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  1. Werew0lf

    Kahloola's Event Team Actor application

    this looks cool i know this person, they’re cool those ideas look cool she got experience, very cool 1+ because cool
  2. 1+ my dude got the grooves, init, init
  3. Werew0lf

    Junar's Event Team Builder Application

    1+ so, we come from the same server, this big man is the big ting his builds are on point, he is always the most reliable person, even with his criticism, and is probably one of my best friends we’ve been around for 3 years or more, and we’ve grown really close as friends, i can say 100% if you see him in your team, he is the most funniest and kind person, on top of his seriousness, he will never try to offend someone on purpose, and makes sure to keep to his limits we both joined at the same time, the only reason i play on this server still is because of him, since axios i dont think the event team wants to lose this asset right here, seriously, it’ll be bad for you
  4. Werew0lf

    In Honk We Trust

    this is what we need