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  1. ~Out-Of-Character Information~ Please do your best to correct spelling and grammatical errors, this is an RP server and writing is the main form of communication! What’s your Minecraft account name?: · Vooper What timezone are you in?: · EEST ( Eastern European Summer Time ) How old are you?: · 17 Are you aware the content and interactions on this server may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13? (You won’t be denied for being under 13): · Yes, am aware of that Have you read and agreed to the rules?: · Yes i have read the rules of the server. What’s the rule you agree with the most?: · Your Always In Character Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense? (if so we can help clear it up!): · The Rules of the server is simple to understand. How did you find out about Lord of the Craft?: · Friends. (Wrenik, kinblod, glenndriver, BAR_CENA and other people) Link(s) to past Whitelist Applications (If applicable): · No, I Haven't yet. This the First app i have made. Have you logged into the server yet? (You cannot be whitelisted without logging in at least once): · Yes, I have logged on to check how does the roleplay goes in the server and see the world map. ~Definitions~ Feel free to Google the answers or use our wiki definitions as a reference, but make sure that you write the write them in your own words, not those of another website or person! Plagiarizing will result in the automatic denial of your application! What is Roleplaying?: · Roleplaying is a character, you have to play. Roleplaying can be like acting in theater. Acting in theater is scripted roleplay witch you know your character going to do and also know how the character going to end. But non-scripted roleplay characters which you have to play it to the character end or life or story end. In non-scripted roleplay characters you would not know what going to happen next like incoming fight, wars and other events. What is Metagaming?: · Using Out of character information in character. Like If someone uses Skype, Pm’s, /msg Or Other Messaging Services. These Messaging Services are OOC (Out of Character) Only, you cannot use them ic (In Character). But Sometimes Metagamming can be involved in powergamming or FailRP. What is Power-emoting (Powergaming)?: · Using some abilities which that character was to against the other player, but that player going to attack the other player, but the attacking player knows that he going to fail in the fight. Attacking player going to be using powergamming to win the fight like “*Bandit cuts off guards arm off*”, but if the attacking player was succeeded the roll and the other player was no choice to anything, but before the fight would be start that other player had more choices. The Attacking player would have emoted “Bandit: *would try to slice or damage the left arm to the guard*” and etc. But sometime powergaming can lead to metagamming or FailRP. ~In-Character Information~ Now you actually make your character - be creative but stay reasonable! Make sure they make sense and that they follow lore. Try to come up with a character that you actually want to play. Character’s name: Dalum Silvervein Character’s sex: Male Character’s race: Dwarves Character’s age: 18 ~Biography~ I was born in “Common Wench”. My mother couldn’t not take care of me and abandoned me with my father. My father took care of me, he took me along adventures and taught me a lot of thing while I was growing up. My father taught me a lot of things while we were traveling along long my grandfather who was with us for a while before departing early in my life. he also taught few things like fighting and about the dwarven god called Brathmordakin. My father taught me how to survive and other useful skills, until recently when he took me back to Kaz'ulrah and the other dwarves. I will miss my home on the road but I am excited over my new life among my kin. ~Personality Traits~ · Habits: Loves to make drinks and loves to share his made drinks with his father. Loves to climb mountains Does adventure with his father and his friends Try to learn something new · Likes: Loves to make drinks and loves to share his made drinks with his father. Loves to climb mountains Does adventure with his father and his friends Try to learn something new · Dislikes: Having argument with other people which can lead to war. Disturbed then he was free time and not giving him free time or relex. Bossy people. People witch wants to kill someone. Ambitions: Brewman - He loves to make alcoholic drinks. Alchemist - To Order to make the alcoholic drinks. Farming – To get some necessary thing for his drinks or Alchemy. Mining – Getting necessary mining thing for his father and for other people. Like ( Iron, Gold, Bronze and list goes on).\ Strengths/Talents: Heavy Backpack with items - Used to carry a lot of stones from mines and carry a lot of weapons. Fighting - In the childhood he was taught fighting by his grandfather and his father. Weaponry – Good at Swigging Battle Axe’s and other Dwarven weaponry. Hunting – If my character gets lost he knows how to survive Good at - Since this character is Dwarven, his is good with mining. Good at making alcoholic drinks. Weaknesses/Inabilities: Magic (Itself) - He was Born without any magic. He really want to learn magic. Building A Houses - He was never taught the skill of building a house witch is part of a survival. Drawing - He is really horible drawer. He sticks with writing. Tall Placeses – Dwarves are short, and are really hard for them to reach the highest place. Or Simply can’t reach because of short height. Forgery - His father works at forgery, but he's going to be like his father and try to be him and keep his father memories close to him and his going to try his best to keep it. Appearance: · Hair Color - Silver · Scars - None · Eye Color - Blue · Tall - Average Dwarven Size · Facial Hair - Silver Beard Color Skin: · [ https://www.needcoolshoes.com/skin/u9XPr/dalum-silvervein-lotc ]