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  1. Capace's Event Team Actor application

    Great guy ooc, helpful and friendly. Has great character storylines and is very good at rp. Handles situations fairly well.
  2. A Mayoral Ascension

    *Countess Aldyth var Burgundar would see this and laugh quietly to herself* "another mayor to play puppet and actually do nothing. At least leila tried but was held back by the council." *She'd would pick up a cup of tea sipping it* "well let's see how long this one lasts"
  3. Regarding Curons Failure

    *Countess Aldyth var Burgundar would smile as she'd read over one as they were printed* "well it seems the truths now come from their own people, I wonder how many others will tell of what goes on behind those walls in curon" *she'd lay it back on the pile to be sent oout across Atlas*
  4. Preparing the Mother Land

    *Countess Aldyth var burgundar would be next to her husband* "time to bring those walls down, im sure if we can build a town in three short years with our own hands , their quickly and mostly likely poor built walls will come down fast" *shed move to the armory , beginning to prepare the armor and swords for the upcoming battles* "Ave Gotha , Ave Renatus, the pagans time has come" *shed say as shed place a chest plate upon a stand*
  5. A Mayoral Denouncement

    *Aldyth var Burgundar would hear the news with a small smile, shed look to the fire* "well how things change, the future is bright for the Rubens now"
  6. The Norlandic Rout of 1660

    *Countess Aldyth var Burgundar would smile as she read this* " this was a great battle. All of the Northern Atlas Alliance fought amazingly" *she'd say as she'd finish cleaning the blood from her armor*
  7. Writ of Exit, 1660.

    "Ave Renatus,Ave King Aurelius" Countess Aldyth var Burgundar would chant along side the rams brigade of Götha
  8. Feedback: Ioannis & DDOSing

    The fact is the guy is now an admin certain behaviour is expected of staff. Throwing threats around doesn't look good for the server nor does it help people trust in the staff team and being able to bring issues to them without feeling uneasy.
  9. *posted around every settlement in Atlas* Commercia Diem Within the glorious lands of the county of Gotha, market stalls sit ready for the trades to begin, the tavern filled with fresh ale , wines and vodka. Upon this date, the Count Eimar and Countess Aldyth var Burgundar, welcome all from across Atlas to come enjoy the beautiful town of White Peak, sell your wares, buy goods and forge new friendships. The town of White Peak opens their gates, preparing the town for the day of trade and community fun There will be the selling of some steeds and many other events throughout the day If any would like to hold a stall, please contact either a member of the council of white peak~ Ser Theobaldus var Caer((Endershawdow292)) , Ser Siegfried var Wettin-Eisenach((SinisterBlades)) , Bjorn Adigard ((Treatycole)) or Adam Swiftfoot ((Nate1450)) or directly contact the count or countess. Deus vos benedicat Ooc information Time: 4pm EST 9pm GMT Date: Friday 27th of April Location: White Peak County of Götha 550,2500
  10. *Fliers Posted to settlements around Atlas* Götha Trade & Co Unique jewellery, handcrafted swords , windup toys and many other goods all available to buy!!! The var Burgundar family have expanded their business no longer is it just Countess Aldyth’s jewellery on sale but swords and armor crafted by Count Eimar var Burgundar and toys crafted by their son Erik var Burgundar. We also now have a shop at White Peak the capital of the county of Götha as well as a stall within the renatian capital. Custom swords , armor and Jewellery can be ordered by sending a lettter to either the Count or Countess Locations Renatus-Marna Senntisen Stall 6 ((-600 1100)) County of Götha White Peak By the Gate as you enter ((550 2500))
  11. Add a bone shop at CT!

    Completely agree, considering the main struggle for building white peak has been the extreme difficulties in getting our main building block white clay. ....bonemeal....bones so many times our builds have ground to a halt.
  12. Pontifical Writ of 1659

    Aldyth var burgandar would read over this with a sigh then stating quietly with in the castle of white peak "Ser Sylverstre Halcourt has gone missing, now this, I wonder if he is even still alive. Although he did remove his tongue before he disappeared. So did do as asked of him by the church and the king of Renatus"
  13. Curon, a Critique

    Countess Aldyth var Burgundar would smile as she reads over the letter, speaking softly "very well written indeed,lets just hope this wakes the people up and they themselves make change happen. I'm sure some still remain who will make Curon better and put the rightful heir in his place with a regent leading until he is of age. I also hope Curon can begin to protect itself again, as it once did without the constant aid of allies. The time of change is upon Curon , lets just hope they can make a wise decision before they lose the chance to make the decision themselves." She'd lay the letter down upon her desk as she continues to make another piece of jewellery.
  14. Seeking People to play children

    Sorry the twins have people already. The daughters still need people to play them though.
  15. Var Burgundar The var Burgundar family is seeking people to play family members. The var Burgundar’s are a human family living in the south of Atlas. We currently have a number of children of Lord Eimar var Burgundar and Aldyth var Burgundar. The family currently reside within the castle of white peak. To all who join the family, family comes first and loyalty is important Current family Lord Eimar var Burgundar Baron of Gotha,Head of family var Burgundar Father Played by @ACU20 Lady Aldyth var Burgundar Baroness of Gotha,wife of Eimar. Mother Played by @Pun Master Erik var Burgundar Heir of Gotha Son Played by @Hoster102 Rickard var Burgundar Son Played by Lighters_Striker Euron var Burgundar Son Newborn Blonde hair , fathers eyes Played by @MrMineLoveDude Hadrian var Burgundar Son Newborn Blonde hair , fathers eyes Played by @Skylez1 Available Characters Lavinia var Burgundar Twin sister of Erik Female 18 years old Brown hair, with her father's eyes Liliana var Burgundar Female Daughter 11 years old Liliana is a daddy’s little girl, who loves to try train to fight. Adores the colour pink. Blonde Hair , eyes the same as her fathers. Amelia var Burgundar Female Daughter 10 years old More quiet than her siblings with a passion for reading and learning. Dark brown hair , and her fathers eyes Skins can either be made by the person playing the character or by us. All we ask if people wish to play these characters ,they comment below or message @ACU20 or @Pun. Must be committed to the characters if playing.