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  1. what side are you even on also calling all of staff corrupt isn’t even remotely true. there’s several staff that have commented on this thread in support of frill’s post. more like a few red tags. you gotta keep in mind that a good portion of lotc staff hate the way that administration is handling **** atm.
  2. Nexus buffs are a thing of the past and it was exploited by people who do nothing but log on to PvP, such as the Orc buff you mentioned. No thanks. This too.
  3. Yeah what BNK said. The concept is based but I think you could add an extra charging/stall emote to some of the more intensive spells. Otherwise +1, I don't read much into orc culture, but I wanna see some mean green metal-crushing machines.
  4. This had to happen because of a demographic of players who would abuse lore to play the server competitively and gain unfair advantages. This is why we have lore criteria, format and Staff who vote on submissions. It is not a waste of time and it’s critical to the server in its current state We’re not in 2015 anymore where Blundermore could fling orcs up 30 ft to have them fall to their deaths via Wind Evocation. And this is one of the flaws with World Team. It should be what it states in the title. World Team. Focus on the creation of the physical map and lore laced within geography/structures that can be unraveled by players. The ideology that World Team should be builders slaving away at one time use event zones and landscars is such a close-minded and inefficient approach that scuffs the potential of what it could be. A valid counter-argument to this is the sheer amount of Staff that are on the World Team. As with many creative processes, too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the soup. I wouldn’t mind seeing World Team downsized significantly into what World Development was prior to Telanir’s staff merges, or create a fairly diverse focus group on World Team that interacts with LT/ET to sort out goals and suggestions to make the developing map a good experience. Unfortunately, a lot of staff disagree with World Team being anything more than builders.
  5. Lack of LT-WT communication is one of the many problems that plague the map-making process for some time now. I mention that specifically because of Xarkly’s difficulty in getting his original event line going (the antagonistic voice that was heard in the 7.0 Map Trailer) due to a lack of communication and insufficient resources to pull it off, which is upsetting since Xarkly’s been a trooper for the ET for years now. I personally dislike World Events and I don’t think they should be the precedent for what ET has to offer, but Xarkly made an effort with his writing and unique plans for 7.0, and that’s what matters. I agree with you in the regard that Telanir’s plans with LT and ET are far from ideal, but I disagree with your stance on Story Team neglecting the effort. 7.0 wasn’t a priority for LT/ET world building as far as I know and trying to save an already disliked map far into its tenure through lore implementations won’t fix the initial experiences players had with it. A good map doesn’t need to necessarily start or end strong, but I believe it should hold some weight that can make the experiences memorable. Arcas isn’t a bad map, in my opinion. It’s a bland map that could have been saved if there was more communication and collaboration between ET/LT and WT to lay down solid lore for the map and build off of it in experiences that could make the map special in its own way.
  6. Shame that this map is probably gonna get poor reception when it releases because we’ve been struggling to create environments that aren’t just “tree but bigger!” or a lack of proper communication between LT and WT to create minor, yet tasteful touches that can encourage things like archaeology roleplay. I’m not trying to be a debbie downer, but 7.0’s trailer got the same type of initial reception, yet views have been critical on the map since about 5 months into it. I really hope that this isn’t what happens and we’re finally able to pull it off after 2 years of subpar maps, but I’ve got to keep my expectations low due to the precedent.
  7. I'd rather the Mods draft up a CRP guide for new and old players than trust the Community Team with it. I don’t hate you guys, but there’s quite a few people on the Team that I wouldn’t want teaching new players how to CRP.
  8. this is pretty sloppy and informally written, but basically I’m looking for someone to play a female dark elf twin that’s around 12 years old, both parents are mages. If you’re interested in family RP and whimsical/cultural Voidal Magic RP, send me a DM at Isaac#3525
  9. 0/10 not actual voidal magic Archons. get off the stage boooo
  10. Cool potion lore. Would definitely see this being used +1
  11. Here’s my submission! Really happy that we’re doing something like this. What kind of RP item will we be given? Will it be a generic sword or weapon, or is it a specific lore-related usable item?
  12. Specify that you can't put shade gems behind ten iron doors or keep them in locked chests please.
  13. As Judas would catch word of the death, he'd lean up against his desk, glancing out the window in reminiscence as he'd speak to himself. ”Something I, and many other people foresaw, it had seemed. . .an elf of his condition could only have so much of a will to live. At least he'd gone down without abusing, er. . .abusing the implements he'd been given.”
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