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  1. Juststa147

    The Westguard

    *would look at all the new applies and nods "all of them are accepted
  2. Juststa147

    Nastrada Family

    I can see some incest coming out of this “a random person would comment”
  3. Juststa147

    Introduction and Advice

    I am a noble and I am always looking for people who want to play family, if you want please contact me on with a message
  4. Juststa147

    Making clear of Enemies

    I finally did something! "Ithilian would shout from his castle bedroom while going to summon his soldiers for some raiding and scouting
  5. Juststa147

    [Denied]Laysss's Game Moderator Application

    yeah sorry buddy, but you need be longer on the server if you want more support -1
  6. Juststa147

    A Flock, A Herald, An Invitation

    ((family of mine in RP is a mage, and will help me and i have knowledge of VM))
  7. Juststa147

    A Flock, A Herald, An Invitation

    more power? I take it, tell me what to do "commented Ithilian after reading this
  8. Juststa147

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    Switzerland recruiting 40k men into the army (all infantry) doing nothing with other countries, declaring neutrality in all the upcoming conflicts building alot of forts and bunkers at the german, french and italian border building more factories to improve it's industry
  9. Juststa147

    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP | OCC/APP]

    Nation: Swisterland discord: Juststan147#7503
  10. Juststa147


    yeah but my guard is around longer then yours "he pats Sergei on the shoulder and laughs " it's a draw"
  11. Juststa147


    great, they wear Enthelor Colours on their Uniform "Ithilian would comment after hearing the news" Sergei is doing a great job
  12. Juststa147

    Markev Maer Election, 1669

    I think this is a place to become a candidate for being the Maer of Markev, not being the leader of all of Haense
  13. Ithilian laughs after reading one of the warning in an alley “Good luck with that one, there are multiple murderers running arround”
  14. Juststa147

    God Bless the King

    Ithilian Enthelor raises his fist in the air and shouts "Long live the king!"
  15. Juststa147


    i remember this was also a thing a few months ago, it absolutely got a big NO from the players. it is just to OP and not really good for RP