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  1. Pun


    Upon hearing the news Evelyn goes the cathedral, leaving Will in the hall of lords smoking. She'd light a candle, before crossing the Lorriane over her chest and silently praying.
  2. Pun

    The Aesopian Manifesto

    This something I support , abuse of powers , lore breaking constantly and general attitude involved are just not something that should happen. This isn't fun for people but has become a chore something they feel they have to partake in.
  3. Pun


    Sad to see you go, blago. Good luck with the military and such. Hope you keep in contact.
  4. Pun

    [✗] [Server] Senor_TortugaBanAppeal Ban Appeal

    Reminder only op, game moderators and admins should be posting on ban appeals. Anyone posting on this appeal after this comment that isn't one of the above will receive punishment for doing so. Have a nice evening pun.
  5. ~The Regency of House Ragnarson~ 16th of Snow’s Maiden, 1693 Due to the untimely passing of Ser Harry "The Humble" Ragnarson of Arbor, Knight of the Ursus, and Patriarch of House Ragnarson, a regency has been declared within the noble house. With the blessing of his Grace, Duke Wilhelm Devereux, Aldrik Ragnarson is hereby named regent of House Ragnarson. From this point on he shall act as Patriarch of the family and be charged with the upkeep and preservation of all the houses titles and responsibilities. The new Lord Regent, Aldrik Ragnarson, will also hereby be called forth to reaffirm his Houses oaths of allegiance and loyalty to his Grace, Ser Wilhelm Devereux, Duke of Curon and Lord Regent of Arbor. The time of regency shall be over when, Raska Ragnarson, first legitimate born son of the late Ser Ragnarson, does hereby come of age and is deemed fit to take the title of Patriarch of House Ragnarson. Signed The Honorable Ser Wilhelm of House Devereux, Duke of Curon, Lord Regent of Arbor, Lord of Bear Mountain, and Protector of the People of Curon 16th of Snow’s Maiden, 1693
  6. Pun

    Wintertide Ball

    Wintertide Ball As the nights draw cooler, the weather continues to become colder. Let us join together again, celebrate and rejoice. With this in mind, Duke Wilhelm Devereux and his wife Evelyn , hereby all its allies and friends to come enjoy some warm winter foods , drinks and dancing within Cyrilsburg. Special Invites are extended to the following: His Imperial Majesty Aurelius I of house Horen and the Imperial family His Holiness Siegmund, Pontiff of the Church of Canon Imperial order of the Red Dragon and their families His Royal Highness, King Robert of Hanseti and Ruska and the royal family. His Lordship Ratibor Rodrigue Carron , Duke of Adria and his family His Lordship Edward Suffolk, Count of Pembrokeshire and his family House Bolivar House Devereux of Cyrilsburg House Falkenrath of Cyrilsburg House Draskovits of Cyrilsburg House de Alba of Cyrilsburg House de Castille of Cyrilsburg House Keint of Cyrilsburg House Silversteed of Arbor House Ragnarson of Arbor All guests must wear formal attire, weapons must remain sheathed throughout the ball. Menu Soup Creamy,roasted root vegetable soup served with a small warm crusty roll Main Maple bacon roasted wild boar with a side of butter roasted potatoes Or Fresh Czena Salmon with roasted winter vegetables and mashed potatoes. Dessert Lemon tart served with a sweet cranberry sauce served with a spiced mulled wine Ooc Rules No meme rp during the event No formal attire will result in removal from the event Guards of Ursus hold the right to remove anyone deemed to be ruining the event/causing trouble. Ooc Information Date:Saturday 22nd of December Time: 4pm EST 9pm GMT Location: Hall of Lords, Cyrilsburg, Duchy of Curon.
  7. Gone today see you all sometime Thursday. 



    Time to say a final goodbye to my amazing grandmother. 

    1. perses
    2. StarGazzer


      good thoughts are sent to you and your familiy. losing  a family member can be very  hard to go through.

  8. Pun


    Removed early after discussion with player and no further action needed .
  9. Pun

    [Complete]Guard for Sale [AUCTION]

    Trade Completed.
  10. Pun

    Festival of the Brazen Bokolo

    @NotEvilAtAll 🤔
  11. Festival of the Brazen Bokolo *flyers would be posted in all Imperial Cities and Settlements, as well sent to others* As the winter and darkness draws in over curon, it's time for the people of the city and guests to come together. Enjoy some warm spiced mulled wines and glorious food.To play some games and be thankful for all we have. Remember to wrap up warm. A grand feast and some games shall be held within Curon. The Duke , Wilhelm Devereux, and his wife hereby invite all to join us in Curon for a many festivities and lots of fun. Special Invitations are extended to the following people: His Imperial Majesty, Aurelius of House Horen and his family. His Holiness Siegmund I, Pontiff of the Church of Canon His Highness, King Robert of Hanseti and Ruska and his family. His Lordship,Edward Suffolk and his family His Lordship, Duke of Adria and his family House Bolivar House Devereux of Curon House Falkenrath of Curon House de Alba of Curon House Ragnarson of Arbor House Keint of Curon House De Azcona of Curon House Silversteed of Arbor please keep all weapons sheathed and remember we are all here as friends. Ooc Information Date : Saturday, 24th of November 2018 Location: Curon Time: 4pm EST 9PM GMT
  12. Please unlock it, the post is for incompetence AND the doxxing. Make sure to read the post.


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    2. L0rdLawyer


      @Pun you really dont understand what anon staff reports and player reports are. Staff are players. They can be player reported. Aka goldrim report on serenityonyx. Not everything has to be a secret in the anon staff reports. Those are only there to give players a sense of protection so they dont feel like they'll be targetted as soon as they report the staff member. It's the players choice to go anon or not. I am actually ashamed of you and the staff if you dont know this.

    3. argle-bargle
    4. Xalid


      I put the report back in active status. 

  13. Rather amusing @Veist has taken Krugmar twice in one map 

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    2. Chromie


      credit goes to dewper, hands down don’t @ me. Jk But fr guys good job!

    3. Blago
    4. Chromie


      @Blago Lol it’s a meme implying dewper alted

  14. Response to hacking claims So I was asked to give verdict on the hacking claims during the warclaim as soon as possible. Now without being able to screen share Tornado which will happen. People still wish for a verdict The video footage provided to me , clearly shows the lag issue. There is at least 4-5 seconds of delay between swings movement and damage being taken by players. Something that the war team and admins know is an issue and are working on to better. Although what I was looking for while watching the footage was hacking , specifically kill aura or an area damage hack. Kill aura is easily detectable by the players head switching between all targets around them. This was not present when I reviewed the footage numerous times. Area damage hacks are detected by numerous players taking damage before they near the player , again this was not present within the footage provided to myself. I have spent the time since the battle ended and I received the reports going through statements from both sides , the video footage provided. The final verdict is that no hacks were present at this time. Although further investigation will happen.