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  1. Werew0lf

    [In-game Ban] Werew0lf Appeal

    What kind of ban are you appealing? In-game Ban Minecraft Usernames Werew0lf Reason for punishment Glitching through trapdoors to bypass LWC (appeal set in 6 days, being today, 20/4/2019) Players Involved IZipZapManI By your own understanding, why did you receive a punishment? We were in a raid in Haense and I (alongside 7 others) foolishly used a trapdoor instead of breaking down a door to get out of the house. I received the punishment for my clear misjudgement of the rules and the fact I should have followed a gut feeling (or asked around in the voice chat). I take full personal responsibility for my actions and push my blame to no-one else, and hence I received the punishment. The punishment was accounted and was legit, and well deserved. This is why I received my punishment. Why should you be pardoned? It has been 6 days since the ban, today is the day of my appeal (from the date of the posted thread). I would like to be pardoned as this is my first sanction on the server ever (from my acknowledgment). I have never been punished before and I think that this ban has taught me well to acknowledge my mistakes. I have confirmed to re-read every rule (specifically on the glitches) and hope to never do so again. If I am unbanned, I do promise the best behavior and will refrain from my foolish past actions that occur on the server. I understand what I did may have ruined someone's experience. In the end, I wish to be pardoned as it is merely a mistake on my part and I have reconciled and taken the days of my ban to familiarise myself so it doesn't repeat. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your punishment? I will likely contact a moderator and or fully refrain from doing something I may feel get me punished (such as glitching). I will confirm it and tell others not to follow along if it is glitching and having read the rules I have familiarised myself with what is considered bannable. In the end, I will not do foolish actions to prevent being punished again. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Following the community guidelines are important to promote a healthy community. Without the community guidlines there would be havoc and chaos throughout the server -- which would lead to toxicity and a drop in playerbase. The community guidelines are the foundation to keeping the server fluent, fair and fun for everybody when enjoying their experience on Lord of the Craft. Without them, there would be nothing fun left for others as most would be running around tainting the RP with infractions. This is why following the Community Guidelines ensures a safer and healthy community.
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  3. Arkeon nods approvingly and signs.
  4. Werew0lf


    Arkeon, the Grand Spirit, finest Atronach alive, still left within the flaming house of the dragoons in agony. However, suffering little to no damage at all from the burns, noticed the state of the collapsing city. It would shake its’ head. ”******* hell. When did this happen?”, spoke the clueless construct. Soon, it made quick leave.
  5. Werew0lf

    LotC 16 Personalities Test

  6. ((P.S: I may have fucked up some grammar, this was written on a whim. I’ll have to fix the errors later on, apologies.))
  7. [!] Around the Great City of Ves, several posters would be plastered across the billboards, lamp-posts, and walls. Delicate printing of the parchment seems to present a floral patch keeping the poster pinned on. Written in eloquent handwriting which made it easy to be understood. The Dragoons of Adria, a mighty order of warriors and soldiers who hold dying loyalty and servitude to the Great City of Ves, the Imperial Emperor and the Grand Duke & Duchy of Adria. As detail inscribes, the dragoons are fit with a fine uniform and the sigil of a floral pattern, a sunflower over the background of the vagrant purple — symbolizing the noble and royal servants they are. A flower to present the beauty and organization of the order; attempting to bring serenity to the lands of everything. Such a mighty order is run by the Captain, Junar Enrique & CO. All dragoons are under his orders, responding and equipped with large three-pronged tridents and also given mighty steeds which are bred to overcome all. In moments of hateful action, each dragoon is considered to follow on given command. Hence, we are looking for new recruits. If you wish to join such a mighty order — please leave an application without our mail! Words from the captain: “Greetings, men and women of Adria! We are the noble Dragoon Unit of Adria. In our needs of expansion — we are looking for more warriors and loyal followers to come join us! Having started as a group of normal Ducal Guards before expanding into the only current cavalry unit in Ves. All are allowed and we will pardon those who have done wrong in Adria within the past. A great opportunity awaits those who wish to present worth and those who wish to redeem themselves from the past! No discriminatory rules in place, all races are allowed. Upon joining there will be basic training to coordinate everyone into the exciting lifestyle before being presented keys for duty. Come forth and join us." Uniform: Skin created by Florensicx Location / Base: Enrique House (Built by Junar & Florensicx) – Enrique Manor. Current Rouster Junar ‘Celestyn’ Enrique – Captain / Leader of the Dragoons (Junar) Alayris Vamaris – Dragoon Sergeant (Werew0lf) Eoghan Gall – Dragoon Sergeant (LeMaxinaut) Daeberos Enrique – Dragoon (BB00N) Aische – Dragoon (Gioia24) Avaeramos Enrique – Dragoon (Deification) Irvial Enrique – Dragoon (Irvial) Lumpty Enrique – Dragoon (Mesbar) Mazeed the Arab Terrorist – Dragoon (WoahWomboCombo) Application Form: Username: Character Name: Character Age: Character Race: Discord [required]: Do you acknowledge that if you are inactive for more than a period of 3 days (without warning us with a reason), you will be removed?: PVP Skill: (Rate yourself out of 10). Send applications in replies below! (Please refrain from posting if you don’t plan to apply).
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    Kahloola's Event Team Actor application

    this looks cool i know this person, they’re cool those ideas look cool she got experience, very cool 1+ because cool
  10. 1+ my dude got the grooves, init, init
  11. Werew0lf

    Junar's Event Team Builder Application

    1+ so, we come from the same server, this big man is the big ting his builds are on point, he is always the most reliable person, even with his criticism, and is probably one of my best friends we’ve been around for 3 years or more, and we’ve grown really close as friends, i can say 100% if you see him in your team, he is the most funniest and kind person, on top of his seriousness, he will never try to offend someone on purpose, and makes sure to keep to his limits we both joined at the same time, the only reason i play on this server still is because of him, since axios i dont think the event team wants to lose this asset right here, seriously, it’ll be bad for you
  12. Werew0lf

    In Honk We Trust

    this is what we need