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  1. day 2 hero hasnt returned my vr headset

  2. hey why did you steal my VR headset give it back plz my mom is gonna beat me plz ello stop ignoring me hello


    1. Honourary


      those damn romanians are at it again.

  3. Mohammad Hassan traversed the sandy dunes of the Fakhr Oasis, in order to find his brother-in arms. "Yallah, the heat."
  4. will give people djinn for two minas. hit me up. 

    1. NLThomas


      One, take it or leave it.


  5. MALIK saunters across the dunes of the Fakhr Oasis; he exhales sharply, and catches a parchment that fluttered around. He squinted momentarily at its' contents, and then spoke. "Hmh, yes. I shall contact her!" He commented, though had no plans on marrying this woman, nor was he planning on intimacy -- he was about to scam someone for their minas and potions.
  6. Giving out Djinn to anyone interested. Shoot me a DM.

    1. BenjiBot


      It's for a friend I swear 😰 

    2. xX_Wowjayhz2012_Xx


      Yeah but can you turn me into a pickle?

    3. Slorbin


      da da dee da doo da da dee dee da da doo (arabian sound)

  7. MALIKS COMPANY محاكمة الجن Across the continent of Almaris, a man bequeathed in arabian-garbs is seen wandering the desert, spreading fliers about his new Tarot Card Reading and Tea Reading services. You find the parchment is made of gold, and has the symbol of an owl embedded upon its face. TAROT CARDS بطاقة التارو Want your future read? Do you wish to gaze upon the fate that lies before you? Are you hoping to see whence your death occurs, or when you find that loved one? Tarot card reading services are what you’re looking for! Malik will read one card for a measly five minas! It’s that simple! TEA READING قراءة الشاي Are you looking to find out the nitty-gritty of your life? Do you want to go back to the past, and relive your favourite moments? Are you looking to protect your loved ones from their inevitable doom? Look no further, as Miaev will read your tea for five minas only! A bargain! For a reading, please send a letter to Savoy or Du-Loc. We’ll find it.
  8. In the name of Allah!

  9. MALIK wandered the forests near Du Loc mindlessly, in order to convince himself the accidental cause-of-death was not his fault. "I saved the day . . . I saved the day . . ."
  10. MAL'IK sat alongside his brother, his form besmirched by grime and mud -- he was tired and beaten. He turned to face Ron'vir, as his lips parted to respond; he felt respite in their immaculate escape. "Accursed! They forsake us!" He brought his rightest-hand alongside the back of Ron'vir, and patted it to comfort his brother.
  11. WOE TO NEVAEHLEN A message to wanders, merchants and aspirant-druids, We are Mal’ik and Rov’nir. We are druids of eld hailing from the years ‘pon Aegis. I come with a message of disarray and disparity for those who venture out to meet those of the egregious Nevaehlen. These are men and women of foulity, and they do not care for the well-being of their guests! As master druids of yore, we left our homeland to begin an arduous journey to this ‘Nevaehlen’ in order to meet our fellow druids of the next, prospective generation. We came with gifts of arts, tomes and lost-druidic arts and spells to teach our fellow younglings. However, we were struck down by their gates, and forced to wrestle against their vile root-bearers in hopes of an escape. As we answered questions with peace and sincerity, they began to sow the seeds of dissent and plot our very demise from past the gates. They began to sprout roots from the ground, and turned them into vile tentacles covered in bile, mucus, moss and mould! They attempted to slay us, druids of eld, for answering questions?! We even showed them our ancient, lost power by morphing ourselves into talking animals; squirrel and bunny alike. Our bestial forms, shown on full splay for their horrible eyes, and they treated us like circus-animals – we could have sworn one removed an apron and a knife and fork to devour us, like cannibals! Heed this message well, those who plan on travelling to Nevaehlen. They are cannibals and do very weird things with wood and roots! Do not get injured and harassed!
  12. ((I provide OOC consent as one of the lore-holder alongside Spoon for this to occur.))
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