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  1. Holy ****, I see Ninjaclimbs name and there’s four pages. Someone shut this thread down.
  2. Hello everyone! I found myself pondering the other day about how controversial magic RP is on LotC and how it can be a very black and white situation. Everyone’s got an opinion on mages and a lot of them are pretty similar. That being said, what do you think makes a bad mage RPer (if you’re going to answer with just “edgy” or “power-gaming,” please elaborate and go further into depth than just the generic answer), and what do you think makes a GOOD mage RPer that creates a fun atmosphere to be around? The purpose of of this post is to receive constructive criticism from LotC’s playerbase regarding mage RP and then put it to use with the hopes of setting a taboo for DON’Ts of magic RP. Please keep the conversation civil, as I would HATE for this post to devolve into a target thread and then get taken down by a mod!
  3. The thing is, this isn’t bullshit. This is literally most of the playerbase. The server brings you back over and over again
  4. “I guess Lily figured tha’ she could only be some junkie now tha’ she failed at leadin’ a nation, an’ I wholeheartedly agree,” commented a high elf.
  5. “I love it when ya kill a few stray cats an’ th’ Third Reich goes after ya,” joked the young elf Jude.
  6. Jude sat in his cabin, skin pale from being in the cold and slightly skinnier. He looked over the poster, then began laughing, “Ha ha ha. . .I can't read.”
  7. “Ya, zhis wael be good fahr Ahrcas, I can see eet,” Vladimir the Slav commented.
  8. Jude, reading over the poster, nodding calmly as he finished. “Firs’ o’ all, I’m not a T’anian. Second o’ all, t’is is what t’ey get for choosin’ a ‘prized mage’ who has th’ brain of an armadillo.”
  9. Ignore the title because I didn’t really know how else to word this without typing a paragraph. This was on my mind last night, so I wanted to see if anyone else had similar thoughts. We’re all familiar that RP is dynamic and actions have consequences, but depending on the player, others sometimes aren’t comfortable with CRP or any sort of hard drama RP be it due to anxiety, a condition or any other barrier that they’re unfortunate enough to have (keep in mind this is NOT a post targeting this demographic). Where do you draw the line on when or where they can tap out of RP, though? To put this into perspective, say that Player A can’t participate in a heated argument or fight because it’s troubling them OOCly. Player A is pardoned to leave but then runs to get reinforcements or rally their buddies to come fight the opponent(s) that they originally ran from. This can result in some situations and conflicts ending in unfair solution; I know that there are several people that play on the server who’ve had to deal with this. That being said, do you think that if a player tabs out of any sort of violent or heated RP because of an OOC factor, they should be allowed to bird allies or get reinforcements to influence it in their favor?
  10. “wow this definitely needed to exist,” said jude
  11. IAmTheWalrus


    “****, tha’s edgy.” Jude would say in regards to Sulraell.
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