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  1. Thanks, Telanir. I believe the lot of you can figure this all out and eventually reach a sweet-spot for administration and staff. Just gonna take time. Thanks for all your dedication to the server, dude. People are quick to hop on the admin-hate bandwagon when they don't realize how much you guys actually do.
  2. What sticks out to you about Shade Roleplay and what makes it enjoyable?
  3. “Aren't you th’ one in Sutica who shakes for no reason? Odd bird,” he commented, disregarding the invitation and likely unwilling to attend.
  4. First of all I wanna say that this post doesn’t target any specific person. Mystery’s post that went up today simply reminded me that I wanted to put this up. Most of the ET who’ve done world events or written them up I really like, such as Xarkly and Mystery. Anyway, world events haven’t really worked on LotC for the past couple years and I don’t think they should become the precedent for quality event lines. Although they catter to the entire playerbase and give everyone a fair shot, it doesn’t really work in an LotC environment in the sense that smaller events do. This results in the several cons that result in running a world event, including, but not limited to: - getting pm’d every day about “can i do x with this event artifact??” - delays to events and polls in discords on when the event should be, excluding entire timezones of players because the event that was suppose to happen at 6pm EST cucks most of the GMT community. - macguffins (items that are critical to the plot) being handed out to certain playerbases and people that make the rest of the event-goers essentially useless - several pms mid-event as to why your tier 5 fire ball didn’t hit the epic event creature and one shot it - particular archetypes of players begin fighting RPly (and OOCly in some cases) for a protagonist-esque position, which brings down the experience for everyone. - have little effect on the current global narrative, being almost meaningless and not really inhibiting any rp (ex: trade getting shut down in Sutica because voidal corruption has made them prone to frequent attacks on the roads) - often lead to forgettable experiences rather than more remembered smaller event lines - result in large clean ups for staff to handle be it lore related or build related - result in confusing event CRP or largescale event pve that the server can’t handle Pros: - includes all of the playerbase and (usually) doesn’t discriminate - gives players the chance to use siege weaponry or event-only restricted spells in magic - allows the playerbase to explore large-scale ET builds that have (usually) had time and dedication put into Now, you could sit here and probably come up with a list of several more pros, but this was all that I could really note that isn’t immediately cancelled out in the cons. I just think that the drawbacks immensely outweigh the good bits that come up with bigger events. Instead of senselessly complaining about the problem, I’m gonna offer a solution to the problem that could potentially take the place of world events. Dispering ET actors from nation to nation and some to larger charters would include most of the server and provide anybody the chance to step in to their local event line(s), rather than slapping more than eighty people on a single ET or two who’s controlling four different creatures and responding to thirty emotes per turn. As I said before, world events shouldn’t be the precedent for the ET and I think that it’s more detrimental to the server rather than beneficial.
  5. That’s not necessarily true at all. Magic is meant to expand on your character, whether or not it’s OOC oriented. What you’re referring to are subpar mages that let their magic define their character—which isn’t the archetype I’m trying to exemplify.
  6. A’ight, so first off before I begin this post, I hate using the word “endgame” to describe things like Archons, Wights and Zar’akal. A good end to a character's story is a good endgame. Furthermore, any mentions or uses of the word of “endgame” in this post is in reference end-goal or beacon for someone to reach and should not be necessarily in reference for a character’s story to cease. Got that out of the way? Good. We're all familiar with the **** show that was Archons. No disrespect to the original author, as the lore itself was well written, but brought on several problems that came with it, which as a consequence, put a bad taste in the community's mouth whenever they hear the word “Archon.” With all being said, this being targeted towards the Voidal Mage community and anyone else who'd like to share their opinion, do you think that an endgame for voidal magic should be written at all with reasonable boons and drawbacks, or it should be left alone? To add to that, what should and should NOT be done if lore for an endgame were to be written?
  7. Only on Lord of the Craft the world’s number one Minecraft roleplaying server! #FreeHongKong
  8. Maybe I can have some actually good Chi RP that doesn’t involve snapping iron bars like twigs and one punch maning people while your intestines are falling out.
  9. Holy ****, I see Ninjaclimbs name and there’s four pages. Someone shut this thread down.
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