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  1. Never make anything again. I do not say this often to people. So heed my words. Was pretty funny tho ngl.
  2. Calling literally anyone who can do Dev work, please apply 😭

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  3. Mia would have be informed by her young sister Anya remembering the young child she once took short care of. She made her way into a private area into her home as she’d then proceed to let out a pained cry due to the various events that happened and from this news. She could do nothing but blame this on herself as she did everything currently happening in her life. She admit in a loud scream “Averir ito nae’leh!” then merely collapsing onto the cold floor as she’d begin to have a coughing fit then her exhausted form begins to wildly twitch. She’d reawaken shortly after, bringing herself to her knees, clasping her hands on her legs as she’d decided to herself she knew what she must do, and make everything right. She’d begin to silently weep as she’d plead to those who would not hear her words ”Tillun kae, for I am weak and fate forces me down this path.” She got up, her heart torn asunder even more. Mia made her way to leave home to go on a trip, as she was just leaving the doors she thought of the two other loved ones she lost and commented ”I really fucked it up, didn’t I?”
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  5. Jimbo shakes his head upon reading the note, knowing he will not be able to partake in a Descendant war as he was far to powerful.
  6. Bless you, he who carries LotC on his shoulders.
  7. Telanir is actually good, dw.


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  8. Will you help me become Admin.
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