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  1. I will run any Tavern or Bakery you ask me too. On this Earth or in the Heavens bb. Take care, and thanks for making my Lotc experience one big +1. Imagine playing Rugby lol cringe. 🙂 -Benelux
  2. Oog thinks of the little red haired man that lied about giving him steak, his giant maw snapped shut in anger as he smashed his giant callused hands onto the ground. ”OOG EAT’Z LATZ! YUB YUB!” He yelled in a fit of rage, though his giant maw carried a wide grin. He was soon too begin his training in making sticks to make his ginger kebabs with.
  3. Cavantel

    The Union of Mates

    Oog can’t read. But he awaits the grub to eat. ”Yub Yub!”
  4. Estelle offered a smile to her friend, moving to go and embrace her once again after the many decades they had been apart. “It is lovely to see you again Prim.” She said quietly during the hug before slowly exiting it as her smile grew. “We have so much to talk about!” She said with a nod as she would take Primroses hand, going to begin leading her off to a little valley where Winnifred and Katerina worked on making flower crowns together. “You should go and say hi, I am sure the both of them would love to see you.” She said as she let go of Prim’s hand, going to pat her on the back to send her off to see the two with a small laugh.
  5. Katerina smiled softly as she sat in the grass, her eyes going to once again look upon Winnifred. She slowly moved to stand on her feet, as she faced her friend. Going to move forward toward her as she held in her hands a flower crown, much like the ones the two had made together when they were children. ”It is great to see you again.” She said softly to Winni, going to lift her arms up over Winni’s head to set the crown atop her cousins head. Before looking into Winni’s eyes, her smile growing even more as she quickly went to en wrap her arms around her. Hugging her tightly, after not seeing each other for so long. ”Gods I missed you Winni, but. Now we have eternity together!” She said with her old cheerful tone. ”Come, lets pick flowers together.” She said with a nod, slowly moving to exit the hug as she offered Winni her hand, her smile unfaltering as she awaited to spend eternity as she promised with her best friend.
  6. Being eleven and getting the s*x scene on Mass Affect. 😎
  7. Justice for Flemish. . .

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    2. Luminaire


      @ChryasorRegardless of rules being broken, the point is that a 2 week ban went to a 6 month ban over a report that could be considered sketchy in what it reported. A 6 month ban is overkill regardless of who it happens to. 2 weeks should never be boosted up to a ban of half a year because of a report that took ages to get looked at and was part of a series of spam reports aimed to target ban our people.

    3. Cavantel


      There is punishment for breaking the rules. but a half a year ban over a very sketched report is a rather extreme move.

    4. Callum


      I think haense are a bunch of actual babies. Like imagine storming rubern with 20 ppl and us letting u fight and u losing. We dont report. We storm ur tile with less then 10 and get sent away by mods twice. BUT YOU STILL REPORT. AFTER WE GET SENT AWAY SO NOTHING BAD HAPPENS. u raid and pop ppl. we dont even get to raid. irl perma virgins

  8. Cavantel

    The Burden of Guilt

    Katerina smiled towards her best friend Edyth, only having just arrived in wherever the afterlife is. She rushed over to her, going to attempt to hold her in an embrace. “Oh Edyth, it has been too long!” She muttered out quietly as the woman would fall limp in her best friends arms. As they had once marched off together in life, they now may together in death. Anya took hold of the letter bringing her the horrid news, her eyes beginning to tear up as she began to bare her teeth in a harsh snarl. Going to stand up from her warm resting place besides the hearth of The Eternal Library. She began to move slowly to the hearth, her steps shaky as she tried to keep herself composed. Going to place her hands upon it as she leaned against it, looking into her steel blade coated in silver. “Ilyt’rhil.” She muttered quietly as the Mali’Aheral saw her reflection within the blade. “It is time, to strike down the wicked. Who have brought my llir to such ends.” She said with a resolute nod, adrenaline rushing through her as she stood tall. Going to take the blades handle and lift it from its resting place, then turning around as she prepared her exit from Haelun’or. There was wicked Valah blood to be spilt. Paulina would be running around the ever burning ash tree with her best friend Edgar, a bright smile on the girls face as she held the toy her mother had given her long ago. It was a very special toy, a small stick called ‘Oki-Poki.’ It was the child's older sisters toy when she was her age. She laughed as she went to attempt to tap Edgar with the stick as a bird arrived from her father, on it a small letter, she stopped her play and ushered over Edgar so the two friends may read the letter together. The little girls eyes began to tear up as she read the contents, going to slowly lean against her friend to stand upright. “Goodbye-a big sister-a Edyth. I will-a be excited-a too see you again.” She said quietly as her voice broke up, no more words able to escape the child as Edgar and her embraced under the warmth and light of the eternal flame held on the tree of ash.
  9. Paulina stands reading it, a flushed look appearing on the girls face. ”Why did-a they name a ciggi after me-a. I don’t-a even smoke-a!” She said with a frown. “I am telling-a Mama Julie!!!” She said with a huff, running off to her aunt.
  10. https://youtu.be/BKDGTp9nsQo Katerina walked up the steps, her steps tapping against the cold stone of the tower. A soft whistle coming from the woman's lips as she smiled, in her right hand a bottle of Alimar Red. The alcohol she had been working on for the past half decade, she gripped it tightly as her left hand went to unwrap the furs that covered her dress. Once she had reached the top of the tower, she was now only in her gown. Going to move her hand up to take off her fur hat and toss it aside as she moved to uncork her bottle. Going to chug down her now perfected alcoholic beverage one last time, once finished she tossed that aside as well. “Maybe it could do with less sugar?” She muttered to herself with a small laugh, her eyes wide with lack of sleep as she slowly stumbled towards the edge of the towers ledge. Looking out to the city she had called her home since she was only twelve, a warm smile on her face as her cheeks flushed red from the alcohol. “In all honesty, it was a rather ugly city.” She said with a chuckle, shaking her head. “But, it had charm.” She said moving to stand atop the ledge, looking out to the water below, she went to undo her hair of its ponytail, letting her short hair flow freely down to her shoulders, the woman's hair already having begun to grey, even in her young age. Years of war and depression stressing the woman to no end, wrinkles already forming under her baggy eyes. Her smile then slowly fading as a frown then appeared. “I don’t think I ever got a hug once from my nieces or nephew.” She said with a sorrowful croak. “Perhaps, that is for the best anyway. They won’t miss who they never formed a bond with. I will just be another swing of the pendulum to them, time never ending.” She muttered out in a drunken fit, probably not even understanding what she spoke in her pre-death philosophical output. “I hope, Goddan never forgives me for abandoning my sister in this time.” She said with a resolute nod. Going to begin taking her step forward, feeling the air beneath her feet. Not looking below as to not ruin her last fit of bravery, she leaned forward and gravity did the rest, as she began to plummet down into towards the lake below, she seemed almost elegant in her fall, unmoving as she closed her eyes. “Dravo Maya, care for the Little Crows as I did you.” Being her last words as she hit the water. Dying upon impact as she then began to sink down into the lake. And that being the end of Princess Katerina Alimar.
  11. Simple, by playing a hot Dark Elf. That is how one achieves ultimate power my friend.
  12. I now await for whether or not I will like this post based on what SquakHawk says.
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