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  1. Crimsonmeme

    Dungrimm's Legion

    (OOC) MC Name: Crim_Crim How active are you?: Two Hours a day, longer on weekends Discord: Crim#7420 Timezone: GMT (RP) RP Name: Ozneat Treebeard Gender: Male Note: The High Prelate Ozneat Treebeard is only joining due to the fact that he is a savage
  2. Crimsonmeme

    We Gathered Few - A War Comes

    sighs “T’is is da time da dwedmar s’ould finally come toget’er and leave dere ‘ate be’ind, weh could beh so muc’ better but some dwed c’ose to live in da past and nae in da present, soon weh all will fall, I would rat’er fall fig’ting for meh kin I nae care of da ork allies I care dat meh Kaz’Ulrah kin doesnt fall wit’out putting t’ere ‘ate be’ind and seeing dat Kaz’Ulrah will beh not’ing if weh carry on wi’ da s’it talking of eac’ ot’er” Ozneat would sigh once again as he grabs his dwarven blade feeling the tip “Still s’arp I see, ‘ope its s’arp enoug’ to make a small difference” once more sighing as he marches to the dwarven capital “From dis point if nae dwed wis’ to ‘elp due to ‘ate for kin, den day are filled wit’ Khorvads mig’t I ‘ope dat one day weh can all foig’t toget’er like in Urguan, Narvak Oz Brathmordakin, Narvak Oz Khazad”
  3. Crimsonmeme

    A plea to forgive

    High Prelate Ozneat Treebeard smiles upon hearing the speech “Now dat is an idea” he chuckled “Maybe weh could follow da pat’ of da creator and make somet’ing better and put da kinslaying past be’ind us, return to da loving arms of Anbella and mot’er one enoug’ nae as different dwed from different Kingdoms but as one, if weh follow da pat’ w’ich was given to us from our ancestors maybeh weh can reform once again” he lowers his head “But it nae beh da time too muc’ ‘ate from kin to do dis, but da dream will always live on”
  4. Crimsonmeme

    August Banners Aloft; The March of Bastards

    “Well, dis seems like a big joke” he chuckled out as he hears the elven threat “W’y not just do instead of being a bitc’, now day be expecting yeh”
  5. Crimsonmeme

    The First Trade Festival of Kal'Tarak

    Ozneat would come away from the Shrine of Anbella as one of his followers hands him a piece of paper as he begins to read he gives a firm nod “Well, seems like some fun” he looks up to his followers of the Hearth “Pack yeh t’ings, weh going to go see if weh can get better connected wit’ our greedier kin” he chuckles as he packs some things before making his way to Kal’Tarak
  6. Username Crim_Crim Discord Crim#7420 Timezone GMT What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Forest Dwarfs Staff History None Ban History Yes, minor self request ban and ban for exporting the shop plugin Blacklist History: None Why do you want to join the Event Team? I want to join the Event team to become an actor to make a more immersive rp experience for the small forest dwarf community and help them out and others out who are in need of someone who needs an event actor Why should we accept you onto the Team? I think you should accept me for the team because I have ideas for people and would like to just help people in rp in general by bringing more people into the rp through an event and give some people which want a purpose to get on to rp to do so and I really enjoy helping people out oocly and rply and added to the team I could help more people have a better rp experience which will be more enjoyable What kind of events do you aspire to create?: I would like to create dungeons and quests some basic stuff which gives some enjoyable rp and rewarding What makes a good event? A good event would be when the player enjoys it for it covers immersion and excitement something which cant be predicted easily and wanting the players in the event to want more Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: Scenario One The small party can be seen upon a hill where is none to have a wild bear den, the party would walk around the mountain stubbing onto the bodies of the people who lost there lives to the known bear before following the trail to where the bear may of been inside of a cave at the highest peak of the mountain. Upon entering the cave it would be filled with blood and gore some would be rather disgusted at the sight before finding what would seem to be a sleeping bear upon closer inspection the bear would begin to stick emitting a unholy smell before the party gets close enough to the supposedly sleeping bear showing that the bear isn't asleep but two has been killed with the intestines removed showing symbols upon the floor. Once the party decides to leave the cave as they possible search around to find the cause of the bears death something would be blocking the cave entrance if they decide to turn to look there would be a unknown creature hidden in shadows. Scenario Two A gathering would be in front of a shine to a dwarven god they would be praying upon the shrine before a unknown monk approaches telling the worshipers of a group of heretics in the area approaching the there shrine, with little time to prepare the worshipers would have to ready to defend themselves for the heretics from what they have been told are hostile to those with different views, the worshipers would be given time to ready there shrine on a hostile attack upon them. (can be turned into rp or a pvp wave style event) If the worshipers win they gain the heretics artifact of little magical properties it would just look interesting, if the dwarfs lose they can prepare an assault upon the heretics to drive them away for good from there shrine. If they chose to assault the heretics they can gain more information about them learning of the unknown things they know or chose to destroy there information so no one can find it out. Scenario Three A random encounter of hostile attentions or friendly ones, this one would be a traveling merchant with information on different cities and villages selling different rare or common items having a friendly interesting chat. (One Item can be used in another event to allow that player to start a chain of quests) Before the merchant leaves and travels to a different location selling odd items and giving information also giving objectives to those in need of a quick jobs of killing animals or collecting items.
  7. Crimsonmeme

    Royal announcement

    Hamlin Frostbeard scoffs at beardless false dwarf King "You use lies to win people over and false claim. You have no right to speak as the whole of Kaz'Ulah you are a dishonorable dwarf who won't accept my honor duel you are among the ranks of us three who took it upon ourselves you fail to speak of the rest only the one from the clan you have hated, your hatred has over come you call me what you wish I will take the punishment but I will not have false claims to shame other dwarfs" snorts at the idea of a shadow council "There was no 'shadow council' only dwedmar that thought the same way only dwedmar that are willing to dishonor themselves and pay for there crimes we are know as Kin Slayers, Aye! but you are among us Edel for you dishonor the whole of Kaz'Ulrah with your declining of honor duels with the shame of having your beard removed with the disrespect shown to the empire when they come in good faith only to kneel to them for you are a weak dwed. Now for your last claim to King you lie where is your honor" scoffs once more as he storms out "False High King Edel 'Dishonorable' Silvervein more like"
  8. Crimsonmeme

    Where the **** is your honor?!

    Sniffs as he reads before spitting and the shame full attempt to dis Kaz'Ulrah "I made my c'oices strike me down for I am t'e one w'o killed t'e fake dwed do not use t'is to s'ame t'e w'ole of Kaz'Ulrah for actions of two doesnt make up a Kingdom" pauses as he throws the paper away "Lock me up for my crimes do not blast t'e Kingdom I love for it, If you carry on doing t'is t'en I will officially leave Kaz'Ulrah and 'unt down t'e dwedmar and be an outcast" with that he would turn around waiting for the reply for his new tasks in life
  9. Crimsonmeme


  10. Crimsonmeme

    [Accepted] [Pending]AlphaMickael1's Event Team Builder Application

    Like this guy 10/10 good dude love his builds I even get him to give me builds and he supplies on time without any problems an effective human being would want to see him on the ET build team he is truly an amazing builder and person. +1 from me keep up your work even if you don't make it
  11. Crimsonmeme

    New beginnings an familiar face

    Captain Ser Algar Cannell upon hearing of a clan of dwarfs he enjoys the company of he smiles before speaking "I'm glad that a dwarves of note that do not care for what race they are, truly friendly people has respect of the Cannell and all of the Curon Navel fleet"
  12. Crimsonmeme

    Remembrance Guild Of Kaz'Ulrah

    MC Name: Crimsonmeme Rp Name: Nisra Cottonwood Age: 26 Any books or scripts authored: None (As said character) Home nation: Kaz'Ulrah How active are you? (In hours): 12+ hours
  13. "A Festival ye say maybe I can cover me 'ead an attend" Balder would chuckle at the thought before raising his hand to touch his exposed skull "Maybe"