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  1. [!] As the piece of paper would reach Beorn’s dirty palms he’d lower his rusty lumber axe into the soil as he’d read the letter “sloimeh?..” he’d repeat with a heavy frown while continuing to read the letter he’d make way towards his little abode to pin it on one of the wooden pillars for his kin to see.
  2. When word would find its way to the old Knud he’d mumble quietly while munching on a melon slice with his toothless gum “coin .. coin..” he’d repeat a few times “ef oie’d paint da pebble yelloh... would da vendenmac’en ef da Oirenguts stell take et?” he took another bite out of the melon causing juice to splash onto the soil underneath him while he was considering trying it.
  3. Ah welcome back fam, you’re always free to visit the forest dwarves I’m down to rp with ya. Hey#0322
  4. EarthMonkey

    A Big Party

    Beorn would excitedly clap his little dirty hands together cheering “parteh toime parteh toime..” he’d giggle while gathering his painting supplies.
  5. It is some good ****, but as @NotEvilAtAll said this is the real deal.
  6. “yyaaay” The little child would cheer clapping his hands together “tenneh people..” he would mumble shortly after.
  7. “Yaaay” The little child Beorn Cottonwood would cheer, naively enjoying all the speeches, while not knowing what they are for nor what they mean.
  8. “Wot butefel drawen piece..” The little child would mumble not being able to read the rest of the actual speech.
  9. MC name: PapaBjor RP Name: Beorn Cottonwood Dwelling: Hefrumm Candidate: Gimler the metalfister
  10. [!] As Bjor would lift a wooden mug to his dirty lips, he would receive the news.. as he would look down upon his kin from Khaz’A’Dentrumm, he would offer his king a final salute.
  11. [!] As the news, carried by the wind, of the loss of a friend would reach Bjor’s lifeless stone body, he would mourn.. even after death.
  12. Ah brother welcome back, the forest dwarves or dwarves in general are pretty chill ma man you should check em out. Hey#0322 is my disc if you’d have any questions. Have a good one.
  13. The first full roleplay character I mained, was an overweight forest dwarf leader druidman, who loved carrots to the bone and had the nickname Sugartits. But well he died a week ago, top ten anime’s saddest moments. Bjor he was called <o/.
  14. [!] A little morning breeze would rush over the grey cold skin of Bjor’s petrified corpse carrying the words originating from the Under-Realm. ((Bjor has been gone for a week, and we’re already missing the love. I knew those Sugartitshugs were essential to the dwarven community.))
  15. 1PM est today Bjor’s funeral if you’d like to say a final goodbye. <o/


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