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  1. An expounder of the still-fiery flame for rebellion which first incited and later bound the men of Sedan by blood and soul ensconced himself upon a distant patch of earth, far removed from the shadows which the empire and its puppet state sordidly cast against the land. He whittled restlessly at an old and tried blade, awaiting with unkempt fury the day they might rise again and extinguish the gangrene that drains the kingdoms of men from within.
  2. We beg only thy mercy, Judaean lord
  3. I'll see you soon in valheim, brother. o7
  4. While I will agree that the server today faces a great divide, the moral of it all is that this platform can be whatever you and your folks make of it. The community at large might not be so cooperative as once before, but with the right group of story-aligned friends the possibilities in terms of storytelling are practically limitless.
  5. Godefroy, incited by a keen longing to witness all his brethren rise from the lowly depths of human depravity, entertained the minister's return with spiteless heart. "Men will always seek light, but only from the solace of far-cast darkness shall they find it."
  6. In the beginning, they banned me for the entropy I roused. But their humanity was boundless, that even in my malign boldness they granted me the chance to be reborn. +1
  7. "The death of Man's peace shall soon incite the death of heathenry. Let us watch, now, as the once-pacifist Church of the Modern Age deigns to battle the seed of its former frailty. . . . Until then, we march in solemn vow to scourge the Godless." The Vicar of the Aemesh speaks to those who would hear, and concusively forms the old mark of Lorraine.
  8. A foreign-blooded vicar mourns the death of an old friend.
  9. "Acts induced by beasthood are not always foolish, and deeds sown by men are not always benevolent. Regardless, one must always strive for goodness." A martyr remarks, enthroned on a great seat of ice that dares not to melt.
  10. "Our conciliation among that which binds us to this earth will bare to us the true roots of Man; and in rekindling the ancient concord which dwells our blood, Man will rise from ignoble ash to be granted purpose, and thereby endless posterity. Such is the mandate imparted unto our foolish race, so furtively abandoned by men who scorn the heavens and those who reside above it all. Aesh dea, ae kikimorr - good schoolman." A man spoke in words that rung with great vacillation, and yet conviction; for it was at the very least acknowledged that no mere living scholar can achieve tr
  11. "Ah-- The saints, they whisper... And it is quiet. So, quiet." The Vicar from forgotten lands awaited an unspoken miracle by the dregged shores of Almaris, brooding in silence over the fates of a people for whom salvation from torment was falsely sworn, and never delivered. Perhaps it was mere naivety that blessed their venture to restore the faith of mankind and rebreathe posterity into gospel, but in soon time they will war earnestly than see their doctrine all crumble to nought. And as for the Vicar, age had eaten through the very husk of a man he once
  12. He is deriding people that think bronze is an ore. Unless I misconstrued that.
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