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  1. brings a whole new meaning to raid rules
  2. this is neat; please unban me from the discord i ain’t do nothin wrong
  3. Rift and I were inspired by the aspect of Gravens being their obsessive focus on something, as well as the idea of ‘holy’ gravens, most notably a character we interacted with on Axios, who was a paladin turned Graven. It would be an exception to the redlines unless the lore reviewers see otherwise. Sorcerio also brought up some concerns, which will be properly redlined The idea with the chaos disconnection clause of quite literally beating it out of another boils down acting in good spirits and regards for others. The reasoning with Victor’s Justice not requiring a broken part of the code, is so that it is a stigma that is enforced through roleplay, rather than, for example, the tenet bending and rule lawyering that comes with Paladin tenets, or something similar. You are absolutely correct that the disconnection ritual itself needs to be ironed out, as the repercussions for having your blessing stripped, and you’ll see this reflected in the changelog shortly The dogma is supposed to be strictly through rp, in the same sense of druidic unattunements, where if people see wrong, they can take action if they know unattunement. The same applies to Malchediael’s Templars. I only get as much say as to edit after feedback, and to choose the other TA loreholder. After it starts to spread organically, I would only be able to stop that irply. The Dogma is included with the lore for ease of access, however it is something that the Templars would be taught from whomever teaches them. If I missed or overlooked anything, please feel free to let me know. If you want to talk via an easier method other than the forums, my discord is Chase#2597
  4. [ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬] Background/Origin Malchediael, the Aengul of Courage, blessed a human by the name of Gereon de Savoie. Savoie went on to become the Aengul’s champion in the realm of the Descendants. The Order of the Praxic Sun was founded after Malchediael, known also by his canonized name of Michael, made his presence known to High Pontiff Everard II in the realm of Athera. After some time, the order fell out of the annals of time: Malchediael quietly withdrew his blessings. Even in light of such, the battlelust which plagued the order’s members plagued them until the end of their days. Magic Explanation and Connection Malchediael, the Aengul of Courage, favors mortals who show bravery in the face of adversity. Any man or woman who overcomes, or at least attempts to, will garner the Aengul’s attention in some manner. Few of these individuals receive boons directly from the Aengul. Chosen to be his champions on the mortal plane, these folk carry out great deeds or further their own ambitions in the name of their patron. Malchediael’s blessings augment the capabilities of his chosen followers, granting them additional tools as they embark on their quests. Malchediael does not seek to embellish his chosen heroes with grandiose boons as he wishes for them to still use their own talents in their quests: it is why few spells are bestowed onto them. The first most of Malchediael’s Chosen were named his Templar Adjutants by the Aengul of Courage, tasked with seeking those fit for his Blessing. When a Templar sees a Descendant fit to receive Malchediael’s Blessing, they invoke their lord’s name: “Malchediael, Aengul of Courage.” From there, they allow the Radiant Aengul to act through their person, infusing the Blessing within the recipient. This action will force immense amounts of strain and toil upon the recipient’s body, leaving them sore and prone to pain for a year’s time. From there, they are able to be taught how to properly invoke and utilize the radiant blessing. - Malchediael’s Blessing is incompatible with other Aengulic Connections, dark mages, machine spirits, and most undead creatures. Gravens are an exception to this, as long as they are not tethered. - A player must consent OOCly to receiving the blessing. If they refuse, the connection process will simply fail to work. - Only the Descendent races are able to receive the Blessing. This means Elves, Humans, Dwarves, and Orcs. - The blessing fails if the receiver has been disconnected from a deific magic thrice, whether they be willing or unwilling, then they are ineligible to receive the blessing. - The blessing requires one slot. It does not work if the receiver does not have any slots available. Malchediael’s Dogma and Victor’s Justice The Aengul Malchediael places valour and honour as highly as courage. These values combine to form his Dogma, a code which Templars over the years have drawn inspiration from for their actions. To needlessly kill an innocent is the action of a craven rat. The act of betraying your brothers-in-arms leaves you nothing more than a snake in the grass. Accept challenges laid before you with fervor. If a disagreement is allowed to fester, settle it through a rite of combat; the feud is to be resolved upon a decisive victory. It is greatly dishonourable to utilize Malchediael or his Blessing as a way to accrue wealth or fame. Should a Templar assume a compatriot to have been led astray from Malchediael’s ideologies, they are able to invoke Victor’s Justice. This allows for a Templar to face another Templar in single combat within an enclosed ring which cannot be entered or exited, to ensure a fair fight. To ensure this fair fight, the imposing Templar must match the protection and weaponry of the challenged. Whichever combatant emerges triumphant has the option to either suppress the fallen’s blessing for two years, or to strike it from them entirely. The latter is often considered a much more drastic measure, though necessary for belligerent, repeat offenders. If it is chosen, Malchediael’s blessing is cleaved directly from one’s soul, the final strike entirely incorporeal as it severs the connection between a Templar and the Aengul of Courage. Victor’s Justice can only be enacted once every two years upon a singular individual. If the Templar under the scrutiny of Victor’s Justice wins, they are only able to suppress the challenger’s blessing. When a Templar’s blessing is stripped, the individual loses all will to fight. Even in self defense they find themselves lacking the motivation to protect themselves for up to four months. This does not prevent them from running away, as cowardly as it may be. -Victor’s Justice can only be evoked by a Templar of T4 or higher in an open area. - The dueling ring of Victor’s Justice has a diameter of seven blocks, and once created only allows for the two Templar combatants to remain within, all others finding themselves physically unable to enter or intervene. The ring’s effects dissipate upon the decision of the victorious Templar. - If a blessing is suppressed, it lasts for 2 OOC weeks, and must be commented on their MA, including start date and end date. Abilities/Spells Wroth - T1 An ever present restlessness deeply engraved into the Templar’s mind. It leaves them quick to agitate, and easier to provoke. If beholden by sloth for an extended period of time, wroth overtakes the Templar, leaving them with an atrocious temper, their mind becomes pervious to large scale bouts of paranoia and wanderlust. Enthralling Recount - T1 When a Templar begins telling a tale or legend in the proximity of a fire, the flames come to life to paint the story that the Templar recounts. Redlines - - The flames are purely aesthetic, and cannot be used to harm others. - The flames cannot be used for combative purposes such as attempting to obscure some opponent’s vision or disorient them. Fervent Flare - T2 The Templar is able to summon a ball of blazing light within their palm, to the size of their fist for up to a total of twice per combat scenario. When the light is cast, it can be thrown outwards. When the Templar snaps their fingers, the light expulses outwards, blinding any and all within a twenty metre radius if they do not avert their eyes. It can also be thrown to the sky, to act as a signal flare. Mechanics: Fervent Flare takes three emotes to cast: one emote to summon the flare, one emote to aim and direct the flare, and one emote to fire it. It can be used to interrupt someone’s casting. Those who look upon the flare are subject to being blinded by it, including the Templar who casted it. The blindness inflicted by the spell lasts for two emotes: victims will be entirely blinded for the first emote and will then be partially blinded for the second emote as their vision starts to recover. Redlines - - The Templar must look away to avoid being blinded when the flare is triggered. - The flare’s blinding effects are only momentary, lasting seven narrative seconds when fully exposed. When affected by the flare, all hearing is muffled to an extent. - Seers, and blind individuals are unaffected by the flare’s blinding effects. - When used as a signal flare, the light can travel up to 50 meters (blocks, #shout range) into the air. Bound Armament - T2 A Templar can recall their weapon to their hand should it be in their sights a total of three times per combat scenario. A weapon fixed within the flesh of a man, beast, or being can be wrenched out with some difficulty. Should someone other than the Templar hold the weapon, it would require a great deal of concentration to try freeing it from their grasp. Mechanics: This spell takes two emotes to cast: the first emote is to place attention upon the weapon, slowly tugging it towards the Templar; the second emote is to pull the weapon back into the Templar’s hand. Redlines - - If something or someone blocks the path of the weapon, it will arc around them. - The weapon has a range of 15 meters (blocks) Rumination Reflection - T3 A Templar is able to attempt to establish a connection with another Templar, regardless of distance, so long as they are both near a reflective surface. (e.g. a mirror, any still body of water, windows, glasses etc.) During this time, the Templar is effectively incapacitated, meaning that they cannot attack, move, or cast. Their vision is also obscured, akin to someone with the wrong prescription glasses, save for the image of the other Templar. Mechanics: This spell is a more direct ‘bird’, allowing for two of Malchediael’s Blessed to communicate directly with one another. It takes three emotes to initiate: the first to focus upon the reflective surface, the second to reach out to the other Templar, the third to form their image. This takes three emotes from the receiving party: the first to notice the shimmers of an image within any reflective surface, the second to form the connection, the third to solidify the connection. After three emotes from both parties, the Templars can converse freely for up to 15 OOC minutes. Redlines - - Requires the same amount of emotes as it would take to send a bird (3 emotes) - The Templars cannot move, cast, or attack while initiating or maintaining the connection. - If the Templar is attacked, attacks, or moves away from the reflection, the connection will be lost entirely. - Only the Templar can be seen in the reflection. - If the receiving party is not near a reflective surface, the initiator will find their connection to fall flat, indicated by the sound of a glass shattering in the recesses of their mind. - Metal does not count as a reflective surface. Vigorous Blow - T4 Divine energy infuses itself with the Templar’s weapon - whether it be a sword, spear, mace, or hammer up to three times per combat scenario. Additional force is imparted onto the next blow dealt by the weapon, and will strike twice as hard. Mechanics: This spell takes two emotes: the first emote is to summon Malchediael’s light; the second emote is to infuse the Templar’s weapon with the light. After that, the Templar may then strike at whoever stands before them to impart the additional force. However, the infused light will not linger forever. Should three emotes pass without the Templar striking at someone or something with the infused weapon, the light will simply disappear. Speech emotes do not count. Redlines - - The enhancement of the blow’s strength is much more comparable to the weapon’s weight being doubled as opposed to the strength of the wielder being increased twofold. - Armor can and still will afford some degree of protection against a blow from a weapon enchanted by this spell. - A Templar feasibly cannot cut through armor such as plate with a sword or a bladed weapon. - If the Templar is disarmed, the enchantment immediately dissipates. Second Chance - T5 Every story comes to an end, and the Templars are acutely aware of this fact. While the powers granted to them by the Aengul of Courage can prove useful, they cannot always guarantee victory; sometimes the odds are insurmountable. By uttering the name of their patron and his domain, a Templar is given a second wind: their wounds no longer hold them back, their energy is restored, and it’s as though they’d lost no sweat at all. This rejuvenation of the body does not come without its consequences. Once combat has been resolved either through victory or defeat, the Templar’s body deteriorates into nothingness as Malchediael’s light consumes it in its entirety. It is the ultimate price to pay for a second chance at victory or further glory, and to knowingly face death is a sacred act of courage amongst these Templars. Mechanics: This action requires the strongest of wills, and one emote to enact. Once the spell has been cast, the character will be PK’d by the end of it. Any wounds garnered in the duration of the encounter, whether they be light or grievous, will no longer hinder the Templar. Their body is reinvigorated and any fatigue they might have previously felt in a battle is washed away. The Templar does not, however, receive a boost to their strength, speed, and reactions: they will simply fight at their peak prior to the fight. A Templar is still susceptible to fatal wounds such as the heart being pierced, the brain being severely wounded in some manner, or decapitation. If the Templar survives the fight, they will perish as Malchediael’s light consumes them in a roaring inferno. Redlines - - Despite renewing the body of the Templar to allow for the fight to continue, it does not enhance their strength in any regard. - After the fight has decisively concluded, the Templar’s form is consumed by their patron’s light. A conflagration of holy energy will reduce their body to nothingness, only leaving behind whatever they had worn and had on their person. - To use this spell is a PK, and will be enforced by lore if consequences are not followed. - Templars who die using Second Chance cannot be made into Gravens/Phantoms/Undead/Etc. upon their death since their soul is gone. Tier Progression Tier One This stage is reached immediately after receiving the blessing. The Templar has a newfound restlessness awoken within them; when the Templar tells a tale or a legend, if near a fire, it will come to life to depict the story. Tier Two This stage is reached two weeks after receiving the blessing. The Templar is able to utilize flares, as well as recall their weapon Tier Three This stage is achieved four weeks after receiving the blessing. The Templar is now able to contact another Templar through reflective surfaces. Tier Four This stage is achieved eight weeks after receiving the blessing. The Templar can now momentarily imbue their weapon with kinetic force. Tier Five This stage is achieved twelve weeks after receiving the blessing. The Templar now may be granted their Second Chance in combat. Purpose (OOC) This lore is meant to be a small flavour for players who enjoy questing roleplay: whether they be Human knights or Orcish hunters for example. It is based heavily off of the iteration of Celestine magic. Citations Changelog
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  6. heerozero is the source of the server crashing

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  8. “Xan demands service, not worship.” A Paladin posted on sentry in the far Northern reaches of Luxem Keep comments.
  9. i dont think you took a proper look at all the accepted lore
  10. A paladin of Xan runs a covert operation into Haelun’or specifically to eradicate this specter! It is no more, wrought from the world by way of holy valour.
  11. Kergran the zar’ei utters out the demonic promise. ”We will wrong the rights of the past.”
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