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  1. Question 1: What is one thing you dislike about Orcs/Krugmar? How can it be improved? This is all my opinion obv and formed from what little I've seen and heard about Orcs, however.. Their Blessing, specifically what I saw in 'Clarification on Orcs'. The bit I'll link below. From most of the RP I've seen and heard about Orcs, they're essentially Super Mutants from Fallout 3/4 or LotR Orcs. Big Green Bandits with no goal outside of kill whatever they come across (and or taking slaves in the case of Orcs). Now most 'outsiders' would say this kind of behavior isn't honorable
  2. "You're laughing. Sutica is being clowned on the likes never seen, and you're laughing." - Murray

  3. Mia would awaken after sometime had past, having pushed herself to the limit this day, helping Luciensburg attempt to take back their home, as well as healing plenty of people from the aftermath. She'd make her way outside, wandering for sometime before finding the missive and reading over it, taking in a small breath, glad that Toffee is attempting to reach forward to the Descendants in such a manner, after all it was her suggestion, but it suddenly hit her, an intense burden of sorts, she very well could have determined the course of history for the Musin with her suggestion to the leader of
  4. Did you really think it was a good idea to post a meme format in Discord rather than the forums first? Think, Pup!

    Think Pup.png

    1. Nug


      heres some pity rep

  5. Mia was just thankful to safely get in the City when she decided to visit to check the stock on her stall during the raid, having no real stake in this war Valrua remains asleep. OOC: Mia points at the video "Hey that's me in the background!"
  6. I guess they're not Musin-ing about!

    1. Khitebuilds


      I will Walter White the **** out of you pup

  7. Just some advice since this could be a really cool piece of lore, I think just expanding on some of these spells and how they actually work. For example Detect Witch, I think you'll have a really hard time getting that kinda spell past due to how abusable it could be, situation would be I know OOCly someone is a Witch and I just say RPly my persona decides to check this person, if they resist I know they have some form of magic, if they don't then I find out, but I think making it generally detect any form of magic could prevent it from being abusable as it doesn't strictly target a certain
  8. Unironically this is why I try not to give a **** about this server, I'll still play on it but literally no matter how hard anyone ******* screams it just seems like nobody is able to fix the most basic of issues, be it because staff members are red taped from being able to actually do anything or just straight up don't give a **** about the server and only hang around as a staff member for the clout because they did something years ago. Like lol.
  9. Me on Musin


    1. Edennoire


      help he won't stop fanboying in vc about Musin :O


    2. Reforming Pup

      Reforming Pup


  10. **** it, I'm gonna say it, Mana Lightsabers.
  11. Valrua sat in her house in this said Ghost Town, in a strange dream, where some person was pressing at a glowing board while wearing alien ear muffs, typing into a colored mirror. The tolling Bells did not wake her, but she did eventually awaken from this strange dream and looked over the missive, a furrowing of her brows as the 'Aheral woman becomes conflicted at the state of events, remembering not long ago how they both rallied together to put Orcs to a sword, she takes a seat and lazily swings her feet onto the table as she'd ponder "We'll see what happens, I'm curious why Haelun'or teamed
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