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  1. Blessed High Pontiff Jude I frowns from the Seven Skies
  2. Adder

    Religion of the Velians

    ((It makes perfect sense for the religion to hold the title of Pontifex keeping in line with their Latin culture))
  3. Adder

    Tenth Golden Bull of Rhodesia

    Blessed High Pontiff Jude looked down at his successor from the Seven Skies, inclining his head to watch this story progress. . .
  4. Adder

    On Imperial Godhood

    A multitude of Martyrs within the Skies wonder how exactly one could come to this way of thinking as they watch the mourning ensue.
  5. Adder

    On Imperial Godhood

    High Pontiff Jude I would frown from the Seven Skies... “I know not what has become of the Church and Empire.”
  6. Adder

    Words of Peace

    Monsignor Wigbrecht shook his head “If you expect us to surrender, you know not of the power of Humanity.”
  7. Adder

    Missive to Humanity

    FILII CAVE Addressed to the Faithful of Atlas 1691 Brothers and Sisters of Humanity, It has come to the attention of our Holy Canonist Church and its Prelates, following a parlay in the deep South, that the Vaeyl Order wishes to deprive us of food and of shelter. This is all apart of their plan to rid us and all Descendant people from Atlas. As such, the Archdiocese of Villavia and accompanying prelates urge all of Humanity to begin to stockpile whatever food resources available as the cold advances from the South. As such, the Archdiocese of Villavia shall construct a great stock hold of grain and other jarred resources for distributive purposes to Canonist Faithful. May GOD guide and protect us as the unholy plot of the Vaeyl Order advances. We have great trust in the providence of He who has delivered us from all tribulation through the ages. Signed: Archbishop Humpfrey of Villavia Monsignor Wigbrecht Schultz
  8. Adder

    The Festival of Saint Tobias: Seasonal Calendar

    Blessed High Pontiff Jude smiles warmly from the Seven Skies.
  9. Adder

    ~*~* The Druidic Order *~*~

    Minecraft Username: Novitiate_ Time-zone: EST Playing Hours: 6 daily Discord ID (so we can contact you): Comrade Adder#8119
  10. Adder

    How to Serve the Canonist Church

    Application IC Name: Weldolph Thornfoot Age: 35 Race: Halfling Serive: (Nun, Monk, Clergymen, layman, etc) Monk Where do you wish to serve: Adria OOC MC Name: Novitiate_ Discord Name: You have it.
  11. Qui Exaltatus, Sanctificamini, et Benedictus Those Exalted, Sanctified, and Blessed Last promulgated by His Holiness, Everard IV, 7th of the Grand Harvest, 1629 Codified and Updated by His Holiness, Jude I As of the 15th of the Amber Cold, 1667 Among mankind, there are those who have acted with utmost piety and compassion, and the Church has recognized them for their valor. Whilst paragons of virtues have graced the realm since ancient times, it was only under the High Pontiff Marcus I where a canonization process was established, to deliberate those beautified and saintly. However, with the great heathen sack of the Liberian Pontificate, the canon list of the sainthoods had been lost. It was under only High Pontiff Everard where a tradition of universally recognized sainthoods were restored. Above the saints are, the four Exalted are those foretold in the Holy Scrolls, known formerly as the Divine, whom would restore humanity in this life and beyond. Only the exalted have ever held full dialogue with the Creator, and all have performed countless miracles and acts of greatness, standing aside the Creator in the Seventh Sky. All these canonized figures are not to be worshiped, but revered, whether for their fulfillment of the Creator’s prophecies, or for their exceptional degree of holiness. They may be asked to pray for us as they act in intercession, close to the Creator himself. The Prophets The Prophets, or Exalted, are determined by the Canon and are noted for receiving their respective Scrolls from the Aenguls Artifai and Tesion, along with innumerable acts of faith, good works, and miracles. Horen I “the Father” - Golden Laurel Patron of Humanity, Covenants, and Humility. Owyn I “the Purifier” - Flaming Sword Patron of Purity, War, and Fire. Godfrey I “the Redeemer” - Silver Scepter Patron of Dominion, Glory and Justice. Siegmund I “the Preserver” - Globus Cruciger Patron of Clairvoyance, Wisdom, and Sight. Those Sanctified One is sainted if he or she lives a wholly pious and virtuous life and has proven he or she is in the highest skies by traditionally performing at minimum two miracles posthumously. They are often attributed symbols. St. Godwin of Paradisus - Skull Patron Saint of the Deceased, the Afterlife, Ghosts, the Supernatural and Heartlanders. St. Julia of Paradisus - Golden Rings Patron Saint of Mothers, Matrimony, and Exorcism. St. Joren of Paradisus - Iron Shackles Patron Saint of the Mountains, Winter, the Imprisoned, and Highlanders. St. Lothar of Balian - Lorraine Cross Patron Saint of the Lorraine Cross, Princes, Courage, and Heraldry. St. Daniel of Al'Khazar - Wooden Staff Patron Saint of Peace, Cities, Pilgrims, and Travel. High Priest St. Everard I of Al'Khazar - Red Cross Patron Saint of Tradition and Persecution. St. Amyas of Yore - Wild Herb Patron Saint of Medicine, Healing, Botany, and Wild Herbs. St. Godwein of Huntshill - Oaken Shield Patron Saint of Honesty, Woodworkers, Fungi, and Skin Afflictions. St. Tobias of Sarkoz – Silver Comet, Gold Coins Patron Saint of Merchants, Comets, Wealth, and Charity. High Pontiff St. Lucien I of Ulmsbottom – Kaedreni Cross Patron Saint of Crusaders, Change, and the Family. St. Adrian of Leuvaarden - Open Book Patron Saint of Statesmen, Lawyers, and Politics. St. Thomas of Gaekrin -White Rose Patron Saint of Leadership, Discipline, Frontiersmen, and Kaedrin. St. Peter of Gaekrin - Flaming Rose Patron Saint of Order and Victory. St. Humbert of Bar - Sun’s Smile Patron Saint of Capitulation. St. Edmond of Lachsin – Knight on Horseback Patron Saint of Sailing, the Navy, Horses, and the Auvergnian People. St. Theodosius of Istiam - Gray Pigeon Patron Saint of Messengers, Birds, Translators, and the Raevir People. St. Wilfriche of Hanseti - Black Mace Patron Saint of Brotherhood, Chancellors, Opposition of Setherin, and Franciscan Martyrs. High Pontiff, St. Daniel I - An Aged Scroll Patron Saint of Scholarship, Fate, and Literature. St. Otto ‘the Bald’ of Vanderfell - Bald Eagle Patron Saint of the Schism War, Fate, Ward Fathers, and Northern Peoples. St. Charles of Haense - Golden Crow Patron Saint of Strength, Fortitude, and Prisoners’ of War. St. Michael of Cordobe - White Bull Patron Saint of Passion, Exiles, Service and the Eighteen Years’ War. St. Emma of Woldzmir - White Sword Patron Saint of the Schism War, Loyalty, Valour, and Adrians. Saint Henry Otto of Alban - Brown Shoes Patron Saint of Commoners, Justice, and Fatherhood. Saint Kristoff of Hanseti - Silver Skull Patron Saint of Martyrs, Victims of Strife, and Bishops. Saint Johannes de Rutyer - Green Staff Patron Saint of the innocent and Missionaries to Foreign Lands. Saint Malcolm of Fjordhem - Purple Cross Patron Saint of the Daelanders, Storms, and the Conversion of Heathens. Saint Jude of Cyranium - Monastery Patron Saint of Scholastics, Authors, and Monasteries. Those Beautified One is beautified if he or she lives a wholly pious and virtuous life and is either martyred for his or her faith, or posthumously performed a miracle upon a High Pontiff's prayer. Blessed Patrick Denims Blessed High Pontiff Adeodatus Blessed Hunwald Blessed Francis Karovic Blessed Lorethos Basileus Blessed Damon Kovacevic Blessed Vladislav Blessed Zacarias Mosquera Blessed Father Stephen Blessed Frederick Royce Blessed Dmitri of the Dreadfort Blessed Jon of the Whirlwind Blessed Peter Blessed Lendus Blessed Jan Jeremi Blessed William the Beggar Blessed High Pontiff Daniel I Blessed Thomas Denims Blessed Richard de Bar Blessed Humbert de Bar Blessed Radovid of Blaviken. Blessed Marius Baruch Blessed Vytenis of Visiga Blessed Leon of Amaury Blessed Baldwin de Bar Blessed Wilhelm of Hermann Blessed Stephan Himmel Blessed High Pontiff Daniel II Blessed Rafael de Cordobe Blessed High Pontiff Everard II Blessed Adrian of Kaedrin Blessed Johannes de Rutyer Blessed Foltest of Aeldin Blessed High Pontiff Sixtus III Blessed High Pontiff Lucien III Blessed Publius Bracchus Blessed Andrik Vydra Blessed Jack Rovin Blessed Polycarp of Aeldin Blessed Noah Wheezer Blessed High Pontiff Pius II Blessed Adelran Coulthard Blessed Sigismund of Couentre Blessed Jon Renault de Savoie Blessed George de Bar Blessed Ari of Abresi Blessed High Pontiff Owyn II Blessed Enoch Blessed High Pontiff Sixtus IV Blessed High Pontiff Clement II Blessed Nafis Yar Blessed Catherine Francesce Horen Blessed Vladimir the Golden-handed Blessed High Pontiff Adrian
  12. Requests for Priestly Ceremonies In the spirit of the reforms of prior Pontiffs regarding service “The Sacraments are the Church’s Primary Duty to the Faithful.” It is the duty of the Church of the Canon to administer the Most Holy Sacraments to all Faithful in good standing with Her. In order to live up to the Great Commission of Exalted Owyn to the Diarchs Evaristus and Clement, the Holy Mother Church of the Canon offers its hand in aiding Faithful schedule Priestly Ceremonies. Such ceremonies include but are not limited to: masses, baptisms, confessions, marriages, funerals, and last rights. Because it is the solemn labor of the Church to serve Humanity in the personal quest each Canonist has to GOD, all serious requests supplicated before us in these documents shall be completed. All requests submitted will be performed by clergymen who have the utmost and efficacious preferences of the Faithful. Please fill out the document below in order to request a Priestly Ceremony. Requests