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  1. please don’t post that image, it’s from LOTC and you’re breaching the terms of service
  2. frill can you like this post please I need to get some rep
  3. @Junar @markuhz @Mickaelhz aren’t you all challenger ranked
  4. Roland Bren cries for his good friends death, knowing he was also growing closer and closer to the grave!
  5. “Yo! Leave her alone!”, says Alayris to Big Tony.
  6. a frog 

  7. #JusticeForChristPunchsteel 

  8. Ngl, this is kinda fire, y’feel? good job to junar and florensics cuh 1+ hella fire make this guy admin
  9. if ur a peng ting u’ll respond

  10. wagwan to the mandem out there 

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    2. KeatonUnbeaten


      the roadmen are organising... nooo

    3. Ryloth


      a patch of fefoon flowers on that gegoon

    4. Werew0lf


      yuh yuh

  11. Alayris stares silently over the missive, a frown forming upon his visage. He’d shake his head, hoping the boat of the collective would not be mauled by mutant fishes.
  12. 🥖 bread 

    1. rukio


      Baguette your pardon? 

    2. Werew0lf



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