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  1. Opinions from the Throne I The Elven Conundrum Issued and confirmed by his Majesty, Frederick I Pius, 8th of the Amber Cold, 1646. Greetings to the fair Human citizens of Marna, and Humans across Atlas, I, Frederick Pius, better known as “Mauer”, issue this document to the public in hopes of shedding light regarding the opinion of the Marnan Crown in this time of crisis. We humans are mortals, destined to live for an allocated period of time. A sliver in the lifespan of the other races. For a single elf, twelve human generations may pass before they too meet their maker in the nether. However, the short time allocated unto humanity as part of the curse of Iblees has had the reverse intended effect. Iblees hoped to corrupt humanity by making us mortal- an eternal punishment. Instead, this curse only made us stronger. It made our peoples active, aspiring and thirsting for greatness. As such, in the lifespan of one human, through their will, despite their lives being a mere sliver in time, the world could be changed forever for the good of humanity. History showed unto us the greatness of our third prophet, Godfrey, and his formation of Empire. We look to the deeds of Saint Peter, and how his order, alongside my ancestor, Horen the Black, sacked Malinor and brought humanity to the greatest power it had ever been. Thus, I must explain with absolute clarity, the graveness of the slight the Princess of the Dominion hath casted onto humanity. According to my wife, my dear queen Henrietta, her escort to the Elven coronation, and his Holiness himself, the elves seek an empire under the name of the Dominion. This empire would hold the factions of all elf-kin, and, reportedly, the elf Princess proclaimed the that the world was to be guided under the Aspects. This quest to spread Aspectism globally poses a major threat to Canonism and all the faithful upon Atlas. The Aspects, or spirits, as prescribed by the Exalted Owyn, are a paganic entity which elves falsely follow. Elves claim that they are real, and physical, which I’ve no doubt to be true. However, GOD too, is real. These aspects are not omnipotent, they are not omnipresent. They are deceivers, and should be treated akin to that of Iblees. And though the Dominion may permit the establishment of a Church, as stated by Prince Khaine, I trust in the words of his female diplomat moreso. The elves are guided by the aspects, and will never under any circumstance convert. This sickens me, for I am not only the Apostolic king, but also a direct descendent of Horen. The title of 'Emperor' is reserved for humanity and the heirs of the Prophets. Those who were not of Horen blood yet ruled over the empire of men did such only on the blessings of house Horen, as seen with Emperor Peter the Kaedreni being appointed by the spirit of the Prophet Godfrey. Empires that did not receive this blessing were crushed by those who shared the ideals of Horen. Let us not forget that before the Prophet Godfrey, the elves were the dominant faction on this plane. It was only humanity that had the metaphorical grapes to seize freedom from elfen-kin. Horen blood is divine, by right, and to even consider challenging the title of Empire before those of Horen and humanity is a slap in the face, if not a stab in the gut. Thus, I proclaim any attempt by the dominion to centralize and formulate a unified elven empire to be an immediate threat to the Canonist Faith, the Nations of Humanity, and, most importantly, Humans everywhere. Though they may act as pacifists today, once they grow confident, they will demand our conversion and territory tomorrow. If they seek peace, they MUST admonish their quest and rescind the goals of their Princess. To offset this centralization, I also call for an IMMEDIATE convening of the leaders of mankind to join blades in the formation of the COMMONWEALTH OF MAN. The time for a Human Empire has not come, nay, but unity in some capacity has. GOD wills it. God With Us, His Majesty, Frederick Pius of Marna, Apostolic King of Marna, Rhodesia and Waldenia, Duke of Senntisten and Defender of Rhodesia and the Faith, Brother of Saint Lucien
  2. Senntisten Mayoral Elections, 1646 Issued and confirmed by his majesty, Frederick Pius Horen-Marna, 10th of Malin's Welcome, 1646. As the Sky-Daemon bubble’s burst nears, so does Marna’s need for a larger civilian government. The City of Senntisten is large, and the government of Marna cannot micromanage it in the coming conflicts. Marna is an army disguised as a nation, meaning that once the coming wars begin, the national government will become focused on warfare rather than domestic governance. Thus, it is imperative that those who aspire a larger role within the Government, or an opportunity to partake in it, provide their name for candidacy in the coming Senntisten mayoral elections. If one wishes to become the Mayor of Senntisten, they will be granted the ability to manage the stewards, tax codes, building regulations, etc. The mayor will be entrusted with the civil duty of governing the Capital in the name of his Majesty, Frederick Pius and that of the Church, for Senntisten remains the holy city. Thus, the major factions that the Mayor will be interacting with will include that of the civilian populace, local businesses, the Order of Saint Lucien, and his Majesty’s Marnan Free Company of Civilian Soldiers. If one wishes to aid in the constructing of a proper civilian populace, they are most welcome. Requirements for becoming a candidate for the upcoming mayoral elections (which will take place on the Bicentennial of the founding of the Order of Saint Lucien) are as followed: One must be a Human. One must be a Canonist. One must be a citizen of Marna. One must own property within Marna. One must not have a criminal record within Marna. Mayoral Candidate Form Name: Religion: Nationality (Marnan, Renatian, etc.): Property Holdings (the property you own): Age: Race: Gender: Experience: God With Us, His Majesty, Frederick Pius of Marna, Apostolic King of Marna, Rhodesia and Waldenia, Duke of Senntisten and Defender of Rhodesia and the Faith, Brother of Saint Lucien
  3. TOURNEY OF THE BICENTENNIAL In memory of the BLESSED Jack Rovin [JANUARY 20th, 11am PST, 2pm EST] All are welcomed [bar the Hostile factions] to attend the Tourney of the Bicentennial under white truce in order to honor the founding of the Order of Saint Lucien and its first Grand Master peacefully. In the year 1447, His Holiness High Pontiff Lucien II was saved by the Vandorian Order when he was attacked by a dread knight in New Abresi and was hired by the Church to defend it and spread GOD’s word across the realm of the descendants. Food and drinks will be catered by the Estermont Inn. The tournament will be hosted by His Holiness Clement III, His Majesty King Frederick Pius and Grand Master Rakim and will be divided into two events: one on one melee and five on five melee. The Order of Saint Lucien will provide protection at the tournament so no lollygagging. One on One Melee Fighters (up to forty maximum) will be allowed to fight in the one on one melee in an elimination exhibition until only one fighter remains. The winner will be granted the title ‘Champion of the Bicentennial’ and will be given half a crate of iron cuboids (32 iron blocks), 250 minas and a specially smithed blade capable of harming the undead. Five on Five Melee Factions are encouraged to enter in their best five fighters to participate in the five on five melee. The winning five will be granted the title “Defenders of Ard Krallackh” and will be given a crate of iron cuboids (64 iron blocks), 100 minas each and specially smithed blades capable of harming the undead. ((All of those wishing to participate in the Five on Five Melee should contact Shady_Tales/Bad Guy Shady. A wait list will be made for the one on one melee and any absentees will be replaced based off priority on the wait list.)) SIGN UP SHEET FOR THE ONE v ONE MELEE Name: Age: Nationality/Faction: Race: Title:
  4. MILITUM DECRETIUM MARNA Mandates for the Armies of the Apostolic Kingdom of Marna Field Marshal Marcus Arminius Rovin FIRST ORDER Establishment of Force Requirements All settlements and castles shall be required to equip and upkeep a levy during times of warfare. Free settlements and barons shall be required to muster and equip a levy of no less than one-hundred able-bodied men. Counties shall be required to muster and equip a levy of no less than one-hundred and fifty able-bodied men, and no less than fifty men per settlement or barony within the county. Duchies shall be required to muster and equip a levy of no less than two-hundred men, but shall provide a minimum of one-hundred men per county within the duchy. All forces shall be comprised of able-bodied men of no younger than fourteen years. Each man shall be able to bare arms and hold in formation for no less than two hours and be capable of maintaining a day’s march. To maintain the First Order, the Grand Marshal shall conduct Martial Review over the forces. On every even year, the forces of the realm shall be individually checked to ensure arms, armour, and other logistical measures are adequately set and kept within the land. Failure to pass inspection shall result in the penalization of prestige and put forth risk of rank, title, and privilege. SECOND ORDER Establishment of Lesser Positions and Authority Marshal of the Apostolic Kingdom The title of Marshal is established as the highest authority and honor bestowed upon those who show their strategic and tactical brilliance and understanding of warfare at an awesome level. Those entitled with this honor shall have the added responsibility of leading the soldiers of the realm into battle. The only figures who shall trump their authority will be the King and his Field Marshal, respectively. Symbolizing their status as elite generals, Marshals of the Apostolic Kingdom shall be bestowed onto them a special baton of burgundy-laced ivory. Only with this baton shall the Marshal exert their power and status, and to lose to the hands of the enemy will be regarded as a great dishonor. Brigadier of the Marnan Free Company The rank of Brigadier shall be created to be bestowed upon the leader of His Majesty’s Marnan Free Company— an organization of citizen-soldiers who are raised during times of war and great trouble. The Brigadier shall have the responsibility to maintain his citizen-soldiers, ensuring their training, equipment, and esprit de corps remain at optimal levels. With this, the Brigadier shall have direct authority over the operations and conduct of the Free Company. Symbolizing his authority, the Brigadier of the Marnan Free Company shall receive an engraved iron baton. With this baton, he shall be able to raise the Free Company during the peacetime without the orders of the King. To lose the baton to the hands of the enemy will be regarded as a great dishonor. Colonel The rank of Colonel shall be established as the fourth tier of royal high command, under that of the Field Marshal, his Marshals, and the Brigadier of the Free Company. Colonel is the rank given by the Office of the Field Marshal to three categories of commanders: the leaders of vassal levies, the leaders of vassal retinues, and the leaders of independent military organizations. Colonels only have authority over their respective fighters, save the instance which makes them the highest authority in an area of combat. To mark their status, Colonels shall be bestowed upon them a golden badge of bearing the King’s seal. The cross on the seal shall be painted red. It is with this badge that Colonels may seek audience with the Field Marshal or cross into the Crownlands with an entourage. THIRD ORDER On the Establishment of Military Guilds and Organizations The establishment of militant guilds and organizations within the Apostolic Kingdom of Marna shall fall under two categories of classification: those who have permanent residence in the Kingdom as a result of obtaining the Royal Military Writ of Establishment, chartering their headquarters within the borders, and those who have obtained the Royal Military Writ of Tolerance, granting only the means for a guildhouse or place of business. Royal Military Writs of Establishment shall be awarded to militant organizations who wish to reside in the Crownlands. In exchange for oaths of fealty, these organizations may establish a headquarters and recruit from the freemen in the land. For organizational purposes, their leaders shall be referred to by the Royal Administration as colonels. Those with such a writ shall be required to provide their entire force to the realm during wartime, but shall be free to embark on mercantile efforts during the peacetime. Such organizations shall be inspected during every odd year by the Field Marshal. Royal Military Writs of Tolerance shall be awarded to militant organizations with origins outside of the Apostolic Kingdom of Marna. These organizations shall have the ability to conduct business within the borders and operate a guildhouse, but will have no rights to recruitment or be included in the hierarchy of Marnantine forces. FOURTH ORDER On Issuing Letters of Marque and Reprisal In order to maintain flexible and covert operations over the enemies of the Apostolic Kingdom, the establishment of Royal Letters of Marque and Reprisal shall be immediate. For a set bounty, the Apostolic Kingdom shall issue a letter of marque to a militant organization so they may carry out the terms of the bounty beyond the territory of the Kingdom. Letters of Marque shall allow the holder to seize and repossess all goods captured from enemy forces during the completion of a bounty. Bounties shall be negotiated between the King or Office of the Field Marshal with the letter petitioner. Letters of Marque shall be granted for three-year terms. Failure to complete the bounty shall result in an issued fine at one-hundred and fifty percent the value of the bounty. Letters of Marque, and subsequently holders of the letters, shall not attack allies of the Apostolic Kingdom while in its service. God With Us, His Majesty, Frederick Pius of Marna, Apostolic King of Marna, Rhodesia and Waldenia, Duke of Senntisten and Defender of Rhodesia and the Faith, Brother of Saint Lucien His Excellency, Marcus Arminius Rovin, Field Marshal of the Apostolic Kingdom of Marna, Brother of Saint Lucien
  5. His Majesty's Royal Marnan Kingsguard Issued and confirmed by his Royal Majesty, Frederick Pius of Marna, 10th of the First Seed, 1646 The Royal Marnan Kingsguard (RMK) is the elite secular fighting force within the Apostolic Kingdom of Marna. The membership of the Kingsguard consists of the most dedicated and loyal knights within Marna, meaning its members are expected to be highly proficient in combat, reliable shields or top level resource acquirers. The duties of the Royal Marnan Kingsguard, naturally, include the guarding of the Royal Family and the palace of Ard’Arrav. Similarly, those in the Royal Marnan Kingsguard act as the King’s personal combat unit, meaning that the Kingsguard are tasked solely, or in junction with the Marnan Free Company, to undertake military action upon foreign or domestic enemies. UNIFORM Each member of the Kingsguard is equipped with a full set of darkened platemail, an underlying gambeson, and a Waldenian style combat helmet. Upon their breastplate rests the Gold and Crimson badge of Marna, which allows members of the Kingsguard to showcase their dedication to home and country as well as to provide easy identification for those who might see them. The design of the Kingsguard uniform is intended to provide the sense of unity, intimidation, facelessness, and prowess within the Kingdom of Marna. It should be noted, however, that some members of the Kingsguard are permitted to customize their uniform to how they see fit only with the permission of the King himself. Variants of the Kingsguard Uniform
  6. HIS MAJESTY'S ROYAL MARNAN FREE COMPANY Issued and confirmed by his Royal Majesty, Frederick Pius of Marna, 10th of the First Seed, 1646 His Majesty’s Royal Marnan Free Company (Freikorps in Waldenian) strives to act as the primary secular force of the king, with duties consisting of enforcing Royal authority across the realm in the name of GOD and King. His Majesty’s Royal Marnan Free Company is also a citizen army, which implies that soldiers within it, bar the officers, are volunteers who wish to make their home country a better place and often hold civilian roles outside of military life. Furthermore, due to the fact that this remains a Free Company, and thus the Company has no conscripts. As such, those who enlist within his Majesty’s Royal Marnan Free Company will receive numerous benefits, which include and are not limited to: A free, tax-free home within the capital city of Senntisten. Mining rights to the Marnan national mine. Farming rights to the Marnan national carrot and wheat farms. Ability to enforce local laws throughout Royal jurisdiction. Access to San Marnantine State Penitentiary Ability to don the armor of the Marnan Free Company with pride. Ability to gain prowess amongst the local lords and acquire land within the Apostolic Kingdom of Marna. If one performs especially well within his Majesty’s Marnan Free Company, those who are aspiring may be promoted to serve within his Majesty’s Kingsguard. Those who serve as a member in the Kingsguard gain access to the Royal Palace and a tower within the confines of the structure. UNIFORM Each volunteer in the Free Company, is upon entry presented with a full set of armor, paid by the State. It’s the piece of equipment a volunteer will be taught how to use, clean and perform maintenance on. It is after all the only piece of armor a man of the company will be given, for free. The Armor and clothing worn underneath, is pitch black and red to allow the citizenry to more easily locate a man of the Free Company. Furthermore, the soldiers of the Marnan free company hold red and yellow badges, the colors of Marna. The dark toned uniforms also also offers some tactical advantage, as it makes one harder to see during night time. Variants of the Free Company Uniform RANKS BRIGADIER - The Brigadier is the appointed commander of the Free Company and holds immediate authority over its operations. He will appoint captains as needed to oversee specific areas of the Company and established geographical sectors, and will approve of all decorations and rank advancements. CAPTAIN - Captains within his Majesty’s Royal Marnan Free Company serve as administrative officers within the ranking structure. Captains are responsible primarily for taking charge of planning missions in geographical sectors, as well as organizing and maintaining the soldiers placed directly under their authority. PENITENTIARY WARDEN - The Warden of St. Marnantine State Penitentiary is often the most prominent Captain within the free company. The Warden manages the penitentiary prisoners, records and its reception. SERJEANT - Serjeants within his Majesty’s Royal Marnan Free Company act as non-commissioned officers, consisting of individuals who have aspired to the military lifestyle more so than that of the Corporals. Thus, Serjeants are to be well-trained executors of missions organized by Captains. Likewise, if a Captain is felled in combat, Serjeants will often take over to command the field. CORPORAL - Corporals within his Majesty’s Royal Marnan Free Company are members who are inherently more pacifistic in nature. As such, Corporals have completed a tour of service and normally partake in municipal duties, such as stewarding, baking, etc. Corporals, albeit above that of volunteers, hold no commanding privileges in combat unless all other officers are incapacitated in some manner. CITIZEN-AT-ARMS - These are volunteers who have received sufficient training and have experienced some of the hardships of serving in the Free Company. While higher in seniority than the simple volunteers, a citizen-at-arms holds no sway over his subordinates. VOLUNTEER - Volunteers are civilians who have volunteered to fight for their nation. These individuals have not been beaten, and they have not been deemed fit to move up in the ranking structure. Volunteers will be taught how to defend themselves, additionally they will often perform labour, for example volunteers are those who take the largest part in constructing fortifications and outposts. AWARDS RUFUS’ EDGE - For the brave and faithful. Awarded for valour in the battlefield or for impeccable service during peace. The award itself is a spear head fashioned out of gold. CLIMBER’S PRIZE - For the agile. Awarded for those who are first over the walls of a besieged city. The award is a bricked tower decorated with turrets, fashioned out of silver. CLERGYMAN’S ENVY - For the pious soul. Awarded to the most prominent Canonist in service to the Free Company. The recipient must display immense Canonist values. The award itself is no physical object, rather a title, which is “Pius Felix” From High Imperial into common, it translates into “Pious and Blessed” DOVE’S COMPANION - For the mediator. Awarded to the bringer of peace. The recipient has successfully argued for peace between two or more people. The merit itself is a bronze olive branch COMMANDER’S GORGET - For the successful officer. Awarded to an officer who truly displays his abilities to command in the field or during peace. The physical award are two golden clasps formed in the image of dragons, breathing fire towards each other. The fire then interlocks locking the clasp in place. The clasp can be attached to a cloak or a belt. The dragon is a reminder of the officer’s service to the Horen line and the Kingdom of Marna. VENERABLE FATHER - For the veteran. This merit is awarded to the volunteer who has served in the Free Company for ten whole years and has no infractions to their name. The decoration is a wreath made of silver. It can be worn during military parades and public events, but not during duty. RED DRAGON - For the honorable. The Red Dragon award is one of the most prestigious awards, as it honors one with knighthood, derived from the old Imperial Order of the Red Dragon. Additionally the new knight is given a golden signet ring, with the Marna dragon etched into it. This is a merit only promoted to those who have shown courage in the field of battle and justice in peace Criteria for entry into His Majesty’s Marnan Free Company One must not be sworn to another vassal/nation. One must not own property in another vassal/nation’s territory. One must be of the minimum age of 16. One must be Human. One must be willing to fight for home and country at all times. One must agree to complete a tour of service of two years (two saint’s weeks). If one fails to uphold activity within that timespan, the benefits which they have been offered will be revoked. One must be either a Male or Female. Females will hold more municipal and medical roles whereas males will fight. If one identifies as neither, we refer to them as abominations and hang them. APPLICATION RP Name: Age: Race: Culture [Heartlander, Highlander, etc.]: Place of Residence: Prior Experience, if Applicable: Labor Skills [Woodworker, Miner, etc.]: OOC MC Name: Timezone: Discord:
  7. Assembly of the Marnantine Armies A royal messenger is sent out to the various houses and castles in the Kingdom, bringing with him a bundle of scrolls sealed with the Marnantine King’s seal. 11th of the First Seed, 1644 By the will of His Highness Frederick Pius, Apostolic King of Marna, an assembly of the Lords of the realm and their military forces is hereby decreed. All lords with a bannerforce of no less than fifty soldiers between the ages of fourteen and forty-five, and all commissioned leaders of military forces directly serving or chartered by the Apostolic King, shall send themselves and one other to the King’s residence at Ard’Arrav. Though guards are welcome to accompany their lords enroute, entourages shall not be permitted within the residence. As of the date pinned to this announcement, all military forces of the realm, vassal and private, shall be required to legally manifest and hold a levy or professional force. All levies, or otherwise non-professional establishments sworn to a lord other than the King, shall be required to maintain one-hundred able-bodied men through armament and adequate training. All professional forces, such as an organized lordly bannerforce, shall be required to arm and maintain fifty able-bodied soldiers through armament and drilling. Direct all inquiries through a messenger to the Office of the Marshal, located atop the southern gatehouse in the city of Senntisten. Marcus Arminius Rovin, Marshal of the Apostolic Kingdom of Marna (( Come to the palace at around 7:00pm EST on Friday, after the general royal court has concluded))
  8. SENNTISTEN Capital of the Apostolic-Kingdom of Marna “If you can’t handle me at my Fairest, you can’t handle me at my Rarest” - King Frederick Pius, 17th of the Grand Harvest, 1641 Constructed in the 1642nd Year of Existence, under the reign of His Majesty Frederick Pius I, King of Marna. Senntisten, is the current capital of the Apostolic Kingdom of Marna, the Kingdom itself having formed from the loyalist remnants of the Sixth Empire. Constructed in the summer of 1642, the City sits atop the twin peaks of Arrav and Kreuzspitze, and stands as a testament to mankind’s domination of the region. From the city flows the majestic Piscatoris, a fast-moving river whose remarkable purity is depended upon by the agricultural communities of the Marnantine Valley. Location Directions: Traverse the highway south out of the Cloud Temple through Velth’s Gate and past the Fairgrounds, paying close attention to the road signs along the way; after two intersections, proceed past the Whispering Crossroads and Traveler’s Respite, leaving behind one more marked intersection. The river that runs directly southward will be your guide, and the gateway to the Kingdom of Marna will be found at the first intersection on its western bank. Landmarks Ard’Arrav Ard’Arrav, a name derived from Chivayspeak meaning Mountain of Heroes, serves as the palatial fortress of House Horen of Marna and the seat of governance for the entirety of the Kingdom. The terrace upon which the palace sits is flanked by two guardian statues representing both the glory of the dragon and its ferocity. The Adamantine Cathedral Built to be the premiere place of worship of all the Canonist world, the monolithic Cathedral of Saint Lucien serves as a reminder of the supremacy of GOD in this world and as a home for the Order of Saint Lucien. Designed primarily by Prestor Robert “BOB” Rovin and that of Holy Ser Balian; truly, it is a temple designed for the holy, by the holy. The Estermont Inn One might find shelter for a night in Senntisten at the Estermont Inn on 4th Godfrey Avenue. Its proprietor, Eadmund Estermont, offers rooms for rent and even houses for willing tenants. As for refreshment, the Inn’s cellar offers vintages anywhere from locally supplied brews to Hanseatic meads. On occasion it is said wines from far off Aeldin are served. Senntisten City Hall The Senntisten City Hall serves as the foremost seat of governance for the local municipality. Here the Town Assembly meets to discuss and propose new laws relating to the City’s governance and decide the fate of municipal cases that are below the attention of the Royal Court. The Cloud District The Cloud District of Senntisten sits just below the palatial fortress of Ard’Arrav and is home to the City’s upper crust with housing granted by royal writ alone. Homes here can be purchased with either a fat pocket of golden shillings or that of a levy. San Marnantine State Penitentiary Perhaps the only place one would wish to stay away from in Senntisten is the San Marnantine State Penitentiary, managed by the Order of Saint Lucien. Those guilty of breaking a law that does not warrant death are sentenced to a certain amount of time in solitude. Konigsville Along the River Piscatoris lies the humble village of Konigsville. In the day, the hard working residents of Konigsville can be seen plucking wheat with a smile and singing a tune. At night, one may hear a plethora of visceral laughs from within the village, a testament to the resident’s clown-like behavior and general jolliness. Notable Officials His Royal Majesty, Frederick Pius I, Apostolic King of Marna Her Royal Majesty, Henrietta Louise, Queen of Marna His Excellency, Thomas Frederick, Seneschal of Marna His Excellency, Marcus von Aesterwald, Marshal of Marna His Excellency, Aran Talraen, High Steward of Marna His Excellency, Gils von Konigsberg, Mayor of Konigsville His Excellency, Holy Ser Rakim Yar, Grandmaster of the Order of Saint Lucien Housing/Purchasing/Taxation Housing in Senntisten typically costs a standard 100 minas for a two story home and no taxation, for taxation is inherently theft. To purchase a house contact a Steward, such as Aran Talraen [LithiumSedai] or Thomas Frederick [Rhodesian_]. Alternatively, different rates for property exist in the village of Konigsville, thus one may find a cheaper deal alongside Gils von Konigsberg [Fleeperini] or that of Prenkus [Turrenitus].