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  1. EarthMonkey

    A Warning

    [!] Bjor would spill his drink as he would hear these words dropped by Balrog II, the grasp around his dusty bottle would tighten as he would scrape his dirty teeth together out of frustration and hatred. “ded ‘e just..” he would mutter reminded to how Balrog I had once murdered the Cottonwood elder. “troi to call Boldeh t’a kenslaher.. da loine ef kenlsahers es callen Boldrumer.. a kenslahe..” He would repeat to himself unable to believe his brushy ears. “Onleh one fate fer t’es Korvad carrehen bloodline...”
  2. EarthMonkey

    Looking for New RP experiences

    I’d say try a forest dwarf, an underrated race with much potential and great rp. Hey#0322 if you’d like to know more, and if nature isn’t your feel i suggest the dwarves ma man best family on lotc.
  3. Are you still being held in the Ireheart basement? If so blink twice.
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    Don’t worry Purple i’m already fixing it, and helping him out with editing his full app.
  5. Looking for peop to play Bjor Sugartits’ epic children.

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      Oh god


      they’re multiplying

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      3 hours ago, SimplySeo said:

      Oh god


      they’re multiplying

      Well, at least the Oakhands aren’t yet. You have a little bit to prepare for an overload of nice wooden pipes, bowls, beds, and door frames. 

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      @SimplySeo And we’re coming for you.

  6. EarthMonkey

    -=Da Kirkja Dverga=- The Dwarven Clergy

    ((RP)) Name: Bjor ‘Sugartits’ Cottonwood Race: Forest Dwarf Clan (If applicable): Cottonwood Reason for joining: Wanting to teach his forest kin about their hearth mother. ((OOC)) Minecraft Username: Afoc17 Discord (Recommended): Hey#0322
  7. EarthMonkey

    On False Oaths, 1709

    “Oie question da brain capabeltehs ef maneh t’ese dahs.. oie just t’enk t’eh ere messen a gud puff.. t’en t’eh’ll see ya can nae be bound to semt’en non excesten..” The fat forest dwarf would mumble to himself as he would let his dirty finger stir through freshly made honey, a golden liquid thick as dwarven women and sweet till the last drop, he would lick every single trace of the honey off his fingers with a bright smile curling onto his face. “ah we ere ‘aven a gud year oie see..”
  8. EarthMonkey

    [Yar Culture] Bone Singing (Throat Singing)

    I showed some interests to throat singing myself recently, trying to implement it into forest dwarf roleplay. But this is surely wonderful, I really like the whole mask idea, fits the orcs well. +1
  9. EarthMonkey

    The Settlement of BRANDYBROOK

    [!] The fat forest dwarf, carrying the name Bjor, would hobble towards his brotherin, gathered around their fireplace.. where drinks were spilled and meals shared as Bjor would shout. “ah oie’m goin to pah a lettle veset to mhe uld smalleh froinds.. aneh wanna come wet’ mhe?
  10. EarthMonkey


    [!] As the dwarves from the underrealm would feast upon this happening a gentle rumbling could be noticed.. caused by the fat forest dwarves who had lifted their feet to the rhythm and their drinks on a toast above ground with the grass in between their toes and the warmth of the sun on their faces. An entanglement of cheerings “Narvak Oz Urguan” could be heard even in deep underways.
  11. EarthMonkey

    The Ultimate Guide to the Halfling Race!

    Well this is almost as epic gamer style as forest dwarves, I approve +1
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    Farewell! :)

    You’re a good one, with the true green in your hearth. Keep it good and hope to see you around sometime bud. Forest dwarf salute <o/
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    First forest dwarf app in two months, fully in Russian. +1 I don’t cry every night
  14. Become an epic gamer today, make a forest dwarf. 


  15. Hefrumm ⧫Intro⧫ As the hammers clenching from their anvils, the conversations of dwarves, filled with wisdom, arguing and the feasting of younger beardlings could be heard in the deep underground of Agnarum, it would be rather quiet above ground where Bjor ‘Sugartits’ current Chief of the Cottonwood clan would be watching over his land. The thought of his kin feeling the same loneliness as he was feeling was rushing through his mind as he would stand up convinced it was time for a new age for his forest dwarf kin. ⧫Diaspora intake⧫ The Hefrumm High Chieftain was founded during the age of Atlas by the Cottonwood Chief named Bjor ‘Sugartits’ on the Cottonwood lands next to the dwarven nation Agnarum. Bjor had held multiple expeditions wandered through all forests of Atlas to bring back unity under his kin, to live together under his protection and to never feel this loneliness again. Firstly Bjor had welcomed the treebeards under which Ozneat was the first, they had brought great importance to the beliefs of the forest dwarf kin. Later Bjor had found Entfar Oakhand, from a clan which had never crossed his hairy ears. But most individuals Bjor had encountered were clanless as they had lost contact with others of their kin after the war of beards. ⧫Values⧫ -The forest folk of Hefrumm do not only respect all creations of Anbella, but live by it. As they will sleep with the green grass between their toes and wake up with the warmth of the sun. Anbella shall not only work the lands around this forest folk but shall also determine what they shall fill their bellies with and what shall be the cost of it. The art of hunting is highly respected as the hunt is an ancient tradition of the forest dwarves, where Anbella will test and judge you as she will guide your axe and arrows. -Hefrumm stands for its people, the dwarves but their forest kin specifically as all shall be done to maintain this warming home for its people. A hand shall be given to the needing and ale shall be shared with the thirsty. ⧫Tradition⧫ “Anbella’s tree of ancestors” The passed away members of Hefrumm are highly respected as they are now feasting behind the gates of Dungrin while their body stays on this realm to rest for eternity. The funeral would symbolize the final feast they share with their fallen one as it also is a tradition to share your drink with the passed away before the body would find its final rest in the cavities of Anbella's tree of the ancestors. In between the roots of this holy tree, one would also get laved, at birth and death. “Grand Feast of the Resting” Every year The Grand Feast of the Resting is held, where all forest dwarves of Hefrumm would gather around The Tree of Anbella and where they shall feast with their fallen brothers once more. It is believed that on this sacred day their ancestors would return to the gates of Dungrimm to lift their drinks while they would be looking down upon the forest dwarf kin. Honor duels As rivalry in between the forest dwarf kin is not promoted, honor duels are rather scarce. But it does happen that brothers would bulk up their fist against each other. This fight is held in “the fighting pit of of Anbella’s roots”. This pit is located at the base of “Anbella's tree of the ancestors” making this fight highly sacred as it was believed that their ancestors and the Hearth Mother herself would look down upon this fight, this would mean that it would be highly dishonorable if one would not take this fight seriously or if this fight was called for no proper reason. This fight is held without weapons nor armor and it is forbidden for others to interfere once started. Music The traditional art of throat singing is a way used by forest dwarves to connect further with nature on a deeper level by using sound and music, as the sounds would represent the energy of nature. The knowledge of this treasure would be passed from generation to generation, often thought by the elders of Hefrumm. The forest folk of Hefrumm has a few traditional instruments, but the mostly seen one would be the Bougarabou. A drum made out of the cavities of a tree, and the animal hide brought back from their hunts. It would also have a thick rope connection the top with the bottom, cause the drum to be played from a standing position as it would be worn or a sitting position in between the legs. ⧫Trials⧫ This are trials not for someone to be welcomed into Hefrumm, as all are, but for beardlings in the community to prove themselves to Anbella, the High Chief and all others. ~For their first trial, a beardling would need to prove his/her strength and dedication in training by completing the following task. The two watchers, giant wooden statues standing across each other one representing a boar and the other a deer, would look over the Hefrumm village. The beardling will need to train and dedicate this training into a specific weapon, for him to be able to hit or slightly damage one watcher with this weapon while standing on the other. ~The second trial would be a hunt, a hunt in his/her own to once more prove him/herself. Training has passed with the first train as now the training should come into use. The beast will need to be ended with a whisper to Anbella. ~The third and last part of the trials, the beardling would need to carry the prize of his/her deeds towards the shrine of Anbella. Where with a traditional ritual and an offering of the beast, the beardling would be loosened from the title and welcomed as a full forest dwarf of Hefrumm. ⧫Religion⧫ The dwarves of Hefrumm have become highly religiose at the arrival of the treebeards. They follow the Brathmodrakin dear, with Anbella as their patron. Nowadays their Hearth Mother is a central piece of their culture and many traditions. The traditional tattoo of Anbella is a symbol of Anbella’s guides and approval over someone. Set in a dark shade of mosslike green, and only rarely given. Only a few individuals are allowed to set these sacred art pieces, members of the clergy who are having a connection with Anbella and the High Chief of Hefrumm with the approval of the clergy. Every tattoo tells a story as they are different between individuals. It is also believed the the use of alcohol and druglike sustances would bring one closer to Anbella, her will and thinking, this is often combined with traditional music or even meditation, completing the ritual. There are records of individuals who claim to have seen her smiling face or even have heard her warming voice in these rituals. ⧫Ruling⧫ Hefrumm is led by a High Chief as he is elected by a vote of all members. The High Chief will get a coronation shortly after where a traditional twigs-woven crown will be passed from High Chief to the next generation’s High Chief. This coronation is sacred with the blessing of Anbella and it would be considered highly dishonorable to interrupt this process as it would show no respect to the Hearth Mother herself. The High Chief is guided not only by the Hearth Mother herself but also by the wisdom of his elder. The first elected High Chief was Bjor ‘Sugartits’ Cottonwood who after bringing his forest dwarf kin together got given the opportunity to fulfill his promise to Anbella. ⧫Artifacts⧫ -The Crown of Hefrumm- The wooden crown appears to be made out of single piece of thick tangled dark oak root. It has two distinctive sides, one looks fresh and green, the other seems to be a bit decayed and covered in moss. On the front side, there appears to be a story carved into it - A dwarf coming from the woods, who will then work the land, eating the fruits he grew. More other dwarves will begin to gather around him. Eventually he is handed a wooden Crown and made King of the Forest Dwarves. Above this figure the name ‘Bjor’ would be carved. On one side of the crown could be seen a beautiful green feather of a nature elemental, which would shimmer brightly for the ones nearby. ⧫Atlas⧫ Clans: -Treebeards -Cottonwoods -Clanless Settlement: In the Cottonwood valley of Azgaryum. ⧫Arcas⧫ Clans: -Treebeards -Cottonwoods -Clanless Settlement: The Hefrumm village in the eastern valley of Agnarum ⧫Members⧫ Cottonwoods: -Bjor Cottonwood (Afoc17) -Skalgomi Cottonwood (Vermythewurmy) - (Lost2Flemish) -Bordavir Cottonwood (WillemDeZwijger) -Fray Ragnhild Cottonwood (ScarletRoseWolf) -Baumwolle Cottonwood (God_Of_Sloths) Treebeards: -Diana Treebeard (Crim_Crim) -Dutesli Treebeard (LadyViolet123) Oakhands: - Entfar Oakhand (J33xt101) Clanless: -Muradin Deeproot (Unstone) -Eerika Lockwood (CyanWolfGirl) -Yenut Helenson (Utaria) -Haefron (JasperJohn_) -Nurin Deeproot (Drhope) -Qrarm Grasswhistle (StripezPurple) Honorary: Baldin “ironside” Frostbeard Deceased/Missing: -Boldrumir Cottonwood (Endershadow292) [D] -Ozneat Treebeard (Crim_Crim) [M] -Garmin Barkbelly (Runt66) [M] -Isla BarkBelly (Xenja) [M] -Dovas Cottonwood (Alphamickael1) [M] -Evertlas Treebeard (CoffeeMagi) [M] -Bal’Ayle Understaff (Swaith) [M] -Grorsmashia Cottonwood (MCVDK) [M] -Himoli Cottonwood (KiltedDemon31) [M] -Bjorn Sidrar Cottonwood (TurtleFidelis) [M] -Geae Treebeard (Hopesky) [M] -Yaviline Cottonwood (_Blutige_) [M] ⧫Applicantion⧫ ((Hey#0322 is my discord name if’d have any questions)) In game name: Rp name: discord name: Character info (Interests, appearance, short bio, ..):