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  1. [!] Several invitation flyers have been sent out to Fenn, Fenn’s allies, friends and families [!] (OOC) This wedding event will be held in The Silver Snowflake in Fenn, this event will start June 7, 2019 at 3PM EST. People allowed to attend are any Fenn citizen, allies of Fenn or those personally invited by either Vooper and Simochii
  2. LordVoop


    - The high elven family ‘Kaeronin’ already exists, please either change this, or provide evidence that you have been allowed to join this family ❤️ Since im the bloodline head of the Kaeronin, i prove this user to be part of the Kaeronin, yes we already talked to this user For more question well free to msg me on discord [Lord Voop#0666]
  3. “~Accepted, please report to the barracks~”
  4. “~Accepted, please report to the barracks~”
  5. How to bamboozle entire server lmao, i love this banter
  6. \~-OOC-~/ MC Name: Vooper MC name of those living with you: MrWithoutName \~-RP-~/ Head of household: Kailu Kaeronins Family/individuals staying: 2 (Total) Number of Children: 1
  7. LordVoop


    +1 Da for Motherland
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