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  1. Starting interviews for new moderators!!
    If you think you could bring something new opinions and ideas to the moderation apply now !!

    1. Johnny_Fat


      I’m blacklisted 😄

    2. Callum


      Dont do it... really not worth it with this management hehe

    3. ConnorMagill


      Just got this cool item d81fc026632f3d2afc7a99a09c5192f1.png



      Selling it for 15k minas !!!

  2. Hmmm, a surprising fact I had help with writing, numerous people looked over it before it was posted. I guess we cannot all be English majors. I am trying to improve. That being said I doubt people would appreciate me using permanently banned players as ghost writers like some do...
  3. Moderation Update Log -June 2019 <Introduction> Good morning friends and welcome to summer! This is a time for fun, friends, and lots of roleplay! This month we have seen the passing of the torch with a new admin for the moderation team, as well as a number of hot topics and discussions being held. So for those of you who don't know me, Hello, I am Kirsty, also known as Pun__. Currently, I'm twenty-eight years old and a mother of two girls. Taking up the mantel of Moderation Administrator has been a learning curve, but I look forward to the future. I do, however, want to offer an apology to all the community, especially Haense and Renatus, for the mess of the latest war, it was bad. There will not be a repeat of this, changes to the whole war process and protocol coming soon! <New Changes> It is with heavy hearts that we saw Fireheart hand in his official Moderation gun and badge and move on from leading the team. Though while we may miss him, we know that he is just a skip and a hop away over in the Development team assisting in getting the ball rolling with them. Conflict and wars were a hot topic for the month of June. We saw the conclusion of our first big war for this map, and it was sadly not without flaw. There were plenty of less than favorable calls made, judgement calls required, and overall poor communication. In an effort to resolve some of the issues we faced and provide clearer guidelines and processes for running wars, the moderation team along with the help of key administrators like Telanir have taken it upon themselves to rewrite the war rules and make changes to how they will operate. In an effort to address the lack of communication between nations, charters, and the moderation team; I have taken it upon myself to schedule biweekly meetings between the leaders of our community and the staff of LOTC. It is here in these voice calls that the leaders of the community will be able to express their concerns and receive immediate responses from relevant teams. This is only just beginning, so there will be some fine-tuning needed... But we are hopeful that this will help to assist in closing the gap between the community and the staff team as a whole. Finally, has passed the torch of moderation administrator, I have determined that it is time for some house cleaning. Over the next few weeks, the moderation team will be turning its focus inwards towards the moderation policies and our internal systems. We will be taking this time to dust off these rules and guidelines, updating them to be more relevant to the server today and making additions to cover any gaps that currently exist. As always our policies are public information found on the moderation team’s information thread. <Current Team Roster > <Monthly Statistics> Moderation Staff received a total of 3119 in June. Congratulations and thank you to Kaelan__, Silverstatik, knox213 and Deer__ for taking the most tickets in that respective order! It was incredible to see these individuals really step up and assist the community!. The monthly quota for Moderation Staff 3%, for this month that meant an individual Mod had to complete a total of 93. Below you can view the general statistics for all members of the team. < Roster changes > + Knox213 added to Moderation Staff + Silverstatik added to Moderation Staff + Tangoispointless added to Moderation Staff + Suxals added to Moderation Staff + Hunwald added to Moderation Staff + Wrynn added to Moderation Staff + Deer__ promoted to Moderation Staff Manager - Potts24 stepped down from Moderation Staff - Rwk0 stepped down from Moderation Staff - Nectorist removed from Moderation Staff - Ioannis stepped down from Moderation Staff <Special Thanks> A huge thanks to Kaelan and Sykogenic for their continued efforts on reworking the war rules. To Ioannis for all his hard work during his time as a moderator! I wish him the best of luck as the new leader of Fenn!
  4. Good Morning, Please remember only those signing should be commenting on these alliance/treaty posts Thank you. Pun
  5. Archived, requested by the Holy Orenian Empire, null and void due to the new empire
  6. Archived, requested by the Holy Orenian Empire, null and void due to the new empire
  7. Archived, requested by the Holy Orenian Empire, null and void due to the new empire
  8. Archived, requested by the Holy Orenian Empire, null and void due to the new empire
  9. Archived, requested by the Holy Orenian Empire, null and void due to the new empire
  10. Archived, requested by the Holy Orenian Empire, null and void due to the new empire
  11. Pun

    Forum Signatures

    Hey, Thanks defy, these are awesome. much appreciated.
  12. Pun

    A Call Home

    Eve glances to will, taking the joint from him. A soft smile as she watches over all they built together as she takes a long drag “Ave Curonia” Enjoying the retirement in the seventh skies with her beloved husband
  13. Pun

    An Admission,

    An Admission, Good evening all, Leading up to the start of the warclaim, after warsend had opened, I had instructed my team that players who had an outstanding Villainy Blacklist on their accounts would be barred from taking part in the warclaim. This was facilitated through the issuing of temporary bans on these accounts that had outstanding Blacklists. In total, three players from the Haense side and Two from the Renatus side were removed from the warclaim under my instruction. I take full responsibility for this decision and the bans that were carried out as a result of my decision. After taking a couple of hours to step back away from the server and reflect upon the outcomes as a result of this, I have come to the conclusion that further discussion with my fellow administrators and a review of the current blacklist system along with a possible rework of this system is required. To those five players who were removed, you shall be receiving a refund of one set of armor, one sword, a stack of bread, a bow & thirty-two arrows as compensation for your items being wiped. Upon the posting of this thread, these items have been put into your enderchest or your actively selected person. Thank you, Pun
  14. rukio

    I wondered how you got GM for the longest time. I’m not surprised you got admin though, lol.


    VBs btw. Warclaims btw. xd

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      No offense Keaton, but what you are describing is no preference whatsoever, just duty. Doesn’t matter who’s doing it. A job’s a job.

    4. Haseroth


      14 hours ago, Telanir said:

      No offense Keaton, but what you are describing is no preference whatsoever, just duty. Doesn’t matter who’s doing it. A job’s a job.

      tythus said hes selling to me..

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