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  1. Well written necro lore. Pleasing to read and a lot more clear than the old lore.
  2. OGJokerr


    Aldir'tor is an adventurous young High Elf. Since the earliest of his days, he was always interested in the other races and wanted to find out all about the different kinds of creatures in the world. Because of this, he was determined to join the Haelun'or college. He knew that when he would join, the world would finally open up to him. He hoped to find out all about the weird humans and his dark elf brothers. The magic part did not really interest him. He even is somewhat afraid of magic. The reason behind this is the dark tales he heard and the potential destruction something as powerful as magic could bring the world. He would much prefer his history books. He knows that one day he will get out of his trusted little city and explore the entire world. Writing beautiful pieces of literature about his findings that would last the ages. Adil'tor is quite tall for his age and has bright green eyes. His parents used to call him Sky and earth. Because of his heavenly light hair and grass-green eyes. This is Aldir'tor.
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