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  1. Augraeth

    GM Update Log - April 2018

  2. Augraeth

    [Denied][W] ImCookiie's Trial-GM Application !

    Mature, straightforward, gets the job done. +1
  3. +1 Need more GMT event actors. Rex is a good guy, give him a chance.
  4. Augraeth

    War Release

    About time.
  5. Augraeth

    Lobby Server!

    Some say splitting up, others say improving. smh
  6. Augraeth

    [ET Art & Writing Contest] Seasons of Atlas

    Antras Dreyvon has tried his hand at drawing an image of a bare tree. Content at what he's made, the merchant would sigh softly, returning to his work. Snow's Maiden
  7. Augraeth

    Sleep My Love

    Antras's eyes flicker open. Out of breath he splutters, dazed and confused. His eyes seem out of focus, fogged over - as if this man was in a different place. He scans the surroundings, slowly regaining his senses: inside a leather tent, the wind whistling through the entrance, distant chattering of early morning elves can be heard from Linandria in the distance. Shaking his head, this elderly merchant seems to have gained some sense of clarity. Slowly rising out of his makeshift wooden bed he takes his pipe and a small pouch of pipeweed from a collection of neatly stacked belongings. Lighting the pipeweed Antras looks towards the forest in the far off distance. "How interesting. Whether that dream was real or not, it leaves me something to ponder over. I'm no leader - and I'm certainly no paragon of nature." Three wispy smoke rings blown hover in the air in front of the man, before slowly losing their shape and form. Antras thinks for a moment, before shaking his head. "Bah! What am I saying, something to ponder over?" He lets out a condescending laugh "I have no plans to change my ways to seize a throne that came to me in a dream. Nor do I care for the ramblings of a decrepit old druid - whether its real or not, I doubt I'll ever see what happens. So why should I care? And just like that, Antras decides to put the matter to the back of his mind - leaving the memory alone, until, perhaps, one day, the need to remember arises.