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  1. Three Years of the town of White Peak

    *letters are sent to every settlement around Atlas* Three Years of the town of White Peak Three long years have passed since Baron Eimar var Burgundar and his wife Baroness Aldyth var Burgundar began work on the town of White Peak, with much hard labour, many people joining the town, their son’s birth and becoming Vassals of his royal majesty, Aurelius I of the House of Horen, the town of White Peak has become a place of peace and community. Now the var Burgundar family and the people of White Peak shall open the gates and celebrate with a grand feast and games.This festival shall be a joyful time to meet and spend time with friends in the wonderful and beautiful town of White Peak. All are welcome to join us in celebrating. Events Sparring between the men Chess in the wonderful Tavern Grand Feast with foods from all around Atlas We hope all will join us, and enjoy the fun. All we ask is those who come do so in peace and with no armor or weapons present. OOC INFORMATION Date:29th of March 2018 Time : 5pm EST/9pm GMT Location: The town of White Peak, ask ic for a map if needed
  2. MCVDK - GM Application

    good guy , always helpful known him from another server.
  3. Never A Defeat

    Aldyth var Burgundar would read over the parchment with a chuckle "first they call us wildling humans , then call us northern. Im fairly sure both statements are incorrect, we live in the south and are educated enough to the difference between north and south" She chuckle softly as moving into the kitchen tossing the parchment into the fire "I do enjoy these fables from a group who lost all their soldiers today"
  4. Attempted Assassination of the Chairman [BOUNTY]

    Aldyth var Burgundar would sit by the tree in her gardens at white peak, as the notice would arrive, reading it over ,she would sigh "seems even in a town such as curon, assualt and murder continue" folding her hands over her lap, she'd stand looking over her home "i hope the gentleman will make a full recovery"
  5. The Second Convention of the Global Assembly [Report]

    Aldyth var Burgundar would sit at the kitchen table,as she reads over the paper "hmm this should be interesting"
  6. Sylvestre III's Mayoral Speech

    Carolina would chuckle as she hears this "why would anyone allow a man who not only has five charges against from the church for his actions, but was also left by his wife for the failure to protect her and speaking to her as if she were dirt instead of the noble woman, she was born as.Then lies about her abandoning her children while he hides them away in a fort"