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  1. ((No one agree’d to CRP in the chat, please halt ooc
  2. ((Because you ran attacked a persona and pvp was called, under the rules the defending party is allowed to do CRP or PVP, the defending party choice pvp which you attempted to force a void and mechanically started to run off, the GM found you out and returned you for you was in the wrong
  3. In-Game Name: Ave_Elite Discord: Don't Worry About It#7420 Persona Name: Alma Persona Age: 34 What Branch/Branches are you entering? Jewelers
  4. Allium the Plant would raise a brow at the idea “Does this mean that we can go to the High Elves without being forcefully having useful materials taking away from us even if we’re just visiting?” the curious looking plant says out loud hoping someone would respond to her question “If it does mean no one will force me to hand over goods for a five second stop then I’ll consider”
  5. A slim plant woman hears the news, with a look of disappointment she’d straighten the note as she’d hold upon it, slapping her hand upon the paper “And this is why I’d rather beat the Oreners, they lack the basic knowledge and only now decided to look into the plant life, out of all things … plant life” her eyes rolled as her faith in the humans grow shorter each day
  6. A tall Plant sniffs as she hears a guard force assembles within the Northern regions, she’d ponder to herself for a while before speaking “I think I’m gonna be in need for more paper to list my experiences” before shrugging once more walking off from the notice “Ah, too cold and I heard the Marshal is a Beta Male” a smirk plasters her face as she’d made her last remark
  7. The tall Plant Woman blinks rapidly at the news “Are the Oren ladies that bad at empowering themselves they have to make a deal about it?” with a shrug she’d return to combat based job dealing damage to all that isn’t herself
  8. A tall Plant hears the news, her head bobs about in the wind as she’d remember a certain Halfling Dryad that she could send over to the wee folk
  9. “Remember to get a house it’ll be fine” the Dryad calls out to Mika from the crowd, giving him his daily reminder
  10. Nice little video to show off the Halfling build, doesn’t really matter much about the quality of the shaders people can understand, it’s about effort and promotion more then the limitation of the setup, please bring more halflings around though 🙂
  11. “Ave Big Tony” calls a Dryad from the crowd with a raised fist to the sky, cheering in joy as the waves are being created
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