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  1. "Elves do not go to the Seven Skies. You have a meaningless existence, for the Lord GOD does not wish for you to join His paradise." A fellow canonist by the name of Ivan spoke as he passed-by, simply making an observation of the half-elf out of nowhere.
  2. sorry for bullying you yesterday I didn’t think ud make an insight post about it
  3. A wandering bard halted in his tracks, staring at the missive momentarily. His eyes fluttered shut, and then he spoke. “It would be a waste to kill two handsome dashing men. Though, I’ve never seen those Xan worshippers back their words. To another silent proclamation!” He jeered, continuing onwards to meet his good friends in Savoy.
  4. honestly ur just wrong. that’s it rlly. jk feedback noted n I’ll mend some **** to nerf n add more redlines
  5. Ivan Mareno was prepared to attend the grand auction, clearly proud of his family! “Amazing!”
  6. yo yo, and nah. If you’ve ever played certain games that invoke blindness in the killer (totally didn’t rip this off), they are unable to see the descendant themselves. Imagine seeing like a blob of mana floating in front of you, that would be it. They are, in most aspects, truly blind. They have the agility, but are unable to see the obstacles in the way (and so might collide with walls, trip on hills and rocks, or otherwise). These creatures would be unable to tell when someone is swinging at them, and projectiles (commonly arrows, non-mana based) will not be seen by them when coming towards them. I don’t see how traditionally projectiles will cause no harm when bows & crossbows have piercing impact. magic. would become a shitty interactive creature that can’t interact with others this doesn’t need to be explained in a fantasy trope rlly. why are the bones of the ugr’sil able to remain n not the skin n muscles (same ****) they are listed in the redlines :D can’t rlly speed up their voidal corruption, essentially. they’re kinda at the top-to-all for how corrupted n fucked you can get essentially, so when they enter other voidal sites n ****, it’s not rlly gonna speed it up (could write a mechanic for effects such as pain n **** still being a thing)
  7. I agree to a certain degree. I was going to go for like some SCP-939 sort of deal where it was basic shapes and no colour besides black and white outlines. However, I started to write n reform because certain parts became too strong. These creatures will be able to see in areas where the void is immense (Ando-Alur falling and the voidal hollow is one of those places). It's another way of saying these creatures should not be roaming around without being punished, honestly. I agree with the sentiment and might change it later if it does become a roleplay detriment and ST agree with the sentiment. cheers for the compliment
  8. i havent written history or transformation cuz i wanted to ask ST for that help should they find it viable lol but cheers
  9. You have misunderstood this lore, then. The current concept of the void is too kind; it is not as ruthless as it should be. All tools (i.e feats written by squak or otherwise) are still being fixed and brushed up on, and they could be - in my opinion - much more strict or vile. The void is, as I repeat, the antithesis of creation. People have roleplayed this Gandalf-aesthetic with the void (there is no problem in doing this at all, honesty) without getting into the thick heart of what the void could be. I have said this numerous times before. The void lore itself is perfectly fine, it's mainly got to do with the players. There is no active group of voidal mages that work together with written culture, nor have I seen anyone enforce or attempt to get into the deep-lore of the void in-roleplay. This lore actively provides an opportunity to get some cool culture out, and even if this lore is not accepted, it can be used as a basis for other voidal-cultures. I hate seeing voidal players wanting reach this point of immortality through tapping into Chaos and expecting to turn into a knight in shining armour, or something strong and powerful. I see it being discussed all the time in OOC, or seeing players cry about it in the ST chat. That's just my personal opinion, however. I read most renditions of the Archon-lore before writing this (specifically the write Johann posted which got clowned on by lhindir-squad, he sent it to me a few times I remember). You have either written it extremely poorly, or simply made it out to be voidal-archmage 2.0. It has key characteristics which fit the more gruesome playstyle of the void, but at the end of the day, it came off as this perfect spectre of the void. I don't argue that voidal-CA's suck ass, but this is more-so for players who want to go into a different, sickly route of voidal magic and attempting to roleplay its backlash when reaching far too deep in. I take offence to my lore post being compared to Archons when they are drastically different in aesthetic outside of the voidal-slots haha. Either I've been the one misunderstanding your vision for Archons with everyone else, or you did not portray it as it should have been (mirrored by the fact your lore was denied in 2-3 weeks, maybe less, and then was clowned on in the staff chat). it cannot harm the voidal community bcuz the voidal community doesnt exist btw (just wanted to let u know) ngl this was going to be a meme lore i wrote after me n @ScreamingDingospoke about something funny but i decided to just write for the sake of writing until my job starts n im no longer able to write haha Passive connection, immunity to fire and sharp weapons, increased speed, the ability to “learn more magic” as is described in the last few paragraphs. You claim to have written a CA that emphasizes the detriment of the Void, yet what you’ve made is unironically just as strong as Phil’s archons. Passive connection - This simply makes sense, in all honesty. You become a sickly creature of the void. Why would you need to connect to something that is already connected to you, lol? Immunity to fire - A skeleton walking through fire does not seem far-fetched, unless if it damages the soul or melts the bone. Most fire-spells have some sort of impact, which would do more damage than the actual flames themselves (combustion can still blow this thing apart). Increased speed - You're a literal walking skeleton, lol. I might redline this to be the case if you aren't wearing light-plates. Learn more magic - You gain one more additional slot with the backlash of no longer being able to connect to any other non-voidal feat or magic, something a lot of voidal mages have currently minmaxed or used. I don't see where this is as powerful as phils archons lmfao. A blind skeleton covered in sickly bile that is unable to see swords swinging at them, non-mana based magics being cast towards them, or structures and obstacles to walk to x and y, tethered by their insanity, harmed by slippery-objects and or water, and being harmed by heavy weight and blunt-force in 2-3 hits being much stronger than the rendition you wrote which mirrored some aspects but was more perfect in creation. p.s ur archon lore had it so u could catch projectiles mid air.. my creature cant even see arrows heading towards it..
  10. It's not a joke, really. Also, there is no voidal magic community. You just have people who use voidal magic but do nothing culturally or aesthetically. It has the most potential and yet has the least amount done with it. The only reason Archons were trash is because of the above reason I stated. You guys want unrealistic playable voidal-creatures that do particularly nothing but strengthen you. I think the end-game should be something that is defiantly more realistic to what should happen when you meddle with the literal antithesis of creation (not turning into a blob of mana or becoming a floating magical knight of the void, but getting your organs and skin destroyed, turning blind and becoming fucked rightfully so).
  11. lol kunuk wants like floating voidal manas knights with no weaknesses i want the end-game of void mages to be u realise that the void is fucked.
  12. UGR’SIL Cursed of the Void THE FOUR MISTAKES To become the pinnacle of the void -- it is a mistake. Nobody should strive for voidal enlightenment, for you lose yourself in your path, no longer able to return to your once-mortal state; a vile blight that roams the land, conscious yet not, existent yet voidless. There is no light in the void, and to embody nothingness is considered heinous and should be avoided. However, the foolish that continue their mindless trek into arcane rituals will find themselves being hurt most by these side-effects. THE EMBODIMENT THE PAIN “You are no dragon.” Upon progressing further into the liturgies of horrors and voidal worship, you will begin to feel the sway of power, though it is faux. The void is nothingness, and so the descendant-soul will be dreaded by the destruction that proceeds. The void is untapped and unmatched. For this very reason, there are not many voidal creatures that are consciously sane, and it is the same reason as to why voidal mages are physically deteriorated. We are not made for the void. “You are mauled by lions.” You begin to realise the pain is unbearable; stitches and flicks of pain, as if your very-body wishes to be destroyed by whatever force of cynical prowess is used. Mages find this pain reluctant after overloading usage in mana, and the same will occur to those attempting to over exceed their limits. The void is destruction, for it is the undoing of Creation. As descendant-souls are part of the Creator’s visage, it too will be undone by the puissant nature of the void. THE LOSS THE LIFELESS “You lose everything.” Progression is a goat, chewing away at strands of hay for winter’s barley, threatening your friends and family. You tap into your potential, drawing forth large walls of flames and streams of water, all using the prowess of the void. As you venture deeper into the roots of the void, you realize all is lost -- it is blighted, and no longer are you able to cast the magics you once had. The void is a threat, and as it drives false hope of power, you will lose it regardless. “This is not immortality.” The very flesh on your skin is driven away in fear, and the organs that pulp and aerate will turn puss. As you watch your very eyes roll off your socket, and be consumed by an endless miasma of nothingness, you feel powerful. Yet, your cognizance fades, driven to the edge of insanity, necrotic and lifeless, blighted and spilling with taint. It burns, you cry. The void is all-consuming and all-destructive, and all bearers of the eldritch mark will be left with the same -- death. THE VOID IS A MISTAKE ATTRIBUTES The first steps to destruction THE UNLITTERED PATH As the path of the arcane is filled with both limitless potential but immediate danger, most rituals are cast away and mages tend to remain as steadfast casters of gentle, less-noxious forms of the void (i.e casting fire, or water). The many attributes and side-effects of treading further into the unlittered path are vile and egregious; it is the undoing of creation, and so should be assumed to be against that of the descendant-races. SIGHTLESS - “Mortal ambition is beneath you, awakened with true sight.” Ugr’sil do not lower themselves to the standards of mortal sight; they do not require colour, nor the sense of shape. For them, their sight comes from scanning the natural world for their part-self essence; the void itself will be their sight. All that is made of mana will be seen by their fruitful gaze, and that of the void itself cannot hide from their luckless eyes. They are, without fault, perfect in vision; they are also terrible in vision, as they do not recognize shape, and thus are unable to comprehend whether or not something large or small is coming after them. BODILESS - “The veracity of freedom starts with the loss of oneself.” Ugr’sil are accursed mages of many mistakes, and the first is their body. Upon ascending higher into the hierarchy of the void, they begin to find their body is of no relevance; to embody a stasis of pure bliss, one must tether their bodies away and become skinless, organ-less, only to be left as a frame filled by a miasma of noxious and poisonous stream of the void. The Ugr’sil find themselves to loathe those weighted by a working body, likely out of self-pity or otherwise abhorrence of imperfection. The Ugr’sil are mistakes, and they probably do not see themselves as one. LIFELESS - “The void revels in our vacuity, pay no mind to the lack of mortality.” The void is nothingness, the complete lack of creation, the inability to live, the darkness that envelopes our universe. In order to become complete with the void, the first step is to embody an aspect of it -- being lifeless. Upon transference and reaching into the recess of the void, you will reach a comatose of lifeless paradise, to no longer feel the pain of emotions nor the fear of death, for those are concepts that are non-existent to you, nor of any partial relevance. The void revels in our vacuity, and so it is important for them to ignore the mortality of others, likely due to being the antithesis of creation itself. INSANITY - “You are not the being you were once before; adapt or capitulate.” The Ugr’sil do not think the same way as mortals, as their mind is bent and shafted by the void; it is blighted and uneasy, slowly consuming them to the ever-black, forced into a state of pure melancholy. It begins to tear away the emotions, and though it starts subtle and uneasy, the concepts that once excited descendants no longer seem to interest them. They will no longer enforce a moral compass, nor will the idea of cruelty or malice seem to shock them in any capacity. To some, it could be called non-sentience, but it is far from it. PHYSICAL DETAILS Upon proceeding with the heinous ritual, either through accidental discovery or otherwise, the body is no-more. As listed above, the caretaker of the void - originally a normal mage - will begin to slowly and ruthlessly tear away, taking on the full capacity of the void. Though similar in appearance to necromantic skeletons, they are what should-be of those attempting to gain immortality through the void: organ-less, skinless and conscious creatures defiled by vicarious nothingness and vivaciously brought to life through the consumption of mana. FRAILTY - Due to their skeletal remains, the body becomes frail and brittle, unable to comprehend the power of the void at its full capacity. They are weak and un-charming. IMMORTALITY - As they strive for power, those Ugr’sil achieve true immortality, yet relinquish themselves to the taint of the void, and thus must suffer a painful life. BLINDNESS - Upon their ascension to the highest echelons of the void, they are no longer able to see as normal mortals do. Their sight is limited to scanning mana, and they lack the ability to see colour. AGILITY - No longer bound by the shackles of weight, their lack of organs and skin increases their speed heavily, allowing them to dodge and weave with more ferocity. This will be further explained below. Though sickly and spewing voidal blight, the Ugr’sil still pride themselves as being immortal harbingers of the void, the end-of-end, the bridge of the fierce nothingness. They are the embodiment of the ever-black and will still be able to stand their ground against other forces of nature. VOIDAL DETAILS Though physically impaired and no longer able to sense others as mortals do, the Ugr’sil are still potent in their magical prowess, harnessing their full potential of the void through unlocking their tainted-souls with the brute-force of the ever-black. As harbingers of the void and true scions of mana, the Ugr’sil are blessed with a facet of abilities to support them in their endeavors. VOIDAL INHERITANCE - Due to being directly linked to the void in some capacity, the Ugr’sil are more potent in voidal magic and are able to learn more at the cost of their body. VOIDAL IMMUNITY - As they are creatures to the void, most areas infested with voidal corruption or otherwise will no longer harm them nor be poisonous to them. LOSS OF CONNECTION - Due to being directly linked to the void at all times, the requirement to connect is no longer present to them, and so they do not require waiting for connection and then casting -- they may simply cast as they normally would without connection. However, they also lose their connection to non-voidal magics. Sadly, those harmed by the gift of the void will no longer be able to use other types of magic, either feeling their connections tethering, or being scorned by whatever they were connected to before. Though, all is not lost, for you also feel the welcoming embrace of the void. Author’s Note: I have not written a way to become this playable as I would rather this be discussed in length further with the story-team should the concept be applicable. I also plan on writing another post for voidal rituals and otherwise should it be required in the future. This was a project for fun, if you ever want to expand on this should I lack the motivation, feel free. logos from dead by daylight edge quotes from @Archangelic
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