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  1. Back at red.. It feels so right to see. 

  2. Fawb GM App #3

    Another +1 for this beautiful man. He always whispers sweet things in my ear, and aside from generally just being an understanding, chill guy - He's mineman competent! Proved over and over again that he's more than capable of guarding our forums from delinquency, lacking a bias and showing a great understanding on how to deal with players.. He only has positives.
  3. Raid Rules Feedback

    Submit. (Jeeez) But on a serious note, I really don't care. I come on to have fun and RP, sometimes I PvP. I enjoy both aspects and think that with the way these current rules are structured it won't actually damage roleplay, it'll literally be the PvP'ers vs. PvP'ers as it always has been with RP continuing on. No one is forcing you to fight either, if your character isn't a fighter, don't fight - It's just easier to dictate conflicts of high numbers with PvP. I can say from experience that raids have never killed roleplay, I remember back in my days of Haense that the Flays & Norland were torturing us with their mineman skills.. We turned it around to favor us, and we held the most active RP hub months through the raids. I even remember how Santegia turned from being inactive to pretty active in the end of Axios, pushing back against constant raiders. It gave us all purpose ;-; Anyways, please submit.
  4. Raid Rules Feedback

    Submit to your Overlords and live.
  5. Extended Cards update.

    Can I open links in character cards again?
  6. xarkly gm yeehaw volume 2

    Yes please +1
  7. highwaymen disposal

    OOOOooft, jeez.
  8. Working hard on the Anpalais estate grounds as he prepares Ser Henry's equipment, Alexander's youthful mind would stir with thoughts of war and self validation "I won their tourney for the King, and now I will purge their lands for the King! Soon by God I will prove Ser Henry and his Majesty."
  9. [Plugin] Axes and War hammers

    It'd be nice to have a bit more variety. +1
  10. bye

    Goodnight you beautiful angel. Won't forget how you were the only dev who actually bothered to help and listen to me.

    Name: Alexander.Age: 15.Nationality/Faction: Kingdom of Marna.Race: Human.Title: Squire.
  12. Tsuyose's WT App

    I like +1
  13. Circle of Oghren

    Circle of Oghren -=- Dverga ethos Oghren Oghren Blackaxe “We got what you need—Muscle, drugs, girls; anything if you have the mina.” Origins: The Circle of Oghren originates from the slums of Jornheim; a rugged bunch of ill-mannered Dwedmar. Outcasts to Dwarven society, they were brought together by Oghren Blackaxe, a man seeking worth through giving the pseudo-mercenary bunch a purpose. Subjected to crippling poverty, it was seen through work and loyalty that they would be given a path to avoid their pasts, not to live in the slums, but to own them. Under Oghren, they would begin making a monopoly over Pixie Dust and other narcotics, slinging them throughout Dwarven territory to fund their expanding claim. With Axios quickly falling to the wicked taint of thanhium, their expansion to provide their trade was halted—returning soon after per the landing of Atlas. Purpose: Keeping to the streets, the purpose of the band is quite ambiguous. While some are there for fun or family, others simply desire pockets brimmed with mina. Through violent activity, the Circle of Oghren seeks to retain a dominion over most petty crime within Atlas, bringing in business for their protection. Oghren aspires to lead his fellow Brothers and Sisters into an escape from the binding oppression of their low birth. Using the Circle, he may succeed in making change for them all, offering both family and most importantly, a stable future. Aside from the general ambition of holding a purposeful syndicate, the goal varies by each individual's perspective. As things continue to grow, it is hoped that it will become something more powerful than ever imagined. Ranking: Though simple in theory, the Circle of Oghren holds some level of organization in keeping itself running. Lined by prestige, every member falls in a certain grouping. Be they a Newblood, Brother, or Underlord, all follow the expectations of the Circle Leader. Under a faint bureaucracy, it is with three staged areas that all things go on—Leadership, management, and labour. With most people being brought in as they catch Oghren’s attention, formal recruitment is non-existent within the order. As all prove their worth and go through the trials given, all that needs to be shown is a stalwart personality. (Me and my friends aren't doing this - It was posted for the sake of posting what was finished.)
  14. This is what the server needs. +1
  15. [Your View] Freebuild

    It makes me upsetti spaghetti.