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  1. Evar’tir Ithelanen notes that she is infact not a voidal horror. He stamps the Ithelanen insignia on the bottom of the letter for posterity.
  2. Krugmar, Renelia, and Irrinor got world edited out on accident, here’s some screenshots and memes about it. Server’s going to rollback to a time before 4:30PM EST on the 30th of June, 2020 Meme credit to: (melol) & @mitto, guest staring @Keefy, @Riftblade & @Luciloo “Damn they move quick” \
  3. yeah what’s up homie
  4. ! an extremely epic artists rendition is posted in post ! art by me do not steal
  5. mitto i need another pocket admin i’ll paypal you however much my tipout is in pounds if you make it to mod admin again

    1. mitto


      im tired of u mfs u didnt pay me last time

  6. i wish I knew you were big brained going into that chess match

    1. frill



  7. Evar'tir Ithelanen acquires his fanciest set of platemail and sets it aside for the occasion.
  8. Evar’tir assumes direct control, for he is the captain now.
  9. Thrice King, once Praetor, now Chieftain Evar’tir Ithelanen awakens from whatever bush he slept in to regard the news. ”Curious, truly.” Thusly, the black elf departed to find Kairn and his company.
  10. “Fake news. Snakes don’t exist.” Grumbles some old Renatian knight, donning his tinfoil hat.
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