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  1. Though I may be biased due to our rumoured relationship, TrendE has been the greasiest RPer I’ve known with his investment in conflict RP as a character who’s purpose is to serve a chaotic field. Not only is the RP always good quality, but he keeps it to a serious note. 

    When the defending players don’t express an issue with it, it seems that the acting Moderator was acting on personal opinion instead of professional. You’re suppose to investigate the whole field, not just whip instantly. With the way Conflict Blacklists are being handed out there’s actually no standard. You just want the whole server to avoid any character feelings of conflict. 

    The way the server has being turned to avoid more pvp goon influence was honestly one I support, but you’re enforcing it the wrong way and against people who only contribute to a good time on the server.

    @Telanir Please be fair on this, and look into the situation as whole because as a poor farmer victim of TrendE, it was the best RP I’ve had since Axios. 

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