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  1. Posthumous addition: Full Name of Man – Otto Rupert Barbanov, Duke of Galahar Date of Birth of Man – 8th Sun's Smile, 1738 Name of Woman – Karenina Ono Date of Birth of Woman – 3rd of The First Seed, 1738 Location of Ceremony – Ekaterinburg private chapel Date of Ceremony (Year) – 1775 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony – No record; Witness – Sigismund II
  2. NAME: August Druiminn IGN: Coronavirus_19 WHERE YOU HAIL FROM: Savinia
  3. Mcname: Marinusemilio Rpname: Prince Otto Rupert Barbanov Hail from: Haense
  4. This looks amazing! I’d love to get involved in this if it comes to the server!
  5. Herylion


    Walter was born in the capital of the Imperium of man and Renatus. The imperial city of Carolustadt. He had a nice upbringing in the city as his father managed a small merchant stall within the city walls and his mother worked as a tailor, tailoring dresses for commoners and nobles alike. His father was a caring man who if he wished would’ve made it so that his wife could’ve stayed at home with Walter but alas their economy could not bare such a strain and they both had to work to supply for the household. Walter would often come with his father to the market and aid him in restocking wares, unloading carriages from Belvitz and Markev and peddle goods to merchants who’d browse the stalls looking for exotic wares such as dyes, spices and tobacco. His father would when the markets were less crowded sit with his son and teach him how to read and write, slowly mastering a skill that few commoners around Johannesburg knew. Perhaps that is why most other children would flock around him. His banterous nature at an early young age alongside his affinity for reading would often lead to him helping younglings and other children with all sorts of things. Ranging far and wide from the most menial task as to read a bedtime story to helping the son of a gentry write poetry for a courtier of the imperial court. When Walter turned sixteen he decided that it was time for him to leave Carolustadt, kissing his mother and father goodbye he travelled first to Belvitz where he found work as a scribe’s assistant and there he befriended some old Reiters who taught him the basics of swordsmanship and horse riding. He worked for the old scribe in Belvitz for four years until he decided to once more travel. As a parting gift the scribe gave him his horse, as the man had no more use for it. After just a few days ride Walter found himself in Sutica where he took on employement as a shipshand on a merchant’s vassal. Travelling around the coastlines of Atlas gave him all the opportunity he could to see the world without having to fear the Red Vaeyl in the same way as others. But his time on the sea’s were cut short as the descendant races were pushed out of Atlas by the Red Vaeyl and after travelling for a while Walter with the rest of the races landed in Arcas. Glad to have found new land he smiled and thanked God that he had not been sent to the seven skies as his canonist faith made him believe. Once in Arcas he immediately travelled to the new Imperial capital of Helena and tried to find his mother and father but only to find out that they died of the cold in Serrimor. He quickly took his leave from Helena, first travelling to Sutica but just after a week at sea he realized this was no longer his calling. He had to find purpose. He travelled around Arcas. From Sutica to Alderyn, Alderyn to Curon and from Curon to Adria but it was not until he reached the Kingdom of Haense and the City of Reza that the urge to settle overcame him. He thus decided that to find his new calling he needed a place to call home and new employement. Which he decided to find in Haense. And there is where the story of Walter Raleighesque begins. Alone in Reza, aiming to find a purpose and goal.
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