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  1. “Whuu ahr yus again?” A Longbeard Questioned
  2. “Ay rememb'r w'en Curon wus ah respect'd ally. ‘Ow thae ‘av fallen.” A Longbeard Grumbled.
  3. An Official Signature was written in Dwarven Blood. Son of Norkai ‘of the High Tower’ Clan Father of the Grandaxe Clan, Commander of the Legion of Urguan, Rikkin in the Council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum and the Under-Realm of Urguan, Lord of Thumrilgrad, Forge Father of Drogan’Var
  4. “NARVAK OZ DWEDMAR! NARVAK OZ URGUAN!” A proud commander shouts.
  5. “Gilthok Grumgi.. Break the’r wuhrd ‘n dare insult uhs? Yoth Dungrimm, KAVIR!” A Longbeard Grumbles..
  6. “HOT DIGGITY DAWG!” A distant voice shouts in a southern accents. followed by a knee slap.
  7. MC Name: DwarvenDaddy RP Name: Gimli ‘Metalfist’ Grandaxe Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): Kal’Varoth Candidate: Gimli Grandaxe
  8. The horns of Urguan echo loud through the halls of Kal’Varoth. A silence falls over the Square as Gimli takes his stand on the stairs, clearing his throat before his speech began. (Note. For reading purposes Gimli's accent has been removed.) “Urguanul of the Under-Realms, grant me your time as I have asked many times before. As all know, the time of voting has returned to our Nation. The First Under-King has stepped down and left a hole in it’s way. For that, the candidates have risen in their attempts to fill the gap. I have been with you ever since the formation of the first Confederation. Something some of us hold dear to our hearts, to other a controversy. I have been with you ever since the first raids of the Greenskins, and how we managed to hold our own for seemingly endless years. I have been with you to see our Forest Kin grow from the small village in the valley, into the proud High Chiefdom of Hefrumm. And, ofcourse, I was there with you when the formation of Agnarum was decided, the Kingdom which led to our proud Under-Realm. But, for all things good we have faced double in hard. Rough times have fallen upon the Dwedmar. We have lost countless souls of Dwedmar Kin in the attempts to form our Nation. Boldrumir, Bjor, and Norkai.. Our city lays barren compared to our former glory. Our streets roam soulless, our guildhalls lay empty.. The Upper-Realms do not acknowledge us anymore. Once we were feared, now we lay ignored. Yet, the Courage of the Dwedmar still shines bright! And I can see the fire in each of you. Dwedmar through years have stood resilient to all that had attempted to kneel her. Urguan through years has stood proud, even in the worst of times- we do not lose hope. And this will be no different! So let us push forwards towards together! I have great plans for our most glorious Nation where all of us form the core. Where those with a voice and will can push for the better of our Kin. -Lead the nation and guilds with the passion Dwed are known for. Together we shall unite our kin under the same lordship, where our Clan Council may ever rule. Bring the clans under our shared banner and stand united! Together we shall rebuild the Dwarves, a race long divided. into our former selves! Together we shall fill our halls with the wealth of a thousand nations! Together we will show the Upper-Realms what truly we are made off, demand back our former respect! Engage more with the Tall-Legs so they may remember us for who we truly are! And I know we can, because we have done it before. Dwedmar of Urguan, I stand before you today not as Rikkin, Lord Thane nor Forge Father; I am Gimli of clan Grandaxe, son of Norkai ‘of the High Tower’, and I have been nominated by many of you in request to become your king! And if you would allow me to be your king, I promise you, the Urguanul shall shine brighter than the forges we pride in! I offer each of you my word that I will do whatever I can and more to achieve the greatness that our realm- and that you deserve. In returned I ask for your hearts and votes to push for this goal. The last breaths of the Sons of Urguan has yet to come and I refuse to let that day come soon. Narvak oz Urguan!”
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