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  1. Alerathla reads, bringing her hand to her face in a similar manner to her brother.
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    The Curonian Royal Academy

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    Moderation Update Log - March

  7. Royal Wedding Invitations As the moon rises over the snowy skies of Fenn, so begins the forever bonding of Crown-Prince Aelthos II Tundrak and his beloved Alenia Atmorice. The couple invites their friends, family and allies as well the people of Tahu’lareh to join them as they bond their lives together. Witness as they pledge their love for each other in the temple of Wyvrun, following traditions of many before them. Before the wedding the couple shall prove the strength of their bond with a hunt, providing the fresh meat for the party afterwards. Invites are extended to: The fennic people The citizens of Aegrothond, Federation of Sutica Mali’Ker and Talus Grove. The dwarves of Urguan All members of the Tundrak and Atmorice bloodlines are expected to attend. After the ceremony, all are welcomed to join the couple in the snowflake tavern. Music, foods and drinks will be provided. All guests are asked to bring no weapons and to dress according to the weather ((warm wolf furs are suggested)) Gifts may be presented to the couple after the ceremony. Ooc information Time 4 pm est Date 12th of April 2019 Location: temple of Wyvrun, Fenn
  8. Okay, so as the person who screenshared you. > was on alt pvping moments before I called you after being accused of hacks > has autoclicker in trash and hesitated to open trash when asked due to 'friends files' > opens trash has hacks, mutes and admits to using hacks 'moments ' before Then tries to lie saying wasnt using them on server after telling me otherwise that you were on your alt moments before. Joker face it. You were caught. The ban you received was not some hidden rule. It was a rule that has always been present. There is few unspoken rules. Look at the top of the server rules. use common sense If something would give you advantages over others, offend others oocly or generally wouldn't be a good thing for the server don't do it.
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    Fennic Talent Show

    Fennic Talent Show Next elven day, all mali’fenn and allies are invited to the snowflake tavern. A great contest of the people. Who of the mali'fenn and their friends are the most talent and can entertain the crowd the most. Prizes shall be award to the best and winners. 1st prize - rp item and 200 minas 2nd prize -rp item and 100 minas 3rd prize -rp item and 50 minas Judges Grand Prince Aelthir Tundrak Crown Prince Aelthos Tundrak Princess Alerathla Tundrak Any who wish to take part should send a letter back to Princess Alerathla Tundrak. Must include the following information. Name : Age: Talent: Race: Ooc information Time : 6pm est/ 11pm gmt Date :3rd of April 2019 Location : Snowflake tavern,fenn Fill out information before for entry. No weapons allowed.
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    Death of Cassius

    Queen Evelyn glances out over the ocean as word reaches her of the death, placing her hand over her chest “May you rest in the seventh skies, like the hero you are. I have not forgotten all you have done for me or curon. You will be missed” the women would utter as she turns moving to her office to continue her final works.
  11. Eleventh Edition HeadLines !!!! A Flaming Suffonian Wedding A new courtroom for Avalain Stolen Pants! The King of Beggars! Stewards Report of Sun’s Smile, 1709 Shops A Flaming Suffonian Wedding. Two saints day his lordship Charles Geoffrey Suffolk and Catalina Da’Leon have married in the Warwick Tent Camp. As the couple married without even waiting for the construction of the Warwick Castle guests rumoured that this hasty wedding was aiming to silence various allegations concerning Lord Charles' carnal acts. Even if the wedding was held in the tent camp, Head Architect Valmedris (also the architect for the planned Warwick Castle) has designed a befitting altar and feasting grounds. But these designs lead to unseen conflict. Following the bedding ceremony, while guests were brawling and drinking outside the camp, Head Architect Valmedris's designs caught fire and burned to the ground. Remaining guests, already drunk beyond their wits, started a huge fight that lasts for hours blaming one another of the flaming accident. Reported by the most humble reporter Thomas A new courtroom for Avalain Her Royal Majesty and her team of builders have provided a new courtroom, near the throne room of the palace. High Justicar Graham Milner is said to be excited alongside his judges to start to make use of it. Reported by the reporter Alexander Stolen Pants! It has been told by eyewitnesses that a man named Peter of House Pan and his widowed sister Tinker of House Bell, who are living in a small tree estate at the outskirts of Curonia, has been seen in the city of Avalain, stating their plan to sue the Royal Navy for stealing their uniform design. Apparently, the trademark green uniform of the navy has been in use by the Pan family for their "dusting business" for centuries and Peter Pan has been reported to state his wish to undress the navy. It is not yet known if Peter Pan has proceeded with his claims before the Curonian Courts or if these claims will be hushed up by Ser Benjamin, as many previous scandals had been. Reported by the most humble reporter Thomas The King of Beggars! While the citizens of the city of Avalain are being constantly targeted by the ever-growing number of beggars on streets, authorities of the city areas of now helpless to stop the beggar plague. Witnesses shed new light to why authorities were not able to stop them, as the beggars are backed up by the highest authority! It has been rumoured by credible Avalain citizens that King Wilhelm was frequently seen inspecting the beggar bands in the city and collecting money from them. It is further rumoured that the King was reduced to beggars because of his wife Queen Evelyn's ever-growing expenses such as befriending polar bears and marrying their family princess to unprofitable husbands. Some citizens blame the stewards for their failure in collecting taxes and forcing the King to take such measures. Our credible newspaper will be following up this event. Reported by the most humble Reporter Thomas Stewards Report of Sun’s Smile, 1709 Hello and welcome to the annual steward’s report for the Kingdom of Curonia. Since our arrival within the lands of Arcas, the Kingdom has undergone a whole slew of developments and changes. So let's not waste any more time and get right into what has been going on in and around the Kingdom the past four years! To begin, as some may have noticed, the amount of people living within our city has steadily been growing over the past few years. Each and every week travellers from far and wide come arriving to out gates in search of a place to call home. Curonia, as many have come to know and see, never turns its back away from such people. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming and warm-hearted people who greet those who come to our city in search of a home with wide arms and cheery smiles. This being said, this high influx of migration into our beautiful city has caused many of the houses to fill up! While this is, of course, a good thing, it has led the architects of the town to once again bring forth their renown skills so that our we can make the necessary accommodations to keep our people out of the streets and instead in houses! With that in mind, as I’m sure many of you have already seen, the lower BarmountCrescent District has been, as is continuing to go through a widespread renovation! With several new and beautiful houses already finished, and with more in the works, the project will not only add larger and higher quality homes, but it will also add to the overall integrity and value of the Kingdom as a whole. If you should wish to seek a house in the newly renovated area just send a bird to a steward! Now on the opposite side of town, more specifically the outside of the Kingdom’s walls, there is also a new project in the works! Taken up by the Kingdom’s Grand Ambassador, a large swath of land has been set aside and worked upon labourously in order to provide a safe and secure area for the crops and animal husbandry practices. Word has it that Lady Suffolk has also made plans for other projects to be constructed within the walls such as a public fishing pond, picnic area, and bee apiaries. Signed, Lady Klaudia Suffolk, Madame Grand Ambassador and High Steward of The Kingdom of Curonia. Trade Information- shop adverts Wulffs Den Smithy Location: Ursus Square (Next to the Clinic) Owner: Friggr Skarpefanger Wulffs Den Smithy is one of the best places in town to buy quality sets of armour, weapons, and shields. They also do requests for any personalized weapon! A to Z Herbs & More Location: Behind the Bank/Action/Tax Building Owner: Ashley Cannel A to Z Herbs has a wide variety of herbs perfect for all your medical needs! They also have a few speciality items such as some select pieces of jewellery. Curonia Royal Trading Company Location: Ursus Square (Next to the Clinic) Owner: Royal Treasury of Curonia The Curonia Royal Trading Company proudly serves the many citizens of the Kingdom by offering an assortment of locally made goods to the general public at some of the lowest prices! Local Book Store Grand Opening! Location: Ursus Square (Next to the Tavern) Owner: Cehdriel Analise Locally owned and ran by one of Curon’s very own residents, this new book store will soon be offering its wares to the Kingdom and its citizens. Greville opens up a stall! Location: King’s Gate Entryway Owner: Hugh Greville Full of all sorts of useful everyday needed items, Greville’s shop has been a wonderful addition to the Kingdom. From precious metals and gems to an assortment of writing materials, this stall offers quite a variety at very decent prices! Coming Soon: Angie’s Bakery Location: King’s Gate Entryway Owner: Angie Devereux-Silversteed Angie’s Bakery shall soon open to the public offering a variety of tasty and delicious homemade baked goods. Located near the front gates of the town, the stall is sure to fill the air with the mouthwatering scent of all its products! House Silversteed’s Stall Location: Queen’s Court Road (Right beside the Silversteed Manor) Owner: Reynauld Silversteed Run by one of Curon’s most loyal and patriotic Lords and men of service, Marshal Reyanuald Silversteed is serving the Kingdom and its citizens well by selling a helpful supply of cactus and nutritional kelp. Coming Soon: SeaBunny Bakery Location: Curonia Market House (First Floor) Owner: Tulia Violet Expected to open soon, the SeaBunny Bakery seems to be eager and ready to satisfy the hungry stomachs of the people! Nestled in the cosy setting of the Royal Market House, this bakery is sure to a sensational hit within the Kingdom. Adverts
  12. Tenth Edition HeadLines !!!! New Appointments of court within the kingdom Curonia navy on the run! Return of Ecbert Devereux Lord Edward Suffolk given a new title. Princess grieving loss of a husband New appointments of court within the kingdom. Several changes announced during a recent court within the kingdom. Ser Sylvester Halcourt, having finally returned to curonia. The old knight being given the position of assistant chancellor to her royal majesty, Queen Evelyn. It is assumed he shall take chancellor position within the next year. The slums district within the city is being remodelled and will include a new bathhouse for public use. These changes are Expected within the year. Reported by the royal reporter Alexia Curonia Navy on the run!! Witnesses report that beggars of Curonia who were trying to raise money for their sick wives on the streets of Avalain got sick of the avarice of Curonians and started intercepting nearby boats for the hope of honest charity. This recent fleet of beggars turned eyes back to another recent event, which was allegedly sushed by Ser Benjamin. An informer, who holds a high-level naval office but wishes to remain unnamed, reported that a while ago it has been noticed by Ser Benjamin that several military-grade, the Curonian navy were missing and secret inquiry was being held. The informer also underlines that since Ser Benjamin was known for his corruption this event did not raise any suspicions among the high naval officers and many high-level credible Curonians states that they believe Ser Benjamin is the leader of this beggar scourge. We will be following up on this interesting allegations. Reported by the most humble reporter Thomas Return of Ecbert Devereux The second eldest son of King Wilhelm and Queen Evelyn has returned to the Kingdom. His earlier years spent away, schooling according to her royal Majesty. It is assumed that in the absence of Prince Jarrack that the young prince shall be assisting his mother with the running of the kingdom. Until his brothers return, at which time it is believed Prince Jarrack shall be taking the throne, allowing His royal majesty, King Wilhelm and Queen Evelyn to enjoy retirement after many years of hard work. Though some say the couple will never fully retire. It is known his royal majesty has another job after he retires, the queen’s future is unknown at this time. Reported by the reporter Alexander Lord Edward Suffolk given a new title. Lord Edward Suffolk was summoned to court by her royal majesty, Queen Evelyn last saints day. With the authority of his royal majesty, King Wilhelm, her royal majesty awarded the long-serving lord, the tile of Duke of Warwick. His years of service and loyalty noted by the crown of curonia. Royal letters are expected within the saints week as well as a ceremony held upon the return of Prince Jarrack. Reported by the reporter Alexander Princess grieving loss of a husband Her royal highness, Princess Anabel Devereux has returned to live within the kingdom after the sudden death of her husband, Prince Romulus Horen. The details of his death currently unknown but it has been stated that is was a murder. The royal family shall be looking after their daughter and sister at this difficult time. Reported by the reporter Alexander Adverts ooc note all images are either from players or taken from google.
  13. Curonia Prints Ninth Edition HeadLines !!!! Daemons were seen within Avalain More Martial issues for Lord James Artemis grabbed and bagged! Ghosts on the docks Lord Edward Suffolk tries to find love A note from the Editor Daemons were seen within Avalain As the darkness fell two saint nights ago, four ‘Daemons’ were spotted within the city walls. It is unknown how they entered but all citizens took their homes, closing all shutters and remaining safe. The Ursus removed the threats. Her Royal Majesty, Queen Evelyn has stated she will be contacting the pontiff as soon as she can to find a way to banish these creatures. More Martial issues for Lord James During the recent party in the park, within the city of Avalain, Witnesses have stated Lord James Suffolk and his wife, Lady Klaudia Suffolk had a heated argument. Lord James is said to have stormed off after the matter. The party was left soured after this warring couples fight. Artemis grabbed and bagged! A young naval man of the kingdom was grabbed by three bandits, two saints days ago. He is said to have been beaten and knocked out, the Ursus swiftly responded. It is assumed the bandits intended to sell him into slavery or kill him. No statement from them yet has been received. Ghosts on the docks Strange things have been happening on the curonia docks, tools missing, navymen becoming cold even on the warm days and feeling utter dread of being on the docks. Rumours have been said that the docks are haunted by the ghost of the late Mauntel, Thornn. This could not be confirmed. Lord Edward Suffolk tries to find love The old lord of Pembroke, 68 years old to be exact, has continued his search for a new wife after many years alone. It seems during the recent imperial court, he grabbed the attention of two young women. It has been many years since this old bitter man has been shown love from any, maybe some young women could break through his ice-cold heart and make him once again a man people love and want to be around, though that may never happen A letter from the Editor Dear my wonderful readers, I have seen much growth within Arcas as well as much growth of this print. It an amazing accomplishment for the print to be doing as well as it has. For the longest time i have been doing this very much alone, that has changed now. All information is now gathered by a team of reporters, we have artists making the amazing artwork seen above and i have hired another editor to assist me with making this print happen. I want to thank the people of the empire of men, from Helena, Reza, Ves and Curonia who continue to assist in helping with gathering news as much as possible and their continued support for all the efforts of the people involved with the print. Signed The Editor Adverts
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    Queen Evelyn begins to take check of stocks of armour and weapons within the palace, glancing to Klaudia ”its time to prepare to give our all for the empire” She’d turn to her handmaid, pausing her check ”polish my armour and that of the kings, he will need a fresh set upon his return”
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