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    Forum Signatures

    It’s been a long time since we’ve had any community graphics released. So, rather than throwing away my rough drafts for the new forum badges, I’ve decided to offer these banners up to the community for you all to use however you see fit. I’ll add a link to the source file as well, in case anyone would like to modify it for their own purposes. Similar banners have been created before, however, at the time of writing this post the thread that had previously contained them has been redacted. However, credit to @Korvic for the original idea. To download a set of banners, simply click on the image.
  2. The southernmost islands of Arcas offer habitat to a wide variety of vile creatures and beasts alike, who have been otherwise relegated from the rest of the realm. The jungles the islands play host to have done well in fostering a large population of swine, specifically feral and ever aggressive boars. There is strength in number -- which works both ways. It is advised that any huntsman or trapper comes with an adequately prepared party should they wish to leave in a condition similar to the one they arrived in, granted they are able to leave at all. CREATURE NAME OR OBJECTIVE – BOAR LOCATION – JUNGLE ISLAND THREAT LEVEL – INTERMEDIATE REWARD – 50 MINAS PER BOAR SLAIN (CAP OF 500) PROGRESSION SYSTEM (IF APPLICABLE) – TIME ((Contact me via a forum message, or on Discord – Defy#9532
  3. Ser Martinus, receiving a troubling report detailing monster sightings in a small village just beyond the Crownlands.  O’ does the eye of the sun oft gaze down ‘pon the realm of Arcas. As the skies drifted across the lands, they left in their wake the brightest sunlight, which staves away the darkness of mankind and creatures of darkness alike. The rays of said light reached all, from the lowest valleys of the south, to the mountainous terrain of the north. Some such radiance was known to have reached the land on which Hollyhold was built atop; the keep of Ser Martinus Horen, or Márton. T’was the 10th day of Harren’s Folley, a day wherein the sky was painted a misty grey, void of the usual light it so regularly graced the lands with. Heavy rains pattered down atop Ser Martinus’ plate, while forming puddles which patterned the walkway adjacent to Carolus’ Bridge. His warhorse among others cantered forward, splashing peasants and other bystanders in their wake. Over his shoulder the sight of the capital was fleeting. Slowly shrinking behind him as he moved further down the bridge, one which he had crossed a thousand times before. Every time but one he had ridden with his blade at his hip. Many trips were quick, gritty reminders of mortality, the cut threads of brigand lives. His favorite outings were the ones with long hours spent with the love of his life, dancing in the warmth of the summer seasons or exploring faraway lands. As he rode far and yonder, he’d dip his head one last time in reminiscence of the one fair lady who had been beside him from the moment he first arrived in Helena until now. He could not bid her farewell, for he knew she would scream bloody murder; for his journey north would be his last, and he knew such, but she could not. His love for Octavia was bewildering, she would come to learn of his fate in due time. He had left a journal bidding his ilk love, and joy. Expressing both his regrets and joyous occasions, reveling in his youth spent in Aeldin, to the time he was knighted before the entirety of the Empire. From his time as regent, his service as a Dragon Knight, to his successful skirmishes and battles up until the day of his trial. He left no detail hindered, no stone unturned, and all that would come to read his journal, would come to understand the heart and soul of the man who wrote it. To his dearly beloved, Octavia, he would bid her farewell, leaving her a poem to pair with his poetic departure from the realm. He would express his dismay in the task at hand and for his general line of work. But alas, without servitude to those above us, we are naught but creatures befuddled by chaos with no order to contain our darkened hearts. “Ser Martinus!” hailed a brother, not by blood, but by way of the sword. Martinus abruptly came back to reality and returned to his senses. Time had passed, passed indeed, for the sun had set behind the veil of clouds. They were no more than an hour’s ride from their destination. The terrain had all but gone rugged and wet, marshland was in the distance, wild, and animalistic. Fog had begun to roll in, rendering their visions thin and short. Martinus, whose golden hand had his horses reigns grasped ever tightly, would take the lead and advance forth into the unknown. His kin, igniting the way, with flickering torchlight barely poking through the dense fog as they neared the village. They were beginning to think they had rode all this way for naught, for it had been a quiet and quaint journey thus far. Not a single beast or demon in sight. Some of the knights and legionnaires spoke amongst each other, “Whatever it was must’ve fled,” chuckled one from behind a visor. Their banter was hastily dismissed by Martinus. A thick stench of rot and decay would soon begin fill their nostrils, making their eyes water, and causing their faces to tug back in sheer disgust. Martinus knew, then, and there, that this was no fool’s errand or senseless misadventure. He glanced back within his group; his eyes upon a youth in particular, who had recently joined his brigand of knights and squires. “Careful and quiet,” he began to say, though before he could finish his sentence, a horrific screech was heard originating from somewhere off in the distance. The screech of a banshee or ghoul no doubt. As this unseen beast’s momentary terror came to an end the fog partially gave way, and the brigand now found themselves within the heart of the devil’s frame. A village stood before them, with obviously ransacked houses partially enclosed by blood laden walls. Promptly, Martinus would turn to his kin, with his good hand sat upon the pommel of his blade. He glanced briefly at the sight ahead once more, before drifting his gaze upon the youngest of the group. “Home! Ride fierce, and do not look back, Adalbert! Ride home, and inform the others of our findings. All of you, return to the place from where we came.” As Martinus spoke, his brethren, strengthened by war and bloodshed faltered for but a moment. Surely, he did not intend to walk in there by his lonesome? Had the Prince ordered his own death? These were questions he could not answer. As Martinus spoke the sounds of not one, but many foul creatures would be heard encroaching upon their position. At the behest of the Prince, the youthful squire and his escort slowly withdrew, surely doubting the integrity of the order that was given. Right, or wrong an order is an order, and perhaps against their better judgement they adhered to it. The Dragon Knight drew his blade one final time, stood beside his men offering them a final nod as to usher them off. They rode forth, forth into the fog partially lit by torchlight, which, in turn, would diminish. One, by one, as they continued down the path the torches faded away. Accompanied by horror and torment -- a lone man was reduced to blood curdling screams, and then.. silence.  Written by Adalbert de Villeneuve, dubbed “Writing Upon the Wall.” This was all that was left in young Adalbert’s household when it was repossessed by the Imperial Government. MAY HE REST IN PEACE SER MARTINUS ‘THE LOVER’ OF THE HOUSE OF HOREN
  4. DECLARATION OF REGENCY 8th of Sigismund’s End, 1713 His Imperial Majesty has deemed it suitable to pursue an extended absence as he partakes on a sentimental pilgrimage across the fabled continent of Aeldin, where his progenitors hail from. It is due to this that the Privy Council has come together to declare a state of regency across the Empire in order to better maintain the prosperous state of the Realm and to continue the ongoing war against the EU. Therefore the following is declared: SECTION I: REGENCY The Arch-Chancellor, Wilhelm Devereux, shall ascend to the position of Regent and assume the responsibilities of the Emperor until His Imperial Majesty returns. The Privy Council shall aid the newly-named regent in leading the Empire, just as they would assist the Emperor. However if a matter arises where two or more members of the Privy Council deem an issue to be so serious it should not be handled by the Regent alone, then the matter shall be handled democratically by the entire Privy Council. This can also be invoked to revoke, undo or alter the decisions made by the regent. SECTION II: WAR While most matters can be entrusted to the Regent, all matters pertaining to war shall be handled by His Imperial Highness, Martinus Horen, until His Imperial Majesty returns. This position shall be guided alongside a The Regent and a War Council that shall persist of the Grand Marshal, the Grand Knight, and the Siege Master, Tiberius Horen. If these terms are not held to then any additional powers granted to the aforementioned shall be revoked and the Empire shall sit without a sole leader until the return of His Imperial Majesty. IN NOMINE DEI THE IMPERIAL REGENT, Wilhelm of the House of Devereux, Regent and Archchancellor of the Imperium Septimus. HIS IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Ser Martinus “The Lover” of the House of Horen, Prince and Dragon Knight, and Warlord of the Imperium Septimus HER IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, Amelia Philipa of the House of Horen, Princess of Alstion and the Imperium Septimus, Duchess of Alba and Furnestock, Lady Keeper of the Privy Seal of the Empire HIS IMPERIAL EXCELLENCY, Darius of the House of Ault, Grand Knight of the Imperium Septimus, Ordermaster of the Imperial Order of the Red Dragon and chaste servant of God. HIS IMPERIAL EXCELLENCY, Charles-Edmond of the House of Talraen, Minister of the Interior and Arch-Seneschal of the Imperial and Royal Crown of Exalted Godfrey and Renatus-Marna, Baron and Lord Protector of Rennes HIS IMPERIAL EXCELLENCY, Rozmeo of the House of Kastrovat, Lord Marshal of the Imperial Renatian Legion
  5. PACT OF VERIDIAN “Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.” 12th of Horen’s Calling, 1713 This pact hereby entails the principles to an accord agreed upon by the signees, to be adhered to by both their respective civilians and military alike. Should either principle be broken by a respective participant of either nation, then a truce will be inherently invoked, ergo allowing a maximum of three saints days wherein efforts to re-evaluate the accord, and, or, deem the accord no longer viable. Both signatories shall become at peace with one another, ceasing conflict between the two. Henceforth, both parties will adhere to a strict non-aggression agreement that will be enforced. Regarding the flow of goods and trade, no customs will discourage any exchange. Mobility between the nations will be enforced by both, and the roads swept of bandits who may harass our fair people. Both parties will aid one another in obtaining fugitives and criminals to their respective civilisation, unless one has a pact with said respective nation from which the fugitive hails from. Both parties will aid one another in the defensive means of any of the signatories providing they are aggressed upon. Recognising the supremacy each signatory holds over their race (Uruk, Man.) if this supremacy is contested then for the duration of the situation -- the pact will ascend into a full alliance. The Orcs of Krugmar will join in with the ongoing war against the EU, or any homogenous group, adhering to the commandments of “Desolation.” HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Antonius I of the House of Horen, Emperor of Man, King of Renatus, Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Courland, Santegia, and Norland, Duke of the Crownlands, Avar, and Frederica, Count of Helena, Alamar, Frederica, Thesmer, Thelen, Lorath, and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood, Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, Farfolk, etcetera REX, Burbur’Lur Farseer and Elementalist of Krugmar, Protector of the Hou-Zi.
  6. A GREAT FACADE. Issued and Confirmed by His Imperial Majesty, Antonius I of the House of Horen,12th of Harren’s Folly, 1711 Yet another instance of Norlandic idiocy: one could deem it expected. Those of lackluster minds were once again fooled by a ploy -- a feigned missive sent out by the Imperial Grand Knight, Darius Ault, of a proposed deposition to lure them into our palace. And, as schemed, the wretched followers of Clan Ruric succumbed to Imperial Might. To their dismay, the portcullis slammed to a close, those within the throne room resembling squealing vermin who have been cornered; Bewildered as their flighty response to a feigned claim cost them their lives, the Norlanders soon realised these moments inside of the palace were their last. The Imperial regime considered pity, unable to initially unsheathe their swords and deplete the Norlandic forces - but rather heaved their heads back and relinquished laughter at the feeble attempt. Despite this, the Norlanders persisted, unwavering in their attempts to flee -- though to no avail. The laughter encompassing the room soon ceased as their ichor besmirched the lavender carpets: yet another rebellious effort thwarted. In light of this, one would hope today’s events serve as a reminder for any Adrian migrating to Vilachia to not side with men who so blatantly are outwitted by Imperials in a desperate attempt to relish in a moment of glory that will evidently never occur. No dignity, No wits, No brains. —- “It was such a good bait, I’m not even mad about it. They did all the small things perfectly.” -Hot_Dip
  7. Martinus mourns the passing of his distant relative.
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    Nice rep ratio loser.

  9. PACT OF DRAGON AND STONE “Prosperity tries the fortunate, adversity the great.” 7th of Sun’s Smile, 1707 This pact hereby entails the principles to an accord agreed upon by the signees, to be adhered to by both their respective civilians and military alike. Should either principle be broken by a respective participant of either nation, then a truce will be inherently invoked, ergo allowing a maximum of three saints days wherein efforts to re-evaluate the accord, and, or, deem the accord no longer viable. Both nations agree to avoid conflict with each other, should a potential conflict arise, both nations respective heads shall be notified to find a diplomatic alternative. Both nations agree to permit safe and free passage of each the other nation’s citizens. The Empire of Man and the Kingdom of Agnarum agree to establish borders: The mountain range to the west of the Empire shall be recognized as dwarven lands, given that the dwarves do not build fortifications above ground or expand north or east of that. The Empire agrees to leave the under-realm to the dwarves, and will not build or alter entrances. This pact will remain in effect as long as a Horen remains on the Imperial Throne.
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