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  1. its been a week and nobody has acknowledged my good friend, frills, ban appeal


    please check it now! its been two years.. give the man a break.. i implore you.. thank you very much admins. i know you will consider it.. thank you very much. 

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    2. appeal alt dont touch

      appeal alt dont touch

      thanks werewolf great kills on darktide today you killed a lot of heretics

    3. Salvo


      fatshark will inevitably **** it up

    4. appeal alt dont touch

      appeal alt dont touch

      remember to press sort-by when in the store interface

  2. i dont like playing god because it'd just be a self insert
  3. I will ensure your success. for the greater evil.
  4. The Great Owl continues to fly away from the world, but he is now flying a bit faster. “What is he going on about? He doesn’t know how to do villain-speech.”
  5. if life gives you lemons 

  6. A a a a a l l a h 

  7. Heralds have the same blood as any descendant. The draan does not flow through their blood.
  8. are we dispelling our boredom by crying on the forums now

    1. satinkira


      i'm sobbing

    2. Laeonathan


      yes doing something interesting instead would lame.

    3. Neviah
  9. ALKHAYIN THE GREAT OWL Evil Department محاكمة الجن A breeze of wind invited itself through the gates of Du Loc, with its fierce gust causing the derelict cathedral bells to chime. The heroes of the Charity Hand, who held themselves confined within the safe walls of the abandoned church, would notice a fuzzy ball in the distant sky. It grew closer, and the silhouette of the splodge in the horizon became more apparent – a great, magnificent barn-owl of tremendous proportion. A large scar ran across its rightmost, unblinking eye, with gleaming yale-blue light emitting from the wound, as if the inside of its body was formed of pure energy. “TA’LIKBORA SALATUSKROGA.” The owl spoke with an unhinged beak, sweeping over the walls of Du Loc. Upon the entity departing, the remnants of its mystical flight scattered across the sky in the form of gray-hued feathers, which began to rain over the cathedral. Eventually, a mapped ring of blue appeared within the clouds. It seemed to be similar to some sort of portal, and was mist-like in appearance. The ring would sprout out like rays of sunlight, and would take forms of great beasts, before collapsing back into the ring. What could this be?
  10. naan bread

    1. Poshyuhh


      you don’t know naan bread.

    2. Summerisdumb


      id love to eat some of your mums naan bread ;) mayb u should gimmie her number!!

  11. "Stop pretending to be nice. Your father is a scammer and he is evil, and thus you're evil. Just submit to the Dark Crusade, and serve the Dark God." The Dark God blares towards the volcanic lands.
  12. THE DARK CRUSADE Evil Department محاكمة الجن To the hideous Lectors and their rally of holy-men, This holy crusade against the Queendom of Serheim has left me to question the candour of the Lectors, and their foul canonist party who march against the honest and integral people of the night. It was on a day as calm as this, when the eleventh star shifted against the constellation of Braham, to form the constellation of Brehem; the ungodly Lectors stabbed me – the kind soul that I was once, with a dagger through my trusting heart. I was enervated after the loss of my powers, but grew stronger over time. Serheim is a united nation that is supported by the backing of the Greedhand, and by one god such as myself. You would not tarnish the idol of a God, for that would invoke its wrath. As you parade the banners of your made-up Creator, I will give Serheim permission to march with the banner of the Dark God Malik in order to battle against the swathe of mindless canonists who attempt to claim their lands and their people. The Lectors are discriminatory against those who would suck upon life-force, resurrect the dead, or spew flames from their mouth. Why do you care? As long as you aren’t the soul that is being shredded apart, then let it be the dead who fall to us dark-beings so that they may weep in the depths of the underworld at their own demise. Why do you care? As long as you aren’t the Man who is being torn by the limb, drained of blood by fangs as sharp as blades, what justifies your ire? Let the Man who is being torn by the limb cry for his demise, not yourself! I have thus begun a prompt and effective plan of action, to fight against this unrighteous crusade. I have freed a monster of the Abyss, to roam these lands with the Greedhand, in order to bring destruction across its path. Let it be the first time that GOD comes to Almaris, and that God would be me – Malik the Freak. The flying carpet of evil will bring ruin. By the way, Owyn was dark for a reason. THE DARK GOD AWAITS. A beam of dark-violet light shot up into the skies near the lands of Urguan, and from it – a flying carpet of evil would whizz around, eventually falling inert in a ball of flames. All across Almaris, one would witness something akin to a meteor breeze through the sky. In the place of impact, lay an oil-lamp on top of a carpet. What evil (or unfortunately good) being would find this?
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