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  1. Adelaide Douglas

    [✓] Ferals: Protectors of the Thistle (Resubmission)

    Yes! That sounds more like it!
  2. Adelaide Douglas

    [✓] Ferals: Protectors of the Thistle (Resubmission)

    I'm a little disappointed that one would be forced to remain part of a larger pack after being turned. It would be interesting to expand the lore so it's possible to become an outcast but have some kind of added affliction/downside as a result, to function in such a way that one is then forced to be solitary and isolated from the pact in order to survive or to keep this added curse from consuming them from within. I would gladly do a contribution in this regard, but it's not my submission and I'm not familiarized with how these go, so... I guess that's that.
  3. Why is Veris so empty T-T

    1. PiousChorale_


      Because it's not Veris anymore.

    2. Adelaide Douglas

      Adelaide Douglas

      Oh? I'm really not sure what it's called anymore. I've seen it called Mordheim, Veris and Devirad ^-^"

    3. PiousChorale_


      It was taken over by Devirad when the High Prince died, haha.

      If you'd like some information on Devirad then you can refer to this page: