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    Gimli Metalfist, Siegfried-Gregor III var Wettin-Eisenach, Teclis Kaeronin.
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    Mountain Dwarf, Heartlander, High Elf.

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  1. SinisterBlades

    -=- The Sky colored hair of the Stormfists -=-

    I feel like it shouldn't be a problem since it's already mostly accepted by the majority of dwarves. +1
  2. SinisterBlades

    Punishment of Balrog

    After Gimli's heartbreaking moment in the old Cottonwood’s home, he walked to his office deep in the mountain of Agnarum. He first wrote an official command towards his legionaries before going in isolation. No one was as heavily hurt and influenced by this death as the beady eyed dwed himself. 7 days he was gone. 7 days where he didn't speak to any dwarf, any man. Friend, Family or kin. One day to honour each of the brathmordakin for his fallen friend. After the week of religious isolation and mourning he came back out on the public scene. “Ef ah cou'd dehscribe en ‘ow much paen ah wus, ah'd be taeken ah dae. Boldrumir wus me best mate. Me best friend. A brot’er. ‘E dinnae do shite Balrog! Yes liein’ oot yer puneh arse! Yer ‘ead well be taeken fer yer crimes! Mark me words!” He shouted in anger up the echoing halls of Agnarum.
  3. 10/10. Would support this man. Good RP, Good friend, good minemaner. +1, thumbsup.
  4. SinisterBlades

    [Denied] Crim_Crim's Event Team Actor application

    Good RPer, well known with his lore. Solid +1.
  5. SinisterBlades

    Vault Yard Sale Pt. 2 (RP Items)

    "1000 on the ring of communion." A tall 'aheral said from the sidelines.
  6. SinisterBlades

    [Denied] nepir's Application Team Application

    Nepir is a good guy. His English may not always be 100 due to his dyslexia but he tends to always mean well. Overall one of the more lore knowledged people I know. +1 From me.
  7. "KHAZUKAN KAZAKIT-HAAAA!!!" Norkai Keeper of the Confederation of Hammers Clan Father and Hammer Gimli Metalfist Chief and Hammer Boldrumir Cottonwood Clan Father and Hammer Throri 'Warmheart' Stonemace Hammer Thumril Metalfist Hammer Bjor Cottonwood
  8. SinisterBlades

    [Accepted] Punisher8817's Application Team Application

    I have both OOC and IC interactions with Pun. Both which I can gladly say are more then positive. As a member of White Peak I can see all the work she does for the players around her. She tends to create RP when people are being bored. Strike up a conversation in the discord and generally being interactive with- and helpful towards- the populous. She was kind towards me since the day we met and has always offered a helping hand. I believe those are her personal characteristics and will thus carry over in her behavior as an AT. I think out of all current staff positions I can see her do amazing as AT. Yes, some people have had less then optimal interactions with Punisher, but everyone has lesser days and I know her to be capable of even putting that aside when the job requires her to as I have seen her do similar things within our RP groups itself. I cannot speak for her knowledge on lore but I believe she is learning about it more and more with a steady pace as I have overheard some of her talks with older, more knowledgeable members from our group. In short; She is a very nice person OOC, kind hearted and well meaning and I honestly think she fits this job 100%. +1
  9. SinisterBlades

    Renatian Citizenship Act, 1662

    BASIC INFORMATION OOC MC Username: SinisterBlades Discord Username: Lt. Big M.#4933 Have you joined the Renatus Discord server?: Yes How active are you?: Close to daily. IC Name: Siegfried-Gregor III Surname: var Wettin-Eisenach Titles: Ser, Royal Retainer Knight of Eimar I var Burgundar, Minister of Foreign Relations, Internal Affairs, Economics and Propaganda at the court of the County of Götha, Captain of King's Renatian Legions. Liege Lord: Eimar I var Burgundar of Götha. Gender: Male Date of Birth: - Race: Human Subrace: Heartlander Culture: Waldanian and Batavian PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: 6'4 Weight: 256lbs Eye Color: Deep Blue Skin Color: White Hair Color: Darkbrown/black-ish turning grey.  Markings: Massive stash. PERSONAL INFORMATION Residence: White Peak, capital of the County of Götha. Occupation: Minister, Captain. CITIZEN’S OATH OF LOYALTY I, Siegfried-Gregor III var Wettin-Eisenach, head of house var Wettin-Eisenach, hereby swear my loyalty to the King of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, and to uphold and obey the laws of the Crown as its loyal citizen. I understand the penalties and punishments that shall be incurred should I violate these laws.