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  1. Pun

    raphael_payne ama

    1. What's your favourite color? 2. Name the three and yes only three people you would want to meet from lotc, irl. ? 3. Pandas or wolves ? 4. What's the one thing you want but can't have? 5. If you could change one thing about lotc what and why?
  2. Pun

    The Struggles of Moderation

    Best post in a while
  3. Pun

    Autumn Solstice Costume Ball, 1687

    Evelyn Falkenrath would glance over the invite on her desk, before smiling softly "it shall be fun to relax for once, hopefully curon's blueprints and buildings will be complete so I can attend" she'd mutter to herself. Reaching for a quill and some parchment she'd pen a letter to her tailor.
  4. +1 Good lad , he will make a great addition to the event team and has lots of ideas.
  5. [!] Posted on the noticeboard in the dominion [!] To the Virarim, I have served the virarim for many years, given all I have and even put my family and personal life to the side to serve. Pushing new ideas and trying to better the military. This decision has not been an easy one by far but for the sake of my family , and for my own sanity I shall be stepping down from Praetor and the virarim. It has been an honor to serve with you all. After much thought I shall pass the title of Praetor to Feanor Sylvaeri. He has been a great support throughout my tenure. He will progress the virarim further than I ever could. Signed Praetor Arwenia Silma, elder of the Silma Seed and Lady of Wayside Sanctuary (Credit to Numirya for this Image) OocI need a break from elven rp for a little,I am not quitting nor leaving the dominion completely.
  6. Okay so raph where to begin , so when I first started talking to him literally though omg could he anymore full of himself. Hahah. But since spending time talking with him , even during his unexpected break for a little, he is level headed, he give's a damn about lotc and honestly I think he would make a great addition to the forum team.
  7. Pun

    [Pending]LoLzboi's Wiki Team Application

    I swear he didn't hold a gun to my head and force me to comment. Anyway lolz is a great writer and would be a great addition to the wiki team especially on getting the human lore and such sorted.
  8. Pun

    An Open Letter to the People of Rivia

    Evelyn Falkenrath would glance over the letter after another traveller stops by leaving it on a table within the palace "Very well written, I just hope those innocent in this mess know they are always welcome here" she'd place the letter to the side as she continues to look over blueprints
  9. Pun

    The Tarnishes To Be Purged

    "Hmmm" Praetor Arwenia mutters as she glances over the missive delivered to her by another mali'aheral "interesting" she'd say cooking food for her growing twins
  10. Virarim Feedback *sent to every nation and settlement and posted on notice boards around atlas* Dear the people of Atlas, It has been brought to my attention the issues within the dominion of Malin guardforce the Virarim. I am not going to idly sit by and watch as the behaviors continue. I wish to apologise to those who have been wronged or mistreated by our guardforce. Never should an innocent person feel unsafe around those meant to protect them. The time for change is now, i urge you to contact me, inform of suggestions, report crimes , and even report the guards if they are at fault. I assure you now you can do this without being revealed as to who you are if you so wish. No longer shall the guards be rude nor aggressive to those who are innocent. Action will be taken to resolve these issues. I also urge you to give suggestions to myself of changes or improvements you would like to see within the guard itself. Signed Praetor Arwenia Silma,, Elder of the Silma Seed, Lady of Wayside Sanctuary. [ooc] Okay for the sake of ease, here is a google form only Jaden and myself will have access to read. Please be honest and no meme’s or trolling. I want to fix the issues that have been highlighted to myself. https://goo.gl/forms/5breTw0iQL6wcdyB2
  11. Arwenia would glance to her side, to her husband with a nod, taking a quill in her hand, before signing the papers.
  12. +1 Lack is another great builder. He deserves this!!
  13. I smell you every time you look at my profile, and you smell like a good person!

    1. Pun




  14. Pun

    Let's do this.

    I hate spiders and people who just want to mess with other emotions. Like there is no need for it. Happiest moment in life, well a number actually having my kids of course, and a few others. Oh gosh .... I think like 7 years ago and actually I got bored of world of warcraft. Someone's like kirsty you should try this game so I did and then I started building and then just progressed front there even making YouTube videos at one point and then also becoming owner of servers and moderators for others
  15. Pun

    Let's do this.

    the meaning of life is .............................................................