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  1. Minecraft_Player

    Charter System [Your View]

    I like this. but ya ok this ok
  2. Minecraft_Player

    Redemption for Incompetence

    every race that can prove they’ve been active should have some land, Orcs have a unique and separate culture so ya it wont be repeated human culture nation 5
  3. Minecraft_Player

    Crown Prohibition Act - 1696

    Cullen shivers in a cold, abyssal corner “I miss him so much..”
  4. Minecraft_Player

    [PK] Death of a Dad

  5. Minecraft_Player

    Treshure's Wiki Team Application

    yes +1
  6. Minecraft_Player

    The Military of Gladewynn

    (IC) Name: Thrasius Ithelanen Age: 100 Race: Elf I do solemnly swear that I shall defend the Realm of Gladewynn from its foes, foreign and domestic, in times of peace or war. I will hold myself to the example of all those who have sworn this very oath before me, I will bear the crux of this burden forevermore, here and beyond. (OOC) IGN: Blagofruit Discord: You have it
  7. Cassius approves out of love
  8. Minecraft_Player


    Cassius salutes the sky, continuing with Aurelius
  9. Minecraft_Player

    A Dragon’s Journey

    Having no wish to be without his Grandfather, Cassius hurries after him through the gate to follow whatever journey followed.
  10. Minecraft_Player


    I'm sorry to hear that dude, I know you’re a good guy at heart. You’ll endure, and depending what grade of leukemia it is I know you’re strong and will come out even stronger. Hmu, and I’ll run the old account and play with ya. Once again, sorry dude. No one deserves that. Jon#5486
  11. Minecraft_Player

    [Denied]Tornado___'s Game Moderator Application

    competent and a man of the book +1
  12. Minecraft_Player

    Paddy for the People

    “I endorse you” says Cassius having not listened to the speech at all
  13. Minecraft_Player

    A Open letter to Nottingham And Atlas

    Abd al-Aziz breaks from his chains, ready to serve his Caliph