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  1. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Werew0lf)) Name: Essoth Dagre’sae Vote for Sohaer: (XX ) Anethra Uradir ( ) Eredael Rhenaer
  2. I disagree. As someone who’s been apart of the Azdrazi community for a long while – herald is not a stepping stone to becoming an Azdrazi. Though, most heralds do often end up becoming an Azdrazi – or set their goals of becoming one – a Herald is usually independent outside of the small tasks given by an Azdrazi or Azdromoth himself. Usually, heralds are respected (if not as equals) as comrades to the Azdrazi – and there are current existing heralds who use the magic as a cultural thing, not as a stepping stone to becoming an Azdrazi. Some heralds even exist without the magic or draan – and simply just the tattoos for the cultural RP. You’re prying it as if it’s just a magic and not a race and culture. Stripping of heraldry is done when a herald of Azdromoth goes against his will – or does something that breaches the current culture set (I.e: mingling with paladins, worshipping the aspects, or something more). Azdromoth has no set mandate on the Azdrazi, so they may also strip a herald due to distaste – this simply shows the levels between the two. I personally like this rewrite. Kalehart did pretty good, outside of the draconic traits – most of these things, even if written in lore (the current Azdrazi lore itself says we should respect heralds as our own) – will be worked up into IRP.
  3. I don’t see why a lore change is necessary, kind of ruins the vibe we’ve been following IRP already, makes no actual sense.
  4. From the raging islands of fire – volcanoes lay craggy against the vibrant, blue canvas. Nearest to Tor Nurzioth – the Inquisitor Eternal – Elutiholnear seated himself on a molten rock. The rock remained ruched akin to a ball gown. A tattooed ‘ame rushed from the conflagration atop the pathway, handing over the missive to the dragonkin. His reptilian-esque eyes simply scanned over the missive, thus he spoke to himself, a phlegmatic tone pursued. “The same person who comes crying to me about the Paladin’s killing her son, the next day now prying to lies in a detrimental attempt to sway people her way. It is fine, you need the support. Even with your lies, it will not save you from being wiped!” His hand wrought with dragonsflame, the missive crumbling to ash. “Vyasaldris should consider becoming a shade again, might give her some strength to fight against us. Once a servant of Iblees, always a servant of Iblees!” And so, the dragonkin stood, returning to his vile attacks on the descendants apart of the Dragonshore Alliance.
  5. can you like this comment black man god
  6. water ice tea 

  7. hey can I become azdrazi

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      yeah if you say please most people don’t say please

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      hey can i become azdrazi



      I have come too late, and am now cringe.

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      if you say please most people don’t say please . . . 

  8. Please fix our manor.



  9. I will have to warn your forum status, it does not follow the RP standard guidelines and rules!

  10. The letter arrives to the entrance of the cave in which the dragonkin lay – his clawed-hand coiling around the hem of the parchment. His serpentine-gaze flickering upon the contents, a guttural hiss parting his charcoal-lips. “Like Farrador is of any use in the slightest to this alliance. They go in and feed the inferni more corpses.” Upon the words of the draconic-man, the letter burnt asunder. “Should remain in the wildlands like the wild, caged animals they are..”, in response to the nephilim across the table.
  11. ”Ah, yes. Let us mobilise oren, years after we declare war, as oren! How smart indeed!”, spoke Oliver Helane, sitting calmly.
  12. Werew0lf

    The Summons

    The stalagmites of Urguan pranced in unusual variety – irregular, hollow cones concaving towards the roof of the decrepit heart of the mountains. A thunderous echo boomed the beating centre of the living sierra, hues of orange and red decorating the inner-cave from the eyes of those that peeked within. Upon the mighty roar of the Archdrakaar, the embers casted within the confines of the caves broke into violent cackles, a silhouette of a figure – who bore horns of red, scales of black, and the ichor of a dragon – emerged. ”Father....”, his words hissed through the air as musical notes, each footstep drumming the ground below, littered stones crunching upon the hefty weight of the dragon. The son and blood of Azdromoth departed the Urguani lands to heed the call of his lord, the Great Titan.
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