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  1. who did this to my proddy
  2. A parchment smacks the visor of the knight’s helm through his patrol, gauntleted hand scrunching it in his palm. He scrutinised its’ content, scoffed, and folded the paper up neatly once more - as someone who supported the environment - and continued his patrol. “That’s life, init?”
  3. Glanil an Iarwain stared at Kairn, nodding. “It seems your fight is over, llir. It is time I rest too.” He sauntered off to his abode, no longer planning on running forest raids for now . . . [ @The Green Wizard]
  4. when the impostor is sus

    1. Lionbileti


      You ordered  a hit on Rukio, we are getting divorced.

    2. Werew0lf


      @LionbiletiLove thy neighbour 

  5. The gelid winds blew into the canopy of bubbling lava; the Inquisitor Eternal remained seated on a lump of molten, surrounded by several of his kin — the heralds sat on chained hedges swaying from the volcanoes entrance. His infernal orbs gawked onwards, wherein a mighty greatsword covered in red burgeon flames struck the ground. The blade chittered and cackled; for then it spoke. “You are the worst.” To this, the dragonkin responded in his wait for Haskir. “I know.”
  6. In the comely debut of his abode, the Inquisitor Eternal received the letter. His lips remained sealed throughout, eventually baring fangs and snapping canines. “If he brings the head of Ezyl back to Aaz Hahdrim, let his crimes be removed and the worries of my brothers be vanquished. Wings shroud you, Brother Haskir.” He gestured at the parchment, though not forgetting about said accusations that needed to be cleared, trusting his brother in his success.
  7. THE FIRST INCURSION TO ALL KITH TO AZDROMOTH Let your prayers be heard. Come, brothers of mine; Draw arms against the light. You are summoned. Spread your wings and fly. We await you in our halls. The Inquisitor Eternal This is the first depiction of our paladin victim by the name Ezyl the Scum; upon further investigation through contacts, we have secured her name and the locations she has visited whilst in Haenseti-Ruska. If you see her i
  8. Sa’vi dis kha tink ur cute

  9. Ser Oliver nodded proudly towards his Knight Paramount. "This is a good use of paper; it was not burnt, but written on!" He exclaimed with zeal.
  10. “The queen has bullied my student? I see!” The knight stared in disappointment, lips curling into a frown. Unlike others, he folded the paper and kept it for recycling to help the environment, not wishing to burn paper.
  11. Aidi bokaldem 

    1. Hephaestus


      Aidi bokaldem

  12. A ferryman roams the imperial streets; suddenly, he is added to the orenian southbridge region! He looks around. "Aidi bokaldem?" The ferryman questioned, impaling his longsword through the sternum of one imperial straggler. "Oh shi wuddup."
  13. [[RP]] First Name: Kalv Surname: the Brave Age: 20 Reason for interest: GODAN [[OOC]] Username: Werew0lf Discord: Werew0lf#0351
  14. snow doesn’t realise it was me disguising as vortex (sry vortex)

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