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  1. “What a virtuous woman”, commented Bishop Stanislaw. He returned to his prayers and drug business.
  2. “Hey, buddy. You’re not the Owl.” So declared Alkhayin, the Great Owl. “You’re just not that guy.”
  3. "The boogeyman is from House Vuiller," The good Bishop Stanislaw began to spread rumours.
  4. 1) Necromancers and darkstalkers can still have a lifeforce requirement. I do not think this requirement should be forced on the Ghoul, simply because they: aren't strong enough to require as much lifeforce, and because having to drain people for lifeforce is cringe already. I think Ghoul should be left to their little requirements. Easiest way to explain it would be that the necromancer who summoned them is constantly feeding them lifeforce, and its such a minute amount, that it doesn't require the Ghoul to feed. However, I don't think we need a complicated explanation for why they don't feed. 2) I can nerf it from (4), but that was me simply looking at the current darkstalker lore and deciding to lower the number. I'll discuss this with femurlord.
  5. No. That’s the downside of them being simple, playable undead, rather than being a darkstalker who can intermingle with other communities. You could probably perfume them up and then wear a helmet, but it won’t be possible to wear flesh-suits or look like a normal descendant.
  6. ORIGIN Ghouls; a product of heinous necromancy, bewitched spirits lulled from the soulstream, and forced to return to their mortal bodies. Since the dawn of time, these foul undead have been witnessed - they once marched in armies, flocking around the great Daemon Iblees; used by the Four Lords; weaponised in the Thirty Years' Wars. Their penultimate rise, under the reign of Mordring - the lich-drakaar, apprentice to the Old Lord Malkaathe, still runs deep in the roots of necromancy. Now, wayfaring covens of necromancers raise these abominations: to use for their bidding, or to spread terror and fear in the hearts of descendants, as their loved-ones bound in graves and succumbed to soil, rise again in an age of death. Unlike ghosts, those spectres who rise with a prerequisite condition perpetuating their death, the ghouls are artificial and unnatural - they can be raised by any necromancer, and those raised could be victim to it by chance. They are forced to walk without rest. The practice of raising Ghoul has become more common; it is an easy, yet foul practice known by most necromancers. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Ghouls are necrotic undead that appear to resemble that of any normal descendant. In most cases, their skin and flesh has decomposed to the point of no return, leaving hollow bones without organs. Strings of muscles still lapse around their bones, enough so to allow movement. A ghoul usually lacks the same requisites of a normal, living mortal - it is foul necromancy that allows them to interact with the world, such as sight or hearing. Due to age and illness, some ghouls appear to look decayed, ancient, or besmirched in moss. They have a putrid aroma that always escapes their hollow bones, much similar to a rotting corpse, ensuring that those who see them can always recognise their unnatural, necrotic curse. Sometimes, their necrotic curse manifests as visible tells; their ribcage may glow with a certain foul miasma, or their eye-sockets may glint with crimson red. The Ghoul are weaker in comparison to more sophisticated undead, such as darkstalker, due to their lack of ability to progress - they are simply walking undead, with nothing special about them outside of this. REDLINES: MENTAL DESCRIPTION: Ghoul were once descendants, who could think, desire, and communicate. This does not change heavily - for a Ghoul is still able to think, and express gratitude, or laughter, and may even find interest in something that they did in the past. For example, a Ghoul who used to drink in the past, may find themselves indulging in alcohol - although, it would simply go through them. What makes a Ghoul different? The necrotic curse of revival; their soul, that once rested, has been brought back to the mortal world. It is an inexcusable sin, enough so that it causes them to become mad. They are prone to rage and anger, including jealousy and spite against the living - simply out of the fact that they are not living. Some may find themselves suffering from episodes of mania, or schizophrenia, but there is one thing evident: they lose their mortality. They do not squirm at the sight of blood, and they do not weep at sad scenes. A Ghoul is brutal in that regard, their humanity escapes them. They may still exhibit more seclusive traits; a knightly warrior turned Ghoul may still show valour, but inside - they exhibit delusions, and rage. One simple trait surrounding a Ghoul is their lack of humanity; ideas such as love, empathy, and kindness slip out from their sensations. Outside of their hatred, they may appear apathetic due to a lack of smell, touch, or taste; evident by their cold, depressing appearance. Their obsession with the living becomes so much so, that they derive pleasure in tasting mortal flesh - maybe, bringing death is when they find euphoria, or moments of joy. Ghoul are subservient to the necromancer who brought them back - some will hate them, but others will see it as a second chance. However, regardless of their emotions, they will follow the commands of their necromancer. Some Ghoul, who break free from this, wander the world to do as they desire; this is rare. A final trait of their curse is the lack of remembering: the Ghoul forgets the faces of those they saw when alive. They may remember certain events, or certain hobbies, but faces will come as a blur, and words will be too hard to hear or remember. This means that a Ghoul may even forget the face of their own parents, or loved ones. REDLINES: CREATION - Rite of Summoning: Requires: (1) Tier-4 necromancer. Use: (4) times per month by necromancers. (5) by an Archlich. A tier-4 necromancer can use the rite of summoning on a deceased corpse in order to create a ghoul. This is done by imbuing life-force into the corpse, and drawing the soul of the deceased back into their body. In the process of this brutal rite, one would find that the deceased begins to lose their flesh and organs, leaving them as hollowed bones or something akin to a mangled descendant. The necromancer in question can only use this rite (4) times in order to raise (4) Ghoul. REDLINES: REVIVAL - Rite of Return: Requires: (1) Tier-4 necromancer. Use: (30 minute) cooldown after death. (instant) by an Archlich. The necromancer, who once raised the Ghoul, can hear its deafening wails echo in their mind. A tier-4 necromancer can use the rite of return in order to drag the soul of a Ghoul back into the mortal-world; life-force will surge into the corpse, and force the Ghoul to rise yet again. REDLINES: PROGRESSION A Ghoul may eventually become a Darkstalker should the 'Sacrament of Usurer' be cast on them, their soul dipped into a Heith-Hedran, and then bound by an object of affection (Momento Mori). However, not all Ghouls are selected for this progress - usually, it being those who the necromancers see to be most useful. This follows all redlines of 'Sacrament of Usurer', which is a spell used to raise darkstalker. As stated, this can only be done (1) time per month, and takes up the darkstalker slot for that one month used by those four necromancers. PURPOSE: This lore looks to establish a simple playable undead without overcomplicating it with spells and abilities; a lot of people just want to play a boneman without having the other complicated spells and progression. At the moment, the only other variant is Darkstalker; this looks to be a nerfed variant that is more open to players. Darkstalkers remain restricted to (1) per month with numerous necromancers. It means that there aren’t many actual undead in necromancer covens. This would be a good addition to bring in undead without having them be overly powerful (to the extent of darkstalkers), whilst spicing up life to the world. I have written this lore in a way so that the Ghoul are not simply made to be used as combat-minions; they have personality, and skills. Furthermore, a lot of people want to play Ghouls, so it was cool to rewrite them. This lore mirrors the fact that they are simple undead, unlike their brethren the Darkstalker. CREDIT: Zarsies - Origin inspiration. Werew0lf - Writing and format. Femurlord - Advice and inspiration. SOURCES: OG Ghoul Lore - Inspiration Darkstalker Lore - Reference for Nerfing Necromancer Lore - Reference for Nerfing.
  7. The Pontifical Chamberlain, Bishop Stanislaw, looked over at the missive. He offered a faint smile, and prepared to bring it forth to the Curia. "A miracle."
  8. you don’t even have enough active necromancers so why do u want severance to remove the only active ones
  9. The priest, Bishop Stanislaw, wandered past the corpse of Via and Brendell Colborn; his countenance was stiff and frozen, unable to show grief, and his tears could not come out, too frigid to form. "Va ve maan." He continued to walk down the snowy path. His brain was frozen.
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