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  1. Juststa147

    God Bless the King

    Ithilian Enthelor raises his fist in the air and shouts "Long live the king!"
  2. Juststa147


    i remember this was also a thing a few months ago, it absolutely got a big NO from the players. it is just to OP and not really good for RP
  3. Juststa147

    The Siege of White Peak

    because what else can we do? The Church just allows good men of god to be killed and without anybody to help us, who else can help us except the Reiver? Maybe the Church should get their **** together and realise that this war is not God's will and inocent people are dying because of the greed of one king "replies Ithilian while praying in the church of Haense for God to end this war"
  4. Juststa147

    The Embarassment of Haense, 1668

    because using a traitor is very honourable of Renatus. Next time and send your own soldiers in and see if they can win from us "said Ithilian after he cleaned his sword from the blood of the mercenaries from Renatus he just had killed"
  5. Juststa147

    The Ugly Truth on Toby Junior, 1668

    ooc: it is a very bad meme
  6. Juststa147

    Church Bells Toll

    Long live the king “commented Ithilian when he hears the news”
  7. Juststa147


    he fully got my permission to play my son, and yes i am playing Ithilian enthelor
  8. Juststa147


    the person who made the apply completed the changes (he went to bed so i needed to reply)
  9. Juststa147

    The Westguard

    The Westguard The Westguard has been established by the orders of Ithilian Enthelor, Baron of Ihirion with the task of protecting the western border of Haense and keeping the peace in the Barony itself. They are under the command of House Enthelor. They are part of the Kingdom of Haense and will fight for her and her people. They are positioned in Castle Westguard within the Barony of Ihirion, located west of Markev on the road to Fenn. The Westguard is also ordered to protect the roads from any bandits and other enemies. The Westguard attacking a group of armed bandits on the western border Ranks Captain A captain is second in command, below the Baron himself. the rank captain is appointed by the Baron only Lieutenant They are the officers of the guard. leading their men into battle, they are chosen by the guards themselves. With permission of the Baron. Sergeant The veteran warriors of the guard , they have proven themselves in battles and are capable of leading others in battle Corporal Battle tested soldiers, these are the ones who are meant to be an example for other soldiers Footmen The soldiers who have proven themselves loyal to House Enthelor and the Guard. they make up the backbone of the Guard. Recruit the newly joined soldiers, these soldiers need to prove themselves on the battlefield en prove their loyalty to their Baron Current skin of the guard (no helmet included) Joining the Guard Rp section Name: Age: Race: Birth place: Reason for joining Do you swear loyalty to House Enthelor. the Barony of Ihirion and the Kingdom of Haense and will you fulfill your duties when needed?: OOC Section Mcname: Discord:
  10. Juststa147

    [Complete]Selling Little Girl of Royalty

    withdraws his offer
  11. Juststa147

    [Complete]Selling Little Girl of Royalty

    alright 6000 shouts the random man again
  12. Juststa147

    [Complete]Selling Little Girl of Royalty

    2300 shouts a random man
  13. Juststa147

    The King's Quests

    Ithilian Enthelor shall also take part of all the quests
  14. (IC) Name: Arya Enthelor Age: 21 Race: Human Place of Residence: nowhere Occupation: noble woman Experience: none Will you swear an oath of allegiance?: ofcource i will (OOC) MC Name: Juststan147 Discord Name: #7503Juststan147 Do you accept a PK clause? yes
  15. Juststa147

    The Tournament of the Sun's Smile