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  1. https://imgur.com/a/zGospaT true cya ryan if u ever return hit me up, was fun talking to u
  2. Werew0lf

    Safety Team

    i feel unsafe without them
  3. As a black man, I am deeply offended you linked gorillas to my ethnicity and skin tone. Please speak to me on discord, not wishing to file a report on your racist remark to my skin-tone. Please don’t link gorillas to black people. Thank you. 

    1. Travista


      Who tf thinks gorillas have anything to do with persons of African origins in 2019



    2. Corporatocracy


      me love lat travis

  4. so basically right this team is just a b-tech version of moderation but with a lower budget sounds like this team was formed more for the flare factor than actually bringing safety ngl. if u see a minecraft roleplay server with a safety team u already know what’s cookin
  5. Ser Debbie Sugarfoot slowly stemmed into the stables of the Under-Realm of Urguan. As the halfling walked towards the main-gate, one of the regular guards would greet him and inform the halfling of the barbaric war deceleration from the petty fief of Ruswick. The sugarfoot would burst out into laughter with the guard, smacking his palm against the pauldron of the guard. ”Ja, mon. Don kno the tingz, init? Mon’gotcha, bruv. Dey sum jestuhs, don tink ja serous ting. Dem need to remumbah who kil’ja leaduh in Urguan.”, releasing a faint sigh. ”Ja’mon will restore Bron’s legacy, mon.”
  6. A black halfling Sugarfoot carrying a mounted singular crossbow, circa 1730. [The History] The Sugarfoot Clan is prominently known as a fearful clan amongst the halfling race, spread across the realms over time. Known as warriors with dark-toned skin, extraordinary physique and master skill in combat -- they ran around the realms of Atlas and Arcas. The progenitor is unknown, however, it is known that the family started to grow vividly during the era of the Fort Stronk wars against the Dominion, in which they’d carry many of the Uruk on their back. The Sugarfoot Clan fought alongside Fort Stronk, bloodied swords and broken bolts scraped off their victims; hatred boiling in the Sugarfoot bloodline against the Dominion scum. Sadly, the war ended in Fort Stronk was invaded and captured by the Dominion lines and the Sugarfoot flee promptly and continued onwards to continue their work as warriors. They roamed as nomads and gypsies, having no culture to follow or any tradition to behold. However, Ghanyah’s showed rich culture and variant in their lifestyle. One of the Sugarfoot leaders saw the inviting Ghanyah nation and decided to settle in and learn. Slowly mending their religion, culture, and way of life -- the Sugarfoot culture had been born after numerous years of hospitality. As the Sugarfoot Clan was grateful for all they learned they decided to help invade against the scum Kadarsi which didn’t last long. The leader of the Sugarfoot Clan, being unknown, swiftly left the Ghanyah’s and decided to find use in their skills for money. Throughout history, there was strong segregation against the halfling of Dunshire and the Sugarfoot Clan. The Dunshire halfling despised the use of weapons and didn’t agree to harm others. The Sugarfoot Clan believed in a warrior-like code and praised weapons as deific objects. A fuelling rage caused the Sugarfoot Clan to go to war with Dunshire in hopes to take it over but sadly failed again [this was due to coup-rules not existing at the time]. The Sugarfoot Clan continued to work along the road as mercenaries, making quick money to guard carriages and carry out small contracts from different nations. As the races had landed into the new continent of Arcas, the Sugarfoots continued to work hard as mercenaries. Eventually, a society of bandits-mercenaries took notice of the clan and decided to invite them. This society of bandit-mercenaries was known as the elite Reivers. The history of conflict in the Sugarfoot bloodline is strong. The elite Sugarfoot held names with the letter ‘D’, known to be strong, able warriors and know the rich culture of the Sugarfoot Clan. However, the Sugarfoots which held names with the letter ‘Q’ were known as weak warriors who were a disgrace to the clan due to being drug addicts. Currently, the clan has been taken over by Dacquan Sugarfoot and Debbie Sugarfoot, son to Daqcaer Sugarfoot. Leader: Daquan Sugarfoot [Junar] & Debbie Sugarfoot [Werew0lf] + Daqcaer Sugarfoot [Mickaelhz] + Dubba Sugarfoot [markuhz] + Jafari Sugarfoot [Diphz] + Jiha’di Sugarfoot [Gooc] + Donatello Sugarfoot [pvp_default] + Deondre Sugarfoot [iHunt] + Seymour Sugarfoot [AmazingVibes] + Dachir Sugarfoot [Mirvam] + Shaquil Sugarfoot [Gored] Warning: Active PK clause. Information Bokolo Hill to be added.
  7. Ser Debbie Sugarfoot places down the decapitated head of Swifty Sam as a stool to sit on, his rear slamming down against the hair of the Ruswick leader, using it as a cushion. Having heard the rumors and news spread around, he’d grab another three decapitated heads of Ruswick footmen, placing his short legs amongst them to rest. He’d peer up into the clouds and contemplate. ”Howja all go wron’, init mon? Don kno ja ting mon. Don kno ja ting mon.” He then farts over the rotting head of the Ruswick council leader, Swifty Sam, before talking again. ”Oops mon, don kno init, ate too much munch bruv.”
  8. Well, that is good news. Should have put that on the thread tbf.
  9. However, they are a thing. When you apply to be a moderator, you were always provided an option of what you wish to focus on: wars and conflict, normal tickets and support, so on. When I say RP moderators, I don’t literally mean RP moderators. It’s just a way to say “moderators who have a lack of experience in the field of dealing with conflict”. Sadly, not all moderators apply to help in the role of conflict. Some wish to just “help players normally” by answering questions, dealing with simpler issues, so on. I wish conflict moderators weren’t a thing, but they are, and there’s currently none. [If all moderators required to be knowledgable on all fields of the server and community: pvp and conflict, magic, so on] then it would have run nicely.
  10. you know why they don’t? I was told there’s currently 0 conflict moderators so you have all the RP mods dealing with conflict. (Telanir confirmed in-game that there are 0 conflict moderators currently).
  11. I thought this post would advocate for players in the PVP community to come out and apply for conflict moderation, have a new bright bunch of people to support us in conflict. I barely post on threads like these but: sadly, no two people really wish to make compromises and fix the root of the issue by themselves. There may be the select few who will, the others usually go straight to a moderator. in other words, this is changing literally nothing. People will still modreq and make a report with evidence, this thread is just a lengthy way to say: “hey guys can we pls be kind 2 each other when dealing with disagreements during conflict. maybe we can be friends n make a conclusion”. I still like the idea of filing a report, but this can already be done. [most of the time during conflict, though, nobody files a report. They just message a moderator and get it instantly dealt with].
  12. Werew0lf


    Ser Debbie Sugarfoot halted on the bridge right outside Ruebern, near the vast wheat fields. The horse cantered around the outside gates, the halfling viewing the several cages made to humiliate the Orenian forces once captured. However, the halfling sat idly and bare naked, the missive on one hand and the head of a male child on another. Dropping both onto the wheat field, he’d smack his boots onto the side of the horse and galloped off. “Ja, mon. Don kno GODs blessing mon. War init, saint day or something bruv. Don kno the ting.”
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