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  1. Transfiguation. The magic around manipulating mana and forcing yourself to stack MAs in evocation magics. This post is pretty good
  2. Mil Uialben wheezes within their isolation over the entertaining news "Funny haha"
  3. Read it gamer, it's silly shock rp not op stuff you see
  4. Background/Origin Electric evocation is a voidal magic that voidal mages have developed over the many years that voidal mages have been a thing. It’s the art of casting an idea into the void but this idea not being an element like fire, earth, air or water but a random event that may or may not happen, that of a bolt booming from the sky and shocks the ground below. Mages only sought to harness this violent event to obtain power from it, but little did they know that there is more to this event than a simple booming bolt, this dying art is the art of electric evocation.
  5. Isn't the ability of simply moving an object suppose to be bland by lore and what you do with it allows it to not be bland. All these gamers saying how bland it is to funny magic of moving **** around. Meme and giggles man, memes and giggles. If it promotes some postive rp who cares
  6. Mil Uialben slowly starts to write that of a public response towards these claims, under the title of Triumvirate of the Sutican State, one of the ruling powers of Sutica "You've been asked to attend a court of the leading bodies of Sutica. Debt isn't cared upon. Truth is better to be shared. Which you've failed to respond or even reach out to the Monarch which rules the vassal. If problems were between you and the vassal leader, I'll suggest you come to the vassals boss rather then making displays of what can be called petty in displays. Threats against the Sutican State and it's
  7. Her Excellency, Triumvirate Mil Uialben has now entered the chat with their newly constructed holy hellfire blade of anti-dark mages
  8. Mil Uialben lets out a "Huh" as they go to call Mika over handing them what is this words "Ay, Mika. Come check this" @mika1278
  9. Wow I get credited for being epic at magic :O who would of known
  10. Imagine giving out magic to people who pms. Wouldn't be me :)

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      oh in that case...

      i am big buff man pls give magic

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      I will accept these terms

    4. AnonymousAlexa
  11. [!] On notice boards within Sutica, as well as in the greater world of Almaris small posters would begin to appear Uialben Society of the Arcane Formed in the year 1790 within the Free State of Sutica, filling the long-lasting lack of an official and permanently situated mages guild within the walls of the capital city of the great nation of Sutica. Unlike many other guilds located throughout the world, the society is not one that simply hands out magic to everyone who joins. Instead, the guild aims to collect and gather all known facts of the void, other magical events,
  12. Mil Uialben hears of this news as she reads nodding her head in approval handing out the Royal stamp of approval "You get ONE stamp, only ONE"
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