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  1. sorry guys dont pay attention to the clown who ended up here
  2. “attention seeking post” good meme thanks for giving more attention to this post 😉
  3. ok sorry if this is vague as **** but i’m dipping from LoTC, though I wasn’t doing much in the server, was here from 2017, joined a few friends of mine ( @Junar bb00n / whtver the fk his name is and thronecraft dude) and it was fun and all got to do pvp, was able to establish Thyra (even if it didn’t last long) and also got to fight along the reivers (though portrayed bad these dudes are chill as fk and jokes, best moments on my server with them) however: i cant bare with the new rules, the restrictions, certain staff, friends getting banned, this caused a lack of motivation to deliver good events if any events at all @ScreamingDingo < this guy is probably the best staff manager dude you’ll ever get LOL replace him as admin instead of pun that’s all, bye probably won’t return (and with the rare possibility everything gets better)
  4. it’s time i dip out of this community


  5. i wanted to do necromancy once, then it got shelved this lore looks cool tho so 1+ bring back necromancy its essential in all fANTasY rpS???
  6. cya man u were a good mod
  7. Azhar ‘Sul’ Khan shook his head, before peering down at the document and reading every bit of information to make sure no errors were made before signing.
  8. Raja Azhar ‘Sul’ Khan would look around, his metallic gauntlets shivering as he took upon a warded quil, signing with neat handwriting.
  9. Not here to trample over your idea — actually, yeah pretty much am. Raiding isn’t really engaging? Has no RP depth? The conflict between the Renatians and Oren, truth be told has OOC a conflict, but also a flavour in RP. People don’t RAID others because they are bored, they do it to engage a reason. For example, raiding Renatus due to being Pro-Oren seems reasonable enough, and a counter-attack back from Renatus on say Haense. It has flavour to it — just not the type you’d think. You can’t really bring on the fact you want to see RP flavour on raids which are made to be PvP. An RP reason justifies it enough in my opinion. Also, it is very rewarding. When my friends win a raid — the reward is the satisfaction of getting a win, pissing off the people we raided, whilst having extra gear. Iron may be dirt cheap but not everybody is willing to waste their minas on it. I can tell you now, some people raid and or bandit so much that their gear runs out on the daily either because: they die, it is very damaged, etc. Capturable objective, sadly not the point of a raid. Might as well call it a siege if their trying to capture a specific point and take over the place for a few. A raid is as stated: a raid. You go in, click around, take their loot and dip. I don’t think they’d allow us to raze farms; reason being more OOC conflict. I don’t like the idea of forcing nations / charters to have treasuries — it would basically be forcing a nation to hold money in their treasury and allowing it to be stolen. The money of a nation should be kept by the nation leader, I understand IRP it makes sense, but this just brews OOC conflict. People will actually cry they are losing minas — sadly that’s just the reality. I am going to agree with drfate on this one, this wasn’t thought out well. All it took was a 3 man GM voice-chat and a rushed post asking for our views. I’d actually not be surprised if I see that raids require payment now even after people saying no. I just think it’s time to listen to the community on this, I may not be a community member (even tho I serve events for them) but it’s clear as day on what the **** they want. Stop — think on the ideas you guys publish and ask yourself, “Is this post going to spawn toxicity? Why are we doing this to ourselves??? Do we need to start touching stuff we don’t even know about??” I’d vouch for GM’s like Ionnais who actually know how raids work, and if he had a reasonable response and or middle ground to this I’d love to hear it. I’m not trying to **** here but yeah
  10. keep raids as they are sometimes people raid to get resources and gear from others imagine adding a cost to raiding to get stuff, might as well use the minas you have to get the **** you’re trying to get from the raid now if you’re raiding for shits and giggles then l0l edit: also the fact you guys are trying to add prices to fly dont tell me this is another excuse to have less tickets cus now you have to pay for raids so you won’t get tired from raid tickets since u will barely get any dudes what is next? logging onto the server requires for you to do a command that deducts 1000 minas to play for one day
  11. Debbie Sugarfoot farts.
  12. Aye, I agree with that. However, then comes the people that will ask: “Hey, isn’t this a bit biased? You will let some people play the race, some won’t get the chance. And there is a limit? Sad, sad.” Now, not being rude. I doubt this will be approved as a CA. If it becomes an event-race, it’ll be fun to play around with in events. On the other hand, Jinns (derived from Islam) are merely men of flame, some good, some conjured by the devil. They are basically ghosts. This seems basically like a poltergeist but covered in flames and extra abilities. I am not trying to slam your work, it could turn out good. But this seems like a ghost; but the type you wouldn’t want to **** with. (No offence to ghost RPers, but I don’t enjoy ghost rp, find it bland and it’s not fun making people feel cold). But! I say this: good luck homie. I know you put hard work into this lore.
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