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  1. Moderation Update Log September 2019 <Introduction> This past month has seen moderation grow and progress more than in the previous few months, with pushes for change continuing to happen. As we enter into autumn, the season of spooks and fun, moderation will be continuing to push towards a more community-centric direction. <New Changes> Moderation The team structure has changed slightly, with the purpose of empowering managers to handle internal issues with more autonomy; each manager now has a group of between three and six moderators. The groups have a main focus similar to the projects we had before, but now more securely defined, though this doesn’t allow the neglect of general moderation duties. Each manager is expected to not only direct their group and support each moderator but to handle discipline for their group. Current assignments are as follows: func_Soap - Discord & General Rift - Forum Silverstatic - Conflict Xalid - Nation Charter As seen here, the new ban protocol has been published and is in use. Moderators are currently learning the system, and the protocol is subject to change. This will be announced if any changes happen. NCM Charter leaders will be having a meeting in the coming weeks to discuss issues, concerns and ideas that can assist them with Xalid. Due to issues with the plugin, activity checking has to be suspended until further notice. Conflict rules Going forward, conflict rules will be entering a phase of rebuilding, with the intent of making conflict approachable to interact with, rather than a grey box of negotiations that can flounder around smaller details. One of the more significant issues we’ve had is with the slow flow of information (particularly on small details) down to the players participating. Rather than trying to produce an entirely untested and complete system and push it out all at once, the aim is to establish initial changes and go forward with updates to the systems of war after things can be seen in action. To this end, feedback will be very important with regards to player interactions with conflict and a curated discussion discord aimed towards conflict has been established. Contact Silverstatic if you have an interest in joining the discussion. Forums Currently, there are two plans for the Forums; reorganization of the Roleplay subforums, and the implementation of an events calendar. A Your View will be created on the Forums where thoughts and opinions can be gathered on how the community would like to see this subforum and its subsections restructured (if there is anything you’d like changed). Additionally, in the works is the implementation of a calendar that displays events, publicly visible and with potential use for player events as well as ST ones. Recruitment With the new team structure, we have had more space opened up within the team. Currently, we are still looking for individuals who have a passion and drive to keep the rules of the server, while working on improving them if needs be. In addition, there is space available in all the focus groups. To apply, use the link here. <Current Team Roster > < Roster changes > + Xalid promoted to manager + Ulmo (Riftblade) promoted to manager + TheIchorDruid added to moderation + Keening added to moderation + Marb121 added to moderation + Byrabro added to moderation + Ryanark added to moderation + RancidHound added to moderation + Golden_Richards added to moderation + Tigergirl added to moderation + CorweenieTheJedi added to moderation + Basketweaver added to moderation - Murlocs stepped down from moderation - Yagami stepped down from moderation - Dibbo stepped down from moderation - Wrynn stepped down from moderation - Suxals stepped down from moderation - Canadian stepped down from moderation <Special Thanks> The Managers for their contributions to the updates The community for their feedback for changes to the ban system.
  2. ------------------------ OOC------------------- Good morning, Guys, please keep posts in character. As for the concerns raised about the posting and ooc consent. I have messaged Madone this morning and he has confirmed his ooc consent to the post being made so it is valid. As others have stated ooc consent is required before you can post a death post on a character that is not your own.
  3. Moderation is looking for people interested in; charter management, forum moderation, conflict management. If any of those interested you, apply today. 

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      How many bans to be disqualified from serving?

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      maybe you guys should improve player staff relations and how the playerbase perceives you before advertising that you want more people to get dissappointed in the gm team



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      You denied me, sadly. I would have been glad to help you.

  4. And another character has gone to the character graveyard , down to just one character .. My elf.

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      It really do be like that sometimes

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      Arwenia is the best anyway.

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  5. The Final Moments. As darkness falls over the city of Avalain, a young lady can be seen boarding a ship. Her black hair waves in the wind, as tears fall from her blue eyes; the young Julia Esme knew this would be the last she would see of her mother. Evie waved her only daughter off. Once again, Julia would grace far away lands with her presence. As Evie turns, coughing some red substance up, her fever worsening as the frail woman makes her way towards the room comprising her sole occupancy for the past four weeks. Passing through the streets of Avalain, her gaze softens a little, her eyes drifting as she makes her way through the palace, noting the changes from her parents’ original grand construction. Entering her room for the final time, she makes her way to her desk, her eyes watering as she lifts the quill to write her final letters. To Pierce, My dear Nephew, I know I was not the greatest aunt nor member of this family, but the words we spoke the day I returned. I meant each one. You are a great leader and King. You have lead the Devereux family into a new era. No one can doubt this. I am leaving this world to join mother and father now, all I ask is when Julia returns, you care for her. For now, she has been sent away until she is old enough to be of assistance. My son, John Pierce, may need your help one day as well. Give them these letters attached when the time is right. Just remember this: Family First above all else. With Love Ursula Evie Devereux, Princess of Curonia, Daughter of Wilhelm and Evelyn Devereux. Dear Julia Esme, My sweet little girl, my time has come. I love you greatly. Hold your values and your word. Don't forget who you are. You are my daughter and granddaughter of Wilhelm and Evelyn Devereux. You are special. Be proud of your family and heritage. I am sure you will go on to do great things. When you return, seek your cousin Peirce; he will help you. Love Always, Mum. x As Evie coughs again, her grip loosens on the quill. It falls to the floor with a soft thud. Her eyes glaze over, and she draws her last breath. With only ‘Dear John’ written on the parchment, she slumps forward, spilling blood onto the paper, lifeless, the fever victorious. [OOC] It's been a pleasure playing yet another Devereux, but the time has come to move on from this character and onto new ones.
  6. Hello Harold, Sorry for the lack in respond thus far, i have been sick for the last couple of days. From my own opinion and from moderation, forums will be tackled soon and clearer guidelines placed for issuing punishments and when they should be issued. Riftblade and the forum group are working hard on this currently. Have a nice day. Pun.
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