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  1. Pathseekers 寻路者 Depiction of the only known Wushen, the God-King, Hou-Shen History The Jade Wars were conflicts between the noble families of the Hou Zi at the end of the Imperial period. Each family sought, by tactics or subterfuge, to undermine one another for their own gain. These bloody conflicts culminated with the fall of Jing-Taiyun, the capital of the Hou Zi empire, and the scattering of its inhabitants. After this catastrophe, the Hou Zi wandered with no purpose. The God-King, Hou-Shen, seemingly disappeared from existence. Historical scrolls regarding Hou Zi society were few in numbers, with many of them being perfunctory and useless. During this time, the entire culture of the Hou Zi had vanished alongside their ruler. However, among the exiles, a small group had come together, forming an insular nomadic tribe. They flourished in isolation, and their population began to grow. These nomadic Hou Zi still believed in Hou-Shen, waiting for the return of their glorious leader. But, as time passed, their doubt grew. Eventually, the aggravated and downcast Hou Zi turned to a more active approach. They believed that ascendence to the heavenly empire, the eternal realm of Hou-Shen, required them to prove themselves in their mortal arts and make themselves worthy of ultimate reward. They are, for the most part, seperate from Hua-Jiao monks (i.e. Chi Monks), being mainly a martial order, and are more often associated with Shen-Jiao, the religion which worships mainly the God-King, Hou-Shen. While many Pathseekers work mainly for their own skill and glory, the Pathseekers as a whole are considered by other Hou-Zi as an imperialist, warmongering faction. However, while many cultivate martial prowess, an equal number aspire to perfection in their art or profession. Nevertheless, they place their desire to ascend to the level of a Shen as their first priority. They typically reside amongst their brethren in the Tongyi-Hu village. While the largest portion of pathseekers is found there, many more are scattered as wanderers and exiles around the world. Types of Pathseekers There are a multitude of Pathseekers. All have the goal of transcending their mortal bodies and becoming one with the heavens. Yishen: Medical God Pathseekers that want to be recognized for their work in the medical field strive to become idolized as a Yishen, or a medical god. Through herbs, amulets, and tonics made from the ashes of special scrolls, a Yishen could cure every disease known to the mortal or immortal races. However, the evidence for any pathseeker fully embodying a Yishen is scant. Wushen: Martial God The path of the Wushen is the most common path for Pathseekers to follow. However, the path to become a Wushen is truly gruesome one. Their life is laid in turmoil, and they are destined to be surrounded by blood and iron. The only known Wushen to exist was the God-King himself, Hou-Shen. The requirements to become a Wushen were to be utterly victorious in one thousand battles. Qinshen: Worker God Those who strive to become a Qinshen train to become the greatest in their profession. They hope to achieve apotheosis through mastery of craft, from potters and painters to builders and labourers. Though less glorious than the other paths, the Qinshen finds fulfillment and peace, and their crafts become legendary treasures. It’s rumoured that a Qinshen is capable of constructing a city that rivals Jing-Taiyung, overnight, or creating an artifact which causes all who look upon it to weep at its glory. Yinshen: Music God The path of the Yinshen is almost as varied as that of the Qinshen. A musician who pursues divinity as a Yinshen must be a master of both melody and history. Though the style of music played by a yinshen may be varied, it is generally agreed upon that a musician who aspires to such heights be notably proficient at traditional Hou-Zi music and Storytelling. Most believe that to be a Yinshen, they must be able to compose 50 beautiful Fus, or poetic expositions. A group of aspiring Pathseekers __________________________
  2. Was fun while it lasted. But I’ll be taking my leave now. Stay golden everyone, and best of luck in all your future endeavours. 🍻

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      peace buddy

  3. “No Gods, No kings, No Borders” – Reivers

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  4. Reiner Draskovits wonders what strange weapons the Curonic military has. Perhaps it’s to compensate for their lack of men.
  5. Zhao Yun would wonder why everyone was shaking their heads, before walking off, while shaking his head in dismay
  6. Hi, I was Angelo Vittore during that roleplay. I had messaged Pun during LeWarmonger’s van appeal and told her the plan was just to beat her up before setting the wagon on fire and leaving. The clothes over the doors and windows was just to avoid people seeing us. LeWarmongler was banned exclusively for OOC targeting, not erotic roleplay. If the latter was implied during the roleplay, then it’s on my behalf to apologize. I had no intention to get involved in something like that. My character, Angelo Vittore, was meant to be likened to an Italian mafia member. Mongler came to me and proposed we rid Ves of the songbird camp, so I agreed. Unbeknownst to me, he was apparently targeting them over a course of some weeks. The brutality I showed was the same I showed to @Moo_bot when I broke his bones and bashed all his teeth out in Ves after breaking into his home. Since then, after serving an 8 month ban for an assorted plate of reasons, I’ve become quite laxed and reluctant to carry out the same kind of villainy roleplay. I now play a songbird. Nevertheless, I personally think it’s unjustifiable to pin forced erotic roleplay on LeWarmonger.
  7. But he claimed that the person who he was role playing with also rule broke by logging off. Ban reporting someone doesn’t excuse you from rule-breaking.
  8. https://i.redd.it/pal0typ5q8f11.jpg
  9. An aged and fatigued Quartermaster, Reiner, would frown as the cold beset him on all sides. Nevertheless, he would listen closely, specifically about the siege of curon. A smile would creep onto his face. Through decades of persecution and betrayal by the Devereuxs and of those of the Green Tide of Curon, this specific Draskovits could not contain his excitement much longer.
  10. Reiner Draskovits would sit under the ash tree, his legs sprawled out as his recently bloodied sword rested against the wooden bark, crimson blood running down the edge and into the puddle. He would read one of these copies. Tears would form in his eyes as he recalled his daughters and the devastation of war. The murder of his family. The betrayal. He would pinch his nose, giving a loud audible sigh. He struggled to grapple with the terms of reality – this war was tiring for his aging bones.
  11. lofi

    The Jeshi of Seyam

    Zhao Yun gives a thumbs up
  12. lofi

    The Folk Romanovich

    Reiner would recall his meeting with them “Like the others, they have strange accents but seem like decent folks.” He’d nod, reaching the parchment
  13. lofi

    The Folk Nazarov

    A certain Draskovits would read the parchment. He would offer a smile as he spoke “Good men. Though, their accent is hard to understand, they have the best of intentions from what I’ve seen through my interactions with them”
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