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  1. A KINGDOM RECROWNED, A NATION REBORN. Snow’s Maiden, 1767. The Dwedmar of Urguan made their way for the Throne Room within the peak of Kal’Evraal. Stoic Legionnaires stood guard over the waves of proud citizens as they awaited the King’s word. Drums echoed, sabatons stomped and arus were shouted. Grand King Utak Ireheart had made his decision. “Sons and Daughters of Urguan, hear the call of the deep! The Grand Kingdom of Urguan is once more! Once more the home for all dwed, once more the beacon of power. The wounds have healed, the clans have returned and the Longbeards have set their eyes to the surface. Shoulder to shoulder, shield to shield with axes high. We will not be paying but will invest into retaking what is rightfully ours. We will have our relics back.” The reformation of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan is official and the King has set a clear goal; The stolen relics of Dwedmar’s past will be reclaimed. Either they hand it over willingly or they will face the same fate as those who trespassed over The White Mountains. The fate of blood and iron. This will not be limited to our national relics, but extended over any and all clan relics. Anything related to Dwedmar’s past must be returned and everyone has the chance to hand them over peacefully. What we seek is the following; - The Crown of Urguan - The Helm of Urguan - The Chestplate of Urguan - The Greaves of Urguan - The Sabatons of Urguan - The Hammer of Urguan NARVAK OZ URGUAN
  2. They're stealing our jobs.
  3. Gimgrimmor unzips his bagpipes with Dwarven Intent.
  4. Gimgrimmor grumbles a pleased grunt. “Narvak oz Urguan. Mae ya du well, guud Dhaen.”
  5. Gimli bags his piped with religious intent.
  6. Gimli prepares his bagpipes with grudgening intent.
  7. “Whuu ahr yus again?” A Longbeard Questioned
  8. “Ay rememb'r w'en Curon wus ah respect'd ally. ‘Ow thae ‘av fallen.” A Longbeard Grumbled.
  9. “NARVAK OZ DWEDMAR! NARVAK OZ URGUAN!” A proud commander shouts.
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