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  1. staff concerned with banning people for talking to banned players but players had to identify pedo alt. 

    good thing @Rilathis admin now (he is the change we need)


    [c. Reddit Post, 2022]

    1. Ragrin


      werew0lfs reddit allowing everyone to be kept up by lotc information


    2. Salvo


      >talking to banned players is a bannable offense


      the honking never stops

  2. imagine being a pedophile 

  3. can’t wait for more reddit posts lol

  4. it was me i bullied lionbileti apologies friend. you are gone. *cries
  5. Hello there, I am a reddit poster. I just wanted to inform you that you have just made a very racist comment. Why are you bored of the brown forum theme? We struggle so much on this server, and people like you are rampantly exuding toxicity across the board. Please consider your words thoroughly next time. Thank you.
  6. slave get to work XD make my swords
  7. *oh my god *reddit post *hello guys here is why staff are…- (thirty paragraph) me n spoon: haha McDonald’s *reddit posters talking about why the climate of the server is perpendicular to the angle of the weather in the United States and how the correlation of the neutrons caused a gravitational field around @itdontmatta which attracts the photosynthesis of @squakhawk hair (he’s bald) “ugh but I’m not leaving the server I can’t leave it” *comments agreeing with post *comments agreeing with something but doesn’t know what yet *egirl comments being a woman is hard on lotc *you’re sexist and homophobic it’s not rp *story team begins reddit posting about how they aren’t lazy when someone complains, @ScreamingDingo doesn’t because he’s not a reddit poster “i think world team was the best team” *talk about @Heero being inactive *azdrazi caused the decline of this server oren is betrayed please send help elite snipes is noob omg haha oren lost XD says elite snipes *rukio comments about the power of women on the server, please don’t talk about her or message her she is a queen *disagrees with rukio post, rukio: please don’t talk to me you’re harassing me, based rukio true dark lord *60th is based making tech team updates why isn’t he lead of tech? - comments on Reddit post (he is based) *pvp is on a decline vs I wanna 100 man crp * @GMRO doesn’t post anything but he is a king of haense so he qualifies as a Reddit poster * smmers is a woman XD f**k I’m sexist now sorry smmers my queen * be @Burnsiderand hide all the non-Reddit posts in order to justify his own redditor mindset * be @Werew0lfand ask for rep, get rep from mindless reddit posters, clearly wins congrats you can Reddit post
  8. The Dark Emperor stared down towards a snowy cliff side, and muttered. “I declare war on Almaris.”
  9. The Dark Emperor trekked over a snowy mountainside, his ebon-black cloak billowing upward. "A good cover-up for the true reason they withdrew. They know the power of the dark side would defeat them." He bid with a succulent pluck of his lips.
  10. "A-ah yes. You might have our King. . but we have one of your ten princes! Aha. . . how about we do an exchange -- not that we need it, of course. We're better. . yeah. . " The Dark Emperor played with a set of toys, and mimicked the voices. "B-but. . . you remember that random Emperor? Yeah. . . if you want to seek forgiveness, leave the King unharmed and retreat, or we'll . . do something." Soon enough, the Dark Emperor grabbed another toy to imitate the current King of Oren, and then spoke. "S-so we have your king, and you are giving me back an irrelevant noble and a prince. . an in return. . . you get to war Krugmar and get your King back? Sounds like a deal to me!" He threw the toys around, hoping this was how the King of Oren would think, or well - how the dwarves thought the King of Oren would answer.
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