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  1. nothing says an engaging storyline like 40 orenians walking up to the sutican gate to "coup"
  2. thinkin bout finland
  3. This put my complaint into better words. Like I said, I think all Magics should have some permanent ailment (not necessarily crippling) that makes the player and character ponder on whether or not the Magic is really worth it. If it’s an instant “yes” and a straight upgrade, it needs more substance in its drawbacks. And I’m glad that amendments have been made to my examples, but my point above still stands.
  4. While a Lunarite casting implement can be used, it is able to be broken or taken from the caster. If they can't retrieve it, they would have to emote pulling out their tome and using even more mana and time to cast again after their focus is broken. In this time of fumbling around their safety could easily be compromised. Having an obvious casting implement in your hands is also a way to make others aware of your abilities and more cautious around you in the first place. The need for Vesperal Ink adds another component that should be considered. It's something you mentioned but seemed to
  5. Cool lore Noz, as always. Though please specify in Immortuos that it doesn’t enhance the strength/speed/motor skills of the afflicted person—just to idiot proof it. +1
  6. Disagree. I understand that it wasn’t your intention, but the lore was written in such a vague and non-descriptive way there was no solid base for the effects of spells. As a result, it got powergamed and abused beyond Hell, notably outside of events and mostly in CRP. Arcanism got shelved as a result of being an incredibly bland Magic that had around 30 combative spells in varying versatility, plus over-stigmatization after being spread to everyone and their grandmother. The new lore standards made its issues realized, and it was dealt with very appropriately. Yeah pal, I’m sur
  7. sorry this doesn’t qualify. a runesmithing rewrite must fall under one or more of the following prerequisite conditions below: a. must be written to be overloaded and vaguely descriptive and powerful b. must be written by an ST that decides to give a magic desperately needing of flavor and depth absolutely none at all 0/10
  8. what do you MEAN I don’t have 23 blatantly overpowered 3 emote spells in my lore?? how can I WIN if arcanism isn’t a 1 slot overloaded magic?? -1 **** concept plus you’re white
  9. Probably 13yo me and my ragtag RP group full of dumb mages and Mordskov veterans on our way to kill DjCrips’ halfling for the 7th time after we were subject to their relentless metagaming and powergaming to try and get an edge over us. A close second would be getting removed from world team for saying intercourse phallus
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