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  1. EarthMonkey

    MadYeAd's World Developer Application

    Saw some stuff he worked one in the past and it was hella clean. +1
  2. EarthMonkey

    Crim_Crim's Event Team Actor application

    Aye Crim 😄 he is an awesome guy with good intentions and great roleplay! A fat +1 from me.
  3. EarthMonkey

    [I] Burnsy__'s Game Moderator Application

    A big fat +1 ! He is a great and helpful person. He would be a big gain for the gm team in my opinion.
  4. EarthMonkey

    Original_Potato's Event Team Actor application

    A really good rper and a friendly and kind member of the community that would always be there to help out. Would be a real gain in my opinion +1 .
  5. EarthMonkey

    Royal announcement

    [!] Bjor would be sharpening some carrots "T'es es gonna be da big feken parteh."
  6. EarthMonkey

    Alchemist seeking refuge

    A chicken would be carrying a letter with a drawing illustrating a fat ginger dwarf feasting and some text poorly written underneath "Evereh lad es feken welcom to parteh in moi creb.. and ef t'es Vaeyl is a big squid loike boi, t'en moi froind and oie 'ave sem s'et fer ya."
  7. EarthMonkey

    [Accepted] [Pending]AlphaMickael1's Event Team Builder Application

    One of the nicest players and even a better builder, i'm sure he'll do an awesome job as an ET builder! A fat +1 from me.
  8. EarthMonkey

    The Academy of Khronheim

    Initiate Application MC name: Afco17 Character Name: Bjor 'Sugartits' Cottonwood Discord (Optional): EarthMonkey#1851 Race: Forest Dwarf Age: 100+ Do you know any magic currently?: Nope Which subject do you plan to learn?: Conjuration please :] Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: Yea
  9. EarthMonkey

    A Combined Effort for Nature

    "Yes" Bjor would say while only having read the first sentences since he prefers illustrations and drawing over letters "Go de' green" He continues while trying to figure out if it would be possible to smoke a carrot.
  10. EarthMonkey

    Music Thread

  11. EarthMonkey

    Zoe's Art/Commission Thread

    Holy **** your art style is amazing, it is a shame i don't have moneh 😢. But keep it up 👍
  12. EarthMonkey

    [Denied] kido122's Event Team Actor application

    He is a good one +1 from me :]
  13. EarthMonkey

    Ye Olde Dunshire Harvest Festival!

    [!] As Bjor would hear about this incoming feast he shouts "LET UUS PARTTTEHH" he cheers "SugarTits well be t'ere" He finishes his sentence while carving a carrot for some reason. ((i'll try to be there 😛 ))
  14. EarthMonkey

    The Academy of Holm [Second Semester] [Applications Open]

    -Application- ((OOC)) Username: Afoc17 Discord: EarthMonkey#1851 RP Full Name: Bjor 'SugarTits' Cottonwood Age: 100+ Race: Forest Dwarf Major subject: Culinary Arts (chef SugarTits in the house 😉) Additional classes this semester (Write N/A if none): Some Alchemy please :]