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  1. Kaputski

    Blago's AMA

    You don't count, I love you. ❤️ At the current moment, none. If you're looking for one to help with your next duel I'd suggest a youtube tutorial for a ghost forge one Best time I had on LoTC was probably when Yoppl knighted me, just hanging with my friend Dewper, or when you and Adam pugsied half of Adelburg because I dared you as a meme. Also, of course. I'd love to have shawarma with you, habibi. Edit: Oh and I've just been a busy goy with life, but usually when I'm on I'm just doing whatever Dewper's doing. It's beautiful, but I think some of the freebuilds have done it a bit dirty.
  2. Kaputski

    Blago's AMA

    only when I knew I couldn't marry you Honestly I don't know, I'm very disappointed with where it is. Guess they should just wait for their slowly pace of decadence. in a good way ; ) In my experience, message a GM with a racial slur and don't stop when they warn you. Good question, honestly. I feel like the 'power' of GM makes them feel obligated to uphold a stern personality (especially since it's literally forced in the GM conduct so if an Admin or little GM alliance doesn't like you, they'll get you gassed). Looking back at my tenure, I wish I was bit more loving and open with all the players. The transparency was needed, but I failed with that area and it's something I regret. 4263 7057 6721 3730 04/22 227
  3. Kaputski

    Blago's AMA

    Ask me anything about all my GM target bans, life, interests, etc. I'm ready to spill it all.
  4. Kaputski

    [Skin request, 1000 minas] Halfling female

    Please, if you are good at skinning, help out this fellow. It'll be a great character and I'm really excited to see where she goes.
  5. Kaputski

    Looking for builders! Possible fortune!

    More jazz;
  6. Hi! Do you love building, are you good at building? Awesome. There's an up and coming group and though we've had a LOT of nice building furthered, we're looking for one more builder to help around and style this Roman Republic area! It's a decently sized project with a good bundle of writers, builders, etc so you'd not have to fear being the carrying mule of everything either. Anyone competent at building and with a beautiful soul would be accepted with full loving hearts, and there's even a possibility you'll get money depending the arrangement we make with you. This all depends on the context of what you'll be doing, and how you can do it. So if you're interested in possibly making a quick buck, or even being part of this friendly project - Let me know! Here's a quick peek at our current build style; So if you're interested, please contact these discords: Jonny#8194 or Sir_Niccum#0690
  7. Kaputski

    Hello! :3

    my dog is dying
  8. Kaputski


    Abd-al-Hakim cheers
  9. Kaputski

    ask harold one questions

    unban Chuckaboo? If you check evidence file they should've only been warned for the skin. Asked Knox to investigate the perma by Ioannis but nothing was done ;-;
  10. Kaputski


    Blago Strongaxe LAUGHS
  11. Kaputski

    You Aren't Alone

  12. Kaputski

    [Denied]Laysss's Game Moderator Application

    r u girl?