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  1. Moderation team are soon going to be looking for more moderators

    1. Space


      just so you guys don’t have to ask me again, no i would not like to be a game moderator

    2. Sky


      no one has, or will ever, ask you to be a moderator 💅

  2. Pun

    [✓] [In-game Ban] Dragonayr Appeal

    Okay so after a long discussion. The deal agreed to is the following- - 3 months vb restarted. Appeal this in two weeks. -any rule break will result in indefinite ban.
  3. Pun

    [✓] [In-game Ban] Dragonayr Appeal

    Claimed. I'll review and respond soon
  4. Pun

    [✓] [In-game Ban] Chromie Appeal

    Appeal approved, you have accepted your actions were wrong and taken a VB in place. You have been unbanned, though I will make clear this is your final chance to improve your behaviour on LOTC. Any further rule breaks will result in a harsher ban
  5. MCname: Qwuick, FlayboyMagazine, Tharorh, Skilllos512 UUID: c87984e2-06f1-4e6d-b7d0-958cc0f750ab 3aedd0ca-58f9-47df-93f4-9ed7117bca89 2423350b-4d26-4842-8f7e-1e57fd3cee29 e6c8dd6e-6e0c-4ed5-b131-4ab1386a8c98 Reason: ban was replaced with a 3 month VB appeal in 2 months . Player agreed to this over the ban. Infraction Mark: B- III Expiration: 15/05/2019
  6. Pun

    [✓] [In-game Ban] Chromie Appeal

    Claimed , I'll be in touch shortly to discuss this situation with you.
  7. Pun

    [Your View]Coups

    As I've explained before, the Region Owners system is abusable more than ever because a pro could just put one on the region. Hence a mixture of officially listed government members and RO is the solution to this. So the pk rule has added risk for both sides, it is not perfect but it also makes sense in terms of death either side would be the logical thing to happen during/after a coup. Sorry to say due to the nature of LOTC rules for this are very much needed if coups are to happen.
  8. Pun

    [Your View]Coups

    Below is a suggestion of coup guidelines and rules, this draft is not finished and we would like to hear the community views on what they would like if these were to be added? Questions to consider while looking over this: Do you want to have coups? What changes are needed to these rules to make them fairer and to prevent loopholes? What did we miss from this draft? What else could we do to allow coups to happen on lotc? Coup Guidelines and Rules What is a coup? A coup is when a group of people attempt to overthrow a nation's leadership or settlements leadership with the help of a government official(s). This is done either through force or diplomatic means. This can be done for many reasons usually though due to poor leadership choices. Coups do not need to be lead by the government members partaking in the coup. Below is a checklist of what would be needed if you wish to coup! An application form will be created which only management can see, they will choose which non-related moderators oversee the coup and its details. The Application form must be submitted at least one week prior to the suggested date of the coup Four Government Officials must back a coup Government officials are Council members documented on the forums, must provide the link to forum post confirming their position. At least 2 of these government members must hold RO of the nation/charter Depending on the size of nation/charter a certain amount of citizens will be required. Must be able to prove Citizenship and not be alts Nations - 8 citizens required T3 charters - 5 citizens required T2 charters - 3 citizens required T1 charters - 2 citizens required Your group’s RP reasoning for the coup, the following reasons must have proof and be verified by the moderation team/admins only one of these may be used per coup reasons for couping - Failure to protect citizens from outside forces - Inactive Pro Must provide a detailed plan of the coup Including two government buildings to take control of completely during the coup, in case the pro and remaining government cannot be captured Location where they plan to start the heist Date and time of the coup Proposed outcome and leadership following a successful coup Each Coup will Cost 20,000 minas which must be paid in advance to moderation management. The following information and guidelines will be given/apply to the pro of nation/charter prior to coup 1. Pro being couped will be informed once coup is approved but will not be informed who is partaking in the coup 2. PRO cannot remove government members once informed of the coup 3. PRO can call for allies and their armies. Allies must be official on the forms. 4. PRO and RO cannot remove players on regions once informed of a coup. unless approved by moderation team members overseeing the coup. Rules during coup During a coup, the following rules must be followed General rules - Coups will last a maximum of one hour from when the overseeing GM says the coup is a go. Coup must take place during peak server hours. If the attacking group is discovered or attacked by members of the defending region, the defending region will be granted Defender Default. The attacking group can be killed on sight. Server rules will apply, including combat rules. Attacking side - Only those on the application may partake in the coup, no others may join. Must take control of the two buildings detailed in their plan. Or must be killed/capture pro and council to win the coup. After a coup, the following would apply!! Coup Cooldown After a successful coup on a nation/charter, another may not happen for one month After a failed coup on a nation/charter. another may not happen for two months Leadership Changes If successful PRO must be handed to the leader of the Coup within 3 days. If those couping hold lands/dependant on the nation or on the nation lands, their lands are forfeited to that nation, with no war claim needed Permakill If successful the pro and captured government may be killed and pk’d If unsuccessful those couping, whether killed in combat or captured then killed will be pk’d These pk’s are enforced and part of the risk in doing a coup.! Thanks to the Nation Leaders Chat for their assistance in writing and suggestions. Written by Ankan and Pun with support from the moderation team
  9. Taking a couple of days off lotc. 


    My discord is open if people need me but cya all on Tuesday 

    1. ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗

      ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗

      You deserve it. Thank you for your service to this community, see you Tuesday.

  10. Pun

    Im quitting LOTC

    Hey tor, Sad to see you go. Keep in touch you have my discord. Hope life goes well for you.
  11. Pun

    Hey @Harold any tips for making a snow elf, considering creating a snelf 🙂 

    1. Harold


      Come join our discord, we can give you all the tips you need, you’d be very welcome.

  12. Happy valentines day 💘

  13. Pun

    Community Guidelines Violations

    no because that is being toxic 🙂
  14. Pun

    [✓] [In-game Ban] Trenchist Appeal

    Hey there, so after reviewing you ban your appeal has been accepted. I advise keeping up to date with server rules. Welcome back, you are unbanned.
  15. Pun

    [✓] [In-game Ban] Trenchist Appeal

    Claimed , I'll review and return with an answer in the next 24 hours.