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  1. EarthMonkey

    [W] Punisher8817's Game Moderator Application

    A big +1 from me 👍
  2. EarthMonkey

    Music Thread

  3. EarthMonkey

    Zoe's Art/Commission Thread

    Holy **** your art style is amazing, it is a shame i don't have moneh 😢. But keep it up 👍
  4. EarthMonkey

    kido122's Event Team Actor application

    He is a good one +1 from me :]
  5. EarthMonkey

    Ye Olde Dunshire Harvest Festival!

    [!] As Bjor would hear about this incoming feast he shouts "LET UUS PARTTTEHH" he cheers "SugarTits well be t'ere" He finishes his sentence while carving a carrot for some reason. ((i'll try to be there 😛 ))
  6. EarthMonkey

    The Academy of Holm [Second Semester] [Applications Open]

    -Application- ((OOC)) Username: Afoc17 Discord: EarthMonkey#1851 RP Full Name: Bjor 'SugarTits' Cottonwood Age: 100+ Race: Forest Dwarf Major subject: Culinary Arts (chef SugarTits in the house 😉) Additional classes this semester (Write N/A if none): Some Alchemy please :]
  7. EarthMonkey

    The Alliance of Silver and Wood

    The Alliance of Silver and Wood During the time of the Confederation of hammers the Cottonwood and the Silvervein Clans could have been called rivals due to there previous conflicts and disagreements, these disagreements would have been pushed aside since both clans now have new leadership. Over the last years the relation between the clans have grown into what could be called friendship and this document is to seal this alliance and to allow the clans to form an everlasting alliance until the day of both clans agree to relinquish it. The terms to this alliance are as followed: First Term - Both clans will Never fight each other with words or blade or even think of causing hostile actions to one another. Second Term - When either clans are in a situation which could cause issues within either clan the clan Father/Chief will offer their help in sorting the situation that clan is in. Third Term - This Alliance will last forever with blood showing that both clans will keep their word even when the clan Father/Chief dies the next clan Father/Chief will carry out this Alliance With these terms the Alliance can be made being known as the alliance of SilverWood until both clans fall or worst, the alliance will remain. Narvak Oz Thryardohin Narvak Oz Cottonwood Date - 11th of Sun’s Smile, 1680 Bjor 'SugarTits' Cottonwood, Chief of the Cottonwood clan, would sign the document. Dwarger "Saviour" Silvervein, Clan Father of Silvervein clan, High marshal of Kaz'ulrah would sign the document.
  8. EarthMonkey

    I'm back on LOTC

    wb :]
  9. EarthMonkey

    [BUYING] Drinks for Taverns

    "Aye lad, send moi a c'ecken and oie got sem t'eng muc' betta fer ya." He replies while chewing on one of his cottonwood carrots.
  10. EarthMonkey

    Ideas for a character

    Forest dwarf... join me >:]
  11. EarthMonkey

    Declaration of The Empire of Urguan

  12. EarthMonkey

    Urguan Has Fallen.

    "T'at sounds loike a lad w'o would nae let semone feken steal 'es 'oneh.... oie loike em" Bjor would mumble while listening to the words of Fimlin being spread.
  13. EarthMonkey

    The Legion of Ord

  14. EarthMonkey

    [Event Creature] Gyezu Yeti

    Looks pretty good ma man +1
  15. EarthMonkey

    North Stow In Art [UPDATED]

    Wow that is some fine art, i'm impressed. Good job a +1 from me