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  1. “We are all born mad. Some remain so.” Origin In acre forests of past Aegis, stories bespoken of wild men running across the mirth of river and mud. They adorned primitive loincloths and capes of fur, skin of descendant flesh and wore a dress of dishevelled fur and hair. Nail covered in grime, sharpened and overgrown for years. Surrounding a pyre of flames, dancing in orison to their great lord of fire. Yet, as descendants came to develop and prosper, the insane remained. The night of the eternal dance - ah, the blessed children of insanity, relished of their minds, caved by rocks and stones, incapable of right or wrong. Upon a frightful winter, a maniple of one-hundred soldiers departed the mountain-city of Al’Khazar after reports of mangled corpses - of men and beasts. They bore marks in their flesh matching descendants canines, yet selfishly rid of their innards and organs, cupped by entrails of loosened intestines and flesh. Sanguine escaped the corpse, still filled by the vile liquid. The wild-men strawed their hunt in front of the fires, and danced once again. All day and all night until exhaustion took them, embroiled in sweat over their thick fur, and then returned to their cycle of insanity - ah, blessed children of insanity, who knew only to hunt. “It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.” Explanation Insanity is perpetuating the state of madness. There are many common factors that lead to one becoming insane: dabbling in the dark occult, suffering from physical damage to the skull, traumatic experiences, or being born by primitive beasts from birth. It is not the cause of aengudaemonic infliction, nor is there any sort of magic or sorcery that leads to this phenomena. Slowly devolving into the pits of mindless torment, to become feral cannibals of the night. The nature of the affliction is uncertain, but it targets those of poor backstory – the war infants, the abusive parent, the tortured, and all other stories that break down a person's mind. At the end of the cycle, those who reach the pinnacle of insanity are no longer considered of sane descendant mind, and are referred to as ‘mad-men’, commonly known as: wild men, orphaned beasts, feral druids, or cannibals. Stricken by hallucination and fear, their nightly prowl leads to their torment, and at day, they return to normality. Yet, the taste of flesh becomes savoury. Insanity Cycle Those stricken with the ailment of insanity are not affixed to a permanent and swift transformation. At first, they must come to their maddening; a story that leads to their demise. A state of derived madness that can be felt by all those who come across them, noticed by the change of their physical characteristics, habits, and development over the few stages. ‒ There must be a viable source that leads to the development of their insanity. For example, being a user of a dark-magic that leads to mental defects, having a broken story, or physical decay surrounding the cranium which causes insanity. Stage 1 [Devolving] - (0 days to 4 months) The character has begun dwindling into insanity. At first, it starts as small hallucinations – seeing the odd thing in the corner, or forgetting where you placed something a few moments ago. The experience of being watched from over your shoulder, and being detached from the social group you surround yourself in. ‒ This lasts up to 1 OOC week (0 days to 4 months IC). ‒ The experiences are small and it shouldn’t be used to justify wanton slaughter or murder. Stage 2 [Worsening] - (4 months to 2 years) The character is on the path to deteriorating health. Symptoms such as forgetting where you are, or appearing in random places become a common occurrence. Slowly, the character feels detached from reality, and is only drawn in by the experiences. The character, regardless of gender, begins to find they stop taking care of themselves. Their nails grow larger yet not to a frightening level, and the hairs on their body start pressing outwards. Even when cutting away their nails and hairs, they seem to regrow the next day. ‒ This lasts up to 2 OOC weeks (2 years). ‒ The experiences should be roleplayed appropriately. People should be made aware of the physical changes, such as looking more disgusting in appearance. Stage 3 [Cannibal] - (2 years to 3 years) The character begins to lose a touch of who they are, and stray into the darkness of the world. In the wandering woods, you begin to act as a primitive beast - yet, at the same time, you are too unfocused to know what is going on. The expenditure of growth on your bodily hairs and nails seems to rise, and then you get the first taste of flesh - and you savour it. ‒ Once it has hit the 3rd year, the character begins to swiftly devolve into insanity. This stops you from starting to do cannibal roleplay before reaching the stage. ‒ Please look below for a longer clarification on this stage and refer to the cycle. ‒ This stage only lasts 1 OOC day. The Reset After roaming the wilds for a month, a cannibal will come to their senses. They will begin to regain their humanity, and though not knowing of what has occurred, will likely return home - to shave off their hairs, and to clip their nails. To only repeat the dreaded cycle of insanity. “A writer is a kind of benevolent cannibal who eats the world.” Cannibal After three years of torment, on the last day of the third, the development reaches its close. The insane will begin to wander into the forest, and the rapid - for no obvious reasons - expenditure of growth in hair begins to infest their body. It does not cover them fully, leaving scars of their humanity visible. In this primitive form, a cannibal will not be in control of their body - and for no reason of their own, will only attempt to survive each night by means of hunting. They become incapable of learning in their moment of derangement, outside of ripping fires with clashing rocks to stay warm, or devouring meat raw. Incapable of understanding the commodity of weapons and homes, a cannibal will naturally come to fear the real world, and will keep to their woodlands or caves. Upon the taste of descendant flesh, a cannibal will grow viler; slobbering from their maws, and making active attempts to hunt down those of man over the wild fauna. Yet, they will continue to hunt normal ruminant mammals and other animals to survive. Physical Description: At the peak of their insanity, blood rushes to the follicles of the cannibal and begins to raise their hairs to immediately greater levels; it begins to cover their body like a bush, outside of physical aspects of their immediate face, nose, ears and revealing descendant skin beneath or in patches. The rapid growth of their nails became enough to be wielded like regular claws of hunting predators, capable of being used to render through flesh like knives. However, it is not enough to carve through armour or steel. Canines sprout from their mouth, sharpened and firm to be able to draw and chew on raw meat. Their digestive tract capable of eating away without falling to diseases commonly found on wild beasts. This ensures they do not get an upset stomach, but at the same time, makes them incapable of eating cooked supplements, and find it to be disgusting. Finally, a cannibal will find their eyes to be open and coloured, mindless and thoughtless. They will be capable of seeing through day or night. Mental Inhibitions: A cannibal reaches a stage of frustration that they lose their mental capacity. There are many symptoms they begin to suffer from: excessive fear or worries, reduced thinking and learning, detachment from reality, change in eating habits (raw meat), excessive anger and hostility, perception of threat, lack of social skills and the inability to communicate outside of guttural clicks and growls. Furthermore, they lack interest in descendant activities and have a natural flight or fight instinct. Much like feral beasts, they grow addicted to certain meats such as raw deer meat, raw fish, and the most - raw descendant flesh. An odd characteristic of a cannibal is their paganistic route, for some come to dance upon pyres, to sing songs that have no words, praising an ever-present higher power to protect them; subconsciously, to save them from their insanity. Cycle of Insanity: Cannibalism is the last cycle in the treacherous journey of insanity. After swelling away their traumas into the darkness for the month of their savage hunt, a descendant will begin to awaken and will forget the stresses that they suffered. They will not remember much of what happened, but will find their body to be covered in the same thicket of fur, nails long and clawed unnaturally, and may puke the raw meat they feasted on the night before. The descendant will be required to clean, shave and clip their own nails to return to their normal appearance, as their hairs and nails do not simply shrink back down to normal. Whilst common to folklore of werebeasts, the cannibals are simply insane or mad-men. And so the cycle continues, to return home confused and unaware, to be met by their distressed loved-ones - and finally, to devolve into their insanity once again. “Genius is one of the many forms of insanity.” Birth Birth? A cannibal is not born, for the path of insanity is not paved in the soul. You must come to know that the world has torn away your right to live. The horrors that you suffered, tearing away your mind, to the point you devolve into a feral beast. Oh, the doom and gloom - you poor child, son of the four, who was forsaken by creation. A traumatic event or experience, caused by the unnecessary cruelty to yourself or others. The mental stress that weighs upon your head, that begins to break your mind, stressed by veins that lapse around your cranium like a rubber-band. The only way to return to normality is to forsake your role as a person for a month. ‒ This is an open feat / CA (don’t know classification) that doesn’t require an application. Reason for writing: I’ve had this idea for a while, just decided to finish it and post it in creative writing because I don’t see it having much success. Helps me practice formatting to revive dead and discarded writing, also frees my boredom. @ScreamingDingo also inspired me with this post because he has been driving me insane. Please don't give actual feedback and feel free to steal this because it's in creative writing. Credit: Picture by Adam Riches Picture by Savage Beast Studio Picture by Crawling N8 Picture by Stan Ivan Picture by Saatchi Art Picture by WhiteSoul Picture by Deimonnus Quote by Samuel Beckett Quote by Philip K. Quote by Burroway Quote by Cesare Lombroso
  2. RED CLOUDS OVER AMAETHEA Story Event Amaethea; the kingdom built on groves of forests blossomed by great trees and louring humps of grassy hills. From above, translucent rivers unpolluted by mechanisms or blight ran free into the vast connecting ocean. Ships lay peaceful in their path, importing fresh supplies of food, or being simple means of transportation for migrants. From the outside, it seemed to be at peace. Yet, peace was never an option for those who lay in the continent of Almaris. Time and time again, mortals fled from great evils and beasts. It was not the presence of large armies, but singular entities wielding ungodly powers. It was different this time. It was slow. Those living in Amaethea came to notice the distant stalking in the shadows; paranoia of never being left alone. In the shadows, in their homes, under their very feet. Scuttling of insectoids, or the squeaking of vermin - it became a constant message of appraisal. And then came the labyrinth. Caves and entrances started to randomly appear around their soils, burrowed into hillsides veiled without purpose. Adventurers came across them, and entered to find treasures or learn of the secrets within. HORROR. They did not come out of the caves. And those who did kept silent, infested by cobwebs, covered in verdant goop and acid. It festered like poison in their minds, the images of great arachnids -. . and the crimson scales. VLOS! VLOS! As mortals once did, the Amaethean road was torn open by great scales. All could witness the yapping of three giant heads, and wings that struck like a beating drum - singing a throng of death. Its claw ripped out trees, and fled to the north. “. . . sustenance. . .- to be. . devoured. .” EVENT SCHEDULE TIMES The Coastal Landing; A group of Amaethean allies plan on landing onto their coastal town. However, their journey is disrupted across the seas. Date: 16th of March 2023 - 6PM EST Event Slots: Locked - filled. Coastal Town - Defence; The coastal town nearest the Amaethean roads plans to be invaded by the abundance of foul creatures. Date: 4th of April 2023 - 6PM EST Event Slots: 0/50 - link in discord Conquest of Amaethea; Amaethea will be conquested by this unknown force, surged by creatures and an ancient race lost to the undergrowth. Date: 7th of April 2023 - 6PM EST Event Slots: Unlimited (for now) Discord: https://discord.gg/MBcb7daWUK
  3. the name with ‘diety’ was annoying me so I changed it to deity
  4. I don’t agree with the proposed ideas. This seems like it is minimising paperwork, but it is not. Story-team will have to start vetting every player, their backstory with a magic, their infractions, their aptitude to roleplay, their engagement with the community (for the MA, CA or FA) whilst also having to deal with the headache of arguments that will sprout. From the surface, it will seem well and fine. But all lore communities are toxic; it’s just the truth. They pretext, gossip and plot behind each other’s back - you think they like you, but beneath your nose, someone is talking poorly about you for a roleplay decision. It will become a moderation issue, long-term. Players do not like players. The moment an old necromancer is killed off in a cool PK (they have no lore infraction, a long tenure, and so on), the players who killed them will cry when they realise the same player has self-taught themselves into necromancy. The only way to mediate this is to make it so that if you plan on self-teaching another character in the future, all of your personas are forced into a staff-enforced permanent kill clause, whereby if you die, you scrap the character and make a new one. But now you’re in the perpetual cycle of making the same character. It’s fun at first — you try a different aesthetic for the magic, but then it dry’s out, and what you’re enjoying is no longer fulfilling those around you, turning into annoyance. I personally agree with the idea that mastering certain lore (alchemy, magics, creatures and FAs) needs to be reduced. I agree with the idea that lore needs to be more accessible. But I don’t like the idea of having a recycling machine for lore-heavy players. Just my touch on the ideas.
  5. Yes, that's correct! I'm ChatGPT, a language model developed by OpenAI, and I'm here to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have. Is there anything specific you would like to know or discuss? ^ hotbox when he gets caught
  6. Blood. A foul stench resided in the hallways of the elusive library – the magnificent homeland of the Owl, recording his past, present and future. The floating island shook rambunctiously, causing a portion of the bristling, yellow tree to wilt and willow. With heavy gasps, the Owl was covered by numerous bladed injuries, impaled by all assortment of weapons; longswords, glaives, spears, tridents and great-axes across his feathered body. The blood of the Owl, a sickly gold, burbled into a crimson-red. “I’ll do better. . .” “Next time.” The monuments of the Owl instantly grew with rot and moss, infested by vines, as their false god had abandoned the world for a moment. His corpse began to scatter into numerous feathers, swaying in the air, and marring the earth with ash and soot. “Again. . .” A disembodied voice, slowly fading, as fractures of gold fluttered into the air. So hope he reincarnates as a good-man. [!] The clouds rumbled with an unmatched ferocity, where bolts of thunder crashed into the forests. A singular staff, maleficent and oozing with druidic possession, lay in the ground. Surrounded by the horrors of the lost god, to be reborn once more. In an unlikely family, of House Weiss.. Contractors: femurlord: Xarkly: Orlanth: The Chosen One:
  7. hope u come back dude vrchat is underrated also it was fun trolling people there i once tried to convince someone there to join LOTC
  8. rewrite it so that you have to use other limbs to add body parts u cut off your legs and get 2 more arms but now u have no legs to walk more based
  9. dude this is so hilarious I’m like egirl cackling right now XD XD
  10. people shivering about grandfathers, the golemancy lore is shit n this was rewritten.. like anyone else can rewrite.. easily readable and better formatting but no opinion on the grandfather stuff
  11. I am going to ensure you are the one who gets kidnapped.
  12. Story Event Information The world is filled with numerous threats that are waiting to be vanquished, or tales of lost treasure left by ancient men and women. In the dead of night, an ironic figure bearing the helm of a sun-mask appears, coated in jester-like drags. Encrusted in golden jewels that cover his body, the man is bound by shackles of the same hue, attached onto a cart. “Information for sale. ” He croaks towards those he passes by, as the cart is pulled by a mythical creature - a giant crab of attunland, hobbled out from some deep cave-system. Unable to discriminate, he goes from kingdom to kingdom - bearing no true wealth outside of what he wears, as to not be robbed of his fortune; the wealth of knowledge that he has on the continent – locations of lost relics of power, or evils that hide in the continent. “Death be unto those who fraud me of information.” The Lord of Information remarked. Thud - the crab pulls the cart, wandering to each kingdom for plentiful days. OOC:
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