will you be learning?: Deity Magic - Tahariaen Clericalism Teacher's MC Name: Farryn Teacher's RP Name: Elvira Naromis Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes. Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A