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  1. Name: Current SpiritualWarfar3 formally :lewarmonger UUID: 2f8d0d37-b467-4d9d-9a8a-5b72dce3d40b Reason: Term of unbanning - https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/184838-ban-appeal-spiritualwarfar3/ Infraction Mark: n/a Expiration: 17 September 2019 Additional notes: Docile blacklist
  2. Tea Party at Kathryn’s Her Grace, Duchess Kathryn Staunton extends an invitation to all humans to come along to Kathryn’s Delights, for Cascadian tea, fresh scones, sandwiches and freshly baked cupcakes of Westmarcher origin. Enjoy an afternoon of relaxing chatter with others, the covered garden offering a calming retreat from the working streets. Dress to impress; wear your finest dress and suits, bring your wife or lucky lady on a date OOC Information Date: Thursday 8th of August 2019 Time: 5 pm EST Location: Kathryn’s Delights, Laanhold, Westmarch.
  3. Bare-Knuckle Boxing Second Biennial Boxing Competition Duke Stannis Staunton invites all men of the realm to prove their strength once again. Come show your own strength, can use your fists to beat the competitors! Have you a Lady you’re looking to stun into swooning? Attend, and show her what for! After the cessation of the main tourney, open betting may occur: For a bet to stand, it must be declared prior to the beginning of the bout of fisticuffs. It must then be accepted at the value declared (if an offer of 100 on Player A is made, someone must accept it at 100 on Player B) and officiated by a bet mediator. OOC Information Date: Wednesday 7th August 2019 Time: 7 pm EST Location: Follow the road to Haelun’or, taking the left along the road.
  4. A Call to Summons His Grace, Duke Stannis hereby invites all citizens and allies of the duchy of Westmarch to court this coming month. Matters of the duchy are to be discussed, including the positions of the council, titles within the duchy, and general issues of the duchy. Succeeding this, a council meeting will be held too. Duke Stannis encourages all to attend this council and bring forth all concerns and ideas, civil or otherwise. OOC Information Date: Tuesday 6th of August 2019 Time: 6 pm EST Location: Great Hall,Laanhold, Westmarch Directions: Follow the road to Haelun’or taking the left turn off.
  5. Pun


    Kathryn receives a missive while she rocks Anden gently on her lap, reading over it her brows furrow and her smile fades. "Another cousin lost" She'd utter to her young son holding him close.
  6. Blacklist has expired or has been appealed. Moved to Completed Blacklists.
  7. Blacklist has expired or has been appealed. Moved to Completed Blacklists.
  8. Moderation Update Log -July 2019 <Introduction> Good morning friends. As we near mid-summer, the fun continues. Lots of changes have taken place this past month, with new projects and new approaches to working with the players. The overall focus has been on simplification and standardization; we’ve begun the process of cutting down excess red tape, and clearing policy to leave a single, consistent point of reference for players and moderators to go by. <New Changes> So at the beginning of the month, we saw Conflict Blacklist released. There has been a phase of seeing how and if they are working. Well, there are some clear issues with the system; the idea behind it seems to be solid enough, but as with all things, it just needs a polish to help apply it fairly. Moderation policy has been outdated for some time along with other outdated guides, so the team as a whole is addressing these. Forums will have new training and policy handbook, Zach and his team are currently working on this. The general Moderation Handbook and Policy update are also underway. Both Projects are expected to be completed by the end of August. Additionally, after some management shifts near the start of the month with the Nation & Charter Management group, it has fallen to func_Soap to take forward. Charters... Oh boy. So, with charters, we are finally tackling the mass of inactive charters. A charter meeting occurred on the 21st of July, wherein a fair few topics were discussed (visible to people with the Charter Leader permissions in the LotC Player Discord) though mostly focused on what would happen to the many charters likely to receive a 3rd strike, on the 27th. Charter removal will be done via a rollback to the Day 1 state of the area, leaving it fresh for recolonisation! Focusing more on how we can better this system, 501warhead has stepped in with technical support. A plugin is in the works, coming out soon™, leading to more automation of charter creation (yay!). Additionally, in the name of communication, a renewal of the Nation & Charter Information page is in the works, to keep it up-to-date with current practice. It isn’t likely to stay for long however, as the soon™ plugin will change a lot of the function of new charters. Nations Leaders have been moved over onto the Staff discord, with their meetings still being held one per month. This move has helped with giving them a more direct line to Admins, allowing numerous issues, especially communication, to be improved. This allows Nations to raise concerns more freely. In regards to Nation activity checks, Nations had more relaxed requirements due to the focus being on charters. Heading into August, the failure of Nations to make activity will be addressed with more attention <Current Team Roster > <Monthly Statistics> Moderation Staff received a total of 2368 modreqs in July. Congratulations and thank you to Silverstatik, func_Soap and Hunwald for taking the most tickets in that respective order! It was incredible to see these individuals really step up and assist the community!. With more of our duties becoming external to just modreqs, the quota has become flexible, and with less of a focus on completing tickets. Active moderation is pretty clear to see, whether it be on the forums, in-game, or working on projects. < Roster changes > + LPT added to Moderation Staff + Yagami readded to Moderation Staff + Assassin added to Moderation Staff - Deer__ stepped down from Moderation Staff - KaelanUWU stepped down from Moderation Staff - Knox213 stepped down from Moderation Staff - Keldrith removed from Moderation Staff - Renoks removed from Moderation Staff - Briarcrux stepped down from Moderation Staff <Special Thanks> func_Soap and Zach for their continuous support and management of the team, especially their work with various projects, including charters and the forums. 501warhead for being a voice of reason and assisting the team with plugins. Kaelan and Deer, thank you both for service and work done for moderation. Good luck with the future, Deer with the story team where his passion lies, and Kaelen with his rp.
  9. Kathryn Staunton is pleased to announce the grand opening of Kathryn’s Delights in Laanhold, Westmarch. Cascadian tea, Korvassan coffee, and Westmarcher cakes and bread are freshly made each day. Come along and enjoy a relaxing treat with your loved ones; catch up with a friend in the picturesque town; find a quiet corner to settle into a book; Kathryn’s Delights is the place to do it! To find us, head north to Haelun’or and follow the left ways signpost. Currently Staff positions Baker ,Waitress Contact Duchess Kathryn if you have experience, or wish to learn.
  10. What is your name?: Arwenia ((What is your Minecraft username?)): Pun__ ((Discord)): Pun#6347 Additional Comments:...
  11. Hello, I have already spoken to admins regarding this report, and while I readily admit having made previous mistakes, I have already acted on two of the reports that were brought to my attention a little over two weeks into my tenure as admin. Telanir brought up the reports and we discussed them as a team, and especially my shortcomings. The discussion was hard, but following the two reports, we decided I would make changes to the way I lead. Due to my grammar and spelling issues, I agreed to all public addresses being first checked over by the admins, edits being made as required. I will elaborate more on this below. I realized that I was often too hasty in decision-making, and to combat that as described later in this post, I took action to consult my managers and we put in place an approval system. Due to the Nectorist situation and Ioannis removal, to avoid another repeat of the removal of a moderator, a new system along with a new policy for moderation will be drafted, effective now all the team will be working on removing the red tape. The dissatisfaction of my team bothers me deeply and I would like to address it immediately. Addressing the reports. It’s known that I struggle with grammar and spelling, a fact I do not hide. How do I overcome the issue? I ask for help, including the managers, fellow admins and sometimes my friends. I'm not ashamed of this, because it's something that I work to improve. I do not feel this should have been an issue for a report on why I should be removed. In the spirit of teamwork, many of the posts I write pass by several pairs of eyes before being sent, not just to be proof-read, but to ensure it's supported by those people. I fail to see how poor grammar is categorically bad when it forces the post to pass through multiple people before it is greenlit. During the voice call, I did get excited at times and talk out of turn while overseeing a warclaim, they are often chaotic and stressful. We sometimes take ourselves way too seriously, but despite that, I wasn't doing this for the sake of disengaging conversation from the matter at hand. I was informing others in the channel of my ‘AFK’ state. I was not leading moderation during this claim and was merely attending to help where I could, for example with the setup. The other managers were the ones primarily handling the moderation and decisions made during this event. Could I time my eating better? Yes. Should I have kept quiet about it? I would argue no. Given the frequent complaints about inaction and poor communication, it stands to reason that an explanation of why I would be away for a few minutes would be welcome or at least a notification that would be the case. In future I will just say be right back, to avoid distracting people from the task at hand. On the topic of the war, I have apologized over its handling and events following since. I do not feel there is a need for a further explanation into this. Given the urgent complaints about inaction, I wanted to explain why I would be away for a few minutes. Since then, I have promised to stay clear of wars when I can and offer those responsibilities to more suitable and experienced staff. The new war system means the moderation team as a whole does not meddle or involve themselves unless the players ask. The new system is designed to have less staff involvement and less opportunity to mess them up. In regards to rash decisions, I'll openly to admit sometimes jumping the gun. It’s something I have been working on recently, something I wouldn't expect others with the exception of the mod managers, techs and admins to know. We made a channel called manager-approval on the staff Discord, where the moderation managers vote on many decisions I plan to make. There is also another channel for meeting notes, where ideas or thoughts for the future of the team go, where topics of discussion may be posted for meetings. Not only do I discuss even the simple decisions I, as moderation admin, have the permission to make alone, but I discuss any action recently taken and place it to a managers vote. While some may consider this step insufficient in slowing decision-making to ensure its validity, it’s certainly preventing any further mistakes and is preferable to rushed decisions. I have and will continue to try to set more systems in place which encourage discussing and seeking approval from management. On the Fenn gravel removal, Ioannis reached out to me because the gravel removal was causing lag, as would be expected with such a large amount of gravel; falling entities in Minecraft are never good on the server. That decision was made in regards to server stability. Unlike Haense and Helena, they were not at war. In their case, I was not willing to risk the server performance over something I could fix in a few moments, in a non-sensitive situation. Alternately, removing wood and cobble defences made by the two playerbases for a war on each city was not deemed necessary. It was agreed on by staff that such would not be removed for them, as the defenses posed no immediate threat to the server itself. There has been a clear stance on this. Regarding the refunding of gear during wars to the winners, as many of you are aware, the war server right now wipes inventories when you leave. Instead of saying you won a war but the server took what you won, Tofuus and I decided during the Helena warclaim to refund half the gear taken in by the winning side, to the winning side. I continued that on warclaims following that, because it was only fair to continue to do so. Half of their numbers supplied with full sets of iron, a sword, a bow, arrows and a little food. The concern is regarding before Helena vs since Helena, but just because a historical precedent exists, that does not necessarily make it fair. A 50% refund was deemed acceptable recompense for a bug out of the players’ hands. As for moderation admin, there are going to be choices made that my managers may not agree with, which do sometimes have to be made. A recent example was where the manager vote on Keldrith was split 3 for to 2 against. When the poll was given to the rest of the moderators, if we include the managers' votes too, he saw a 67% Yes vote, a 17% Maybe vote and a 17% No vote. Only Kaelan Deer voted no, yet Kaelan’s accusation levied against me is that I do not listen to my team. In this particular example, despite the opinions of two of my managers against it, the team at large was in favour of it. My job is to listen and take advice but not only from my managers in moderation but often the other admins whose perspectives are invaluable. Some decisions will not be agreed upon by managers, but by admin advice and direction. Sometimes there will be removals from the team that others do not agree with. I am sorry for this but as team lead, I do have to make decisions I feel best. Most of these decisions aren’t snap ones made impromptu and on the spot, but discussed at great length, Ioannis’ position is an example of one. When the topic of nation leaders being moderators was raised within the management, discussions happened along with a manager vote. Kaelan was the exception to the consensus agreed on by the rest of the managers, in that being a moderator conflicts too heavily with being a nation leader. Up until recently, I was working on policy and a handbook for moderation, something we have been needing sorely. When a manager felt overwhelmed by the project they had initially accepted, they were given the policy and handbook project, while their one I took on at first. They were given full control to write the policy and pick moderators to draft into their team. I have been allowing managers more freedoms and trusting them with more autonomy. Change doesn't happen overnight though. The reports fail to accommodate the entire story behind the situations, fail to explain the positive steps made due to earlier mistakes, and paint a much bleaker picture than reality. I have been trying to accommodate what they want but certain requests or wants from them are incompatible with where the server is headed. I have tried to resolve issues with Kaelan numerous times, leaving me constantly walking on eggshells. A voice chat even occurred with 501 initiating it, where Kaelan was directly asked to make known all his concerns, yet this is the first I heard of many of these problems, that existed before that call took place. It is true that I considered leaving LotC; I wrote a post on a Google doc that I then deleted after not only talking with Kaelan, but with Flambo too, someone who made me realise it wouldn't help, and in fact, would only make things worse. I will not be including screenshots from moderation chats within this reply as such is against the staff discord rules. A warning is given when you join moderation that leaking can result in removal. The TLDR of this response is that the crux of the report comes down to impulsiveness, lack of communication on my part, and the state of the moderation team driving people away. As I have addressed, there have been checks added to combat my sometimes brash decision making, that is frequently utilized. An effect of these checks are that changes are discussed with the management team at length, and some of the decisions that led to moderators leaving the team were agreed on by the managers anyway. I can not be accused of not listening to my team and be responsible for moderators leaving the team because of decisions made by a team vote. The two are inconsolable. Additionally, as has been touched on by the comments in the original thread, these problems were left to fester instead of being brought to me; the ones that were brought to me, I acted on in a way I believed alleviated the issue. If they did not feel my actions were sufficient, I did not hear about it personally. Thank you for hearing me out. Kirsty aka Pun__
  12. Hey, It's late for me, 2am. I will reply to this tomorrow. Pun
  13. A Summons to Court His Grace, Stannis Staunton, Duke of Westmarch hereby summons all citizens and peoples of the Duchy to his court this Saint’s day. An invitation is also extended to all nobility and allies of Oren to attend the court held in the great hall of the castle. It is his Grace’s will to discuss all matters and issues as it pertains to the Duchy of Westmarch in preparation for the upcoming war. A summons is also issued for the farmer known as ‘Golden Richards’ to discuss matters to be disclosed at court. Signed His Grace, Stannis of House Staunton, Duke of Courland, Lord of Westmarch. OOC Information Date: Thursday 18th July 2019 Time: 5 pm EST Location: Laanhold, Westmarch, Courland. ((posting on behalf of Func_Soap as he is a little sick today))
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