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  1. Crimsonmeme

    Battle of Red Snow (Revised)

    Algar Cannell smiles as he reads allowing a few short moments to pass before dropping to his knees raising head to the sky looking up a single tear would roll down his cheek as he slowly begins to nod "Now this ... this is beautiful ... I am proud to call these lads kin"
  2. Crimsonmeme

    An Offer of Whitepeace to Blackreach

    Algar chuckles as he hears upon the offer he places a hand upon the hilt of his blade pulling his blade raising it to the sky "Focking ***** you can't even rally, you can't even win, who the **** are you to offer a white peace focking peasant boy"
  3. Crimsonmeme

    Remembrance Guild Of Kaz'Ulrah

    MC Name: Crimsonmeme Rp Name: Nisra Cottonwood Age: 26 Any books or scripts authored: None (As said character) Home nation: Kaz'Ulrah How active are you? (In hours): 12+ hours
  4. Crimsonmeme

    Recruiting Now!!

    "I would join" The Undead Guard of Kaz'Ulrah would chuckle "To defend a nation w'o request me would be an 'onor but being undead and a dwed I very muc' doubt t'e knife ears would want me" he chuckled once more before walking the halls of Kaz'Ulrah
  5. Upon hearing off the the small speech Ser Algar's ears would perk up slightly upon hearing his futures wife's name "You speak the truth, I cannot go against those who speak the truth" he smiles before returning to his family
  6. Upon reading of the offer Algar scoffs "When you play childish games and win but only to get greedy and want more" he would clearly be directing his words to William "Yet I do feel sorry for the Duke he shows he cannot even take out a minor barony ... such a weak duchy he owns" he sighed
  7. Crimsonmeme

    Leitseg's Troth

    The Undead Guard of Kaz'Ulrah would takes a note before cackling "Well Ulrah will always be strong by the bonds and friendships the Kingdom makes ... I feel like I will be able to walk these halls for a long time" he smiles before returning to his duties
  8. Crimsonmeme

    The Betrayal

    Upon hearing the news Ser Algar would let a faint smile he places his hand upon a cup before raising it "Well it would seem this Harcold has gained my respect ..." He let out a chuckle as he places his cup towards his lip drinking the liquid "Maybe I should rejoin the fight once more ..." He would shake his head as he sits upon a chair placing his cup to the side bobbing his head slightly maintaining his smile "Depending who summons me first that is" He would finally grin before pulling out a book and begins to read within his chair
  9. "A Festival ye say maybe I can cover me 'ead an attend" Balder would chuckle at the thought before raising his hand to touch his exposed skull "Maybe"
  10. Crimsonmeme

    The Ways of Old

    Hamlin Frostbeard would read upon the paper spitting on it as he finishes "T'is is a disgrace upon t'e clans name a false claim fucker wouldnt even 'onnor duel me fat'er 'e doesnt wis' to keep t'e Frostbeard clan t'e 'onnor 'e freely gives t'e name to elves and k'as as if its 'is to give dwed work for t'at name not to 'ave a fake come along and claim to be a Frostbeard t'e s'ame will smack me face and I will draw me axe upon t'ese false Frostbeards if ye nae dwed ye nae Frostbeard if ye nae follow me fat'er Hamnil Frostbeard t'en ye nae Frostbeard" Hamlin upon speaking to himself walks off in a huff back to his studies
  11. Crimsonmeme

    The Knights of Arbor

    Sign up for The Black Guard RP Name: Urzul MC Name: Crimsonmeme Combat Experience (none is fine, training is provided): Is an Orc and has trained by Orcs will pull heads of bodies for fun
  12. Crimsonmeme

    The Vanguard of Kaz'Ulrah

    OOC MC Name: Crimsonmeme Discord: Kami#7420 Timezone: BST/GMT RP RP Name: Oya II Stormfist Age: N/A Ethnicity: Dwarf Do you have any experience in combat?: A Fair amount
  13. Crimsonmeme

    Citizenship Papers

    OOC NAME: Crimsonmeme RP NAME: Oya II Stormfist Location of home: N/A Proof of purchase (take a picture of the item being bought/in your inventory with your name in sight):
  14. Crimsonmeme


  15. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames ___Kami___, Wovenworm Ban Reason Abusing the shop plugin Players Involved supreme-kami By your own understanding, why are you banned? I am banned for the simple reason of abusing the plugin system Why should you be pardoned? I think I should be banned for I have had this ban for a while now and want to get back onto the server not to abuse the shop plugin again but to get back into roleplay What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I will not thing "oh a little bit of easy money" when i see an open shop chest Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Following community guidelines is important to promote a healthy community because a healthy community means being friendly and this follows one of the guidelines of being laid back because being laid back will allow the two role players to want to come back again and role play rather then someone who forces and plays more aggressively which can lead to a out-of-character matters which can make the casual role player less likely to play. Another way the community guidelines basically protects over players for they are there to prevent out-of-character problems which falls into another guideline which is narcissism in roleplay which prevents players being friends with in game characters instead of having there characters befriend that character which lets people roleplay correctly and have a mysterious play this may fall under another guideline which is "deceit" which is using out of character means to gaining items which your character probably wont get. In summery in my opinion having community guidelines are there to protect the roleplayers of any community to allow the best and the most interesting experience rather then a spoiled experience which leads to less people playing.