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  1. LilDebbie

    On Imperial Godhood

    “Oh boy” Says a random person
  2. LilDebbie

    [Denied][I] Callum13072's Game Moderator Application

    Ok, this is awesome . +1
  3. LilDebbie

    The Halfling Leadership Charter

    ((Lil Dickie for President))
  4. LilDebbie

    The Final release

    Zahri would dip her head, her ears pressing against her head in mourning after finding out what happened to her grandpatta , “May he rest een peece wit Metzli.” She’d say softly, before looking to the other kha, “Sa’vi grandpatta. .”
  5. LilDebbie

    Panda people

    humanoid rabbits .
  6. LilDebbie

    [Denied] Dill_ManYT's Event Team Actor application

    👍Awesome guy, knows his stuff +1
  7. LilDebbie

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    Not that bad 👌
  8. Totally awesome guy, He knows how to handle stuff well. +1
  9. [!] The woman would frown, and with a sigh she'd write, "1000 Minas!"
  10. [!] The cloak woman would write another note, "800 Minas!"
  11. [!] A cloaked woman would write, "700 Minas."
  12. LilDebbie

    [I] Jondead going for blue. [Game Moderator Application]

    +1 A wonderful, and Honest person. Good luck dude!
  13. LilDebbie

    [AMA] Please Do.

    MCVDK, you know about me and Cookies XD 1) I don't exactly love them. 2) Currently not planning on it. 3) I woke up 26 minutes ago and it's 8:27 AM. . .so I don't eat any sweets until like, 3 PM.